Conan the Adventurer

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Conan the Adventurer was an awesome cartoon series from the early 90s. Based upon the /tg/ legend Conan the Barbarian, although naturally hampered by the need to be kid-friendly (as was the case with various other cartoons based on big adult-rated movies, like Robocop, Rambo, and Toxic Crusaders), it still managed to work around those limits to deliver something surprisingly true to the spirit of the original books and novels.

In this show, Conan is the son of a blacksmith, living high in the mountains of Cimmeria. One night, he and his father witness the fall of a shower of meteors, claiming the molten metal cores to forge wondrous weapons that command a high price in the yearly trading carnival - though Conan keeps the best piece, a mighty broadsword, for himself. Unfortunately, this 'starmetal' is the physical remnants of a spell used to seal away the serpentine demon-god Set centuries ago, and now his Serpentmen followers seek to reclaim the starmetal to create temples that will be used to unleash Set once more. When Set's high-sorcerer priest Wrathamon attacks Conan's village, Conan's family are turned to stone, and so he vows revenge on Wrathamon.

It was a long, winding road that saw Conan make numerous allies, including redbearded Vanirman Snag, Zula the not!African warrior-prince, Jasmine the acrobat (and secretly half-serpentwoman herself), the air-wizard Greywolf, and the flying whip-wielding ninja Falconer. Eventually, Set was freed for a time, only for Conan to cast him back into the Abyss. Greywolf noted that there were still threats to face, like the evil enchantress Mesmira and Wrathamon's creator and former master Ramamon taking his place, but a sequel series never developed.

It also had an epically awesome intro, which is the thing most everyone remembers about it.

If you like your Sword & Sorcery more towards the magical end of the scale, ala the Conan comics from Marvel, then definitely check this out for ideas.