Clan Vrrtkin

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Poisonous gas is a very dangerous substance- misuse can lead to death and worse! With this in mind, it might be easy to think that Clan Vrrtkin- with its love for bad gas -might be seen as friends with Clan Pestilens; however, they're actually friends with Clan Skryre. Big fans of both "Poisoned Wind Globes" and "Poisoned Wind Mortars", they have been a reliable artillery team since the days of Skaven Civil War II.

Naturally, nothing is worse than choking on toxic gas, so a gas mask is mandatory to survive in this clan. Unfortunately, nearly everyone wants one, but the best stuff goes to the big shots, with faulty or broken equipment going to others and (for the real unfortunates) a rag soaked in piss or cloth shoved up the nose. It's not easy being an artillery Skaven...

Special Units/Notable FiguresEdit

The Turntails- the Turntails are Clan Vrrtkin's longest serving Clanrat regiment, having survived over thirty battles- more than any other clawpack in living memory. This is due to the fact that the Turntails can run away from battle faster than any of their allies. Having fought for so long, the Warlord of Clan Vrrtkin mistakenly believes that the Turntails are formidable warriors and has granted them the use of several Clan Skryre weapon teams. The Turntails find these weapons exceptionally useful, especially when covering a retreat.

Warpskreech- a new face from Age of Sigmar, Warlock Engineer Warpskreech is the inventor of the first "Parasite Engine"- a device that, while its purpose is unstated, seems to be capable of corrupting anything that it touches- particularly geomantic nodes of power, like the kinds protected by gargants. He was chosen personally by Gnawsoul- a Verminlord Warbringer -to lead the invasion of the "Scabrous Sprawl", a destiny that his colleagues felt should've been theirs. Many attempts have been made at ruining his plans, but to no avail. This, coupled with his "twisted genius" (even by the ridiculous standards of Clan Vrrtkin) and the nasty habit of having an itchy trigger finger of the more magical variety, has made him a very powerful being... one that even considers overthrowing the Verminlords themselves!

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