Clan Septik

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Good help is so hard to find these days... how many times has THAT been said? Clan Septik, however, has been reliable ever since they first became thralls to Clan Pestilens in Skaven Civil War I. Easily the most fanatical members of the Pestilent Brotherhood (perhaps even more so than their masters), Septik has become the right hand to Pestilens. This makes Pestilens glad, as they require plenty of faithful members to keep the belief going.

Although they are thrown away with reckless abandon by their master clan, Septik has [so far] been able to stay in one piece. Could the Horned Rat's claw be involved? It may just be... Don't believe it? Well, look at their rusty weapons, gross bandages and poor robes (as well as the "diseased claw" icon that serves as the clan symbol); if those can't kill them, there's no telling what will!

Septik was rewarded for its centuries of good service to Clan Pestilens; as of Age of Sigmar, they serve as a Second Echelon for the Clans Pestilens and have even been given the honorable title of "The Right Claw of Pestilens". Having such a position of power does invoke envy in rivals, as Septik found out when Clan Virulox started the Buboe Wars against the zealots. Septik made deals with the Clans Moulder and tore into their upstart younger brothers.

Despite being Clan Pestilen's good boys or smelly hamster, they are a total punching bag in Total War: WARHAMMER, where they have been placed in Naggaroth for some reason and abandoned Clan Pestilens down at the bottom end of Lustria. As a result they have the unenviable position of being the "starter villain" for Malekith, who proceeds to utterly obliterate them with minimal effort in every game. The poor rats.

Special UnitsEdit

Blightskab's Plaguepack- these are amongst Clan Septik's most disgusting warriors. Their fur is matted with contagions and their skin is covered with boils and buboes. Blightskab commands his regiment with hacking, phlegm-filled shouts and he's so eager to spread disease in the name of the Horned Rat that he has even been known to lead his regiment from the front! The Plaguepack are believed to have been responsible for the outbreak of Bleeding Eyerot that decimated the population of the Empire city of Nuln.

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