Clan Skurvy

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What is it about pirate ships and rats that goes together? Wherever the idea came from, Clan Skurvy has become a living version of this idea. Amputated body pieces that are easily replaced (i.e. eye patches, peg legs, hook hands, other various pirate paraphernalia, etc.) are commonplace, as are scars from acts of piracy. Controlling the largest Clanfleet (the Skaven equivalent of an armada) and the cavern-harbor that is Spineport (situated beneath the Tilean city of Tobaro), Skurvy has made a claim to fame as a band of cutthroats, killers and plunderers without equal... though their plunder is always sunk into new slaves for the always shrinking crew (nobody said a pirate's life was easy!).

Interesting fact: Skurvy actually has several icons that are used to represent it- or, to be more accurate, to represent the multitude of ships that serve it. Rarely, the symbols of Clawcaptains (the piratical equivalent of Clawleaders- the heads of Skaven groups called Clanrats) are used, but this isn't a regular thing due to incessant mutinies.

Notable characters/Special unitsEdit

Skretch- there was a time, long ago, when Skretch was the Warlord of Clan Skurvy and a pirate-rat equivalent of Napoleon. By his will, Clan Skurvy was the undisputed king of the Skaven sea clans. So, what happened to change all of this? Ironically, it wasn't by the machinations of his race (or was it? ...seriously, it seems doubtful, but given the backstabbing ways of this race, nothing is impossible), but by his own greed. During a sailing expedition, Skretch and his crew found what seemed to be a massive ball of warpstone... but it was really the lure of an orb leviathan (imagine an angler fish the size of the Titanic) that quickly ate the ship! With no other choice, he and his crew attempted to eat their way out of the beast, but died of asphyxiation (though they must have eaten something vital, because the beast did die... though maybe the ship coming out of its back killed it; not like it matters). Eventually, the leader of the Dreadfleet- Count Nautilus -found the dead beast and rose it from the grave into an undead abomination, unknowingly gaining a crew of undead rat thugs in the process. Now bearing the last name of "Half-Dead", Skretch serves the count as a zombie enforcer and captain of the "Skabrus"- the remains of the beast that have been built into a ship in a way that only Skaven could construct!

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