Chris Peach

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Chris Peach is a member of Games Workshop, having spent time in the retail side of the business, having once staffed GW Derby, where he worked alongside Duncan Rhodes. Sometime later, he joined the army painting team, and as a part of this he appeared in White Dwarf articles, specifically to show off his Imperial Guard allied detachment that would later become known as the Ventrillian Nobles, who also appear in the 8th edition Astra Militarium as an example of making your army your own. This was during Games Workshop's Age of Apostasy, where a certain arsemonger seemed to desire nothing more than dining on the crystallised tears of loyal customers, Sisters of Battle players, Necron players (depends on what you thought of the old fluff I suppose), and neckbeards alike, making Chris a refreshing, if somewhat obscure buoy (along with many other talented guys and gals) in what was otherwise a shitshow sandwich of a period for the company.

In mid-2017, GeeDubs announced that Peachy had moved from his post in the hobby team to become the latest member of the relatively recent Warhammer TV alongside the firm fan favourite Duncan "St. Duncan of the Many Layers" Rhodes. Whilst Peachy may not be as well regarded (at least not with as much fanfare) by the denizens of this mighty site, he was a welcome addition to the team and together with his newfound partner in crime has continued to make painting far more enjoyable and easy than it actually is (damn their talent *BLAM* Heresy!)

Over the past couple of years, GeeDubs has branched out into the sorcerous ways of Twitch, streaming various shows at a set time each week, the highlight of which is Hang out and paint with Peachy and Duncan, where they sit for a couple of hours after work and paint live on screen, usually with Wade Price, though earlier streams featured a woman in Wades place, her name is Ceri (Shes welsh so no one knows exactly how to pronounce it). Chris and Duncan answer questions sent in by subscribed viewers and offer feedback based on pictures shared via Twitter or Facebook etc. whilst interviewing a special guest and often drinking tea. In Peachy's case, this usually runs out within the first half an hour, at which point he sits wishing he had more. Some of these sessions are available to watch on youtube for those who are unable to subscribe, via youtube, or those who are unfamiliar with the content GW supplies and would like a preview before they blow $5 on something they neither want nor need *BLAM* Heresy! Thou shalt spend all your monies on the new 40k rulebook or else.

Due to atmospheric shit-fuckery, a group of Americans lost not only their model collections but their homes as well. Whilst GW can't help with the latter (whether they would or not is irrelevant, they aren't a big enough company to fund such an endeavor), they decided to help out a local charity initiative run by The Independent Characters podcast, who endeavored to replace some of the collections of those unfortunate Californians who lost their hard-earned hobby goods. As a part of this, Warhammer TV hosted a Hangout and Paint: for charity! where they and selected guests painted a chosen piece that they then took home and finished, which were then donated to help the cause. Peachy chose to paint a Saurus Oldblood, which he painted in a traditional Lizardmen paint scheme, with regal gold trim, leaving the base unpainted, possibly to allow the recipient to base it to fit in with their surviving or newly donated army. He also painted a Saurus Scar-Veteran on Carnosaur, where he again left the base plain to allow customisation by the person receiving it.

Chris Peach never makes mistakes, he has happy little accidents.

List of projectsEdit

Chris has collected numerous armies over the years, presented here are some of his collections, armies he has painted for codexes, as well as one-off pieces for special occasions:

  • Saurus Oldblood and Saurus Scar-Veteran on Carnosaur
    • Charity event for Warhammer Live- Californian Wildfires
  • The Blades of Von Landau- 50-man Empire Spearmen blob
    • WD June 2013
  • Mirkwood Palace Guard
    • Warhammer Live
  • High Elf Spearman of Chrace
    • WD May 2013