Clan Phrikk

Taking a page out of Clan Carrion’s book, the Skryre Clan Phrikk are a thieving scavenging lot. Residing under the Ventruscan Hills, they specialize in utilizing poisoned wind to choke the life out of enemies and then strip their bodies clean of any and all valuables. Their warrens are massive junkyards with piles of ancient artifacts laying next to scrap metal and smelting pits. These mounds are picked and sorted by gangs of slaves, who regularly murder one another over the best pieces of junk to show to their masters, hoping to be rewarded.

Notable Members/Special UnitsEdit

Arch-Warlock Shoktail-Head of the Smogspark Destroyers convocation, this rat was hired by Clawlord Hakkrit of Verminus Clan Fang to assist in the Siege of Mausol. His reward would be a sizable portion of long forgotten Skryre tech buried under the city. Shoktail is a greedy tyrant of Skaven, known for the ruthless efficiency of his engine covens.

The Blood-Gore Grinders-A trio of DOOMWHEELS who participated in the Siege of Mausol. They are known for being extremely competitive with each other, often participating in daredevil races to see who can get the first kill.

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