Clan Mange

Peculiarities always crop up in societies, and Clan Mange is about as peculiar as it gets by Skaven standards. Their fur is piebald (a mix of brown and white) and their loyalty is unbelievably strong for Skaven... granted, their loyalty is to the highest bidder, but it's strong nonetheless. Green garbs and decent armor are typical garbs for these folks, thus making them stand out even more.

They've gotten a spot in the limelight by being added to the Mortal Empires map in Total War: Warhammer.

Notable figures/special unitsEdit

The Screaming One- while not necessarily the patron Vermin Lord of Clan Mange, this particularly vile and crafty [even when compared with his fellow rat-demons] demon was able to not only break into the mortal realm for "thirteen cycles of Morrslieb", but also take over the entire clan for the duration of the "Blood in the Badlands" campaign. His intent was clear- to claim the mobile magical fortress known as "Fozzrik's Flying Fastness", a mystical castle with the ability to fly that was home to a veritable cornucopia of magical items, archaic treasures and other mystically-inclined knick-knacks (one of which- the mysterious Libus Daemonican- "a tome that lists the true names of the thirteen-hundred most powerful Daemons"). During the campaign in question, the flying fortress was soon to rest at its exact point of origin to refuel the spell for (at most) another full millenium. Unfortunately, complications arose- the fortress was originally made in the Badlands [Orc territory], nobody knew exactly where the castle was to land, EVERY single civilization in the world had seen the thing and was making camps to claim the treasures within and it was still an entire year's wait until the castle could land! Regardless, for the Screaming One, any price was worth paying- especially when one considers the possibilities with owning the names of that many demons! Thankfully, the Screaming One's plans never came to be- an altercation for the gatehouse of Fozzrik's Flying Fastness ultimately resulted in the fiend being banished back to the realm of Chaos.

Warlord Hallscurry- holding considerable sway within Clan Mange to begin with, when Hallscurry was made one of the lieutenants of the Screaming One, his power sky-rocketed! What's more, his master had promised (falsely) to reward him, should the Skaven succeed with claiming Fozzrik's Flying Fastness. Should they fail, though... it's Warlord stew tonight! By the winter of the campaign, the Warlord found himself the victim of the "Red Witch", a servant of the Vampire Counts of Sylvania.

The One that Got Away/The Rat Who Lived- while more unofficial titles than actual names, both belong to this unsung of Skaven soldier, who was the sole survivor of Clan Mange after a Skaven touched the corpse of Nehekharan King Nekhenaten the Fourth and invited both his wrath and that of the Nehekharan godly pantheon. They rebuilt eventually, but things were never the same for this sole survivor.

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