Clan Mordkin

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Inspiration can sometimes come from the strangest of places. For Clan Mordkin, their special shtick came from the time spent fighting against Nagash and his undead legions. Having seemingly found both a fearsome new look and a new tool for intimidation, these guys began tearing the bones of their enemies away and forged them into makeshift suits (with white fur dye added to give them a more grim appearance). Death is an obsession and even found its way into the weapons of the clan... well, at least the daggers are made of bone.

Notable Figures/Famous RegimentsEdit

Feskit- Warlord of Clan Mordkin, Feskit was responsible for gaining his clan back the considerable wealth it had lost during the centuries spent (or wasted, depending on who asked what) fighting with the undead. Of course, nothing good lasts forever and Feskit had grown very old by the time of the End Times. Lacking a good physique anymore, Feskit was more than capable mentally. He kept his chieftains locked in what seemed to be a permanent fight for survival... unaware of the fact that one chieftain was planning his move upwards. Feskit was known as the last Skaven to wield the Fellblade- a sword so dangerous that even to wield it was a death sentence. Ironically, it was that blade which was one of the reagents needed to restore Nagash to un-life... which meant that the Vampires (namely Mannfred von Carstein and Arkhan the Black) would mark him for death.

Snikrat- easily the most ambitious of Feskit's chieftains, Snikrat had always schemed to take Clan Mordkin for his own. He would've succeeded years ago, but one thing got in the way- his arrogance. He chose to attack before any of Feskit's supporters had been dealt with and the end result earned him a beating that left him one hit away from meeting the Horned Rat. Since that day, Snikrat has devoted himself to one thing only- taking his Warlord's place!

Bonefodder- being a member of Clan Mordkin sucks- collecting bones means that you're bound to either have to tear some poor sod apart to get what you need for the fearsome look or you're stepping in the remains of whoever just got de-boned just to find some scraps that may have been missed... plus, there's also the concerns of the filth left over from such activities (which nobody cleans up because Skaven). As bad as this was, the slaves had the worst of it. The Bonefodder- which was as much a title as it was a catch-all term for slaves that Clan Mordkin had collected -were stuck in Mordkin's slum zones. Because of this, they were willing to do anything to escape their squalid conditions. Of course, being Skaven, their fake valor would collapse as soon as a fight turned wrong, but by then, they had just two options- fight or die!

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