Color heroes

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Color heroes(colour heroes, RBGY) is a very rules lite RPG based on rules initially used for thread based games. Characters are made by distributing a number of points(usually 26-27) between strength(STR), resilience(RES), agility(AGI), wisdom(WIS), social(SOC) and a stat of their choosing(gun, magic, stealth, shouting, whatever you can come up with really). Each stat needs at least 1 point, and can not be larger than 8. As it stands there are no rules or mechanics for character advancement, and there has only been one recorded example of equipment affecting stats. At the moment the people who play the game regularly do not see this as a big deal, but there are issues with the game, but those will be addressed later.


The closest thing to an established setting color heroes has is a pseudo fantasy land affected by what kinds of characters are playing. Firearms do exist but mostly in a blackpowder and musket format. There are a variety of monsters and mythical beings, but there are few prejudices and no "generic" bad guy monsters. Thus far most characters have stayed with the magic and fantasy genres, few examples of high tech/cyberpunk characters unless the GM decides to run a oneshot or something.


Health can be determined by RESx2+STR, initiative can be determined by AGI, no rolls, damage can be determined by half of the attacks relevant stat+DOS, example: say you punch someone with STR 6, and roll a 23, your damage would be 3(6/2)+2(23=2 DOS)=5


The light rules make it very easy to make practically anything, the only limits being the setting and group. Characters are very powerful and usually can accomplish anything by a single die roll.


It is incredibly easy to troll this game. The regular group seems to have wierd lines of what is ok and what is not ok. A single character with a lucky die roll could turn the entire party into rabbits and send the players into a butthurt fury. The group really needs to be on the same page or it winds up being only fun for the asshole ruining everyone elses characters. Oh and combat is boring, anytime you need more than one roll to suceed at stuff it gets old fast. Not to mention when multiple people are trying to do stuff at the same time it becomes a total clusterfuck. Seriously good fucking luck keeping track of stuff when 3+ players are trying to kill a bandit using their own methods.


Gameplay stories/highlights go here. Be a young(read: shotabait) magical apprentice who can copycat magic he sees other people cast, then proceed to glue yourself to the leg of the teams healer/pyromancer. Be a healing pyromancer who roasts the faces of those you don't like and cauterize the wounds of those you do. Be a dog who's barks can send people flying. Be a rogue who is gifted a knife made magically by the little wizard apprentice you kidnapped for ransom years ago and he hasn't caught on yet. Be a big, dumb but lovable ogre with a bigger musket and an even bigger appetite. Be a horrible pedophile rapist posing as an acrobat, troll the group and get your face roasted.


Sometimes, nobody wants to GM. In other systems you'd have to draw straws but not in color heroes! Simply use theĀ !rev command, every player gets a revelation and that becomes the plot of the days session. This can lead to hilarity where one PC "Is the father", and another "Is pregnant". Currently while this can be hilarious on it's own, if we were to add some sort of command to generate dungeons this could do away with the need for a GM at all! Considering this game has no over-arcing plot this wouldnt be too big of a big deal.