Clan Rictus

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Money- it's one of the biggest motivators in the world. Clan Rictus is particularly loaded, as they are the toll-keepers for all tunnels, pathways and general roads for Crookback Mountain and the surrounding Dark Lands (what's worse, they charge double if anyone plans to leave, so watch yourself!). The presence of multiple Night Goblin tribes means that slaves are never a problem. All this and their location has made Rictus very rich.

Of course, big treasure holds attract all sorts of unwanted types... namely Clan Mors, who is annoyed by the presence of another overly wealthy clan. Mors constantly schemes to take Rictus' treasure (and vice versa... Clash of Clans, anyone?). Thankfully, the heavy supply of Stormvermin keeps their enemies in check, as does their natural grim and vicious nature.

Oddly enough, Rictus doesn't have its own clan rune (even the image featured here is just one that was adapted from another rune with a few jagged marks!). What could they be hiding?

Special Units/Notable FiguresEdit

Lord Vecteek the Murderous, Warmonger of Clan Rictus- the Grey Lord of Clan Rictus during the dark days of the Black Plague's rampant run through the Empire of Man. Vecteek gained considerable profit by siding his clan with the Pestilent Brotherhood during these days (at least, until the virus began to destroy Skaven, too). Vecteek's love of valuables was so noteworthy, he had his minions plunder the throne of Karak Ungor from its dwarven home and brought into the Council of Thirteen's meeting room. Notable traits include piercing grey eyes and a suit of steel plates, coated with enough spikes to make a rose bush look shameful.

The Deathvermin- also known throughout the Under-Empire as the Black Death, these guys are the elite of Clan Rictus' formidable Stormvermin regiments (and, perhaps, the most proficient warriors in all Skavendom). They're utterly ruthless and have crushed their enemies in countless battles, much to the annoyance of the Clan's Warlord- Kratch Doomclaw. Indeed, the Deathvermin pose a significant threat to Lord Doomclaw's own powerbase and, despite throwing them into hopeless battles on numerous occasions, they have returned victorious every time.

Kratch Doomclaw- the Lord of Decay (and Warlord) for Clan Rictus, Kratch rules a very desirable position in his clan. Many Skaven would kill for his position, and many more have failed (and suffered) because of it.

Tretch Craventail- two words best describe Tretch- crafty and untrustworthy! From humble beginnings as a scrawny soldier in the clawpack of an unnamed Clawleader, Tretch gained a name for truly underhanded tactics (even in the context of Skaven habits) when he turned an army of Night Goblins into spinning lunatics (courtesy of a small keg of distilled Mad Cap mushrooms) that tore apart countless Clawleaders and Chieftains. Since then, Tretch has been known to have uncanny good luck- his skill at survival is second to none (if his work at the Battle of Black Crag against a Dwarven firing line, the kidnapping of every last Goblin under the service of Black Orc Warlord Dagbad and the escape of an Imperial Galleon captured on the River Aver are anything to go by). Many wish that Tretch would just die, but even when disaster seems to have claimed his army, he reappears (though the same can't be said of his teams). Currently, he holds the title of Grand Chieftain of the Deep Warrens (a title earned after he killed the last Chieftain with a stalactite costume). Despite his superiors' constantly sending Tretch on suicide missions, he returns alive and with expectations of great rewards (due in no small part to his Lucky Skullhelms- each one with the head of a beaten rival placed on top).

Rikcruk Sliceblade- ruling as the 4th highest Warlord of Clan Rictus, three words best describe Rikcruk- powerful, fast and ambitious (though "insanely ambitious" might be more appropriate). He planned to rule far more than just the Rictus headquarters of Crookback Mountain; he wanted Kratch Doomclaw's position on the Council of Thirteen. Certainly, he had the look down- a war-litter, replated dwarf armor and a warpstone-forged sword all made for a dangerous appearance. But it was his swift, violent responses that proved to be the linchpin for his standing.

Gnawmaster Rikfang- a new face from Age of Sigmar, Rikfang built a massive swarm to fight under his banner. His intent is unknown, but uniting Clan Skryre and the Verminus clans under his control was no small task... and it's not that easy, either!

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