Classroom Deathmatch

Classroom Deathmatch
RPG published by
Atarashi Games
Rule System Panty Explosion
Authors Jake Richmond, Matt Schlotte
First Publication 2007
Classroom Deathmatch is the follow up to Panty Explosion, the psychic Japanese schoolgirl adventure game.

This book introduces the sadistic Student Reform Initiative, better known as Classroom Deathmatch. You and your friends take the roles of Japanese high school students. One of you will need to take the role of the Superintendent who will control the game. Your entire class of 50 Students has been kidnapped by the Japanese government and will be forced to participate in the televised contest called Battle Royale "Classroom Deathmatch". The contest will be brutal and unforgiving, and unless you can figure out how to outsmart the government you will be forced to do battle against your friends until only one of you is left alive. As a group you’ll tell the story of your students's five-day ordeal in the Classroom Deathmatch. Most of you will die horrible and gruesome deaths at the hands of your closest friends, but if you are smart and lucky you may just find a way to outwit your captors and survive.