Clan Scruten

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Secret societies- wherever you go, whichever nation you visit, there they are- in the shadows, always watching and always in power. Clan Scruten is no exception. Forged by the hand of Seerlord Kritislik- right-hand of the Horned Rat, chief amongst the Council of Thirteen [aside from the Horned Rat] and (in his opinion) a demigod in his own right because he leads the Grey Seers -this clan was built as a secret army in the event that someone or something tried to destroy the Grey Seers and overthrow the status quo. Stationed in the Cursed Marshes (with a reach as far as the Empire of Man's own city of Marienburg), these fiends have it all- considerable wealth (doubtlessly collected from church tithes), pristine weapons and so many Grey Seers it's not even funny!

Of course, this clan was bound to get noticed sooner or later, and the other clans know if something is up. Of course, Big K denies helping them (despite the fact that they wear his own personal clan mark), but is anyone convinced? "No" would be a good guess...

Notable members/Special unitsEdit

The Grey Seers- Grey Seers are powerful sorcerers, capable of channeling eldritch energies and unleashing them in searing bolts of destruction. Their grey or white fur and the bony horns sprouting from their heads mark them as the chosen of the vile Skaven God, the Great Horned Rat. These prophets also act as the chief agents and emissaries for the Council of Thirteen. These twin roles mean that Grey Seers wield tremendous influence in the Under-Empire. Grey Seers possess a rank and position greater than all other Skaven (barring the Lords of Decay themselves). This isn't to say that Grey Seers are above the self-serving manipulations and treacherous scheming of the Skaven- indeed, they epitomize it. The Grey Seers guard their power jealously and it is a foolish Warlord indeed who doesn't immediately prostrate themselves at the feet of a Grey Seer and humbly acquiesce. The Rune of the Grey Seers is enough to strike fear into the hearts of friend and foe alike.

The Albino Council Guard- Albino Stormvermins are one of the greatest and most disciplined military force within the Under-Empire, taken from birth due to their albino coloration and trained by the Council of Thirteen to be near incorruptable and loyal bodyguards and warriors. These warriors are some of the best the Council has to offer, and serve as a symbol of power and prestige to those that have them as their bodyguards, for it would mean that the Skaven holds sway to the Council's favor. These warriors are as large as any Warlord, but possess a near alien level of obedience and loyalty to those they protect. One of their most known characteristics is that they are mute, perhaps as a way to ensure that should one of their numbers defect, they will not be able to compromise Council secrets.

Grey Seer Skrittar- Herald of the Council of Thirteen, Skrittar is vain and power-mad, even for a Skaven. He travels with an army of Skavenslaves whose sole duty is to bow down before him. As Skrittar's palanquin passes, these wretches stand up and run forwards so that, wherever Skrittar looks, there are at least a few dozen underlings abasing themselves. Any who are too slow or who dare look upon the Grey Seer's horned form are consumed by searing bolts of sorcerer lightning that leaps from Skrittar's outstretched fingertips.

Seerlord Kritislik- known by many other titles such as Grand Grey Seer of all Skavendom, Ipsissimus of the Entire Order of Grey Seers, Keeper of the Temple and the Faith of the Temple, Lord Exalted of the Shattered Tower, Ringmaster of the Black Bell, First Member of the Council of Thirteen and Voice of the Horned Rat,[3a] or simply the Seer Lord of the Priesthood, is the current religious head of the Order of the Grey Seers and a member of the Council of Thirteen. He is an ancient and powerful being within Skaven society, a Skaven who has lived for nigh thousands of years and has ever held the greatest seat within the Council of Thirteen. Indeed, it is said that unlike other Skaven, who puts themselves above even their own god, the piety of Kritislik is legendary, for he is the only Skaven who would put himself second only to the wishes and demands of the Father of the Skaven race. Such devotion also ensures that Kritislik has not one, but two votes within the Council hierarchy.

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