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100% Dangerously Cheesy.
Where are the Cheetos?! — Dead Alewives D&D sketch.

Cheetos are a cheese-flavored puffed cornmeal snack (not a cheese snack; that would imply the presence of actual cheese) made by the Frito-Lay company. The term is sometimes also applied to other cheese-flavored cornmeal snacks.

Hey man. Can you hand me the PHB for a moment?

No matter the name, they are all the bane of a wargamer's existence. The orange cheesy powder will adhere to any surface, defying attempts at removal, especially fingers. It is extremely poor etiquette to touch another person's belongings (especially rulebooks and models) after consuming Cheetos; naturally, That Guy does so without thinking. This is why no description of That Guy is complete without mentioning "Cheetos-encrusted fingers" or some similar feature.

Fortunately, as David Malki illustrates, there is a simple solution -- chopsticks!

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