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Chislev Symbol.jpg
Alignment True Neutral
Divine Rank Intermediate Deity
Pantheon Krynn (Gods of Balance)
Portfolio Nature, Wilderness, Beasts
Domains 3E: Air, Animal, Earth, Plant
5E: Nature
Home Plane 2E: Zhar, the Grand Forest Beyond the World (Beastlands)
3E: The Hidden Vale
Worshippers Druids, Farmers
Favoured Weapon Green Protector (Shortspear)

Chislev is the Goddess of Nature who oversees the Dungeons & Dragons setting of Dragonlance. Bride to Zivilyn, the two love each other dearly, but have no children, seeing the plants, animals and wisdom they create and care for as their legacy to the world.

Though closely aligned with Habbakuk, the goodly god of beasts, Chislev is more indifferent to the mortal races, hence her neutral alignment. Like him, she is served by both clerics and druids, but her druidic priests - who guard the natural world against despoilers - far outnumber her priests, who mostly serve farming communities.

Whilst Chislev opposes Shinare, their dispute is based on verbal arguments at worst. Chislev feels far deeper enmity for the fickle and destructive Zeboim and for the decay and pestilence-spreading Morgion.


Nature has no beginning and no end. The balance of nature must be maintained at all costs. Nature should be protected and nurtured, not enslaved and despoiled. There is a place for technology and new developments, but these should always be second to the true gift that is nature.

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