Cities(Mutant: Heirs of Doom)

This page is about the different places in the Albionic Isles.


General placesEdit

Mutant BarEdit

What happens at Veggie's stays at Veggie's. Or gets out averagely nine months later. Or when the symptoms start to show. Or when...

Whis bar is not just a low class bar for mutants. This is the Bar where the things with three heads and glowing vomit hang out, judging from the scent.

Specific placesEdit

Soernian SanatoriumEdit

The Soernian Sanatorium, usually called Shockyhouse, is located about 13 kilometers north Earlhaven. The reasoning being that not even complete nut-cases would try to get get through the walls defending the city. It is run by the siblings Cosmo and Nation Obama.