Clan Ezzik

During the Age of Sigmar, the Clans Skryre are easily one of the most numerous Skaven clans, and the most numerous of them is Clan Ezzik. Though this is rather odd, as compared to the other mad scientist covens, Ezzik is fairly standard. They don’t specialize in any one area and seem to rely of influence and sheer volume of weapons and soldiers to overcome their opponents.

Notable Members/Special UnitsEdit

High Arch-Warlock Skrach-Skrach started out life as a mere Acolyte, hot blooded and full of ambition like all Skaven. What separated him from his peers was the scope of his delusions of grandeur and how clearly he was able think through his labyrinthine schemes. Skrach’s ultimate plan was harness the powers of realmstone and eventually usurp Archaon the Everchosen and become the new Champion of Chaos. His first breakthrough came when he used refined Chamonite gold to supercharge a Warp Lightning Cannon. The resulting explosion obliterated an entire congregation of rival Plague Priests and earned Skrach the promotion to Warlock Engineer. Through a decade of betrayals and “accidents”, Skrach soon found himself at the most prized position of power in Skavendom; the first seat at the Council of Thirteen. With his megalomaniacal ego at the helm, Skaven kind began a dimension wide search for realmstone and other ways of harnessing it’s power.

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