Clan Rikek

Celebrities are always around- even in Skaven society! Clan Rikek was, in essence, the Skaven clan that enjoyed a celebrity status in life. Their leader (at the time of -1197, by record of the Imperial calendar) was Warlord Graskk, "a rising member of the Council [of Thirteen]". In the madness that consumed the Council following their Seerlord's death because of a fight against Nagash, Graskk was assigned the job of mining Nagashizzar (now known as Fortress Rikek) dry of all its warpstone. For over 300 years, the mining went crazy- levels of warpstone that had never been seen before flowed into Skavenblight, making Graskk the richest Skaven ever!

Of course, nothing good lasts forever; even Clan Rikek had to crumble at some point... and when it did, the ending was a painful one. A mysterious figure wearing a cloak approached the front gates of Fortress Rikek, demanding entrance to the fort. Unimpressed, the Skaven charged out, expecting an easy snack... only to stop in sheer terror when an army of ghouls crawled out of the shadows. With a simple wave of his hand, the figure (quickly revealed to be Nagash) cracked open the fortress and the slaughter began. In a single night, Rikek was erased from the face of the world and Warlord Graskk was never heard from again.

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