Clan Fang

And the reward for most uninspiring Skaven Clan name goes to... Clan Fang!

Seriously, was Clan Ratman already taken?

Anyway, Clan Fang is the largest of the Clans Verminus, or so they claim. Their success mostly comes from their capture of the undead city of Mausol; they never intended to take the Fortress, but it just so happened that the city was built on top of an ancient Skaven burrow filled with all sorts of warpstone treasures.

The then Clawlord Hakkrit mustered his legions and forged contracts with the other clans and besieged the city, “coincidentally” killing off several of his rivals and his Grey Seer mentor. Skryre DOOMWHEELS, Moulder abominations, Eshin daggers, and Verminus bodies all crushed the vampiric defenders and secured Hakkrit a promising seat on the Council of Thirteen.

While they have burrows across the land, the primary warren of Clan Fang rests in the ruined city of Karak-a-Zaruk upon Gildpeak mountain.

Notable Members/Special UnitsEdit

Hakkrit’s Forefangs-An elite swarm of Stormvermin that serves as Hakkrit’s personal bodyguard. Created using ancient Skaven runes, Skryre technology, and a healthy helping of warpstone, this arrogant entourage is imbued with powerful magics. Their jagged spears spit arcs of warp lightning with every strike and their armor radiates a fearsome aura.

Clawlord Vrekrit-The malevolent protege of Hakkrit. His massive claw horde (the Much-very Magnificent Killers) formed the backbone of Hakkrit’s attack on Mausol, a fact Vrekit took much pride in. He is also quite fond of Skryre technology, as evidence by his personal claw pack, the Slay-Kill Wonder-weapons.

Clawlord Retchtooth-Retchtooth was an insanely paranoid Clawlord under the command of Hakkrit during the Siege of Mausol. Fearing for his own safety and wishing to dethrone his master, he bolstered his horde (the Unstoppable Kill-Slayers) by hiring an Eshin Slinktalon. Little did Retchtooth know that Hakkrit knew of this secret plan and subsequently paid the assassins to turn on their employer.

Grey Seer Skritterick-Hakkrit’s mentor who made a great effort in grooming and consoling him. His plan was to claim the treasures of Mausol for himself, preferably over the corpse of his student. What he didn’t count on was eating a mutagen laced warp token that would turn him into a hungering gibbering monster, subsequently being killed by Hakkrit

Thrashsnik of the Black Gnawing-A Verminlord Warbringer and patron of Clan Fang. He was summoned by Skritterick to lay waste to Mausol.

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