Clan Treecherik

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If there's one thing worse than a copycat, it's a copycat who does your job better than you do! In simple terms, that is the style of Clan Treecherik. These guys are bigger back-stabbers against the world than their "parent" Clan Eshin- and that's saying something! Because of this, everyone has taken to the odd (though ultimately smart) habit of wearing a shield on their back (prevents backstabs) and wearing red clothes (Although! Wearing red doesn't always end well...).

Ironically, all the death occurring in this clan is actually a good thing (for the Skaven, at least); the most ruthless survive and those who can make it out of this clan alive are born survivors and will literally be un-phased by the schemes of their fellows. They'll still be victims, but it'll be no big deal... I think...

Special UnitsEdit

The Skurry-stabbers- the Skurry-stabbers are one of Clan Treecherik's most murderous Clawpacks and they have slain more (many more) of their own clanmates than the enemy (in fact, it has been several years since they've killed anything not from Clan Treccherik). Their current clawleader is Gristl Twitchslice, an imposing figure who has remained in command of the Skurry-stabbers for an impressive three days. If he can make it to four, he will have broken the service record set by Sneer Throtskar over twenty years ago.

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