Clan Skrapp

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Just because someone's evil doesn't mean that they don't care for the environment. Well, at least, that's how Clan Skrapp appears to its foes; in truth, however, they are easily the poorest Skaven in the Under-Empire. Certainly, fate has dealt them a horrid hand- they're living in Putrid Swamp (easily the "Jersey Side" of the Under-Empire), their fur is rife with mange, tattered clothes are all too common (as is rusty armor and weaponry) and even their banners are stitched together from a few separate, discarded ones.

With all this in mind, one question remains- why haven't these guys been taken over by someone stronger yet? Well, against all odds, Skrapp was able to scrounge together enough warpstone to unleash a series of the mother of all lies- they are the favored of the Horned Rat, they can field an army of Grey Seers at any time and their clan is ridiculously massive! Does anyone believe this? Probably not. Is Skrapp self-deluded or crazy? Undoubtedly... though, with dyed-white fur, fake horns and bold plans, they sure buy into the whole song and dance routine. Will anyone be brave enough to test that theory? ...Would you? If the answer's "no", don't worry- lots of other people won't, either.

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