Codex - Knights Inductor

The Knights Inductor are an unusual fleet-based Astartes Chapter with a base of operations in Aprior Sector. The Knights take to the field with a unique approach to war, using subterfuge, assassination, and suppression tactics aimed at minimizing casualties against all but the most merciless of foes. Due to the length of lost contact with the greater Imperium the Knights lack the latest Adeptus Astartes weapons and vehicles, but being shunned and largely branded hereteks by the Mechanicus, the Chapter is forced to rely on limited reverse engineering and the aid of stolen science to keep their forces operational. This has resulted in unique weapons and tools of war for the Knights' use. And finally, their cursed gene-seed, resilient to the Warp's wiles has birthed a number of nulls trained in anti-psychic warfare capable of cutting down Daemons and Psykers with ease, though this has left their forces with a crippling vulnerability to fear unlike a space marine.

At the dusk of the Imperium near M42, the Knights are called into action by the greater Imperium, embarking on massive Crusades to aid beleaguered fronts across the galaxy for the chance at redemption and to clear their name of past heresies. However, even as their main strength goes they begin to face ever greater perils in their home system as well as Chaos draws ever closer and the Tyranids seek to destroy a major threat to the Hive Mind. Only time will tell if the Knights are ready to face an unreasoning, grimdark universe once more, or if their upstart spark in dark will be snuffed out...

This codex is currently experiencing a MAJOR overhaul for 8th edition. As such, it is not currently intended to be playable while changes are being made. Evil Executive, CEO of Evil Incorporated (talk) 20:25, 27 May 2017 (UTC)

  • Author's Note: For gaming purposes, this codex represents the Knights Inductor going all out in a situation where pulling punches would actually cause more harm in the long run than stopping a conflict with their more traditional methods, although the knights find this distasteful in the extreme.


Knights Inductor Special RulesEdit

The Knights Inductor are an unorthodox but highly effective Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes. All Knights Inductor have the following tags:

Imperium, Chapter: Knights Inductor

Warlord TraitsEdit

The warlord employs electronic trickery to make it seem like his army has an overwhelming and rather demoralizing advantage over his enemy. Against normally fearless armies more specialized techniques are used to create the same effect. All enemy units within 12" of your warlord suffer a -1 to their Leadership The warlord has orbital assets as well as additional forces do their best to impede enemy force movements in order to buy him more time. Your opponent's first Command Point activation use requires one additional command point. The warlord takes no chances when fighting a determined, aggressive foe, and puts his Knights through strenuous "firing under duress" exercises to improve their firing reaction times. Once per game, you can make a unit with Chapter: Knights Inductor within 6" of your warlord fire overwatch at +2 ballistic skill.

Silencer PowersEdit

Silencers are units with the Empyrean Anathema tag. These units are treated similarly to psykers with a few exceptions:

  • Silencers cannot cast any Psychic power, including Smite and Shield. They may also never be affected by any Psychic Powers other than those cast by other Silencers.
  • They must instead pick their powers from either the Null Field or Cryomancy disciplines(Gaining a special Primaris power depending on the discipline chosen)
  • A Silencer uses 3d6 when attempting to deny an enemy psychic power within 12"
  • Silencers; and any unit within 6" of them, can never be affected by any Psychic Powers. Any powers that would be effecting a unit must immediately end once entering the Silencer's Aura.

Null-Fields are all silencer powers that focus on manipulating their aura of nullification. These can be used to shatter the minds of foes. Or to weaken, and possibly even sever the powers of enemy psykers.

Power Number Power Name Charge Level Description
Primaris Power Unleashed Null Aura Null Charge 1 Passive: Psykers and Daemons within 6” of the Silencer lose -2 Leadership. The Silencer may burn a Null Charge (no test required) in order to affect all enemy units within range with the -2 Leadership penalty until the Silencer’s next Psychic Phase.

Active: Unleashed Null Aura is a Nova with a range of 6” that is usable in close combat. Units with the Daemon and/or Psyker special rule within this range suffers Daemonic Instability and/or Perils of the Warp if applicable.

1 Synapse Disruption Null Charge 1 Synapse Disruption is a Nova with a range of 6", that can be used even if the Silencer is locked in close combat. All non-Synapse units, affected by this power count as not being within range of a Synapse creature until the start of your next Psychic phase. Non-Tyranid enemy units affected instead use their lowest leadership values for the purposes of any leadership tests that the squad may be call to take. You may increase the Null Charge cost of the power to 2 increasing it's range to 12".
2 Warp Void Null Charge 2 Warp Void is a Witchfire power with a range of 18" that hits automatically. All Maledictions and Blessings currently affecting the target unit immediately end. If no blessings or maledictions are removed, then the squad must take pass a Leadership test at -2Ld, or be forced to fire Snap Shots until the end of their next turn. You may increase the cost to 3 Null Charges, increasing the range by 6" and Leadership penalty to -4Ld.
3 Shatter Mind Null Charge 2 Shatter Mind is a Focused Witchfire power with a range of 18". The targeted model immediately rolls 2D6 and subtracts its Leadership. It takes a number of wounds equal to the number remaining with no armour or cover saves allowed. If the target model is slain as a result, remaining Wounds are carried to it's squad, resolved like a Barrage hit, centered on the target model. You may increase the Null Charge cost of the power to 3 to roll 3D6 instead of 2D6.


A Silencer's aura holds roots deep within the fabric of reality, bearing the keys to selectively unmake physics not unlike a psyker. While psyker powers tend to be more energetic, these null powers annihilate energy. Cryomancy is the use of Entropy to freeze enemies solid, staunch wounds, or even create barriers of pure ice.

Power Number Power Name Charge Level Description
Primaris Power Exothermic Blood Null Charge: 6 Exothermic Blood When this power is cast, select a model from any unit within 12". This may include characters that have fallen(simply mark the position they died, and refer to it later when you cast this power). Roll a d6, and on a 3+ that model may be returned to play with 1 wound remaining. At the end of your next psychic phase, the effected model immediately loses a single wound unless this power is re-casted upon it. In essence, you owe this spell back it's wound.
1 Ice-Lance Null Charge: 7 *unfinished*
2 Ice Wall Null Charge: 7 *unfinished* Building walls, made of ice. Blocks line of sight.
2 Heat Death Null Charge: 12 *unfinished* Small-ish debuff, but incredibly dangerous to both allies and enemies.

Knights Inductor EquipmentEdit

The Knights Inductor forces mainly employ the standard weapons of the Adeptus Astartes, but they also possess a number of exotic, upgraded, and advanced weaponry.

Ranged WeaponryEdit

Specialized Bolt Ammo - Thanks to a robust industry, squads armed with bolt weaponry have access to specialized ammo for various mission needs. Along with a stronger propellant, Stun bolts pack a strong explosive package of sonic burst units and mini flash packets, disorienting enemy units from longer range for a close combat unit to mop up easily. Lumen bolts pack a chemically charged warhead tip that covers the enemy in radioactive dyes allowing allies to target them easily even in cover. Tranq bolts have the bulk of their mass replaced by a Solid-tungsten Dart, which is propelled by a weaker gas charge. These darts are coated with neurotoxins based off of Tyranid and Dark Eldar strains and are fast becoming the favored ammunition for both lethal and sub-lethal engagements.

  • All models must choose and fire the same bolt ammo type and apply the ammo's effects below to their boltguns, bolt pistols and storm bolters.
Name Range S AP Type
Stun bolts +6" 4 - Flash*
Lumen bolts +0" 4 5 Aluminate*
Tranq bolts -6" 4 6 Poisoned (4+)

  • Flash - If a 6 is rolled to hit against a unit with an Initiative value, the target unit must pass an Initiative check or lose -1 WS and BS until the end of their next turn. If four or more 6's are rolled, this also inflicts a Blind test. This is not cumulative.
  • Aluminate - If this wounds, glances, or penetrates an enemy unit, all other units may re-roll failed charge distances against that unit and count their cover save as -1 until the end of the turn. This is not cumulative.

Animus Diadem- Numerous conflicts with Culexus agents have driven the development of this bastardized version of the infamous Animus Speculum. A Silencer equipped with this may fire it in the Psychic Phase like an activated Witchfire power, and he may use up to three Null Charges to increase the number of shots fired.

Name Range S AP Type
Negative Warp Blast 18" 5 1 Assault 3+X

Astartes Anti-Materiel Rifle - The AAMR is a massively overbuilt version of the typical sniper rifle, firing a sizable armor-penetrating solid round that is meant to put down the target with no questions asked. It was designed with Traitor Marines and Null Knights in mind.

Name Range S AP Type
Astartes AMR 36" 6 3 Heavy 1, Rending, Precision Shot

Mk40 Apriori Plasma Weapons - Discreetly incorporating Tau plasma technology, the Apriori Plasma weapons sacrifice a modicum of their power to incorporate advanced cooling and containment systems, bringing down the rate of plasma-weapon fatal overheating to zero, though this does limit the power output somewhat.

Name Range S AP Type
Mk40 Plasma Pistol 12" 6 2 Pistol
Mk40 Plasma Rifle 24" 6 2 Rapid Fire
Mk40 Plasma Cannon 36" 6 2 Heavy 1, Blast

Seismic Charge - The cheaper, more stable precursor to the Graviton grenade. This is a modified portable version of the Demolition Charge based off of the designs of the Thunderfire Cannon Subterranean rounds. It creates powerful shock waves to pummel the enemy down and knock them out.

Name Range S AP Type
Seismic Charge 8" 6 4 Assault 1, Large Blast, Stunning*, One Use Only

  • Stunning- A unit hit by a weapon with this rule must take a Toughness test. If failed, the unit is reduced to Initiative 1 until the end of the their next turn.

Stalker Pattern Boltgun - The primary weapon of the Sternguard Veteran Squads, these are bolters with powerful scopes and extended barrels that fires rounds with low sound signatures, meant for covert fighting. A solidified mercury slug replaces the mass-reactive warhead for lethality at sub-sonic projectile speed. A gas cartridge also replaces both the propellant base and main charge for silent firing. These may also fire any alternative bolt ammo purchased by the model/unit. If they do so, they must use the firing alternative ammo profile shown below before applying bonuses:

Name Range S AP Type
Stalker Pattern Boltgun 30" X 5 Rapid Fire, Sniper
Firing Alternative Ammo 30" 4 5 Rapid Fire, Rending, Precision Shot

Stun Gas Flamers - Flamers have long been considered an efficient tool for dealing with swathes of enemies, but too lethal for use in less dangerous engagements. Many have thus been modified to fire a special gas that knocks the enemy out with equal efficiency. Flamers used by the Knights Inductor have the following profiles:

Name Range S AP Type
Flamer Template 4 5 Assault 1, Poisoned (4+)
Heavy Flamer Template 5 4 Assault 1, Poisoned (4+)

Stun Grenades- These grenades explode in a powerful shock wave that staggers all but the most hardy of foes, utilizing a special sonic charge that explodes the air itself. These are assault grenades that may be thrown in the Shooting Phase using the following profile:

Name Range S AP Type
Stun Grenades 8" 4 6 Assault 1, Blast, Stunning*

  • Stunning- A unit hit by a weapon with this rule must take a Toughness test. If failed, the unit is reduced to Initiative 1 until the end of the their next turn.

Melee WeaponryEdit

Astartes Riot Shield - Similar to the Storm Shield in size, these provide a form of mobile cover and are easier to handle in close combat, containing a powerful shock-field generator that debilitates attackers. A model equipped with this is Bulky, and cannot Run or make Sweeping Advances. The model gains a 3+ cover save and enemy models re-rolls successful hits in the first round of combat against units entirely equipped with these.

Electro-Shackles - These incredibly strong bindings are linked together through a powerful expanding electrical field that activates upon contact with an enemy. Models equipped with these may forgo their normal attacks to instead attack once with the following effect: A model hit by this can only hit on 6's. In subsequent Assault phases the model must attempt to destroy the shackles by passing a Strength test on a 2D6 (only double 1 is an instant-pass). They are automatically removed once out of combat. Once the Electro-Shackles hit, they cannot be used again.

Pulse Clamp - These clunky devices clamp onto vehicles magnetically or physically onto flesh, and pulse high-powered waves of disruptive energy. Unless used in assaults against vehicles, Monstrous Creatures or Gargantuan Creatures, pulse clamps have no effect. In melee against said targets, they have the following profile:

Name Range S AP Type
Pulse Clamp Melee - - Unwieldy, Destruction*

  • Destruction- If this hits a vehicle, it clamps on, dealing D3 rolls on the Haywire table every Assault Phase. Against Monstrous or Gargantuan Creatures, it deals D3 AP - wounds every Assault Phase. At the beginning of the target's turn, it may choose to not move and shoot in order to remove the clamp. Once the Pulse Clamp hits, it cannot be used again.

Servo-Arm - These immensely durable and strong mechanical appendages favored by the adepts of the Omnissiah can be used to make stunningly accurate and delicate repairs, or put to use as deadly weapons of war in equal order.

Name Range S AP Type
Servo Arm Melee x2 1 Melee, Unwieldy, Specialist Weapon

Shock Weapons - These electrically charged weapons are normally harmless and used extensively in dealing with foes who refuse to lay down their arms in surrender. When facing deadlier foes, the charge of these peacetime weapons can be ramped up considerably, sending out powerful arcing coils of energy on critical hits

Name Range S AP Type
Shock Baton Melee User+1 - Melee, Shock
Shock Maul Melee User+2 - Melee, Shock

  • Shock - If a weapon with this rule rolls a 6 on its to-hit roll, it inflicts two additional hits.

Null Weapons - These weapons are casted in forges by melting down the armor of fallen Null Knights and other psycho-inert materials. When held in the hands of Inductor Silencers, they are a potent device which can channel the power of their native aura, and concentrate it into a single point that sucks away all light. At even the slightest draw of blood from a foe, the very soul of the weapon's victim is consumed in the silencer's aura, leaving a still-breathing, but permanently comatose body. Counts as Force Weapons when used by models with the Silencer rule, using Null Charges for activation. When used against a Psyker or Daemon, this weapon re-rolls failed rolls to wound.

Miscellaneous EquipmentEdit

Aceso- The Aceso is a complicated device that clamps around the neck of a fallen patient. It works quickly to assist in staunching blood flows, as well as to forcibly flood an Astartes body with a massive influx of Laraman Cells and other regenerative cocktails meant to stabilize and reactivate a fallen Knight. While not always successful, these have been proven to function adequately in stabilizing squad members so that they can operate long enough to receive proper medical attention.

At the end of your Movement Phase, a model equipped with an Aceso may attempt to revive a fallen model from his own unit(or another unit within 3"). To do so, roll a d6, and on a 5+ you may return a single fallen model to that unit. Once an Aceso has been used to successfully revive a model, it can no longer be used for the remainder of the game.

Blind Grenades- These specialized grenades emit a series of stun and infrared disruption packets to disorient the enemy. These count as defensive grenades as described in the Warhammer 40k rulebook.

LAM Unit - Lorem Ipsum Dolor Sit Amet(NEEDS CHANGING)

Locator Beacon - Lorem Ipsum Dolor Sit Amet(NEEDS CHANGING)

Mark-sense - Or Marksman Autosense, this is a comprehensive hardware overhaul to an Astartes' helmet that allows him to focus on targets in the distance with much greater precision as well as limited night capabilities. LOREM IPSUM DOLOR SIT AMET(NEEDS CHANGING)

Null-Amps- Or Null Aura Amplifiers, this is a small device analogous to a Psychic Hood that allows a Silencer to project his aura around him with greater strength, the exact opposite of the more commonplace dampeners blanks use to hide their aura. A model equipped with a Null-Amp treats his casting checks as being 1 point higher for the purposes of manifesting Silencer Powers.

Tac-Sense - Or Tactical Autosense, this is a complete sensorium overhaul to a marine's helmet system. With the helmet fully closed off using a camera/rangefinder system, and a series of high-fidelity feedback displays, a sergeant may use this to strategically guide his squad's fire even under the direst of conditions. LOREM IPSUM DOLOR SIT AMET(NEEDS CHANGING) Tac-Senses are mutually exclusive with Marks-Sense

Vehicle WargearEdit

Armored Ceramite - Shots fired at the Model that have the Melta Rule do not add additional d6 strength for penetrating armor.

Camo Netting - Sometimes the simplest solution is the best one. The Knights favor this light reflecting camouflage on their vehicles as well. A vehicle with this adds +1 to their cover saves, and has a 6+ cover save when in the open. This stacks with benefits such as Stealth or Shrouded.

Cerberus Launcher - The cerberus launcher unleashes a barrage of anti-personnel warheads interspersed with anti-sensory munitions that blind and disorient the foe.

Name Range S AP type
Cerberus Launcher 18" 4 6 Heavy 1, Blind, Large Blast

Plating Overhaul - Extensive study of Leman Russ chassis have led the Knights to implement heavier reinforced armor on some of their own vehicles. Increases the front and side AV values of a vehicle by one and adds Heavy to the vehicle's Type. May only be taken by Rhino Chassis Vehicles.

Refractive Shield Plating - This is a form of shielding that partially deflects or refracts concentrated energy into harmless bursts of light. It has been partially reverse engineered to be able to protect vehicle armor. This grants the effected vehicle a 4+ Invulnerable save against Glancing hits and a 5+ Invulnerable save against Penetrating hits.

Sagitta "Skybolt" Missile Launcher - The Knights recognize the need for heavier vehicle firepower comparative to the Traitor Legions and so make use of a portable missile system with integrated auto-loader. The missile shoots up and then plummets down directly on its target:

Name Range S AP type
Skybolt 36" 8 3 Heavy 1, Barrage*

  • Barrage- The Skybolt always hits side armor and ignores intervening terrain for Line of Sight.

Vehicular Nano-machines - It has been discovered after the linking of first aid nano machines to the machine spirit of power armor, that the same can be done with the machine spirits of their vehicles, which can direct the microscopic repair robots to "injuries" dealt to the vehicle. A vehicle with Vehicular Nano-machines has the It Will Not Die special rule.

Experimental WargearEdit

All Armies whose primary detachment consists of Codex: Knights Inductor contains ONE Experimental Wargear Slot in the Force Organization. This slot may be occupied by any of the following upgrades. Units that have the Omnissiah's Bounty take up an Experimental Wargear slot, and additional Experimental Wargear in the unit does not count against the army limit for such. Additional slots are unlocked with Techmarines as described in their Decree Innovatus rule in the Techmarine entry.

Experimental Infantry WargearEdit

Damocles Power Armor MkI- The latest power armor iteration to be tested in the field and the result of hundreds of years of redesign and testing. This is power armor incorporating the gyro stabilization and servo systems of Trooper armor, though still suffering the same drawbacks of limited movement. Provides a 3+ armor save and the Slow & Purposeful special rule

Armored Strategic System- This is an emplacement with T6 W2 Sv3+. Friendly scatter rolls for Blast weapons and Deep Strike rolls within 12" one D6" less for scatter. It must be deployed either by Infiltration or Deep Strike. You must choose which type it is at the time of purchase.

  • Disruptor Array- Enemy units within 12" lose -2BS (to a minimum of BS1) and do not gain re-rolls to hit or bonuses to BS from wargear or special rules.
  • Signature Projector- Each time enemy units within 12" of the marker wants to Shoot or Charge it must pass a leadership test at -2Ld or be forced to declare its Shooting attack or Charge against the emplacement (vehicles count as Ld8 with the penalty).
  • Psi-Suppressor Pylon- This contains a Null-Amp. In addition, this generates an additional D3+X Null Charges per Psychic Phase, with X being the number of Psykers within 12" of the pylon. Psykers cannot generate Charges nor use any powers within this range.

Graviton Grenades- These incredibly difficult to manufacture grenades emit a localized gravity field that drags helpless enemies down to the ground. These count as both assault and defensive grenades that force charging enemy units to roll 3d6 for charge distance taking the lowest two dice. They may be thrown in the Shooting Phase with the following profile:

Name Range S AP Type
Graviton Grenades 8" * - Assault 1, Graviton, Stunning*

  • Stunning- A unit hit by a weapon with this rule must immediately take a Toughness test. If failed, their Initiative is lowered to 1 until the player's next Shooting phase.

Gravitic Mass Driver- Analogous to the Tau Rail Rifle, the Grav Mass Driver is essentially a more simplified and compact version of the Gravitic Accelerator Cannon. The ammo fired through the gravitry manipulation plates along the length of rifle tear through the atmosphere before punching through enemy armor. It is very bulky and can only be wielded by Trooper armored or Power armored soldiers, and suffers from a slow firing rate.

Name Range S AP Type
Grav Mass Driver 30" 7 1 Heavy 1, Armourbane

Macharius Strategem Codex- A dataslate loaded with the latest iterations of the Macharius Strategem for use by a commander to integrate with his battle plan. Proper use and execution of the codified wisdom and knowledge contained in the Strategems will see inspired tactics altering the flow of battle in the user's favor. You may grant one of the following rules to a single unit in the detachment (Tank Hunters, Monster Hunters, Infiltrate, Interceptor, Split Fire, Counter Attack).

  • The Macharius Stratagem Codices are far more widely available then other elements of the Experimental Wargear list, made available to all commanders and sub commanders of a Knights Inductor detachment. Macharius Stratagems Codices do not count against the Experimental Wargear Restriction. Instead, for every HQ choice that is taken, a single Macharius Stratagems Codex may be taken.

Tracer Bolts - Or Tracker-Bolts, these highly expensive to produce bolts are equipped with special sensor mites that scatter over a target area, and feed data into the Tactical Grid that Knights can then utilize to correct their aim for devastating effect. Successful hits with these bolts cause no wounds, and resolve without Armor, Cover, or Invuln Saves, and will instead inflict one Marked By The Light marker per hit. These may be fired separately from all other alternative bolt ammo fired by a unit.

  • Marked By The Light- If this hits an enemy unit, a friendly Knight Inductor units that fire at the marked unit in the same Shooting Phase may consume a marker to do one of the following: Re-roll failed rolls to hit, Ignore cover saves, or cause Precision Shots to resolve with 5+ to hit instead of 6.

Experimental Vehicle WargearEdit

Empowered Machine Spirit- Maestro Gajet's extremely high affinity for Machine Spirits have led to the discovery of before unknown techniques for strengthening a machine spirit's potency. Grants the "Power of the Machine Spirit" Special Rule

Heavy Gravitic Accelerator Cannon- This is the first large-scale version of the Gravitic Accelerator Cannon fielded on a ground vehicle, which can only be mounted on dedicated firing platforms like the Landraider Athena. The sheer force of the gravitic-vortex accelerated round is capable of tearing through multiple armored vehicles without stopping. Of all the Gravitic weapons currently in service, the HGAC is by far the least stable.

Name Range S AP type
Heavy Grav Cannon 90" 10 1 Ordnance 1, Get's Hot!, Path of Destruction*

  • Path of Destruction- Models underneath the center of the template take an Armourbane hit, which deals D3 Hull Points/Wounds of damage with Penetrating hits and unsaved wounds. In addition, when firing the Heavy Grav Cannon, draw a line from its muzzle that touches the center of the target. All vehicles and monstrous creatures that are touched by the line take one S10 AP 1 hit on a D6 roll of 4+.

Hurricane MLRS- The Hurricane Multiple Launcher Reaper Systema is an advanced version of the Whirlwind Launcher, firing up to three times as fast and calibrating impact fuses with greater much greater precision for much deadlier effect.

Name Range S AP Type
Hurricane MLRS 12"-60" 6 4 Ordnance 2, Large Blast, Ignores Cover, Barrage

Gravitic Accelerator Cannon- The GAC uses gravity vortex manipulation plates to achieve a frictionless firing platform that can accelerate a projectile to unbelievable speeds. Rivaling Tau rail gun technology in power, these masterpieces of human technology are now finally being taken to the field for additional "testing".

Name Range S AP Type
Grav Accelerator Cannon 90" 10 1 Ordnance 1, Armourbane, Point of Destruction*

  • Point of Destruction- A Penetrating hit or unsaved wound deals D3 Hull points/Wounds of damage.

Anti-Air Marker- The Anti-Air Marker fires a self-propelled target-adhering tracking device that can feed calibration adjustment information to nearby Knights, allowing them to fire with predictive capabilities to take down even super sonic targets with reasonable accuracy.

Name Range S AP Type
AA Marker 36" 1 - Heavy 1, Skyfire, Interceptor, Twin-linked, Air-Marked*

  • Air-Marked- If this attack hits use a marker next to the marked unit. A friendly Knights Inductor unit may consume the marker to hit the marked Zooming Flyer or Swooping Flying Monstrous/Gargantuan Creature at their normal BS value instead of Snap-shotting in the same Shooting phase.

Lockdown Self-Repair Protocols- A baffling mystery to many of the tech priests and tech marines of the Knights Inductors, when applying certain rituals to the machine spirit, it can cause them to lock up and perform emergency repairs to itself. The correct procedures are known to few, even within the upper ranks of the Workshop Mechanicus. Allows a vehicle to D3 attempts to repair to repair a Hull point, immobilization, and weapon destroyed results, A successful repair is on a 5+. The vehicle cannot move or shoot during this turn.

Redemptor-Pattern Demolisher Cannon- This is a barrel bore and ammunition upgrade that allows Vindicators to achieve much larger distances and greater destructive impact. It is however incredibly difficult to match the right ammunition to the highly bore-sensitive modified barrel.

Name Range S AP Type
Redemptor DC 36" 10 1 Ordnance 1, Large Blast, Strike-down, Get's Hot!

Warp Maelstrom Cannon- The Warp Maelstrom Cannon is the first and last invention from the Warp Technology Workshop that was shut down after a misfire caused a daemonic incursion on the research planet. It is a dark legacy and reminder to the Knights who would still wish to pursue the dangers of Warp manipulation.

Name Range S AP Type
Maelstrom Cannon 48" X X Ordnance 1, Large Blast, Flux*

  • Flux- The strength and AP of the cannon is determined by a 2d6 roll before you fire it. You may choose to reroll one dice. The strength is 2d6 while the AP is the lowest of those two values. If a double is rolled the vehicle takes loses a hull point on a D6 roll of 1-3. A double 6 spawns a Vortex (small blast) at the point of scatter. A double 1 spawns a Vortex centered on the Predator.

The ArmoryEdit

Squad Issue Wargear- A unit or independent character may take any of the following as a single purchase. Note that you may take only one close combat weapon:

  • Stun Grenades: +2pts per model
  • Marksman Auto-sense and/or Shock Batons: +2pts per model
  • Camouflage Cloaks or LAM Units: +2pts per model
  • Specialized bolt ammo: +3pts per model
  • Shock Maul and/or Astartes Riot Shield: +6pts per model

Special Issue Wargear- A model can take up to one of each of the following:

  • Melta bombs and/or Teleport homer: +5pts
  • Electro-Shackles and/or a Seismic Charge: +10pts
  • Scrambler Beacon: +20pts
  • Aceso and/or Pulse Clamp: +25pts

If not taking Terminator armor, a model may also take one of the following:

  • Jump pack: +15pts (Techmarines cannot take this option)
  • Space marine bike: +20pts

Ranged Weapons- A model can replace his bolt pistol and/or Melee weapon with one of the following:

  • Storm bolter: +5pts
  • Combi-flamer, -melta, or -plasma: +10pts
  • Stalker Pattern bolter or Astartes AMR: +10pts
  • Plasma pistol: +10pts

Melee Weapons- A model can replace his bolt pistol and/or Melee weapon with one of the following:

  • Power weapon or Lightning Claw: +15pts
  • Power Fist: +25pts
  • Thunder Hammer: +30pts

Terminator Weapons- A model wearing Terminator armor can replace his storm bolter with one of the following:

  • Combi-flamer, -melta, or -plasma: +6pts
  • Lightning claw: +10pts
  • Thunder hammer: +25pts

A model wearing Terminator armor can replace his power weapon with one of the following:

  • Lightning Claw or Storm shield: +5pts
  • Power fist: +10pts
  • Chainfist or Thunder hammer: +15pts

Heavy Weapons- A model can replace his boltgun with one of the following:

  • Heavy Bolter or Multi-melta: +10pts
  • Heavy Flamer or Missile launcher (w/ Frag/Krak missiles): +15pts
    • May also take Flakk missiles: +10pts
  • Plasma cannon: +15pts
  • Lascannon: +20pts

Special Weapons- A model can replace his Melee weapon or boltgun with one of the following:

  • Flamer: +10pts
  • Meltagun, Combi-Launcher: +10pts
  • Plasma gun: +15pts

Experimental Infantry Wargear- Model may take any of the following, except for Macharius Stratagem Codicies, one Experimental Wargear slot is consumed per item taken:

  • Damocles MkI Armor: +5pts
  • Tracer Bolts: +15pts
  • Graviton Grenades: +15pts
  • Grav Mass Driver: +20pts
  • Macharius Strategem Codex: +25pts
  • Armored Strategic System: +30pts

Vehicle ArmoryEdit

Standard Upgrades- A model may purchase any of the following:

  • Dozer blade: +5pts
  • Storm bolter: +5pts
    • May be loaded with specialized bolt ammo: +3pts
    • May upgrade one Storm bolter to Cerberus Launcher: +10pts
  • Extra Armour: +10pts
  • Hunter Killer Missile: +10pts
    • May upgrade one Hunter Killer Missile to Skybolt Missile Launcher (+5pts)
  • Camo Netting: +15pts

Advanced Upgrades- A model may purchase one of the following: Note that the secondary cost is for Landraiders, and neither Land raiders nor Flyers can purchase Plating Overhaul

  • Armored Ceramite: +15pts/+25pts*
  • Vehicular Nanomites: +15pts/+25pts*
  • Plating Overhaul: +20pts**
  • Refractive Shield Plating: +25pts/+40pts*

Dreadnought Weapons A Dreadnought can replace his Multi-Melta with one of the following

  • Twin-linked autocannon: +5pts
  • Twin-linked heavy bolter: +5pts
  • Twin-linked heavy flamer: +5pts
  • Mk40 Plasma cannon: +5pts
  • Assault Cannon: +10pts
  • Twin-linked lascannon: +15pts

Experimental Vehicle Wargear- Authorized models may purchase the following:

  • Empowered Machine Spirit: +10pts
  • Anti Air Marker: +15pts
  • Lock-down Self-repair Protocols: +15pts
  • Hurricane MLRS: +45pts
  • Warp Maelstrom Cannon: +45pts
  • Gravitic Accelerator Cannon: +55pts

Tactical ObjectivesEdit

Designed for Maelstrom of War missions, these are the Knights Inductor unique objectives from 11-16

Seek out and snipe key leader figures from the enemy ranks to reduce their combat effectiveness and bring the battle to an end swifter. 1VP if you kill a character in the shooting phase, D3VP if you kill an independent character. Debilitate the enemy, reduce his fighting strength. Then move to draw this conflict to its conclusion. 1VP if an enemy unit fails a pinning, blind or morale check, D3VP if 3+ units fail the check. Minimize casualties and bring your forces home to fight another day for the Imperium of Man. 1VP no units from your army are lost this game turn, D3VP if none are lost for three game turns. If you have completed the lower level of this objective, as soon as a unit is lost or the game ends, you receive the one victory point and this objective is completed.
The strength of the Knights Inductor is drawn from their exceptional tactical use of the Tactical Fire Team doctrine. 1VP if you successfully destroy a unit with two or more Knight Inductor units with Tactical Fire Teams. The Aprior Sector has the highest prevalence of the Blank gene in known space and the Knight Gene Seed contains traces of it as well. Utilize its potential. 1VP if you successfully denied a psychic power in the opponent's last turn using Null Charges, D3VP if 3+ were denied this way. The mighty workshops of the Knights Inductor have produced a wealth of armored elements for the Knights use in battle. It would be a waste if such potential was left unused. 1VP if you successfully destroy an enemy unit using a friendly Knights Inductor vehicle.

Allies ChartEdit

An army whose primary detachment uses Codex: Knights Inductor, must use the following Allies Chart.

Army Type
Tau Battle Brothers
Farsight Enclaves Allies of Convenience
Inquisition Allies of Convenience
Grey Knights Desperate Allies
Space Wolves Battle Brothers
Blood Angels Allies of Convenience
Iron Hands Allies of Convenience
Black Templars Come The Apocalypse
Mechanicus of all types Desperate Allies
Imperial Knights Desperate Allies
Sisters of Battle Desperate Allies
Remaining Factions of the Imperium Battle Brothers
Eldar Desperate Allies
Tyranids Come the Apocalypse
Chaos of all types Come the Apocalypse
Orks Come the Apocalypse
Necrons Come the Apocalypse
Dark Eldar Come the Apocalypse


Captain - 5 Power Points/90 Matched PointsEdit

"It is most unfortunate we must do this, but we will nevertheless strike fast, and strike hard, and end this meaningless battle in a timely manner"

Placeholder for Fluff/Narrative
Name WS BS S T W M A Ld Sv
Inductor Captain 5 5 4 4 6 6" 3 9 3+

Unit Composition: 1 Inductor Captain
Unit Type: Infantry
Wargear: Power Armor, Bolt Pistol, Chainsword, Frag & Krak Grenades, Iron Halo
Tags: And They Shall Know No Fear, Space Marine, Chapter(Knights Inductor), Character
  • May replace bolt pistol with a boltgun: Free!
  • May take a storm shield: +15pts
  • A Captain may take items from the Melee Weapons, Ranged Weapons, Squad Issue Wargear, Special Issue Wargear and/or Experimental Infantry Wargear lists.
  • A Captain may replace his power armour, bolt pistol, chainsword, blind & krak grenades with Terminator armour with storm bolter and power sword: +30pts
  • If a Captain selects Terminator armor, he may take items instead from the Terminator Weapons, Special Issue Wargear and/or Experimental Infantry Wargear lists.

Knights Inductor Chaplain - 90ptsEdit

"Brothers! Steady your mind as the gift of our gene-seed steadies our soul! We fight not for honor or for glory! We fight for humanity itself! Ave Humanitus!"

"Here is a good place to stop" Chaplain Mikelus gestured for his brothers to kneel, while he stood up on the remains of a stone pillar in the wartorn streets. He tuned his helmet vox to broadcast on Local, and amplified his voice profoundly. The chaplain prepared himself for just a moment to speak, while shells krumped against stone just a few blocks away.

"Brothers, All. The God Emperor has gifted us this day with souls of steel. Inside each of your breasts beats two hearts strong, two hearts in defiance of all who would seek to stop them. Join me in Prayer this day, for we go to war!" The Chaplain watched over his brothers eagerly as they all took a knee, with bolters laid out on the ground.

"In name of the Immortal Emperor, I beseech thee to lend your example to our hearts and minds. By your glorious example we serve mankind, and we slay your foes with a fury unlike any of your mortal servants." Mikelus paused a moment to listen to his voice echoing through the streets, shaking every window and stone. "We ask that you watch over our hearts, as the gene seed of the primarchs Dorn and Gulliman watch over our souls. Guide our blades so that they may pierce our foes, and guide our bolts so that they may purge the heretics. In your name, we give thanks, and offer our lives in service. Now go forth, AND PURGE THEM ALL!"

It is a well accepted fact that space marines have complete freedom of choice in how they revere the Immortal God Emperor. Many space marines choose to pray to him in times of quiet contemplation, while others choose to do so in ceremonies led by chaplains. Still others choose to not see him as a god, but as either a father figure, or a shining example of humanity. In any of these cases, the Knights Inductor look to their chaplains as a guiding hand in their spiritual duties. These chaplains; who themselves are also claimed by the Null-Gene, are mostly needed to ensure that the Knights never forget the Emperor, or his blessings.

As the Knights Inductor are often reserved and distant from others, Chaplains are a sort of oddity amongst those with souls of steel. Their jobs do not consist of watching over their brothers to guard against chaos, but instead to liven them up and make sure they are fully active in times of battle. These chaplains are trained firmly in the art of speaking by Captain Darren, and made to practice speeches for often months without sleeping to ensure they are capable of stirring already guarded hearts.

Name WS BS S T W M A Ld Sv
Inductor Chaplain 5 4 4 4 4 6" 2 9 3+

Unit Composition: 1 Inductor Chaplain
Unit Type: Infantry
Wargear: Power Armor, Bolt Pistol, frag & Krak Grenades, Rosarius
  • Crozius Lux - The symbol of office for the Knights Inductor Chaplain, it is an AP 4 Shock Maul (see Close Combat Weapons) that may re-roll one failed roll to wound per Assault phase.
Special Rules:And They Shall Know No Fear, Independent Character, Suppression Tactics
  • Stand Indomitable- Any squad the Chaplain is attached to gains Counter-Attack and may re-roll failed rolls to hit in Overwatch.
  • Replace bolt pistol with one of the following:
-Boltgun: Free!
-Power fist: +25pts
  • A Chaplain in power armor may take items from the Melee Weapons, Ranged Weapons, Squad Issue Wargear, Special Issue Wargear and/or Experimental Infantry Wargear lists.
  • A Chaplain may replace his power armour, bolt pistol, frag & krak grenades with Terminator armour with storm bolter: +30pts
-A Chaplain in Terminator armour may only take items from the Special Issue Wargear and/or Experimental Infantry Wargear lists.
-A Chaplain in Terminator armour may replace his storm bolter with a combi-flamer, -melta, or -plasma: +5pts

Knight Inductor Librarians - 55ptsEdit

"The battlefield is so stifling as always, but I will lend you my might brothers, to the best of my abilities and training"

Though the Nullarium and its Silencers bear the brunt of psychic warfare duties a Librarian must always be ready to take up his bolt pistol and force staff when he is called to war, when his psychic talents are needed most in the field. Most Librarian battle-disciplines focus on making up for their relatively frailty in battle, and guiding his brothers to victory by sensing the subtleties of the Warp. Such a task is beyond difficult for a normal psyker, as the deadness of the Warp around the Knights affects one’s ability to draw upon their ethereal powers. But the Librarians of the Knights Inductor have been taught to draw upon the smallest skeins of power and to transform it into something more, and the intense training they are put through bears fruit when they can direct their brothers through the smallest whispers in the Warp.

One might be led to think that these non-Astartes and psyker mutants would be ostracized from the rest of the Chapter, but that is far from the truth. These men are not just valued for their power to manipulate the Warp, but also for the fact that they endured the same trials as their comrades. That alone garners them respect in the eyes of all the Knights worthy of being called brother.

Name WS BS S T W M A Ld Sv
Librarian 4 4 3 3 4 6" 2 8 3+

Unit Composition: 1 Librarian
Unit Type: Infantry
Wargear: Power Armor, Bolt pistol, Force weapon, Blind & Krak Grenades
  • Wards of Nulling- -1 to Perils, roll an additional D6 when generating charges. On a 4+ you lose a charge.
Psyker: Librarians generate their powers from the Biomancy, Divination, Pyromancy, Daemonology(Sanctic) or Telepathy disciplines
Special Rules: Psyker, Independent Character, Stubborn, Suppression Tactics
  • Can upgrade to an Epistolary (Psyker Mastery Level 2) for +20pts
  • May replace bolt pistol with a boltgun: Free!
  • A Librarian in power armor may take items from the Melee Weapons, Ranged Weapons, Squad Issue Wargear, Special Issue Wargear and/or Experimental Infantry Wargear lists.
  • A Librarian may replace his power armour, bolt pistol, blind & krak grenades with Terminator armour with storm bolter: +25pts
-A Librarian in Terminator armour may only take items from the Special Issue Wargear and/or Experimental Infantry Wargear lists.
-A Librarian in Terminator armour may take one of the following:
  • Storm bolter: +5pts
  • Combi-flamer, -melta or -plasma: +10pts
  • Storm shield: +10pts

Silencer Primaris - 7 Power Points/105 Matched PointsEdit

"The void beyond itself could not devise a fate more empty and black than the one I will now vest on you!"

"Apparently Sergeant Ferrus' team ran into 'Ork Snipers', or so I've been told. He survived, can't say much for the rest of his team though. What would it take to bring Ferrus down, eh' Nethezzel?" Brother Gloriel patted the shoulderpad of his squad's Silencer, then gestured down the city streets. "You've been quiet, do you sense anything brother?"

The other marine gave a quiet sigh as he ritualistically toyed with the slide of his bolter. "Nothing, I'm not a Psyker, big difference. It's all quiet, but I do have this strange sense, like the Null has gotten a little stronger recently." Nethezzel looked over his squads, then held up his Null-blade to peer beyond the edge of its light. As his team peered just around another block, the squad's point-man suddenly dropped to the ground. Full life-signs still active. The creature that made such a kill sliced Brother Gloriel's arm clean off, and threw it straight out into the streets. The thing wore a skin-tight black jumpsuit, and had a helmet crafted elegantly from an oversized human skull. Several chords of shimmering green materials hung off of its skull from various ports, and fed purest darkness into its barrel.

Before any of the squad members could react, it threw a grenade into their midst, which dispersed a prismatic gas. Everyone around Nethezzel immediately broke into screams befitting those of a mortal child, while they turned to flee from it, just as they would from an unchecked null-aura. Nethezzel noted nothing of the horrors that the creature emitted, only the arcane bolts of energy feeding off the half-souls of his brothers, those that he the too skimmed light from on occasion to sate the hungers. "In another age we would have been brothers, you and I.."

While the rest of his squad turned to flee from the Culexus, Nethezzel ignited his null-blade and sliced a fine line into the plasticrete. The very essence of all life seeped from that ground to feed his blade, which he then turned forward into a lance position. "Now, what will I do with an Ork Sniper? I know what you are, Culexus. Funny.. That you would come for a Silencer. You're just a more refined version of me. Find out what I'm made of my brother." In response the creature clicked its lips, and emulated some child's sobbing as it unsheathed a long and curvaceous blade. In that moment, a thousand opportunities to strike played out in Nethezzel's mind, none of which would succeed him against this being. He played the defense then, and made a gamble by ripping the pins out of the blind-grenade on his hip.

The flash of light was only just enough to avail him an advantage. Nethezzel swept aside an attempted shank from the culexus, his null-blade biting deep into the inferior foe's adamantite. Blow after blow he deftly slid out of the being's reach, while its Animus Speculum fired repeatedly to no effect. The Silencer kept at his desperate defense until his blade dulled, while at the same time the monster's blade ripped open and shattered. It cried out with a voice of but a child, just as the Silencer put his ignited blade across the beings throat.

He could see a blurring of time and space around the point of contact, like he would when executing a mortal. But as soon as his blade left its throat, the blurring ceased, and the creature stood up again. It moved forward with a speed beyond that which even an Astartes could react, and plunged its blunted knife into his side. It moved in between the rigid form of his army, as if not impeded by it in the slightest. Nethezzel knew then that he was doomed, yet when the null-edge slid into his side, he felt only a searing pain. While the assassin sliced his innards cleanly open, the silencer brought up his null blade to its neck. The two mutually slid their blades out through each other, then collapsed into each others knees.'..'

Silencers are created from the extremely rare recruits who have an exceptional compatibility with the Knight Inductor gene-seed, inverting their very essence in an indescribable fashion to create a pariah, a null. Those who already showed the pariah gene-factor are occasionally sent to the Knights Inductor courtesy of the Inquisition, instead of being sent to the Culexus Assassin temple to their spite. In any case, in comparison to a Culexus who absolutely radiates sheer despair and causes physical pain even in non-Warp sensitive individuals, Silencers tend to have more comparative control over their aura. While it may not be as powerful, this makes them more useful in tactical situations as they can "shape" their aura to differing effects in a facsimile of psychic powers. Were it not for their usefulness in this manner, the Inquisition would've stamped out the Knights long ago. It is due to this that the Knights highly value their Silencers despite their being Pariahs and go to great lengths in their acquisition and training through the Nullarium.

Name WS BS S T W M A Ld Sv
Silencer 5 4 4 4 4 6" 2 9 3+

Unit Composition: 1 Silencer Primaris
Unit Type: Infantry (Independent Character)
Wargear: Iron Halo, Power Armor, Bolt Pistol, Blind & Krak Grenades, Null Weapon
Special Rules: Independent Character, Silencer, Suppression Tactics
  • May take a Null-Amp: +20pts
  • May replace bolt pistol with a boltgun: Free!
  • A Silencer in power armor may take items from the Melee Weapons, Ranged Weapons, Squad Issue Wargear, Special Issue Wargear and/or Experimental Infantry Wargear lists.
  • A Silencer may replace his power armour, bolt pistol, Null Weapon and blind & krak grenades with Terminator armour with storm bolter and Null Weapon: +2PP/+25pts
-A Silencer in Terminator armour may only take items from the Special Issue Wargear and/or Experimental Infantry Wargear lists.
-A Silencer in Terminator armour may take one of the following:
  • Storm bolter: +5pts
  • Combi-flamer, -melta or -plasma: +10pts
  • Storm shield: +10pts
  • A Silencer may choose to generate his powers from the Null Field or the Cryomancy tables.

Marauder Field Master - 150ptsEdit

"It is the mark of a fool, to ignore one's armory at a time of great need..."

Placeholder for Fluff/Narrative
Name WS BS S T W M A Ld Sv
Field Master 5 5 4 6 6 5" 3 9 2+

Unit Composition: 1 Field Master
Unit Type: Infantry
Wargear: Blind & Krak Grenades, Networked Targeting Array
  • Commandant Marauder Armor- This is Marauder Pattern Armor with a 2+ armor save
Special Rules: And They Shall Know No Fear, Independent Character, Preemptive Strike, Suppression Tactics
  • Bullet Magnet - An attached unit may use his Toughness against Shooting Attacks. If so, all wounds inflicted must be saved by the Marauder Field Master with Look Out Sir only on a 6.
  • Marauder Assault - If the Marauder Field Master is taken as your Warlord, you may take one unit of Marauders as a Troops choice.
  • Must take two of the following (the second cost is for purchasing a second of the same type):
-Heavy Bolter, Heavy Flamer, Multi-Melta: +5pts/+10pts
-Missile Launcher, Mk40 Plasma Cannon: +10pts/+15pts
-Lascannon: +15pts/+20pts
-Assault Cannon: +20pts/+35pts
-Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon: +15pts/10pts
  • May replace its in-built Storm Array with:
-Twin-linked Flamer: free!
-Two Hunter-Killer missiles: +5pts
-Twin-linked Meltagun: +5pts
-Twin-linked Mk40 Plasma Gun: +10pts
  • A Field Master in Marauder armor may take bolt ammo from Squad Issue Wargear and items from the Special Issue Wargear and/or Experimental Infantry Wargear lists.
  • May take Tac-Senses and Automated Uplink(See Marauder Entry): +35pts
  • May take a Bulwark Guardian Shield or Iron Halo: +35pts

Command Squad - 120 PointsEdit

"We are the Trusted, the ones who stand beside the one who brings the light!"

Placeholder for Fluff/Narrative
Name WS BS S T W M A Ld Sv
Veteran 4 4 4 4 1 6" 2 8 3+
Aspirant 5 5 4 4 3 6" 2 8 3+

  • Note: If bought alongside a Captain, Chaplain, Librarian, Silencer, or Special Character in your army, the command squad does not take up an HQ slot
Unit Composition: 1 Captain Aspirant (Character), 4 Veterans
Unit Type: Infantry
Wargear: Power Armor, Bolt Pistol, Bolter, Blind & Krak Grenades
Special Rules: , Suppression Tactics, Indomitable Spirit
  • Test of Glory (Captain Aspirant only): A model with this special rule must always accept a challenge whenever possible and re-rolls all failed rolls to hit in one
  • Each model may take items from the Special Weapons, or Melee Weapons lists
  • May take items from the Squad Issue Wargear and Special Issue Wargear lists.
  • A Veteran may take an Aceso as an Apothecary (this does not change its profile): +15pts
  • The Captain Aspirant may take:
- Macharius Stratagems Codex: +25pts
- Iron Halo: +25pts
- Storm Shield: +35pts
  • All models may take one of the following:
- Space Marine bikes, +7 Points per model
- Jump Packs, +3 points per model
  • Any model may take a storm shield, +10 points per model

Shield Brethren squad - 90 PointsEdit

"We are the Trusted, the ones who stand beside the one who brings the light!"

Placeholder for Fluff/Narrative
Name WS BS S T W M A Ld Sv
Shield Brother 5 4 4 4 2 6" 2 9 2+

  • Note: If bought alongside a Captain, Chaplain, Librarian, Silencer, or Special Character in your army, the Shield Brethren squad does not take up an HQ slot
Unit Composition: 3 Shield Brothers
Unit Type: Infantry (Character)
Wargear: Artificer armor, storm shield, storm bolter, stun grenades, blind grenades, krak grenades, shock maul
Special Rules: And They Shall Know No Fear, Indomitable Spirit, Suppression Tactics, Test of Glory
  • Test of Glory: A model with this special rule must always accept a challenge whenever possible and re-rolls all failed rolls to hit in one
  • May take items from the Squad Issue Wargear and Special Issue Wargear lists.

Special CharactersEdit

Lord Arbiter Zakis Randi, Chapter Master of the Knights Inductor - 240ptsEdit

"I am a judge presiding over the fates of billions of our fellow human souls, both civilian and Knight alike"

The current and longest-serving Chapter Master of the Knights Inductor. While the majority of the Aprior Sector is self-governing and self-sufficient, the task of running a large Chapter force is no small one. Drastic revisions to the Sector Charter, tactical policies, and other key aspects of the Aprior Sector must be brought before and approved by Randi himself. Like any good Chapter Master he is a master of warfare as well as politics, wielding his Judgement Gavel just as well as he wields words in the Council of Masters in the Knights Inductor. The decisions that have to be made weigh upon him heavily, and he knows that the Knights are never too far above rebuke from powerful organizations like the Inquisition...
Name WS BS S T W M A Ld Sv
Zakis Randi 6 5 4 8 5" 5 4 10 2+/3++

Unit Composition: 1 (Unique)
Unit Type: Infantry
Wargear: Terminator Armor, Storm Shield
  • Wrist-mounted Plasma Repeater - Counts as a Twin-linked Mk40 Plasma Gun
  • Judgement Gavel - This is a Master-crafted Thunder Hammer that strikes at -3 Initiative. In addition, once per game at the beginning of any Assault phase Randi may choose D3 models in base contact to count as WS1 for the remainder of the Assault phase.
  • The Macharius Stratagems - Zakis Randi may distribute three special rules from the Macharius Strategems Codex to three units, one unique rule per each. In addition, your reserve rolls cannot be modified or penalized by the enemy.
Warlord Traits:
  • Zakis Randi has the Master of Stalling Warlord trait by default
Special Rules: And They Shall Know No Fear, Eternal Warrior, Hammer of Wrath, Independent Character, Suppression Tactics
  • Legendary Presence - If Zakis Randi is your Warlord, all friendly Knights Inductor units in your army may use his Leadership of 10 for all Morale and Pinning checks.
  • Grand Prelude to War- If you include Zakis Randi in your army, you may choose three units with Suppression Tactics special rule to be affected by the Preemptive Strike rule.

Captain Roland Darren, Magister Pactis - 155ptsEdit

"But surely can't we come to an agreement? You see, within the next ten minutes your forces will suffer losses upwards of..."

"No, I assure you that the food provided by my serfs is not edible at all to your people." Captain Darren watched the Water Caste Diplomat from across the galley of his cruiser. Both the Elegant Relictor, and the Korst'la Demlok had been docked to each other, and the diplomats from both parties gathered in Darren's sumptuous feasting hall. Mead and various delicacies from Aprior had been placed on one end of the table, while plates and mugs of Ambrosia; cleverly disguised to more closely resemble the human food across, was placed near Darren. "Your people will get a shipment of power cores from Aprior's manufactorums."

The diplomat looked to either side of her seatings, where she had a Fire Warrior readied, and a Ranghon woman with a bowcaster grafted onto her arms. "And these cores, you assure me that they're of the finest quality available from your people? Are they aboard this ship?"

Darren nodded in assertion to his counterpart, "Yes, you may have them delivered aboard your ship as soon as I have a formal agreement of your side of the bargain. I wish to have one of your tigershark carriers in orbit of Aprior Primus for the next six Terran months. And of course this deal is concurrent, if you wish I will keep supplying more fusion cores to fulfill this contract further."

She sighed, stirring a goblet of wine with a slender finger. "Good, now what's to stop me from simply taking what I want and leaving?" As the Water Caste diplomat sat up, the ranghon bodyguard raised her bowcaster at Darren. To her surprise the Captain swept the space between them with a sword that was aa handsome as he was, with a power field shimmering over obsidian scales and teeth. As one, ten figures in terminator armor stepped out from various alcoves, and raised stormbolters straight to the diplomats. Their cloaking fields disengaged immediately.

Darren planted his paragon blade into the sheet metal at his feet. "Take a look through my eyes, Aun'iel. The Great Devourer comes for your world, and Aprior is one of the many systems between Behemoth, and your people. If you do choose to station a Tigershark Carrier in Aprior, we can put it to great use with our fleets to stave off the fleets. I think you'll find these terms very agreeable..."

Captain Darren is unused to the enemy dropping negotiations suddenly, and starting unnecessary hostilities at the same time they drop all pretense of peace talks. However this does not mean he's not well prepared for such unusual situations. Unusual, it is, because being the premier diplomat for the Knights Inductor Darren is known for being able to quell rebellion and stave off war with a few choice sentences delivered at the right time to the right people. For every battle he is forced to fight there is said to be two dozen avoided in the first place. Even as he makes war he continues to negotiate with the enemy terms of surrender as the Knights go about their duty. Against foes that are classified "no holds barred", Darren is more than willing to do his part to end the conflict in a timely and cost-efficient manner, stirring the normally calm fighting spirit in even the most dour Knight with his impassioned and stirring rhetoric.
Name WS BS S T W M A Ld Sv
Roland Darren 5 5 4 4 6 6" 3 9 2+/4++

Unit Composition: 1 (Unique)
Unit Type: Infantry (Character)
Wargear: Artificer Armor, Bolt Pistol, Stun & Krak Grenades, Iron Halo, Teleport Homer
  • Sword of Pacification - This is a Master-crafted AP2 Power sword that grants Darren a special ability. If an enemy suffers an unsaved wound from this weapon and survives, Darren may choose to reduce either the Strength, Toughness, or Initiative of that model by one for the rest of the game. These effects are cumulative.
Warlord Traits:
  • Roland Darren has the Skilled Negotiator Warlord trait by default
Special Rules: And They Shall Know No Fear, Deep Strike, Independent Character, Suppression Tactics
  • Tireless Orator- If Roland Darren is your Warlord, you may select any combination of friendly and/or enemy units up to two within 24” for Ongoing Negotiations and Inspiring Rhetoric
  • Ongoing Negotiations - At the beginning of the player's turn Captain Darren may select one enemy unit within 24" to vox. Roland and the target both roll a d6+LD. If Darren beats the enemy unit, they lose -1Ld permanently and auto-fail Morale checks for one game turn. If they tie, the enemy unit counts as losing -1Ld for one game turn and re-roll successful Morale checks. If they beat Darren, they gain Hatred (Knights Inductor) which lasts until the end of their next turn. Captain Darren cannot target a unit that is already under the effects of Ongoing Negotiations or is Fearless.
    • This Ability may not be used against enemy units who are listed as "Come The Apocalypse" in the KI Allies Chart
    • Inspiring Rhetoric- Darren has Stand Indomitable (see Chaplain entry). If Darren chooses not to use Ongoing Negotiations, he may inspire a friendly unit within 24", granting them +1 Attack and Fearless for one game turn.

Captain Isaac Rico, Master of the Vanguard - 155ptsEdit

"Yes, yes, yes, I -know- we need to minimize losses to maintain optimum combat effectiveness but if we utterly destroy them -now- we can prevent them from escaping!"

Anyone who ever assumed that an Astartes in full power armor is graceless and clumsy has never seen one in action. As the Ninth Captain Isaac slid on his knees across the vertical wall of a hive city building, he angled his entire body to face just shy of a street lamp. Isaac leaped out from the wall with the same grace as an elf, and activated his jump pack to rapidly approach the lamp. Just down the street was a line of fire warriors desperately trying unsuccessfully to get a bead on the captain.

Isaac touched down just behind a wrecked devilfish, and awaited the advance of his Incursion team, each one performing elegant maneuvers as they all ran parallel to walls, and jumped off of uneven surfaces to evade plasma fire. They touched down in the streets just ahead of Isaac, and in unison charged the fire warriors. Each one had managed to catch the Tau off guard, with only two falling to plasma fire before they clamped down hard upon the lines. Chainswords roared out in the night while Isaac clashed in just behind his warriors.

The Captain Deftly slid under a rifle thrown right at him, and dashed aside the desperate hands of a tau warrior. He hooked his chainsword straight into the side of his opponent and threw the man back into indignatus' blade. His innards slid out and sprayed out over Isaac's arm, but he paid them no heed as the captain jumped straight up over an honor blade aimed at him. He crashed down upon the next warrior, and flew straight into a rampage of slicing motions and killing thrusts...

PRESS THEM IN BROTHERS, None shall escape our blades! Run them down!" Indignatus plunged itself straight into the back of a warrior that turned to try and flee, while he watched as his brothers slammed their prey straight into the concrete below to make finishing moves.

Easily the most outspoken and aggressive of all commanders in the Knights Inductor, he has seen more blood and brutality from the failures of fellow Imperials than most of his fellow peer. He sees the galaxy for what it really is, and believes that violence is the only true way to destroy the enemy to protect what they can. He spent much more time languishing in the Incursion squads than most recruits, gaining exceptional combat prowess at the cost of neglecting ballistic practice. The Incursion squads under his command share his own hot-blooded philosophy, much to the chagrin of the other companies.
Name WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Isaac Rico 6 4 4 4 6 10" 4 9 3+/4++

Unit Composition: 1 (Unique)
Unit Type: Jump Infantry (Character)
Wargear: Power Armor, Bolt Pistol, Seismic Charge, Frag & Krak Grenades, Iron Halo
  • Indignatus - Indignatus is an ordinary chainsword, however such is Rico's skill and familiarity with it that he can target the smallest of weak points with ease. In his hands it is AP3 with the Rending special rule. In a challenge, it also gains the Shred special rule
  • May take a jump pack: +15pts
Warlord Traits:
  • Isaac Rico has the Master of Stalling Warlord trait by default
Special Rules: And They Shall Know No Fear, Furious Charge, Preemptive Strike, Independent Character
  • Master of the Vanguard - Isaac Rico has the Blade of Experience special rule (see Vanguard Veteran). If Captain Isaac Rico is your Warlord, all Incursion squads and Vanguard Veterans lose the Suppression Tactics special rule and instead have Furious Charge and Objective Secured.
  • Core of Brutality - In close combat, if an enemy unit rolls a 1 to hit Isaac Rico or his unit he immediately gains an attack back at the same initiative level. In challenges, he gains an attack for every miss to hit him. If the enemy unit he is fighting with locks into combat, he immediately makes D6 Attacks.

Provisional Captain, Garven Brias, Master of Ordnance - 150ptsEdit

"Nothing like a couple of earth-shaking Harbinger rounds to liven up one's morning!"

"First officer, give me a status report." Garven watched from the captain's chair of the Battle Barge; Radiant Dawn, as his crew ran about combat stations. Several men ran between the bridge entrance and a reader-servitor. After a minute of inspection, the first officer stood to report. "Captain, confirming the presence of six Tyranid cruisers matching the markings of Hive Fleet Jormungandr, as well as six hundred Narvhals and accompanying Mycetic Spores entering the Gravity Pause near Aprior Stellar Secundus. Movements appear to be to Nyx, Hydra, and- Scratch that report, They're avoiding the moon of Nyx. The rest of the fleet seems to be heading to Aprior Primus, our homeworld."

Garven twisted his arms about under a massive set of grey robes. Before giving any orders, he turned to a servitor to order it to retrieve his power armor. "Now-.. Send commands to the Ward of Saint Pius, Ward of Saint Emelia, Battler Errant, and Aprior's Finest. Send all crew to their battle stations alert one, bring all guns to the forward position and engage engines. Link up to Battlegroup one, set to my personal group. Send a message to Darren's ships and allies, set to battlegroup two and standby for jump. Battlegroup two will receive an encrypted band of signals, upon receiving they shall engage their jump drives to a position and formation I dictate."

His crew scrambled to transmit orders to the nearby frigates and battle barges, each in turn scrambled over the vox frequencies as a buzz of activities. "To my Battlegroup. Set engines to Burnout! One hundred and sixty percent of the safe values, engage Dive-Systems, match FTL Vectors to the Radiant Dawn." The Captain watched in earnest as his battlegroup followed the orders, and all preparations were made. "And finally, Helmsman, plot a course to a retrograde orbit of Nyx. Ignore all warnings of Narvhals in orbit of the planet.

The Ship lurched into motion, turning frighteningly fast for a ship of its size. All four of the Radiant Dawn's engines roared to life, and then continued to create a titanic noise that shook the entire hull for many more minutes. When the Dive-System engaged, the crew collectively felt as the entire universe was simply shunted closer to them. Everyone was sucked into the nearest wall, or seat restraints as their velocity rose. The Tyranid scout cluster rose into view, and then a Narvhal slammed directly across the brow of Radiant Dawn. Ichor splattered over the ship, but it remained undaunted in its maneuver.

When the Radiant Dawn arrived at Nyx, it came with four other ships, and met the entire right-hand flank of Jormungandr's scout fleet. Guns roared as Lance batteries cut open the Tyranid ships like a bolter through supple flesh, as they cleared a path through the mess of scouts and transports. Garven's battlegroup swung around the gravity well provided by Nyx, and came face to face with an overwhelming mass of smaller xenos vessels.

"Distance to the bulk of the xenos bioforms is eighty kilometers and closing in eight minutes. We have our gunnery crews clearing up the stragglers, but how should we proceed?" One of Garven's senior officers looked to the captain as he gave his notices. Brias quietly contemplated the feeds coming in for a few moments, and in his mind he considered a few decent options.

Brias finally settled in his own personal helmet and sealed it, as a more specialized form of Tactical Autosenses engaged. "The Radiant Dawn, Battler Errant, and Aprior's Finest will deploy all thirty of their lightning squadrons. Ward of Saint Pius and Ward of Saint Emelia will deploy half squadrons, keeping the rest in reserves."

Brias watched as the mass of Tyranid ships slowly lurched towards his fleet, but the bulk of them stayed back in reserves to launch more mycetic spores. His senior captains relayed the orders to his whole fleet, and within two minutes he started receiving notices of fighter squadrons launching. "It's not enough, send orders to the fleet to take a Claw Formation with my ship as the Convex, and move the Concave Focal Point to stern, mark negative thirty degrees Z to stern."

His Senior Officer balked at the orders, and was nearly about to protest them when Garven continued. "When you're finished, have the reserve fighters form a Wall Formation on the X-Y plane directly above our ships. Then move this whole formation directly below the xenos, initiate quarter-burn.

Without the full burn of his ships superior thrusters, Garven's fleet made its formation changes in three minutes. Only the most senior of officers were able to match the Captain's wits realized how suicidal the maneuver was. Sensing the Aprior fleet moving into a poor position, the Tyranids shifted their entire mass directly towards Garven, while outright ignoring the planets surface. They surged forwards, greatly increasing speed as the swarm formed an outstretched tendril.

Just two minutes before contact could be made, Garven flew into action. "ALL SHIPS, FULL BURN! Shift our focal point to directly face the xenos, and surround them! Execute transmission code charlie-sierra-echo" His officers quickly relayed commands, and the entire fleet seemingly turned as a single being not unlike the Tyranids. With an agility unlike anything the hive mind has ever witnessed, Garven's ships suddenly broke from a poor position, into one that quite suddenly ensnared the tendril in the grasp of its claws. Only the rear of the hive remained open, but it was surrounded in five different directions as ships laid into the mass with all guns.

The Hive wavered momentarily, then it surged out along two directions to try and break out of the claw. It had failed utterly to react to the pair of tau tigershark carriers that translated directly above it, led by the command of Captain Darren upon receiving of his commands. With only a few moments to spare, the tigersharks launched into an assault on the tendrils that were about to engage Garven's claw arms, cutting them off from the mass. As one, they all fired directly into the core of the xenos mass, dissolving it under combined fire of Lance, Cannon, Missiles, Torpedos, and Rail.

"CLEAR UP, all ships fire at will against the unengaged Mycetic spores! The enemy defenses are down, prepare to repel planetary invasions!"

The former Ship Master of one of the Knights Inductors' vaunted Battle Barges, he was called back into field service when the previous Captain of the 8th Company went missing in one of the excursions to The Dead Stars and has since taken up the post of Master of Ordnance. He has an unhealthy fascination with orbital bombardments and doesn't hesitate to use one, or two, or three when he is authorized to do so with no civilians in sight. He, like most other Knights, disdains from close-ranged combat and applies his considerable range-gauging skills with back line units like the Suppressors, utilizing his Tactical-Sense upgraded helmet to calculate firing trajectories perfectly. It's just as well that he's not a diplomat, or else the majority of his negotiations attempts would likely end with a surprise: spontaneous, sustained space to surface bombardment of massive proportions.
Name WS BS S T W M A Ld Sv
Garven Brias 4 5 4 4 3 6" 2 9 3+/4++

Unit Composition: 1 (Unique)
Unit Type: Infantry (Character)
Wargear: Power Armor, Bolt pistol, Iron Halo, Power Sword, Tactical Autosense, Frag & Krak Grenades
Warlord Traits:
  • Garven Brias has the Big Game Hunter Warlord trait by default
Special Rules: And They Shall Know No Fear, Independent Character, Suppression Tactics
  • Naval Dominance - Whilst Garven is alive, you may choose to add or subtract 1 from the result of a friendly reserve roll. In addition, enemy reserves take a -1 penalty to their reserves roll.
  • Master of Ordnance- If Garven Brias is the Warlord of your army, Suppressor squads gain Objective Secured. In addition, he has the authority to call down a volley from an orbiting Strike Cruiser's gravitic Harbinger cannons. This ability can be used once per game in his Shooting Phase. Calling down a Harbinger Volley otherwise counts as firing a ranged weapon and uses the following profile:
Name Range S AP type
Harbinger Volley Unlimited 10 1 Ordnance 2, Large Blast, Barrage

  • Note: If a scatter is rolled, the shot will scatter the full 2D6, Garven's BS makes no difference

Mechanicus Maestro Severus Gajet, The Empathetic Code - 175ptsEdit

"YEEESSSSSS!! What can I do for YOU? Care for some oiled unguent recaf while you're here?"

Gajet is a highly eccentric Techmarine, even by Mechanicus standards. If his way of talking to his flesh-endowed peers is considered peculiar, his garbled, ultra-rapid binary is hard to decipher even to the most experienced Magos. Though he never reached the rank of Master of the Forge, he consistently showed his unnatural expertise with machines that commonly outmatched the simultaneous efforts of two or more Techmarines at once. Thus his title is made up by himself, and yet accepted amongst the Workshop Mechanicus. His extreme empathy with machine spirits has led him to find more than a few faults in modern Mechanicus rituals, causing sparks to fly between him and the more traditional minded of Tech Adepts. But those who briefly put aside the adamantium set teachings from Mars and put his corrections, additions and subtractions into practice more often than not find that their own efficiency increases by a significant amount. Gajet also currently heads most of the research programs in the Workshop Mechanicus technological development departments. For days, weeks, months, years and even decades he often locks himself in isolation while working on a personal project or innovation, emerging only to test his latest creation at the front lines with forward Knights Inductor companies, or to set forth leading a Mechanicus Reclamation force when a hint of an STC fragment has been uncovered.
Name WS BS S T W M A Ld Sv
Master Gajet 5 5 4 4 5 6" 2 9 2+

Unit Composition: 1 (Unique)
Unit Type: Infantry
Wargear: Artificer Armor, Blind & Krak Grenades, Digital Weapons, Bolter
  • Gamma Shield - Gajet has a 5+ Invulnerable save that turns into a 4+ Invulnerable save against shooting attacks. Gajet also confers this save to the unit that he is in.
  • Gadgetus - The Maestro's tech harness includes a master-crafted extra servo arm, TL plasma gun and heavy flamer. He may fire up to two weapons per shooting phase
  • May take a MkII Gravitic Mass Driver for +25pts. This is a Gravitic Accelerator Cannon with Path of Destruction special rule (see Heavy Gravitic Accelerator Cannon).
  • May take items from the Infantry Experimental Wargear list.
Warlord Traits:
  • Severus Gajet has the Leader of "Many" Warlord trait by default
Special Rules: And They Shall Know No Fear, Independent Character, Suppression Tactics, Relentless
  • Head of the Primary Workshop - Has Servo-Enhancement and Bolster Defenses. If Master Gajet is your Warlord, the limit on Experimental Infantry Wargear and Experimental Vehicle Wargear is lifted.
  • Pure Machine Empathy - Gajet has Blessing of the Omnissiah, and makes a successful repair roll on a 2+. Rolls of 5+ allows an additional Hull Point, Weapon Destroyed or Immobilization to be repaired

6th Company Captain Xavion, Master of the Hunters - 185ptsEdit

"I swear I will avenge Xerxes and all those whom the Necrons took from us!"

The 6th captain took up position down a hall, just a scant few feet from where Garven was setting in coordinates for an orbital strike. He leveled off Mandate down the hall as an endless pattering of heavy hooves clattered just out of sight. When the Daemons stomped into sight, he depressed the trigger of his bolter and barked out a withering hail of shredder fire. Explosive fragments of tungsten tore through the Daemons, and sent flesh scattering in gore to cover every nearby surface. Twenty seconds of fire continued, during which Mandate's compensator deformed to such an extreme that molten metal dripped into the bolts and flew off in shimmering droplets, and the light produced was as great as that of a plasma gun.

The light stopped then as the last daemon fell, and Mandate ran with a dry rapid clicking. Both drum-magazines revved like chainswords as their twin machine spirits attempted in vain to load bolts that didn't exist into the barrels. Xavion ignited his power sword, braced Mandate against his knee, and lopped off the molten compensator. He slotted in another set of Double-drum magazines and chambered a bolt just in time to hear more clattering hooves down the corridor. "Last Magazine Garven! I can give you twenty more seconds, so hurry up and get those harbingers on the portal!" In the farthest corner of his mind, he could hear the machine spirits of Mandate whispering in assertion that the daemons must die. They hungered for foes to slay, he knew, and he obeyed by leveling it off again. Xavion offered a prayer to the Machine Spirits as Gajet taught him to do. He prayed to his armor; that it would help guide his hands as they steadied mandate, and the servos whined in assertion as his arms locked up tight.

Just then, a Bloodthirster squeezed itself around the corridor and roared at Xavion.

The jaded former Veteran Sergeant of the legendary Silent Hands Sternguard Veteran teams. He is acclaimed throughout the Knights Inductor for his uncanny skill with the boltgun, produced by a latent talent and malfunction in his gene-seed. He, due to some twist of fate, lacks the Null trait, still has the full set of functional extra organs, and can receive hypnotherapy like any other regular Space Marine. He as a result of his particular set of skills rose quickly through the Scouts, Incursion, and Suppressor squads before receiving his station in Phoenix Tactical squad of 6th Company. But fresh on this new tour of duty, he witnessed the wholesale slaughter of two Tactical squads and over 200 scientific and security personnel at the hands of former Sergeant Xerxes, who had been contained as a Null Knight. The first to be discovered and last to be attempted treatment on.

After witnessing such a horrific event he dedicated himself to the task of hunting down the Null Knights personally with the brothers of 6th Company at his side. However his lack of resistance to the Warp has the double effect of instilling a sense of unease when around his closest comrades, and the whispers of the Warp caress his mind, searching for a weak point in his soul armor. However his mind is always focused on one goal: the freeing of his brothers from the Necron taint. His personal combat servo-skull, fashioned from the skull of Null Knight Xerxes, serves as a constant reminder of what needs to be done. Only then will his brothers know rest. Only when they finally return the dead to their rightful tombs.

Name WS BS S T W M A Ld Sv
Xavion 5 6 4 4 5 8" 2 9 2+

Unit Composition: 1 (Unique)
Unit Type: Infantry (Independent Character)
Wargear: Artificer Armor, Locator Beacon; Blind & Krak Grenades, Camo Cloak. Meltabombs, Power Sword
  • Skull of Xerxes- This is a Servo-skull Familiar that follows Xavion, and joins any unit he joins. This familiar reduces the cover saves of any unit he targets in shooting within 18" by -1.
  • Mandate- A master-crafted bolter, loaded with painstakingly hand-crafted Anti-Phasic bolts meant to take down metal, not flesh. It was the bolter that took the life of Xerxes, and it will be the one that will take the un-life of the last of the dreaded Null Knights...
Name Range S AP Type
Mandate 36" X 5 Salvo 2/4, Sniper, Shred, Anti-Phase

  • Anti-Phase- During shooting, Separate any wounds caused by Mandate against Necrons. Reanimation Protocols and The Ever Living cannot be used to save against these wounds.
Warlord Traits:
  • Captain Xavion has the Perfect Ambusher trait by default
Special Rules: Fearless, Preferred Enemy (Necrons), Preemptive Strike, Shrouded, Suppression Tactics
  • Crack Shot- All hits caused by Xavion's shooting may be allocated as Precision shots.
  • Master of Hunters- Captain Xavion has the Move Through Cover, Infiltrate, and Scout special rules. In addition, he may join a unit before deployment and grant them the effects of these rules
  • The Unseen Threat- If Captain Xavion is your Warlord, all Knight Inductor units with Suppression Tactics special rule in terrain are immune to Ignores Cover and reductions to their cover saves. This does not apply to Strength D weapons that have rolled a 6 or against enemy units within 12".

Chief Librarian Zecherias, Trusted Adviser to Zakis Randi - 175ptsEdit

"Follow me, Brothers, I will light the path we need to take with sword and psykery!"

Chief Librarian Zecherias is one of the most battle-hardened of Librarians within the Knights Inductor Chapter, as well as having top-notch experience in negotiation with fellow humans. Despite the lack of hypnotherapy allowing the Knights Inductor to retain much more of their humanity than most Space Marines, those like Randi understood that they lack a distinct human touch at times and appointed Zecherias as his chief adviser in these regards. Well-versed in Chapter lore and as well as knowledge of the greater Imperium, his skill and advice in the dealings with the heresy-seeking Inquisition allowed the Knights Inductor to remain in good standing with his advice on hiding the more heretical of their doctrinal and technological deviations. On the battlefield he wields the light itself to cut and bind foes that tower over his wizened head, a literally shining example to both his fellow Librarians and to his super-human compatriots...
Name WS BS S T W M A Ld Sv
Zecherias 4 4 3 3 4 6" 3 9 2+/4++

Unit Composition: 1 (Unique)
Unit Type: Infantry (Character)
Wargear: Artificer Armor, Blind & Krak Grenades, Bolt Pistol, Psychic Hood
  • Blinding Light- A well-worn force sword that is studded with empowering runes extolling "light", "power" and "hope". This is a Force sword with Blind and a special property; for every degree of success that is not denied to activate this weapon, it gains +1S and -1AP.
  • Greater Wards of Nulling- Grants a 4+ Invulnerable save and +1 to Peril Rolls without the Warp Charge penalty.
Warlord Traits:
  • Zecherias has the Skilled Negotiator Warlord trait by default
Psyker: May take any of the disciplines that an Inductor Librarian can take.
Special Rules: Stubborn, Suppression Tactics, Psyker Lvl 3, Independent Character
  • Honed by the Void- Zecherias may re-roll any one die in the Psychic Phase.
  • Warp Surge- For every Warp Charge generated in a friendly Psychic Phase, you may roll a die for each, gaining an extra Warp Charge on a 5+ (these extra charges don't grant extra rolls) with Perils having a -1 modifier. Three or more rolls of 6 to generate Charges in this manner automatically inflict a Perils result.
  • Binding Light- In addition to any powers selected, Zecherias knows the power Binding Light:
Warp Charge 2

Binding Light is a malediction that targets an enemy model in close combat within 18". Whilst this power is in effect, that model counts as being hit by Electro-Shackles at the beginning of that Assault Phase.

Honor Guardian Ferrus, The Heart of Iron - 85ptsEdit

"I am the Shield of my Brothers, Let the hand that falls to them, fall to me instead!"

"Iston i nif gin..." The wraithguard swept its great weapon across the halls of the Ward of Saint Pius, as the soul inside whispered out in a calling for its prey. "Am man, iston i nif lin?.. Faica Vuin, Morai-heg. Why do you serve these mortals.." The ancient spirit looked down upon a mortal that stared at it with a mighty shield. More mortals stood behind this one, one of which carried a great hammer and was shouting orders.

The ancient heard whispers in its shell to take the souls of this mortal. It obeyed, and swept with it's scythe across the one who carried a shield. He tried to cut the chord that held the mortals soul, but the chord was guarded tight by an arcane force. Again, and again the ancient swept its scythe over the mortal, and still the mortal stood.

Sergeant Ferrus charged forth, with Zakis Randi marching quickly behind him as he slammed right into the wraithguard. He felt groggy, weakened and injured, yet with not a single mark on his body to show for it. The great guardian slogged into the ancient's fist, but he was unbroken by it. He knew only one thing then, and that was to stand and take the scythe for his Lord.

Ferrus then parted his body aside like water as Zakis brought down the Judgement Gavel into the wraithguard. With one strike the ancient being crumpled. And another strike fell as Ferrus crushed its spirit stone to stop the construct from moving again.

Sergeant Ferrus has served with utmost distinction in the Chapter Master's personal guard, acting as his figurative and literal shield in some of the most brutal fighting of the Chapter's history. When Zakis Randi laid broken in body at the hands of Null Knight Tertius, it was Sergeant Ferrus who took up his shield to fend off the tank-rending blows of the Null Knight until Captain Xavion could place the final shot to end the threat. Though not wielding a standard weapon, it is said that not even the most skilled of warriors can force down his guard. He can be best be described as tenacious, self-sacrificing and unwilling to rest even if he is struck down. For him, not even his duty may end in mere death...
Name WS BS S T W M A Ld Sv
Ferrus 6 4 4 4 4 6" 2 9 2+

Unit Composition: 1 (Unique)
Unit Type: Infantry (Character)
Wargear: Artificer Armor, Blind & Krak Grenades, Electro-Shackles, Storm Bolter, Specialized Bolt Ammunition
  • Iron Heart- An ancient artifact handed down to the Knights Inductor from the Salamanders Chapter, it is a shield that grows more powerful the greater the threat to the wielder. This is a storm shield that becomes 2+ against wounds causing Instant Death. Hits on Ferrus are resolved at -1 on the Destroyer, Thunderblitz and Stomp tables (roll separately for Ferrus on the latter).
  • May take Terminator armor: free!
Warlord Traits:
  • Guardian Ferrus has the Watchful Defender Warlord trait by default
Special Rules: And They Shall Know No Fear, Independent Character, It Will Not Die, Suppression Tactics
  • Shield Bash- In challenges, enemy models re-rolls successful to-hit rolls against Ferrus.
  • Tireless Defender- If Ferrus is in a unit, Look Out Sir rolls are automatically passed if the wound is allocated to Ferrus, as well as Glorious Intervention tests. However he himself cannot make any Look Out Sir rolls.
  • Duty Never Ends- If Guardian Ferrus loses his last wound, he is not removed from play but is placed on his side. At the beginning of the player's next turn, he gets up with 1 wound on a D6 roll of 2+. This rule can only be used once per battle.


Tactical Squad - 96ptsEdit

"By this oath of Conviction, I give my life to the God Emperor! May I stand firm in the lines of battle. By this Oath, my Soul is Steel, my Mind is a Fortress, and my Armor is Indestructible!"

Like most Space Marine Chapters, tactical squads within the Knights Inductor are the backbone of any battleforce the Knights Inductor send out. By this point a tactical Knight will have been thoroughly trained in covert warfare and suppressive actions in less than lethal situations, and highly adaptable to both. They most critically enjoy access to standard squad issue wargear that can be requested on a per-mission basis, provided they get approval from the armory through their commanding officers, or by proving the need for the specific equipment themselves by simple explanation. Thus tactical squads can take more specialized roles as either active fire support with mark-sense and flash bolts, or night-time action teams equipped with night-vision equipment, camo cloaks and suppressed equipment.

Name WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Knight 4 4 4 4 1 4 1 7 3+
Sergeant 4 4 4 4 1 4 2 8 3+

Unit Composition: 5 Knights Inductor, 1 Inductor Sergeant
Unit Type: Infantry (Inductor Sergeant is Character)
Wargear: Power Armour, Bolt pistols, Boltguns, Blind & Krak Grenades
Special Rules: Fire Teams, Suppression Tactics, Indomitable Spirit
  • May include up to 6 additional Knights for: 16pts per model
    • If the unit numbers 12 models, you may upgrade a Knight to a Sergeant for: free
  • The entire unit may take items from the Squad Issue Wargear list
  • For every 6 models, one model may take an item from the Special Weapons and another item from the Heavy Weapons lists.
  • The Knight Inductor Sergeant may replace his boltgun and/or bolt pistol with:
-a chainsword: Free
  • The Knight Inductor Sergeant may take items from the Melee Weapons,Ranged Weapons and/or Special Issue Wargear lists
  • The unit may select a Inductor pattern Rhino, Razorback, or Aprior pattern Drop pod as a Dedicated Transport

Scout Squad - 78ptsEdit

"Check your aim, we'll only get one shot at this!"

"Squad Reimos! Run the course again! Your time is twenty two, point three eight terran seconds, short eight, point three seconds off the record." The 6th Company Captain's voice boomed out over the training course' vox-casters. At his beck and call, "STACK UP REIMOS, you won't get another attempt!", Sargent Reimos gestured his men to stack up at a plasticrete door frame. Bolter magazines were exchanged for fresh sets, and slides were racked in tune to the call.

A servitor spoke out in it's grainy voice as machines slid into place in the many rooms beyond. "Live-targets released into the facility. All Ork specimens are accounted for." Reimos gritted his teeth behind a wide-visor. "Mark, sync-.." Calls followed as his five squadmates returned, "Mark!"

Each one moved swiftly into the room, as shocks jolted through their legs to punish each and every noise made. The aspirants stormed through one living room of the mock hive, and gunned down an Ork Boy just as he raised a choppa to turn upon them. Reimos spent orders with dry clicks in his throat to give a Knee-down command, and each marine followed. More clicks followed as he unloaded the first-burst phosphorous rounds into an approaching Boy, and in tune the Silent Hands unleashed death upon the greenskins as they moved in. Each one felled with precise fire, but not quite precise enough.

In the chaos of the firefight, one boy managed to stomp through the corpses of his fellows and brought a choppa down into Reimos' collar. It bit down hard into his armor, but the helmet only barely held off a killing blow. His fellow retaliated in turn by driving his combat knife through the greenskin's skull. With the room cleared, he looked up in time to see Xavion's dissaproval. "Squad Reimos, tutelage with my company is now terminated."

The captain swept his hands out across the view from his mezzanine, "Report your failure back to the tenth captain, and hope he grants you mercy."

The Knights Inductor are entirely unique in how they handle the induction of chapter Aspirants. After induction into the 10th company, new Aspirants will first get used to fireteam level warfare, usually working in only small groups of 6 aspirants for operations requiring stealth. After ten years of harsh learning in the 10th company, all assigned scout squads are forced to undergo an extremely harsh test by the 6th company.

This test is meant to determine which aspirants show the greatest promise, and those who pass are fast-tracked straight into the 6th company in order to receive tactical training there. Only one out of every 100 squads that take the test ever pass it, for such is the strain that the 6th company captains put on those squads who make the attempt. Indeed, no two tests are ever identical, and are all explicitly designed for the prospective Sergeants to test them at their worst.

Those who fail the test of the Silent Hand are inducted instead into the 9th company, where they are taught the use of power armor alongside heavier weapons.

Name WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Scout 4 4 4 4 1 4 1 7 4+
Sergeant 4 4 4 4 1 4 2 8 4+

Unit Composition: 5 Inductor Scouts, 1 Inductor Sergeant
Unit Type: Infantry (Inductor Sergeant is Character)
Wargear: Trooper Armor, Bolt pistols, Boltgun, Blind & Krak Grenades
Special Rules: , Fire Teams, Scouts, Infiltrators, Suppression Tactics, Indomitable Spirit
  • May include up to 6 additional Scouts: +13pts per model
    • If the unit numbers 12 models, you may upgrade a Scout to a Seregant: free
  • The entire unit may:
-take items from the Squad Issue Wargear list
  • Any model may replace their boltgun with:
-Sniper Rifles: +1pt
-Shock Batons: +2pts
  • For every 3 models in the unit, one model may replace their boltgun for an Astartes Anti-Material Rifle: +10pts
  • For every 6 models in the unit, one model may exchange his boltgun for one of the following:
-Heavy Bolter: +5pts
-Missile Launcher: +15pts
-w/ Flakk rounds: +10pts
  • The Knight Inductor Sergeant may take items from the Melee Weapons,Ranged Weapons and/or Special Issue Wargear lists
  • One model may take:
-Seismic Charge: +10pts
  • The unit may select a Land Speeder Storm as a Dedicated Transport

Guard Aspirants - 76ptsEdit

"I am honored to receive this armor, and these armaments denoting me as a candidate for Knighthood. I swear I will continue to uphold my duty in the service of the Knights Inductor..."

“Strike swiftly, and may the Emperor guide your aim,” voxed Knight Sergeant Ericus to the five-man Aspirant squad under his tutelage. Five seconds ago the pilot of the Valkyrie Avenger had told the squad to prepare to drop imminently. The passenger hold jerked from side to side as flakk rounds impacted the hull, but not one person lost their footing. The Avenger banked sharply.

A green light blinked in the helmets of all those in the hold.

Above the Chaos heavy weapons emplacement six grav-chutes activated, slowing the descent of the squad from terminal velocity to a mere breakneck speed as the hot shot lasguns of the aspirants opened up before their feet hit the ground. The cultists manning the heavy weapons were cut down in three seconds, the traitor Marine taking five, however even that was not fast enough.

A horde of cultists armed with ramshackle melee weapons closed in as the Aspirant squad finally landed, absorbing the impact with their trooper armor as they waded through the sporadic autogun fire aimed in their general direction. A primed seismic charge landed in the midst of the cultists shortly before pulverizing all but a handful of wounded who were cut down as they turned to flee. Without pause the squad continued; mortals, who dared to fight alongside a demi-god. There was a mission to complete.

Name WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Aprori Trooper 3 4 3 3 1 3 1 7 4+
Sergeant 4 4 4 4 1 4 2 8 3+

Unit Composition: 5 Aprior Troopers, 1 Inductor Sergeant
Unit Type: Infantry (Inductor Sergeant is Character)
Wargear: Trooper Armor, Power Armor (Sergeant), Boltguns, Bolt pistol, Blind & Krak Grenades
Special Rules:

Inductor Sergeant only: Suppression Tactics, Indomitable Spirit
All: Tactical Fire teams
  • Sub-Orbital Direct Insertion- The entire unit has the Deep Strike special rule, and may choose to reduce the distance scattered by taking a number of AP 4 wounds per inch of scatter reduced. If the unit includes Ghost Sergeant Jonnahas (Unarmored) the unit may re-roll the scatter distance dice.


  • May take up to 6 additional Apriori Troopers: +11pts per model
    • If the unit numbers 12 models, you may upgrade a Trooper to a Sergeant: free
  • May replace the Sergeant with (Unarmored) Ghost Sergeant Jonnahas: +35pts
  • The entire unit may take items from the Squad Issue Wargear list
  • For every 6 models, two models may take an item from the Special Weapons list
  • The Knight Inductor Sergeant may take items from the Melee Weapons,Ranged Weapons and/or Special Issue Wargear lists
  • Two models may take:
-Seismic Charge: +10pts
  • Dedicated Transports: May take a Rhino, or a Razorback as a dedicated Transport

Dedicated TransportsEdit

Note: Any of the following may be purchased separately as a Fast Attack option

Inductor Pattern Rhino - 35 pointsEdit

"Taking anti-infantry fire, firing suppressive Cerebrus rounds, ready to unload. Give em' hell boys!"

Placeholder for Fluff/Narrative
Rhino 4 11 11 10 3

Unit Composition: 1 IP Rhino
Unit Type: Vehicle (Tank)
Transport Capacity: 10
Access Points: One on each facing except the front
Fire Points: Up to two models can fire from the top hatch
Wargear: Smoke Launchers, Searchlight, Stormbolter
  • May upgrade to 12 Transport capacity, losing Self-Repair Systems: free!
  • May take items from the Standard and Advanced sections of the Vehicle Armory
Special Rules: Self-Repair Systems (fix immobile on a 6+ instead of shooting)

Inductor Pattern Drop Pod - 35 pointsEdit

"Arriving at drop point in 42 seconds, squad a) take point, squad b), hit the target group!"

Placeholder for Fluff/Narrative
AP Drop Pod 4 12 12 12 3

Unit Composition: 1 AP Drop Pod
Unit Type: Vehicle (Open Topped, Transport)
Transport Capacity: 10 infantry models or one dreadnought
Wargear: Storm Bolter
  • May upgrade to 12 Transport Capacity, losing the Storm Bolter: free!
  • May replace the Storm Bolter with a Cerberus Launcher: +15pts
Special Rules: Inertial Guidance, Drop Pod Assault, Immobile

Razorback - 55 pointsEdit

"The enemy is foolishly approaching to close range, perhaps they think us unarmed. Let us show them how wrong that idea is"

Placeholder for Fluff/Narrative
Razorback 4 11 11 10 3

Unit Composition: 1 Razorback
Unit Type: Vehicle (Tank)
Transport Capacity: 6
Wargear: Twin Linked Heavy Bolter, Searchlight, Smoke Launchers
  • May take items from the Standard and Advanced sections of the Vehicle Armory
  • May replace the Twin Linked Heavy Bolter with one of the following:
- Twin Linked Heavy Flamer: Free!
- Twin Linked assault cannon: +20 points
- Twin Linked Lascannon: +20 points
- Lascannon and Twin linked Mk40 plasma guns: +20 points


Terminator Squads - 105ptsEdit

"Target in sight, permission to engage granted, deactivate cloaking and eliminate the target"

The Chaos Dreadnought-Class Warship rocked again under the deluge of fire from the Knights Inductor lance batteries. A hateful cry of a Daemon-engine roared and then petered out as the Void Shields surrounding the twisted ship flickered and then died out.

"Damn these accursed lackeys of the Corpse Emperor!" growled Chaos Lord Kezra as he crushed the command platform's railing gripped in his Terminator-armored gloves. "How could they have possibly followed us when the Warp currents favored us?"

"My Lord! Incoming teleport beams have been detected! They plan to board the command bridge! We cannot block them without the Void Shields!"

"Then let them come! If they so desire to let their blood for Khorne so much then let us prepare for their kind sacrifice! BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!" ordered Kezra as his Daemon-infested Lightning Claws formed from the recesses of his armored gloves.

"SKULLS FOR THE SKULL THRONE!" answered his bloodthirsty crew with a savage roar. They gathered next to and around their Lord at the perimeter of the bridge, the center of which was the designated target of the teleport beams.

A sound like the air tearing into a thunder-clap of displaced air boomed in the bridge, signalling the arrival of... nothing at the epicenter. The surrounding Chaos Marines and assorted sycophants milled in confusion as they searched the room for signs of Terminators, which would supposedly be obvious to the naked eye, but they found nothing.

A Chaos Terminator noticed a blur and began to shout a warning when his head was blown off by a few dozen Assault Cannon AP rounds. "WHAT?!" shouted Kezra in further confusion as bolts materialized from thin air and his crew struck down by invisible hammers in a rapidly deteriorating fire fight as the Khornates fired wildly and swung their weapons at nothing.

Silencer Jezzel parried the furious blows of the Chaos Lord before activating the Electro-Shackles which bound Kezra, felling him to the floor of the bridge in an ungraceful armored heap. The Chaos Lord's lackeys laid slain all around him as he screamed Warp-tainted curses and struggled against the restraints which were reinforced by the application of more Shackles. His Lightning Claws moved with a will of their own, severely injuring the legs of one Assault Terminator before the Silencer smashed them with his Null Stave, obliterating both the Claws as well as the essence of the Daemon within them.

"Primary has been captured, Kaiser Team has confirmed the placement of the Vortex bombs at the approximate location of the Reactors of this accursed vessel... yes, we are ready for extraction... yes, the teleport beacon has been attached to the Primary, confirmed." the Silencer gestured to his men to get into position around the still-struggling Chaos Lord, "mark teleport in three, two, one, mark!"

Like in most other Chapters, Terminator squads are veterans of the Chapter that don the treasured Tactical Dreadnought Armor and undertake the most dangerous of missions and tasks that no others could. In particular within the Knights Inductor, they are highly valued for filling the niche of close quarters combat shock troops that other elements of the Knights Inductor have trouble filling. However they also often perform high-risk duties that other Chapters would most likely consider mundane, such as hostage rescue and diplomat esorting.

The preferred method of entry for Terminator squads is through complete and utter stealth when teleportation is dangerous or too conspicious. Specially silenced Terminator armor along with advanced light-bending cloaking allows Knights Inductor Terminators to appear a little less than a smudge in the air, even when moving. Though the massive power consumption of the cloaking disallows extensive use, it is more than enough to get Terminator squads right where they need to be, much to the unpleasant surprise of the enemy
Name WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Terminator 4 4 4 4 1 4 2 8 2+/5++
Sergeant 4 4 4 4 1 4 2 8 2+/5++

Unit Composition: 2 KI Terminators, 1 Terminator Sergeant
Unit Type: Infantry (Inductor Sergeant is Character)
Wargear: Powerfists, Storm bolters, Terminator armor
Special Rules: Deep Strike, Fire Teams, Indomitable Spirit, Suppression Tactics
  • May include to 6 additional Terminators for 35pts per model.
  • The entire squad may take Specialized Bolt Ammunition: +3pts per model
  • Any model may exchange his Power fist for a Chainfist: +5pts per model
  • All models may choose to exchange all their current weapons for:
-Dual Lightning Claws: Free!
-Thunderhammer & Storm Shield: +10pts per model
  • For every 3 models, one model may take one of the following if they have not taken Lightning Claws or a Thunder Hammer:
-Heavy Flamer: +10pts
-Assault Cannon: +20pts
-Cyclone Missile Launcher: +25pts
  • The Sergeant may take an Aceso: +25pts
  • If they have not taken close combat weapons, the unit may purchase Active Camouflage for +25pts
    • Active Camouflage - Terminator squads with this lose their Invulnerable save. When deep striking, do they not scatter and until the beginning of their next turn, enemy units can only hit them at WS1 and BS1. This takes up an Experimental Wargear slot.
Dedicated Transports
  • May take a Land Raider as a dedicated transport

Dreadnoughts - 105ptsEdit

"Get behind me brothers! I will handle this, provide supporting fire and move up when I break through the enemy lines!"

Knights Inductor also make use of Dreadnoughts, though they don't attach nearly as much religious ceremonies or traditions with the whole process. They simply show sincere gratitude to those who would prolong their lives to see the Aprior Sector and the rest of the Imperium prosper. They are highly valued for their tactical knowledge and are often brought along as advisers to the company leadership. Bulwark dreadnoughts are a slight variant on the Ironclad, removing certain weapon systems in order to install a portable field generator that distorts the air around them, providing a modicum of cover to nearby friendly units. They place themselves into the most dangerous positions as cover for more fragile units and are mourned greatly when lost.
Dreadnought 4 4 6 12 12 10 4 4 3
Venerable 5 5 6 12 12 10 4 4 3
Bulwark 4 4 6 13 13 10 4 4 3

Unit Composition: 1-3 Dreadnoughts
Unit Type: Vehicle (Walker)
  • (Dreadnought/Venerable) Powerfist with in-built storm bolter, multi melta, smoke launcher, searchlight
  • (Bulwark) Two power fists with inbuilt storm bolter and flamer, smoke launcher, searchlight
  • Guardian Shield - Bulwark Dreadnoughts are armed with a special frontal shield that extends around them in a short radius, providing valuable cover to their more fragile comrade around them. Bulwark dreadnoughts grant a 5+ cover save to all units within 6" of its hull. This allows the effect of "Suppression Tactics" to trigger.
Special Rules: Fear, Move Through Cover (Bulwark Dreads only), Venerable (Venerable Dreads only), Suppression Tactics
  • May include up to two additional Dreadnoughts: +105pts/model
  • Replace storm bolter with heavy flamer: +10pts
  • May take items from the Dreadnought Weapons list
  • Replace Dreadnought close combat weapon with twin-linked autocannon or missile launcher: +10pts
  • May take items from the Vehicle Standard Upgrades and Experimental Vehicle Wargear lists
  • Venerable Dreadnoughts may take one item from the following list. Takes up an Experimental Wargear Slot
- Anti Air Marker +20pts
- Lockdown Self-Repair Protocols +30pts
  • If a Venerable has not taken an item from the above list, then it may replace both of its weapons with a Gravitic Accelerator Cannon. Takes up an Experimental Wargear Slot. +35 pts
  • Upgrade to Venerable: +25pts
  • Upgrade to Bulwark: +45pts

Innovatus Squads - 216ptsEdit

"We are the future of our Chapter personified. Let us show what our enemies have in store for them a few decades from now, shall we?"

Placeholder for Fluff/Narrative
Name WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Veteran 4 4 4 4 1 4 2 8 3+
Sergeant 4 4 4 4 1 4 2 8 3+

Unit Composition: 5 KI Veterans, 1 KI Sergeant
Unit Type: Infantry (Sergeant is Character)
Wargear: Blind & Krak Grenades, Gravitic Mass Driver Rifles, Bolt Pistols
  • MkI Damocles Armor - Counts as Power Armor with the Slow and Purposeful special rule
Special Rules: , Fire Teams, Omnissiah's Bounty, Suppression Tactics, Indomitable Spirit
  • May take up to 6 additional Veterans for: +36pts per model.
  • All models may choose to exchange their Gravitic Mass Driver for Plasma Rifles & Melta bombs: free!
  • The Knight Inductor Sergeant may take items from the Melee Weapons,Ranged Weapons and/or Special Issue Wargear lists
  • The unit may select a Inductor pattern Rhino, Razorback, or Aprior pattern Drop pod as a Dedicated Transport

Sternguard Veteran Squads - 138ptsEdit

"We are relatively few, but our actions shall dictate where the battle shall lead. It is up to us to keep our skills sharp and our gear in pristine condition"

The Ship drifted just shy of a dying orbit around its home planet. A cold and merciless behemoth bristling with missile salvos, spiraling towers, and glistening silver metal. As it maintained a vigil on the system around itself, another ship latched onto one of the rear compartments. The smaller ship; no bigger than a leech to it, was a Stormhawk. As soon as it made contact, a series of lascutters and probes entered the silver hide of its prey.

Inside this leech, sat the Silent Hands of the Knights Inductor. Each warrior was equipped in Mark VI warplate, painted to a standard urban camouflage, with a white stripe running down the back of the rear left thigh, signalling their presence to each other with an encoded IFF Band. The Sargeant of the squad, Darius, looked down at his auspex as he scanned the ship.

"The Atmosphere inside seems to consist a mix of eight percent carbon monoxide, sixty-one percent ammonia, and one percent gaseous acetic acid. Temperatures.. Three hundred centigrade." The Sergeant put down his auspex and looked to his squad, already locking in an alternate magazine for his stalker bolter. "Everyone, make sure your helmets are sealed. Secure kraken rounds, and shelve the plasma cannon, as well as the hellfire and stun rounds." He didn't need to tell his squad how fatal the environment inside the ship would be. They already knew from experience that the air mix could easily outright kill an Astartes within seconds.

To be finished

The ability to neutralize an opponent from range is a highly regarded one, hence why the Knights Inductor have an abnormally large amount of Sternguard Veteran squads within the Chapter. In order to perfect their skills most if not all Sternguard eschew specialized ammunition in favor of the deadly and versatile Stalker Pattern bolter. They are often tasked with the elimination of enemy specialists and leaders, using the extreme range of their bolters to safely complete the task. The most elite of these sharpshooters are the Silent-Hand veterans, whose time are spent on the sniper's range using standard boltguns to sharpen their aim, their sense of recoil, and their grasp of range above all else. Their shots are battle-changing, as they snipe enemy leaders, synapse creatures, and specialists alike with startling efficiency.
Name WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Veteran 4 4 4 4 1 4 2 8 3+
Silent-Hand 4 5 4 4 1 4 2 8 3+
Sergeant 4 4 4 4 1 4 2 8 3+

Unit Composition: 5 Inductor Veterans, 1 Inductor Sergeant
Unit Type: Infantry (Inductor Sergeant is Character)
Wargear: Power Armour, Bolt pistols, Stalker Pattern Boltguns, Blind & Krak Grenades
Special Rules: Fire Teams, Suppression Tactics, Indomitable Spirit, Scout
  • May include up to 6 additional Veterans for: 23pts per model
  • The entire unit may:
-take items from the Squad Issue Wargear list
-upgrade to Silent-Hand Veterans: +3pts per model
-For every 3 models you may exchange a stalker bolter for Astartes Anti-Material rifles: +5pts
  • Any model may replace their Stalker Pattern Bolter for a combi-weapon: +5pts!
  • For every 6 models, two models may take an item from the Special Weapons or Heavy Weapons lists.
  • The Knight Inductor Sergeant may replace his boltgun and/or bolt pistol with:
-a chainsword: Free
  • The Knight Inductor Sergeant may take items from the Melee Weapons,Ranged Weapons and/or Special Issue Wargear lists
  • One model may take:
-Seismic Charge: +10pts
  • The unit may select a Inductor pattern Rhino, Razorback, or Aprior pattern Drop pod as a Dedicated Transport

Workshop Mechanicus Cohort - 55ptsEdit

"DO NOT call me a heretek! I have considered a thousand times a thousand options for the survival of mankind and our Quest for Knowledge is not in the wrong."

Placeholder for Fluff/Narrative
Name WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Techmarine 4 5 4 4 2 4 2 8 2+
Servitor 3 3 4 4 1 4 1 7 4+

Unit Composition: 1 Techmarine
Unit Type: Infantry
Wargear: Artificer Armor, Bolt pistol, Boltgun, Blind & Krak Grenades, Servo-arm, Trooper Armor (Servitor)
Special Rules: Independent Character, Suppression Tactics, Indomitable Spirit (Techmarine Only)
  • Decree Innovatus - An army that includes a Techmarine unlocks two additional Experimental Wargear slots
  • Blessing of the Omnissiah - In lieu of shooting, roll to repair a Hull Points, Immobilization, or Weapon Destroyed result on a 5+, adding +1 to the result for servo harnesses and every accompanying Servitor w/ servo arm
  • Servo-Enhancment - If accompanying a unit in Marauder, Trooper, or Damocles MkI armor, they count as Relentless instead of Slow and Purposeful.
  • May include up to 2 additional Techmarines, who may deploy separately: +55pts
  • May include up to 5 Servitors: +12pts each
  • Any Techmarine may take:
-Items from the Melee Weapons, Ranged Weapons, Special Issue Wargear and/or Experimental Infantry Wargear lists.
-Servo-Harness, which contains an extra servo-arm, twin-linked plasma pistol, and a flamer: +25pts
-Gravitic Accelerator Cannon Platform, which is an artillery piece with a mounted Gravitic Accelerator Cannon. Changes the Techmarine's unit type to Artillery and follows all Artillery rules: +25pts
  • Any Techmarine may replace the Servo-Enhancement rule with Bolster Defenses for +1 to a piece of cover in your deployment zone: +10 Pts
  • Up to two Servitors may replace their Servo Arm with a:
-Heavy Bolter or Multi-melta... 10pts/model
-Mk40 Plasma Cannon... 20pts/model

Ghost Sergeant Jonnahas, Legend of Tertius Prime - 50ptsEdit

"My brothers-in-arms... you have done more than enough. Go! I will hold these monsters off for as long as I can!"

Sergeant Jonnahas is listed in the Halls of Remembrance on all of the Knights Inductor Battle Barges as an Honorary Brother Commandant of the Recruits. He had served with full honors during his tour of duty in the Guard Aspirants, but was unable to receive the implants due to <undisclosed> reasons. However he respectfully refused to return to Astra Militarum as an commander or the Scions Tempestus as a high-ranking officer and chose to partake in the trial to become an Astartes alongside the few other human Librarian recruits. Being an anomaly, Zakis Randi decided to test the stubborn Jonnahas and have him endure the Trials of Initiation that all augmented recruits (and unaugmented potential Librarians) go through to become Astartes. Though the trials were not meant for a human to take, he persevered when his body could no longer go on, standing at the end of the trials victorious, unconscious, by his sheer force of will.

He was chosen by the eccentric Maestro Gajet on occasion as an unaugmented test pilot for many of his creations, the last of which was the (now lost) Savior-Pattern Marauder Terminator Suit. Lost in the fierce battle to contain the daemonic incursion of the Warp Technology Workshop to allow the researchers to flee with precious data, he was last seen holding off a Khorne Greater Daemon when it appeared that the fail-safe on the suit was detonated. However fate seemed to have other plans for the Ghost of the Lost Workshop, as continued sightings of the suit have been reported at times, though the reports remain for the most part unsubstantiated...
Name WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Ghost 5 5 3 3 2 3 3 9 4+
Armored 5 5 4 6 4 3 3 9 2+

Unit Composition: Ghost
Unit Type: Infantry (Ghost, Unique) Jump Pack Infantry (Armored Ghost, Unique)
Wargear: Ghost: Trooper Armor, Seismic Charge, Blind & Krak grenades, Boltgun w/ Lumen Bolt Ammo, Bolt pistol, locator beacon. Armored Ghost: Savior-Pattern Marauder Armor
  • Savior-Pattern Marauder Armor: Is Marauder armor with Relentless, Omni-Targeting Systems and Fail-Safe. It is armed with two Hunter Killer missiles, a twin-linked Skybolt Missile Launcher, two Seismic Charges, an Assault Cannon, and a Dreadnought Chainfist w/ Built-in Cerberus Launcher. Includes a locator beacon, Aceso and a Bulwark Guardian Shield that it benefits from.
  • Omni-Targeting Systems- May fire up to three weapons per Shooting phase at different targets.
  • Fail-safe- A bomb attached to the life signals of the Savior Marauder suit. Should Armored Ghost lose his last wound, resolve a S8 AP2 6" explosion centered over the model before removing it.
  • May be armored in the Savior Pattern Marauder Armor (gaining the Armored Ghost profile, rules, and wargear) for: +200pts
Special Rules: (Ghost); Fearless, Suppression Tactics, Sub-Orbital Direct Insertion, Independent Character. (Armored Ghost); Fearless, Suppression Tactics, Rampage, Sub-Orbital Direct Insertion
  • Never Out-Gunned- If there are more enemy units within 24" than friendly units (not including himself), Ghost (and Armored Ghost) and the unit he is in may fire a second time in the same phase at a second unit with Snap Shots.
  • Let's Get Tactical!- Friendly Knight Inductor units within 6" Ghost or Armored Ghost gain Split Fire and Pinning tests they and Jonnahas inflict are taken with a -1Ld modifier.
  • Grand Skyfall- The turn Armored Ghost Deep Strikes, he emits a powerful shock-wave. Enemy models within 6" take a S4 AP6 hit with Strike-down.

Fast AttackEdit

Incursion Squad - 96ptsEdit

"We may not have wings but we have something better..."

Unlike most chapters the Knights Inductor sends their rising battle brothers from the Scouts to the Incursion squads rather than their equivalent of Devastator squads. This is merely to get any last bit of close combat training done and out of the way before moving on with the more important aspects of Knight Inductor warfare. This near complete lack of emphasis on close combat has effectively led to the disintegration of full Vanguard Veteran squads as a fighting force. However the few hot-headed Aspirants who pursue close combat fighting and the experience of being face-to-face with their enemies may choose to become one regardless. These grizzled Veterans learn to deal with their slight deficiency in reaction times by honing their instincts through years upon years of experience fighting much of what the universe has to throw at them. They have their place in teaching Incursion squads the importance of being able to shorten their reach beyond their bolters and teach the few Aspirants who arise from them.
Name WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Knight 4 4 4 4 1 4 1 7 3+
Sergeant 4 4 4 4 1 4 2 8 3+
V. Veteran 5 4 4 4 1 4 2 8 3+

Unit Composition: 5 Knights Inductor, 1 Inductor Sergeant
Unit Type: Jump Infantry (Inductor Sergeant is Character)
Wargear: Power Armour, Bolt pistols, Shock Batons, Stun & Krak Grenades
  • May include up to 6 additional Knights for: +16pts per model.
    • If the unit numbers 12 models, you may upgrade a Knight to a Sergeant: free
  • May replace bolt pistols and/or Shock batons with:
-Shock maul: +5pts
-Astartes Riot shield: +5pts
  • May upgrade the Sergeant to a Vanguard Veteran, replacing the close combat weapon for a power weapon: +25 pts.
  • The entire squad may take Jump Packs if Astartes Riot Shields were not selected: +3pts per model
  • For every 6 models, two models may exchange their bolt pistol and shock baton for:
-Flamer: +5pts
-Plasma pistol: +10pts
  • The Sergeant and Vanguard Veteran may replace their bolt pistol and/or melee weapon with:
-a plasma pistol: +10pts
-a storm shield: +15pts
-a power weapon or lightning claw: +15pts
-a power fist: +25pts
-a thunder hammer or pair of lightning claws: +30pts
  • The Sergeant and Vanguard Veteran may take items from the Special Issue Wargear list.
  • Two models may take:
-Seismic Charge: +10pts
  • May take an Inductor pattern Rhino, Razorback, or Aprior pattern Drop pod as a Dedicated Transport
Special Rules: , Fire teams, Suppression Tactics, Indomitable Spirit
Vanguard Veteran only:
  • Blade of Experience - Jump pack infantry with this rule gain +1 WS and re-roll 1's to hit in the first round of combat. This rule is conferred to any Incursion squad he joins, as well as attached Indepedent characters.
  • Leader of Aspirants - The Vanguard veteran is a character when joined to a unit, who becomes an Independent Character if his entire unit is wiped out or if he chooses to leave it.

Landspeeder Squadrons - 45ptsEdit

Weapons hot, approaching beachhead! Target the largest enemy units first, then engage at will!

Placeholder for Fluff/Narrative
Landspeeder 4 10 10 10 2

Unit Composition: 1-3 Landspeeder(s)
Unit Type: Fast Skimmer
Wargear: Heavy Bolter
  • May take additional Land Speeders: +45pts/model
  • May replace Heavy Bolter with one of the following:
-Heavy Flamer: Free!
-Multi-Melta: +10pts
  • May take Tornado pattern:
-Heavy Flamer: +5pts
-Heavy Bolter: +10pts
-Multi-Melta: +20pts
-Assault Cannon: +30pts
  • May take Typhoon Missile Launchers: +25pts
  • May take any option from the Vehicle Standard and Advanced Upgrades list.

Landspeeder Storm - 40ptsEdit

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet

Placeholder for Fluff/Narrative
Landspeeder 4 10 10 10 2

Unit Composition: 1-3 Landspeeder Storm(s)
Unit Type: Fast Skimmer, Open-topped, Transport
Wargear: Heavy Bolter, Cerberus Launcher
Special Rules: Deep Strike, Scout
Transport Capacity: Six models, can only carry Scouts and Scout Sergeants
  • Jamming Beacon- Enemies deep striking within 12" roll double the dice for scatter distance
  • May take additional Land Speeder Storms: +40pts/model
  • May replace Heavy Bolter with one of the following:
-Heavy Flamer: Free!
-Multi-Melta: +10pts
-Assault Cannon: +15pts
  • May take any option from the Vehicle Standard and Advanced Upgrades list.

Mounted Knights - 69ptsEdit

Lorem Ipsum Dolor Sit Amet

Placeholder for Fluff/Narrative
Name WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Knight 4 4 4 5 1 4 1 7 3+
Sergeant 4 4 4 5 1 4 2 8 3+
Attack Bike 3 4 4 5 2 4 1 7 3+

Unit Composition: 2 Mounted Knights, 1 Inductor Sergeant (counts as a character)
Unit Type: Biker
Wargear: Power Armor, Space Marine bikes, Bolt pistol, Blind & Krak Grenades, Heavy Bolter(Attack Bike Only)
  • May add up to 13 Mounted Knights for +23pts a model
  • May add up to 4 Attack Bikes for +40pts a model. These count as 2 models for the purposes of , and Tactical Fire Teams
  • Any model may replace his bolt pistol with a chainsword: free
  • For every 3 models, one model may take an item from the Special Weapons list
  • The Attack Bikes may each take an item from the Heavy Weapons list
  • The Knight Inductor Sergeant may take items from the Melee Weapons,Ranged Weapons and/or Special Issue Wargear lists
Special Rules: , Fire Teams, Suppression Tactics, Indomitable Spirit

Mobilius Artillery - 90ptsEdit

"Enemy closing within long range, prepare to fire for effect."

Placeholder for Fluff/Narrative
Name WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Servitor 3 3 3 3 1 3 1 8 4+
Techmarine 4 5 4 4 2 4 2 9 2+

Unit Composition: 1 Techmarine, Heavy Mortar.
Unit Type: Artillery (all attached artillery pieces are artillery guns with T7 W2 Sv3+ as per the rulebook)
Wargear: Artificer armor (tech marine), Servo harness, Servo-arm (servitors), Trooper armor (Servitors), Bolt pistol, Boltgun, Blind & Krak Grenades
Special Rules: , Indomitable Spirit, Suppression Tactics (Techmarine only)
  • Blessing of the Omnissiah – See techmarine entry
  • Servo-Enhancement- See techmarine entry
  • Airdrop Artillery- Any Mobilius Artillery unit that includes a Charybdis or Scylla must start the game in reserves, even in missions that don't normally use reserves. The unit arrives via Deepstrike anywhere without scatter if within 6" of a friendly unit and must fire indirectly the turn it arrives.
  • May include up to 5 Servitors for: +12pts per model
  • Any Techmarines may take the Bolster Defenses special rule (see Techmarine entry): +10pts
  • For every 2 models one heavy mortar may be added to the unit for: +20pts (first is included)
  • Any Heavy Mortar may be upgraded to one of the following:
-Charybdis Pack Howitzer: +30pts
-Quad gun: +30pts
-Scylla Pack Bombard: +50pts
Name Range S AP type
Heavy Mortar 12"-48" 6 5 Ordnance 1, Barrage, Large Blast
Charybdis 24-90" 9 3 Ordnance 1, Barrage, Large Blast
Scylla 24-90" 10 4 Ordnance 2, Barrage, Large Blast
Quad gun 72" 7 4 Heavy 4, Skyfire, Interceptor

Valkyrie Avenger Squadron - 200ptsEdit

"Incoming traitor Flakk fire... Ceramite shielding holding, discharging chaff and re-engaging. Five Hydras down, five more to go..."

Techmarine Marius held the throttle of his Valkyrie completely to full, with the safeties completely disengaged. He felt the spirits of his craft crying out in pain as their engines rapidly approached burnout, and the winglets threatened to fly apart from the sheer dynamic pressure. Marius closed his eyes and offered a prayer to the machine spirits to soothe them, and thirty seconds later he dropped the throttle and banked hard to slow the very extension of his body.

A congregation of Traitor vehicles gathered at top speed to reach his brothers, he had to stop them. Marius turned his wings and fell upon them with a full barrage of lascannons. One tank swelled from the blistering energy and exploded with such a force that waves of energy shook his cockpit. Marius swept around for a second pass and repeated the same action with the second tank, when Flak rounds swept through his cockpit. The armored glass held for only a few brief moments before he felt his own power armor's spirits cry out in pain.

His vision quickly crept into darkness, and for one final effort, Marius activated his deployment clamps to release the dreadnought from the back of his now failing body...

The Knights Inductor have been quite unfortunate in their relations with the Mechanicus. Given their status as Tech Heretics, they have been largely unable to obtain the STC copies needed to construct some of the more recent discoveries that other space marine chapters favor to use. As a result they have been forced to commandeer equipment normally used by Guard Regiments.
The valkyrie transport is one such design, used to fulfill a fast attack and aerial transport role. It is notably inferior to space marine Stormravens, due to a lack of heavier armor, greater transport capacity, and weaponry. The Knights have been able to modify these to use more heavier equipment and to ferry around marines.
Avenger 4 12 12 10 3

Unit Composition: 1-3 Avengers
Unit Type: Flyer Vehicle (Transport, Hover, Zooming)
Transport Capacity: 6 models (may not transport models in terminator or marauder armour)
Wargear: Three Twin-linked Lascannons, Armored Ceramite
  • May take:
-extra armor: +10pts
-power of the machine spirit: +15pts
-items from the Vehicle Advanced Upgrades list
  • May take side sponsons with:
-Heavy Bolters for: +20pts
-Hurricane Bolters for: +25pts
Special Rules: Assault Vehicle
  • Skies of Fury- After the Flyer has made its move, the passengers may disembark via Deep Strike anywhere along the path the Flyer traveled. If they scatter, all the models must take a Dangerous Terrain test.

Valkyrie Repressor Squadron - 120ptsEdit

"Discharging stun gas canisters over the marked position. Prepare to follow up, ground-thumpers!"

Placeholder for Fluff/Narrative
Avenger 4 12 12 10 3

Unit Composition: 1-3 Repressors
Unit Type: Flyer Vehicle (Transport, Hover, Zooming)
Transport Capacity: 12 models (may not transport models in terminator or marauder armour)
Wargear: Twin-linked Lascannon, 4 Bomb Pylon Canisters, Armored Ceramite
  • Must take one of the following:
Name Range S AP type
Blinding Gas - 4 - Bomb 2, Large Blast, Blind, One Use Only
Invasive Gas - 4 3 Bomb 2, Blast, Poisoned(3+), One Use Only
Stunning Gas - 5 - Bomb 2, Large Blast, Pinning, One Use Only
Knockout Gas - 4 - Bomb 2, Large Blast, Poisoned(2+), One Use Only

-Blinding Gas Canisters: Free!
-Stunning Gas Canisters: Free!
-Invasive Gas Canisters: +10pts
-Knockout Gas Canisters: +10pts
  • May take:
-extra armor: +10pts
-power of the machine spirit: +15pts
-items from the Vehicle Advanced Upgrades list
  • May take side sponsons with:
-Heavy Bolters for: +20pts
-Hurricane Bolters for: +25pts
Special Rules: Assault Vehicle
  • Skies of Fury

Heavy SupportEdit

Suppressor Squad - 96ptsEdit

"We will provide you with support brothers, fear not the enemies' charge."

Sargent Mark adjusted the environment seals of his new helmet, and tapped the Transparent Armiplas that constituted the visor that stretched between both of his ears. At the behest of a Techpriest, he focused his will into the spirits of the helmet to activate its Autosenses. In response he felt what could only be described as a small pinch as the helmet locked into his carapace, and a green light limned over his battle brothers silhouettes. "The helmet works, and it's responding to my carapace. Shall we start the Tactical Autosense test?"

Gajet; wearing the same helmet as Sargent Mark, nodded to the marine as he pulled some switches to summon servitors down the ship's firing range. The Servitors crouched down behind some cover, and started moving quickly as a team to obfuscate their location. "Focus on your enemies Sargent. I have disabled their IFF Tags so you can mark them for your squad."

Mark nodded under his unmoving helmet, then took a knee before his squad. From clicks he signaled they also took cover with him and leveled off Bolters. The Sargent focused his gaze upon one of the servitors darting its head about, until a red silhouette appeared around its body. He felt that so long as he kept his gaze upon the servitors, the silhouettes remained even when they moved behind cover. In turn his squad began firing into the Silhouettes, until the firing drill finished and all eight servitors lain as smoking ruins.

Name WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Knight 4 4 4 4 1 4 1 7 3+
Sergeant 4 4 4 4 1 4 2 8 3+

Unit Composition: 5 Knights Inductor, 1 Inductor Sergeant
Unit Type: Infantry (Inductor Sergeant is Character)
Wargear: Power Armour, Bolt pistol, Boltgun, Blind & Krak Grenades
Special Rules: Tactical Fire Teams, Suppression Tactics, Indomitable Spirit
  • May take up to 6 additional Knights for: +16pts per model.
    • If the unit numbers 12 models, you may upgrade a Knight to a Sergeant: free
  • The entire unit may take items from the Squad Issue Wargear list
  • For every 6 models, 4 may take items from the Heavy Weapons list
  • The unit's Sergeant may take Tactical Auto-Sense: +15pts
  • The Knight Inductor Sergeant may take items from the Melee Weapons,Ranged Weapons and/or Special Issue Wargear lists
  • The Knight Inductor Sergeant may replace his boltgun and/or bolt pistol with:
-a chainsword: Free
  • The unit may select a Rhino, Razorback, or Drop pod as a Dedicated Transport

Marauder Team - 153ptsEdit

"We are the future of heavy warfare. Your protection is nothing, weaklings"

Placeholder for Fluff/Narrative
Name WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Knight 4 4 4 6 2 4 1 7 3+
Sergeant 4 4 4 6 2 4 2 8 3+

Unit Composition: 2 Knights, 1 Sergeant
Unit Type: Infantry (Inductor Sergeant is Character)
Wargear: Marauder Pattern Armor
  • In-built Storm Array- Each Marauder Pattern Armor incorporates a twin-linked Storm Bolter.
Special Rules: Tactical Fire Teams, Suppression Tactics, Indomitable Spirit
  • May include up to six additional Marauder Knights for: +51pts per model
  • May take Bolt Ammo from Squad Issue Wargear
  • All models must take two of the following (the second cost is for purchasing a second of the same type):
-Heavy Bolter, Heavy Flamer, Multi-Melta: +5pts/+10pts
-Missile Launcher, Mk40 Plasma Cannon: +10pts/+15pts
-Lascannon: +15pts/+20pts
-Assault Cannon: +20pts/+35pts
-Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon: +15pts/+10pts
  • Any model may replace their in-built Storm Array with:
-Twin-linked Flamer: free!
-Two Hunter-Killer missiles: +5pts
-Twin-linked Meltagun: +5pts
-Twin-linked Mk40 Plasma Gun: +10pts
  • The Sergeant may take:
-Networked Targeting Array: +10pts
-Tac-Sense & Automated Uplink: +35pts
Automated Uplink: A Marauder Sergeant equipped with Tactical Autosenses does not need to forfeit his shooting in order to grant its benefit to the squad.
-Aceso: +25pts

Predator Vaeris - 115ptsEdit

"Cold Fusion Reactors stabilizing, targeting cogitators active, refractive shield at 100%, we are good to go"

The Predator chassis has proved to be the most open to extensive modifications by the Aprior Tech Adepts, and is commonly fielded with the latest experimental weapon to be produced by the Workshop Mechanicus. Since it is a commonly used test-bed for such technologies almost all Predator Vaeris have been blessed with superior calibration systems and machine spirits to aid aiming the given weapons as well as greater structural integrity to handle the physical stresses associated with some of the weapons. Each Predator Vaeris is a sight to see as they, like the Innovatus squads when they take the field, are the manifestation of the Knight Inductor Chapter's future on the battlefield.
Vaeris 5 13 11 10 4

Unit Composition: 1 Vaeris
Unit Type: Vehicle (Tank)
  • Internal Structural Shielding- The Workshop Mechanicus take great measures to ensure the durability of their preferred testing platforms. The Predator Vaeris has +1HP (included in profile).
  • Must mount at least one experimental main weapon from the Experimental Vehicle Wargear section, which doesn't count against the army limit for such.
  • May take sponson weapons from the following list
- Heavy Bolters, Hurricane Bolters, Heavy Flamers: 20 Points
- Lascannons, Plasma Cannons, Twin-linked Heavy Flamers or Multimeltas: 40 Points
- Twin Linked Lascannons or Twin linked Multimeltas: 50 Points
  • May take an additional secondary Experimental Vehicle Wargear, which doesn't count against the army limit for such.
  • May take any option from the Vehicle Standard Upgrades list as well as any number of items from the Vehicle Advanced Upgrades list.
Special Rules: Omnissiah's Bounty

Predator - 75ptsEdit

"Armoured Column Alpha 2 preparing to engage. Ex Tenebras Lux!"

Placeholder for Fluff/Narrative
Predator 4 13 11 10 3

Unit Composition: 1-3 Predators
Unit Type: Vehicle (Tank)
  • Autocannon:
  • May take additional Predators: +75pts/model
  • May Upgrade Autocannon to a Twin Linked Lascannon: +25pts
  • May take Heavy Bolter Sponsons: +20pts
  • May take Lascannon Sponsons if Heavy Bolter Sponsons are not taken: + 40pts
  • May take items from the Vehicle Standard Upgrades and Vehicle Advanced Upgrades list.
Special Rules:
  • Killshot: Whilst this unit includes three Predators, all Predators in the unit have Monster Hunter and Tank Hunters special rules.

Vindicator - 120ptsEdit

"Enemy units have fallen back to fortifications, prepare to bring them down on my mark..."

Placeholder for Fluff/Narrative
Vindicator 4 13 11 10 3

Unit Composition: 1-3 Vindicators
Unit Type: Vehicle (Tank)
Wargear: Stormbolter
  • Demolisher Cannon:
Name Range S AP type
Demolisher Cannon 24" 10 2 Ordnance 1, Large Blast

  • May include up to two additional vindicators: 120pts/model
  • May take items from the Vehicle Standard Upgrades and Vehicle Advanced Upgrades lists.
  • Siege Shield - automatically pass Dangerous Terrain tests for +10pts
  • One Vindicator may mount a Redemptor-Pattern Demolisher Cannon (takes up an Experimental Wargear slot): +20pts
Special Rules
  • Linebreaker Bombardment

If this unit contains three vindicators that can all fire their demolisher cannons, the squadron can fire a single Linebreaker bombardment instead of firing normally. To do so, nominate one model in the squadron as the firer; the firer's demolisher cannon changes its type from Large Blast to Apocalyptic Blast and gains the Ignore Cover special rule.

Land RaidersEdit

The Knights Inductor field a number of different tanks based on the Land Raider chassis:

  • Land Raider Phobos - 250pts - The original pattern upon which the latter variants are based upon, it is not commonly used due to its weak armament in comparison to its intended role as front-line troop transport.
  • Land Raider Justicar - 245pts - Another support variant in use by the Adeptus Indignatus and its successors. This version trades out the lascannons for an impressive battery of autocannons to add high volume fire power.
  • Land Raider Suppressor - 240pts - Variant endemic to Apriori sector, this Land Raider is a spiritual successor of the Redeemer, though the main weapons instead fire extremely potent stun gas meant to knock the enemy out with high efficiency.
  • Land Raider Athena - 295pts - Variant endemic to Apriori sector, this tank mounts the enormous Heavy Gravitic Accelerator Cannon in its hull, forgoing almost all transport capacity in order to become the ultimate tank hunter, capable of destroying an armored column in one ground-breaking shot.

NOTE: All land laiders have the following profile.

Land raider 4 14 14 14 4

Unit Composition: 1 Land raider
Unit Type: Vehicle (Tank, Transport)
Transport Capacity:
  • Phobos: 10
  • Suppressor: 12
  • Justicar: 14
  • Athena: 0
  • Phobos: Twin-linked Lascannons sponsons, Twin-linked Heavy Bolters
  • Athena: Twin-linked Lascannon sponsons, Heavy Gravitic Accelerator Cannon
  • Justicar: Quad-linked Autocannon sponsons, Twin-linked Multi-Melta
Name Range S AP type
Quad-linked Autocannons 48" 7 4 Heavy 4, Twin-linked

  • Suppressor: Suppressor Gas sponsons, twin-linked assault cannons
Name Range S AP type
Suppressor Gas Cannons Template 1 6 Heavy 1, Poisoned (2+), Blind, Torrent

  • May take items from the Vehicle Standard Upgrades and Vehicle Advanced Upgrades lists.
  • All land raider variants may take a Multi-melta: +10pts
  • The Land Raider Phobos may replace its Twin-linked Heavy Bolter for a Twin-linked Assault Cannon: +10pts
  • The Land Raider Athena may replace its Heavy Gravity Accelerator Cannon for a Redemptor Pattern Demolisher Cannon, this does not take up an additional Experimental Wargear slot: free!
Special Rules: Power of the Machine Spirit, Assault Vehicle, Omnissiah's Bounty (Athena Only)

Whirlwind Squadron - 65ptsEdit

"We will bring the very skies crashing down upon our foes, by your command!"

Placeholder for Fluff/Narrative
Whirlwind 4 11 11 10 3

Unit Composition: 1-3 Whirlwinds
Unit Type: Vehicle (Tank)
  • Whirlwind Multiple Missile Launcher- is loaded with Vengeance and Castellan Rounds:
Name Range S AP type
Vengeance Rounds 48" 5 4 Ordnance 1, Barrage, Large Blast
Castellan Rounds 48" 4 5 Ordnance 1, Barrage, Large Blast, Ignores Cover

  • May take up to 2 additional Whirlwinds for 65 points each.
  • May take items from the Vehicle Standard Upgrades and Vehicle Advanced Upgrades lists.
  • One Whirlwind may mount a Hurricane MLRS (taking up an Experimental Wargear slot): +45pts
Special Rules:
  • Suppressive Bombardment: Whilst this unit includes three Whirlwinds, each model's Whirlwind Multiple Missile Launcher has the Pinning and Shred special rules.

Tempest Squadron - 115ptsEdit

"I will turn the skies into a hell rather than a haven for you, damned flying turkey!"

Placeholder for Fluff/Narrative
Tempest 4 11 11 10 3

Unit Composition: 1-3 Tempests
Unit Type: Vehicle (Tank)
  • Tempest Multiple Missile Launcher:
Name Range S AP type
Tempest Missiles 60" 7 2 Ordnance 2, Skyfire, Twin-linked

  • May include up to two additional Tempests for 115 points each.
  • May take items from the Vehicle Standard Upgrades and Vehicle Advanced Upgrades lists.
  • Any Tempest may purchase a Tempest Data Net, granting Interceptor: +15pts each.
  • One Tempest may mount an Anti-Air Marker (takes up one Experimental Wargear slot): +15pts
Special Rules:
  • Adaptive Targeting Systems- A Tempest fires Snap Shots at Ballistic Skill 2.

Lords of WarEdit

Silencer Alpha Rachnus Pacifus, Lord of the Nullarium - 325ptsEdit

"The greatest abyss to ever grace a battlefield has come for you. The very name of Rachnus will swallow the souls of all who would oppose mankind, and even the fearless shall find themselves quaking in their boots."

Lord Crannon vainly lifted his combi-bolter, and racked across its slide to chamber the next magazine. Beside him there was a whole team of the finest terminators he could muster, yet all of them screamed out in agony. They clutched their helmets and dropped their weapons, one even plunging his blade into his own skull to escape whatever terrors plagued his mind. When Crannon finally marched down to the end of the ship's corridor, there was a room with all light sucked away from it.

The darkness opened its eyes, and then concentrated its essence into a point so miniscule, that he could see the entirety of time screeching to a halt around the form. He tried to steel himself and hold firm, but with every passing second his mind crumbled further, and the psychic energies he commanded sputtered into nothingness. The Lord held up his armored glove to fire mind-bullets, but they fizzled just inches from the fingertips. And still, the darkness marched closer to him.

To his eyes, he saw his hands shredded to pieces, and then elongated to miles and miles apart. Until the tips of his fingers stretched so far away from the rest of his body that they shifted red and black, then vanished into nothing. Crannon depressed the triggers of his combi-bolter into the black hole, and for a time they seemed to dissipate its form. But then he found a shadow pinning his body to the floor, and dark fingers plunged into his eyes. He screamed once, and then his mind ceased all existence.

With its prey destroyed, the shadow ceased to focus its aura. Like a changeling, it took on the form of a space marine in terminator armor. It's green eyes depressed far into the creature's skull, and a faintly metalic skin clung to its cheeks. Rachnus removed his staff from the Chaos Lord's armor, and calmly noted with his autosenses that the lord was alive, and yet somehow not. He could hear the lord's two hearts beating to such a perfectly flat tune, that no living brain could possibly control its movement. "The Warlord is dead, I will euthanize him now." Rachnus spoke in a flat monotone over his vox, then leveled off a plasma pistol to Crannon's hearts.

Rachnus Pacifus is, and will likely be the most powerful psychic null to have ever been born in Aprior. Upon his birth, the uncontrolled aura from the newborn blank was of such power that the over thirty thousand staff of the hive hospital succumbed to it within seconds. Three squads of tactical marines were dispatched to the hospital to secure the area retrieve him, but it was quickly found that only a silencer could get near the child. Since that incident, Rachnus was raised solely by the Nullarium, in a facility kept secret in the polar ice caps of Aprior Secundus. He was implanted with the gene-seed of the Knights Inductor in the year M41:952, and has been in service with the Knights Inductor since then.

Though the Null-Lord was groomed to be a leader for the Knights Inductor, extreme isolation has stunted his mind to such an extreme that he can barely stand the presence of other people. Rachnus speaks only to the other silencers of the Nullarium, and remains inside a warded isolation chamber on Aprior Secundus until called to battle. His aura is also of such an extreme degree of power that he can only be transported inside of his isolation chamber, as his unshielded presence is enough to outright kill Astropaths aboard ships.

Perhaps someday the Lord will will learn to control his aura to an extent that Zakis Randi finds acceptable. But until then his duties are relegated to training lesser silencers that the chapter finds great use in.

Name WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Rachnus 6 5 4 4 4 5 3 10 2+/3++

Unit Composition: 1 (Unique)
Unit Type: Infantry
Wargear: Mk40 Plasma Pistol, Blind & Frag & Krak Grenades, Terminator Armor, Iron Halo
  • The Voidstaff- This is a Null Staff with Master-crafted. It takes two Null Charges to activate, but when activated, every wound it deals is multiplied by 3.
  • Quicksilver Circlet- An artefact that predates the founding of the Knights Inductor Chapter, it is bane to all things of the Warp. This is a Null-Amp and Animus Diadem.
Warlord Traits:
  • Rachnus Pacifus has the Watchful Defender Warlord trait by default
Special Rules: Eternal Warrior, Independent Character, Suppression Tactics, Pariah, Silencer Lvl 4, Smash
  • Shadow of the Primarch - Rachnus is a Silencer as described by the Silencer special rule with the following exceptions: Rachnus, and any unit within 12", can't be affected by any psychic powers in any way. Psykers and Daemons within 12" of Rachnus has their Leadership reduced by 3, cannot produce Warp Charges, and only harness Warp Charges on a 6. When Rachnus burns a charge for Unleashed Null Aura all enemy units within 12" lose -2Ld. When Rachnus Perils, he is immune to the Leadership test Silencers take, though his unit must also take a Fear test if they passed the Morale check.
  • The Ultimate Void - Null Charge Cost: 3. This is a Blessing that targets Rachnus. When activated all enemies within 12" do not benefit from the And They Shall Know No Fear and Fearless special rules if they have it. Friendly units within the radius lose 1 leadership as well. Daemons within range lose -2 to their Invulnerable save and must take Daemonic instability against all Morale and Pinning checks inflicted by Shooting.
  • Rachnus knows all powers from the Null-Field and Cryomancy tables.

Maxima Marauder Bombadier - 575ptsEdit

"There are those who claim to hold the power to dominate mankind. They shall break on this rock of the Light in the Darkness. As all others before have and after shall!"

Placeholder for Fluff/Narrative
Maxima Marauder 4 4 10 13 13 12 4 3 6

Unit Composition: 1 Maxima Marauder
Unit Type: Vehicle (Super-Heavy Walker)
  • Tri-Barrelled Grav Bombadier, Refractive Defender Shield, Astartes Anti Material Array, Empowered Machine Spirit, Lock-down Self-Repair Protocols
Name Range S AP type
Tri-Barrelled Grav Bombadier (Dispersion rounds) 120" 8 4 Primary Weapon 2, Twin-linked, Large Blast
Tri-Barrelled Grav Bombadier (Solid rounds) 120" D 1 Primary Weapon 1, Twin-linked, Hypervelocity

Name Range S AP type
Astartes Anti Material Array 36" 6 3 Heavy 8, Rending, Pinning

  • Refractive Defender Shield - Maxima Pattern Marauder Warsuits are perpetually fitted with an enormous frame that, when triggered, projects a screen of energy based off of the energy deflecting principles of Refractive Shield Plating and assists nearby troops in a similar way to the Guardian Shields fitted to Bulwark Dreadnoughts. This counts as Refractive Shield Plating. In addition, it provides a 5+ Invulnerable save to all friendly units within 12", counting as cover for the purposes of "Suppression Tactics". If the Maxima is destroyed, add +1 to the Explosion Result.
  • Replace Chest Mounted Astartes Anti Material Array with a Battle Cannon: +20pts
  • Replace Tri Barrelled Grav Bombadier with:

- Micro-Scale Harbinger Cannon: +25pts

Name Range S AP type
Micro Harbinger Cannon 120" 10 2 Primary Weapon 2, Path of Destruction

  • May mount one of the following:

- Anti-Air Marker: +25pts - Hurricane MLRS: +45pts - Quad gun: +50pts

Special Rules: Fear, Hammer of Wrath, Invincible Behemoth, Move Through Cover, Relentless, Smash, Strikedown, When Needed Only, Omnissiah's Bounty
  • Hypervelocity - Such is the speed of the solid shot launched by the Tri-Barrelled Grav Bombadier that there is no opportunity to dodge, once the shot has left the barrel, it is far too late. Target Models may not Jink or Go to Ground against shots fired by the Tri-Barrelled Grav Bombadier.
  • When Needed Only - The Maxima Marauder is a weapon of incredible destructive potential that cannot restrain itself in battle, for fear of its own destruction and the loss of an incredibly valuable piece of technology. As such, the Knights only field the Maxima Marauder in times of desperate need or in extremely large battles. The Maxima Pattern Marauder Warsuit cannot be taken in games smaller than 1650 points.

A Note on the Maxima Marauder The model has much the same dimensions of a regular Imperial Knight, only more bulky in the limbs and less rounded in the body and shoulders. The model is literally a supersized regular Marauder.

Maxima Marauder Lancer - 450ptsEdit

"There are those who claim to hold the power to dominate mankind. They shall break on this rock of the Light in the Darkness. As all others before have and after shall!"

Placeholder for Fluff/Narrative
Maxima Marauder 4 4 10 13 13 12 4 3 6

Unit Composition: 1 Maxima Marauder
Unit Type: Vehicle (Super-Heavy Walker)
  • Lux Prismatic Halberd:
Name Range S AP type
Lux Prismatic Halberd - D 1 Melee, Lunging Strike, In Darkness, Light!

  • Anti-Astartes Rifle Array
Special Rules: Fear, Hammer of Wrath, Invincible Behemoth, Move Through Cover, Relentless, Smash, Strikedown, When Needed Only, Omnissiah's Bounty
  • When Needed Only
  • Lunging Strike - The techniques employed by the wielders of the Lux Prismatic Halberd are designed to minimise opportunities to dodge or block through the use of strikes that maximise the halberd's bladed edge and spear like length. Against Monstrous Creatures or Vehicles, the Lux Prismatic Halberd cannot hit on worse than a 4+ unless the target is Invisible. Against Gargantuan Creatures and Super-Heavy Vehicles, the Lux Prismatic Halberd will always hit on a 3+ unless the target is Invisible.
  • In Darkness, Light! - The Lux Prismatic Halberd constantly glows with an incredible light. This light grows tenfold if it strikes a target. For every successful hit made in Close Combat by the wielder of the Lux Prismatic Halberd, every model, friend or foe within 12" must take a blind check (except for the wielder of the Halberd itself). Models within 6" take the check with a -2I penalty.

Predator Avalon - 450ptsEdit

"I am the Lady of the Lake, reborn in armor clad. Excalibur will be my Blade, a shining light to pierce the eternal darkness."

"What the hell do you mean? That tank is running without its pilot?" Captain Darren grabbed one of his techmarines aside, and stared daggers into the heretek's eyes. "How long has your brother been dead?"

The Techmarine stared back with a frozen expression, which wasn't hidden at all behind the wide-stretched plate of his marksman visor. "He's been dead for eight hours. The Avalon is running on its machine spirits." He glanced down at the holograph displaying a drawn out battle. Blue box-figures sat stationary while the terrain, and a line of red chevrons sat still on the terrain. At the back of the boxes was a star representing the Avalon in question. "It's a wonderful tank-.. For the first one I coaxed many spirits into its shell. Many spirits yes, many kinds too."

Darren threw the Techmarine down to his feet, drawing his sword in one hand while he clicked open a Vox Channel to the Avalon. "AVALON, Cease your advance and return to the nearest squad for pickup!" He placed his sword at the Techmarine's collar just before he could get up. "AVALON, Cease your advance now!" In response the Blue Star on the table ceased its relative movement for just a moment, then a pair of red dots appeared under its symbol to indicate combat engagement. In response to Darren's call, a decidedly feminine voice responded to him; though it sounded closer to a servitor than a human, "Avalon One engaging the Eldar. Praetor, it is good to hear your voice.."

Captain Darren sliced a hole in the Marks-visor to expose Techmarine Gaius to the air, just as a reminder that darren could end him at any time. The Captain watched helplessly then to the table as the Avalon tank disobeyed his orders. It spoke with a calm voice, having no malice or contempt. One by one the Red Boxes blinked out, in turn after a bright red circle appeared under the star to show weapon engagement. The predator support fell apart shortly afterwards from returning fire, but the Avalon kept going after its Lesser compatriots ceased. "Praetor, I give you this offering of Eldar Souls, appreciate it. We will talk later when I have decided this battle for you."

Placeholder Army Fluff, narrative's finished.

Predator Avalon 5 14 13 11 4

Unit Composition: 1 Predator Avalon
Unit Type: Fast Vehicle (Tank)
  • Refractive Shield Plating, Vehicular Nanomites, Empowered Machine Spirit
  • Excalibur-Class Prismatic Lancing Cannon:
Name Range S AP type
Excalibur Cannon 60" D 1 Ordnance 1, Prismatic Diffraction*
Diffracted Lance 60" 8 2 Ordnance 1, Lance

  • Prismatic Diffraction- Instead of firing the given profile, you may instead fire using the Diffracted Lance profile. Choose any one point within 60" and roll for scatter. All vehicles within 6" of the point and in LoS take D3 hits from the PLC. All other non-vehicle units within 6" and LoS take D6 hits. All hits are treated as coming from the central point for the purposes of determining line of sight and cover saves.
Special Rules: Omnissiah's Bounty
  • Avalon Shield- The Predator Avalon carries with it two Cold Fusion-powered Void Shield generators. This grants the Avalon two Void Shields, which must be destroyed before it can begin taking damage from other weapons. One layer of shielding can be recovered on a 5+ at the start of your turn, two rolls may be made if the tank doesn't move. Note that Refractive Shield Plating does not grant saves for hits on the Void Shield.
  • Supernova- The Avalon's dual-Fusion generators are quite fragile and are prone to exploding violently. Should the Avalon be destroyed or wrecked by any means, immediately roll on the Catastrophic Damage table with a +2 modifier, and resolve for the result. Afterwards remove the model from play.
  • Engine Overcharge- The Avalon's enhanced Cold Fusion reactor can provide the tank an amount of power far greater than its requirements, allowing the Avalon to move at greater speeds. When determining the amount of distance that Combat and Cruising Speed provide, add 12"
  • Power System Overload: At the end of your turn; if the Avalon has moved at least 24", roll a d6. On a 1 the Avalon immediately loses a hull point with no saves of any kind allowed. This loss of a hull point bypasses the Avalon's Void Shields, if those are currently active.

Bonus Mission Add-on: Apprehend at All Costs!Edit

This bonus mission/objective can be added to a standard game of Warhammer 40,000 if one or more players army is playing with a Primary Detachment using Codex: Knights Inductor, replacing the Inquisitorial Objective. This may also be played standalone with standard deployment rules. While the main codex details the Knights Inductor in their full battle array against the numerous foes of mankind, this bonus mission will allow you to play the Knights Inductor in one of their sub-lethal engagements to subdue the enemy. While the finer details are left up to you, you can imagine them as attempting to gain enemy intel through capturing key figures in the enemy army, and attempting to successfully extract them from battle into custody! Oh, and their hands are tied, just cause.

Bonus Objective: Capture and ApprehendEdit

The Knight Inductor player must set a marker in a friendly deployment zone when deploying their army. Within 6" of the marker is the POW/Containment Camp, where captured enemy models will be placed. This Objective may be controlled by either player if a unit is within 6" of the objective.

  • Captured: Models that can be subjugated are enemy characters and monstrous creatures. These models are considered captured and are sent to the POW Camp if they lose their final wound under the following conditions:
    • Disoriented: The model lost its last wound whilst under the effect of Pinning, Blind, Stunning or Strikedown
    • Bound: The model lost its last wound whilst under the effects of Electro-Shackles
    • Knocked out: The model lost its last wound to Tranq bolts, Stun bolts, Shock weapons, or the Sword of Pacification.
  • Apprehended/Released: If there is at least one prisoner in the POW Camp remaining by the end of the game, the Knights Inductor player gains 1VP. The Knights Inductor player automatically loses the game if the enemy has control of the POW camp by the end of the game. The Knights Inductor also automatically win if the Warlord is successfully captured by the end of the game.

Modified Army ListEdit

A Knight Inductor army when attempting to subjugate the enemy with minimal casualties on both sides are naturally limited in their choice of wargear, and thus have the following limitations to illustrate as such.

  • With Reasonable Force: All Knights Inductor cannot use a weapon in close combat or shooting with a greater (less than) AP than the armor save value of a target enemy unit. The only exceptions are that AP6 weapons may be used against a unit that lacks an armor save, and these limitations do not apply when targeting vehicles and monstrous creatures of all kinds.
  • Sub-lethal Armory Support: All Knight Inductor units get Tranq bolts and Shock Batons standard at no extra cost.

Extra WargearEdit

These pieces of wargear count towards capturing an enemy. Drain net Grenades may be taken for 1pt (or free if exchanged for Blind grenades) in the Squad Issue Wargear section. Drain net Guns may be taken for 5pts in the Squad Issue Wargear section.

Drain Net Grenade: This is a specialized defensive grenade that sends out a net woven of energy draining fiber binds.
Name Range S AP Type
Net Grenade 8" X - Assault 1, Blast, Poisoned (3+), Bind*

  • Bind- A unit hit by a weapon with this rule must take a Strength test or be forced to go to ground. Units that fail that are unable to go to ground must instead fire Snap Shots until the end of their next turn.
Drain Net Gun: Utilizing the same draining fiber binds in Drain net grenades, these spray in a conical fashion to subdue a swathe of enemies efficiently.
Name Range S AP Type
Net Gun Template X - Assault 1, Poisoned (3+), Bind*

Codex PDF vII (WIP)Edit

I was initially writing it 5th edition style, but since 7th edition is a bit more streamlined I have taken to re-doing the entries in 7E format. This will allow for the crunch to be more easily translated and readable.

[| Work In Progress Codex]

Currently finishedEdit

(minus illustrations and fluff descriptions for some dataslates though perhaps a commission could resolve this?):

  • Knights Inductor Army Rules Page
  • Warlord Traits and Allies Chart
  • [3/3] Knights Inductor Wargear pages: Standard, Experimental Infantry, Experimental Vehicle
  • [5/5] Knights Inductor Armory pages: Ranged weapons, Melee weapons, Squad/Special issue wargear, Vehicle equipment, Super-heavy vehicle equipment
  • [8/8] Special HQ Entries: Lord Arbiter Zakis Randi, Captain Roland Darren, Captain Isaac Rico, Garven Brias, Severus Gajet, Captain Xavion, Chief Librarian Zecherias, Honor Guardian Ferrus
  • [7/7] Generic HQ Entries: Captain, Chaplain, Librarian Adepts, Silencer, Marauder Field Master, Command Squad, Honor Guard entries
  • [3/3] Troop Entries: Tactical squads, Scout squads, Guard Aspirant squads
  • [3/3] Dedicated Transport Entries: Rhino, Razorback, Drop pod (w/ new Skyshroud upgrade)
  • [7/7] Elite Entries: Terminator squads, Sternguard Veteran squads, Dreadnoughts, Innovatus squads, Workshop Mechanicus Cohort, Silencer Minoris, Ghost Sergeant Jonnahas
  • [8/8] Fast Attack Entries: Incursion squads, Mounted Knights (with Attack Bikes), Scout Bike Teams, Land Speeder Squadrons, Land Speeder Storm, Mobilius Artillery, Valkyrie Repressor, Valkyrie Avenger
  • [8/8] Heavy Support Entries: Suppressors, Marauders, Predator Vaeris, Predators, Vindicators, Land Raiders, Whirlwinds, Tempests
  • [3/3] Lords of War Entries: Rachnus Pacifus, Maxima Marauder, Predator Avalon
  • [1/1] Silencer Null Powers

Remaining WorkEdit

  • Illustrations/Cover
  • Contents Page
  • Introduction Page
  • Codex-style border art/design
  • Fluff pages (not including background details irrelevant to the actual army list) such as basic unit descriptions
  • Pacification Detachment page
  • Formations
  • Custom force organization page
  • Tactical Objectives Page
  • Summary page(s)

Previous Out-dated PDF for Codex: Knights Inductor: [[1]]

Codex Google DocumentEdit

Unfortunately, the previous attempts at making a PDF have gone considerably behind the development of the codex. As of now, I have started a Google Document, by which anyone viewing this Wiki may edit and comment freely in an attempt to create a working, printable Codex for the Knights Inductor.

[2] Dump Page, please just use this for prepping work on other pages. Every other page listed MUST be formatted for use in a PDF. So help me God Emperor, I will mercilessly delete changes that involve flat-out copypasting things from the wiki to fill out, instead of fluff writing. Crunch copying is fine. -Evilexecutive

[3] Unit Template Page

KI HQ's Edit Permissions are now available on a Clickie basis. Anyone who clicks the links below may edit the pages

[4] Captains

[5] Chaplains

[6] Silencers

[7] Librarians

[8] Master Of The Forge

[9] Marauder Field Master

[10] Tech Marine

Special Characters

[11] Chapter Master Zakis Randi

[12] Captain Roland Darren

[13] Captain Isaac Rico

[14] Garven Brias

[15] Tech Maestro Severus Gajet

[16] Captain Xavion, Null Knight Hunter

[17] Silencer Alpha Rachnus Pacifus

[18] Chief Librarian Zecherius

[19] Paladin Ferus

I would like to say this here, before anyone else bothers to hop on. The point of the Google Document is to have a printable codex, like the GW publications. Which means things need to be reformatted now.

By the God Emperor's Light, please stop just copypasting contents of the wiki into the Google Document. It's pretty counterproductive, especially now that the document looks like someone shit all over it.


Pictures of Armies go here. Please keep it to Knights Inductor pictures, either Ceremonial Colors or Camo colors.