Chaos Warband Creation Tables

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Inspired by the Space Marine Chapter Creation Tables from Fantasy Flight Games' Deathwatch Roleplaying Game, these tables are for generating a warband of Cultists, Traitor Imperial Guard, and Chaos Space Marines. If you're looking to make a CSM-only Warband, check out the Chaos Space Marine Warband Creation Tables.


Warband's OriginsEdit

How did they start out? D12 Roll
Imperial Guard: The warband was once a loyalist regiment, but received "friendly fire" one too many times for their liking. 1
Planetary Rebels: The planetary governor wanted the world, and decided that Chaos was a fine ally to help him or her do just that! 2
Isolated colony: After the 900th call to the Administratum for help against those Xenos raiders it was decided that perhaps the Imperium just wasn't worth helping out. 3
Pirates: A few enterprising souls in the vast darkness of space decided that they just want to kick back, relax, and enjoy the hard-earned efforts of others. 4
Warband offshoot: Things got a tad boring after the last pillaging, and a few of the boys decided that they'd make their own warband with blackjack and hookers. 5
Time Travelers: Perhaps they came from the Horus Heresy or from five seconds in the future, but either way this Warband is not from when they should be. 6
Chaotic Genestealers: Your Patriarch ate one too many Chaos Worshippers, and found out that serving Chaos was a lot more fun than only eating it. 7
Misbegotten Expedition: This Warband was looking for ancient STC's or long lost treasure, but either way found something far greater than they ever imagined. 8
Warp Madness: A Warp Storm caused the world's population to go batshit insane, and decide that the only logical thing to do was burn down the nearest Shrine World. 9
Daemon World: Your warband was homegrown in the Warp itself on a daemon world, and finally got a chance to strike out on their own! 10
Astartes Cult: This cadre of heretics, aliens and worse amassed around a Warband of mighty chaos space marines. 11
Out of The Blue: No one knows why these otherwise fine citizens decided to rise up in unison against Imperial authority, only that within a day, none of their oppressors were left alive. 12

Warband's Alignment and BlessingsEdit

Chaos Allegiance D100 Roll
Chaos Undivided (Or Hereteks) 1-35
Lesser God (Ex. Malice) 36-40
Nurgle 41-54, 77
Slaanesh 55-69 (Hehehe~)
Khorne 70-84, 88 (except for 77)
Tzeentch 85-100 (except for 88)

Blessings of the GodsEdit

Frequency of Blessings D100 Roll
Shunned: These Warbands are those that have great failure, the deities of chaos spurning them, and as such evem their mightiest leader has remained untouched by their warping powers. Do not roll for any blessings on the Blessings Table. 1-20
Singular: This warband's leader has either earned the wrath or reward of the Gods, and have been changed forevermore. Roll once on the Blessings Table. 21-40
Few: A group of elite warriors, sorcerous coven, or elected priesthood have managed to all be touched by the gods in one way or another. Roll twice on the Blessings Table. 41-60
Several: The warband has managed to favour the gaze of the gods quite often, and many within have been shown their power through fleshy mutations. Roll thrice on the Blessings Table. 61-80
Ascended: The warband has been able draw the attention of many warp spawned deities, and as such has had the ultimate gift bestowed upon them; princehood. Automatically select the Daemonhood blessing, and roll thrice, re-rolling if Princehood is selected. 81-100

Blessings D100 Roll
Aesthetical Changes: Physical deformities that give nothing to the individuals other a change in looks, and a sign that something greater watches over them. It could be possibly a set of short horns, useless tentacles, a rotting skin, etc. 1-50
Deadly Protrusions: Once again numerous physical deformities run riot across the body; however, these deformities serve a purpose in combat. These mutations may be spiked limbs, large horns, enlarged tusks, or any number of marks which aid the blessed in slaughter. 51-55
Unnatural Luck: The gods are fickle things with their mood changing from moment to moment, a lasgun's blast might deflect harmlessly upon hitting the skin or manage to vaporize the target entirely, such is the will of Chaos. 56-60
Vessel of the Impossible: Those blessed feel the power of the warp coursing, not through them, but through things which inhabit their soul like parasites on a great ocean beast whose presence could drain the occupant to dust or change the nature of their soul entirely. 61-65
True Sight: The most powerful weapon known to those of Chaos is truth, malign or beneficent, and those blessed can see events in the future, past, or even beyond what mortal minds are supposed to comprehend. 66-70
Unsound Mind: The blessed is no longer vulnerable to the Warp, the mind expanded beyond breaking, and is impossible to break again no matter the sight before them. 71-75
Divine Aide: The blessed have received a bondsmen which carries the spark of a hostile reality within them, able to inflict great harm upon their enemies, but equally liable to betray their commanders at an opportune time. 76-80
Spawn-hood: The Gods are uncaring, any attention from them they consider to be a gift, even if it is sorely unwanted as the soul is engulfed a mesh of twisted flesh. 81-90
Weapons of Chaos: The blessed have been given the trust of the Gods, a vessel of their power wrought for mortal glory, and as such is a relic unique in all the galaxy. 91-97
Princehood: The most revered of all gifts, it is to be truly unkillable through any means, and to earn it requires worlds to be burnt at the stake or an unholy work to be made in the name of the malign. 98-100


Base of Operations D100 Roll
Infiltrated Shrine: The Warband has managed to hide admist the faithful of the Corpse God, tricking priests and witch-hunters alike, while growing all the while. 1-5
Space Hulk: The Warband has taken residence of a drifting hulk, once filled with life, and now home to darker things then the void itself. 6-10
Xenos Temple: The Warband has either discovered or taken hold of a Xenos Temple, alien figures torn down to be replaced with malign gods. 11-15
Demonic Beast: The Warband has been able to survive within the confines of a great warp-beast, lurking admist folds of unreal flesh, and living off its spoils. 16-20
Warp Storm: The Warband has found its home isolated within the Warp, and takes the opportunity to pillage the greater galaxy without fear of reprisal. 21-25
Chaos Warfleet: The Warband has scrounged up a ship to use as its home, and is able to hunt without limits across the vast expanse of space. 26-30
Chasm of Woe: The Warband has been able to somehow live within one of the various pocket dimensions which the Dark Eldar feed the Chasm of Woe with to survive. 31-35
Nightmare Host: The Warband occupies no "real" place, it lives inside the mind of an insane individual, and nightmares are temporary gateways to reality. 36-40
Malign Augmentations: The Warband is not alive per say, instead its members have become malignant pieces of scrapcode, and pillage in vast cybernetic hordes when enough unlucky or foolish people install them. 41-45
Forbidden World: The Warband has become so infamous or spawned of a conflict so horrific that its very base has been quarantined from the Imperium at large. 46-50
Underhive: The Warband finds its refuge amongst the slave and the mutant where honest men fear to tread, leaving their efforts untouched by the Imperium at large. 51-55
Noble Spire: The Warband is kept safe within the confines of a noble spire through a rich supporter, and plot within the dining halls of the affluent. 56-60
Stasis-Crypt: The Warband either sleeps centuries away in its crypt or spreads bloody chaos throughout the Imperium, and finds doing anything else abhorent. 61-65
Former Black Ship: The Warband was either once the wardens or prisoners, but either way the Black Ship now spreads the power of the Warp instead of containing it. 66-70
Chaos Bastion: The Warband sits within a vast stronghold, built by themselves or their peers, and can repulse any invasion that would dare threaten their borders. 71-75
Warrior Band: The Warband has no home, it moves from place to place, and carves a bloody swath across the galaxy as it does so. 76-80
T'au Embassy: The T'au are a naive race who at first extend an open hand to make peace, but find their "Greater Good" is no match for the eternal truth that is Chaos. 81-85
Warp Locale: The Warband has managed to carve out their own home within the Warp itself, unshackled by reality, and can talk with demons in gardens or behind palisades. 86-90
Uncharted World: The Warband has found a home unknown to the Imperium at large, unexplored, and only a radius of death to tell that any life is there at all. 91-95
Eldar Craftworld: The Warband, through impossible deception or raw force alone, have managed to seclude themselves within the wraithbone spires of a doomed race. 96-100

Warband StructureEdit

Warband Build D100 Roll
No Masters, Only Gods: A vast tide of traitors belong to this Warband with no actual leadership heading the warband, instead it migrates across the stars in an anarchic horde. 1-5
Enhanced: A new member moves through rank after rank with a new modification, and its leaders are capable of ripping tanks in two with their unnatural strength. 6-10
Plague Master: The leader of such a throng has become host to a hundred different poxes, while most common in nurglite warbands, a few strange cults such as those of Slaanesh take pleasure in the searing fire or icy chills a fever or cold brings, respectively. 11-15
Slayer of Souls: To kill the enemy is not enough, ambition is brought with the power to sear an enemy beyond recovery, and those who lead such warbands can remove any trace their enemies existed at all. 16-20
Hivemind: The Warband is led by a malign power which takes flesh-hosts to cloth its mind, and leads with a perfect percision as only a single mind can bring. 21-25
Council of Psykers: A new recruit must demonstrate the power to commune with the Warp, and master its power before it burns their soul to a crisp. 26-30
Spawnling: The Warband plays host to a vast array of chaos spawn with each new mutation improving their rank, and it is said that the leaders of such impossible cults have even been able to lead their forces while changed beyond reason. 31-35
Warps' Toy: A new leader or rank is never "chosen" in this warband, and instead through the strings of the gods fate will alot each person into their required rank through "chance" alone. 36-40
Trial by Fire: A new member must endure insane trials to join, and must continue at them to keep their place within the warband. 41-45
Slaughter: A purge in enducted when a rank is left open to fill, and only the man or woman left standing alone among cowering peers will fill it. 46-50
Chosen One: A new hero or heroine will arise among the masses with unbridled hatred for the Imperial Oppressors, and strike with all the force of a well-forged weapon. 51-55
Lottery: A sacred game of chance is held at one point or another with each contestant offering their chance at glory, and what happens to the loses when these games finish is best left unspoken. 56-60
Champion of Yore: The pregenitor of the legion cannot die, at least by normal means, and will arise anew after death is repelled by whatever weird power has granted them favour. 61-65
The Tool of Warcraft: A single weapon, through not necessarily empowered by Chaos, selects a new leader through lethal trial and error to lead it to bloodshed. 66-70
Game of Shadows: An eternal cold war is waged within the warband to attain the position of leadership, and only the most cunning ever make it to the top. 71-75
Hidden Trophy: Unlike the a weapon or contest the key to power is scattered across the galaxy by a forebearer, and to lead such a Warband is to quest for artefacts of worth. 76-80
Survival: A basic goal, time-tested through simplified, the warband follows whomever has the most resources to support them, rather then cunning or brute force or mystic power. 81-85
Council: A single leader is too easily killed, scattering a warband to the winds, and instead a council of elected officals dictates the warband, though the election is not always a bloodless affair. Nurglite Councils are really nice and have excellent conduct as a standard. Khornate councils can be anything from whoever spilled the most blood to whoever is still alive deciding everything. Tzeentchian councils are filled with backstabbing and whoever is there for more than a few sessions is probably a very dangerous man. Slaaneshi councils can go through batches of toys and are so decadent that no actual work might get done! 86-90
Neverborn Chosen: The spawn of the Warp have taken an interest in this leader, and follow them to war under their banner. These warbands differ from those who are given servants, as these are only their due to their own will, and can leave at a moments notice if the tide of battle turns against their favour, leaving the hapless former leader without their claim to leadership. 91-95
The Mortal King: The Warband through amassing a large force of Chaos Marines, Xenos, and other abominations is led by a single mortal. The leaders of such Warbands are likley to be generals of the Imperial Guard, potent Psykers, or seasoned warriors whose lack of eternal life has granted them the ambition to advance beyond their relatively immortal peers. A demigod might blanche at the thought of being led by such a tiny, fragile, short-lived thing though when it comes time for war none question that they are a force to be reckoned with. 96-100

Recruitment Methods D100 Roll
Homegrown: This Warband shuns outsiders as they are not as pure as they are, and instead rely on the tools nature or warpsmithing provide. A soldier might descend from a long line of heretics, and a mighty astartes has had tainted geneseed passed down for generations. These warbands are likley to be insular in nature as they do not need outsiders, and as a result suffer less from random backstabbing that their peers endure. 1-25
Safe Haven: A world might be declared perditionem, and flee for their lives from an opressive empire who seeks their death. These Havens might be a world shrouded in mystery where only those with good connections can be snuck away to, or a beacon for those on the run with a warm bed for those that make it. A Haven will be accepting of newcomers who may not be purely aligned to Chaos, but this does allow them to quickly recover from losses that a vengeful Imperium would seek upon them. 26-50
Volunteer: The planets' of Chaos are a vast tide that cannot be counted, and as a result some Warbands simply recruit from these worlds rather then strike into the Imperium. The average cultist belonging to these groups will likely be given training or some other incentive to join which results in a better armed overall force then those that have to scrounge for their weapons. The Warband might be misleading about the 666 thrones made of solid gold awaiting those that join them, and as a result while a more "impressive" offer might sway more recruits it also increases the chance of an uprising occuring. 51-65
Kidnapping: The best recruits are those who have no past to tie them down, and as a result can be moulded into perfect killing machines. To be taken from birth is a large investment for a Warband, even if done through stealth, as said Warband must raise said offspring until they can fight in battle. The final product will be a soldier who fights with great loyalty to their false parents, but if this deception is found out then their faith swing from fanatical to full rebellion against those that lied to them. 66-80
Mercenary: It is said that diversity is the spice of life, and these warbands have taken that message to heart. A talented cultist might be loaned off to another warband to serve them for a few years, learning diverse tactics, and will even sometimes return to the Warband with a few friends. This strategy allows the Warband to have a range of diverse fighters with good experience, but those loaned might just decide that staying with their new Warband is a far better life then returning to their old home. 81-95
Final March: Death is final. Death comes for all. The Warband has suffered some great catastrophe mass sterilization, ruined geneseed, or a battle so fierce as to make any chance of a recovery nigh impossible. Those within may try to fight their fate through science or sorcery, but it does grant a great clarity to those within the Warband. A single battle might be their last with each loss being irreplaceable, infighting has been snuffed out as a result, and each skirmish is fought with the rage of those who would stare death in the eye without a single shudder in their body. 96-100

Warband TacticsEdit

Combat Doctrine D10 Roll
For the Master: Those within the Warband have an unwavering loyality to their leaders (on the battlefield), and as such their tactic is a massed rushed upon the enemy lines with close range weaponry rather then chance a single flesh wound upon their overlords. The masses of cultists and chaos marines will form vast lines to protect their leader, killing the chafe around enemy commanders, and allowing for only the truly worthy to face their champions. Those Warbands which have no leader or a council can re-roll, or follow another system such as electing a leader before battle or assigning a single duelist in the stead of a leader. 1
Blot out the Sun: To have to fight an enemy at close range is barbaric, and should be consigned as a tactic for the uneducated loyalists who have yet to see the Eternal Truth. This Warband will lay waste to the enemy from leagues away with snipers and siege engines abound without a single flesh wound to show for the destruction they wrought. A close range weapon is likley to only be used as a last resort, or be confined to a single shunned element of the Warband such as a freshly recruited cultist who is not worthy of a lasgun. 2
Grinding Assault: Infantry win firefights, Tanks win battles, but Artillery wins wars at least that was the case until this Warband showed up. To say that they have a slight tendency towards using vehicles is like saying that a khorne has a slight tendency to be angry. The enemy faces a literal wall of vehicles which roll across the battlefield without a single gap between them, and anything that does not run or break through this will is crushed underneth without a single throught given for their lives. 3
Anarchy: The Imperium might have the God-Emperor, but Chaos is an ally in and of itself. This Warband will simply go as they wish, some sniping off enemy commanders, charging machine gun nests, and other acts of mayhem which have no overall plan beyond a few close-knit friends. The end result is that try as they might, no enemy can comprehend their motives nor new moves, and as such the chain of command be forced to break down until the end result is an antire army at war with itself. A common practice for these Warbands is to simply collect all the survivors and move on, with Leaderless warbands being able to automatically select this. 4
Lightning Strike: This Warband wars in the name of Chaos, and each second spent fighting is a second that could be spent in grateful prayer in the name of Chaos. The common tactic is to select kill teams of elite forces to engage with the enemy on objectives, and once secured leave as quickly as possible. A battle might result in casualties for neither side as they achieve their goals, and leave as quickly as they appeared to continue their hourly worship servies. A Warband with the Stasis-Crypt can select this automatically. 5
Conversion: Each enemy slain is one who could have been turned to the Truth, and turn upon their former opressors. The communication systems of the enemy are taken for the cause of the righteous, and daily broadcasts unveil malign truths which turn brother against brother in the name of Chaos. The Warband will often recruit more of their former enemies then could ever be lost in a battle, and will often increase their numbers ten-fold after a war is over. Volunteer and Safe Haven Warband's can automatically select this. 6
Overkill: Their is no kill like Overkill. The opening salvo of this Warband is the thundering booms of artillery, the hiss of flamers charring corpses, and the god-like booms of nuclear payloads detonating inside Hives. To kill the enemy is simply not enough for the cowards, and instead every trace of their existance must be purged from reality. If concerned with stealth then a Warband might instead slowly muddle the history of their foes until thee supposed beliefs of their past are little more then figments created by the chosen of Chaos. 7
Maelstrom: To better embrace the power of Chaos, one must fully tap into the Warp, and what better way to do so then in the heat of battle? The Warband turns the battlefield into an unreal mess of flesh and metal with the first casualty being the sanity of those involved. Those involved will often be of Tzeentchian alignment, but a few Khornite cults have been able to summon such great rage as to tear screaming rifts into the very fabric of reality itself. The end of a war will often be in alignment with a Warpstorm, and only when its power fades do the servants of Chaos leave the battlefield for a change of scenery. 8
Terror: The song of fear is a sweet melody, and it is best sung by those who thought themselves immortal. These Warbands will often kill in bursts, bloody massacres that claim the lives of many, and then simply stop for decades at a time. The price of victory is one they are willing to pay if they can make their enemy sing, and will often retreat from battles if only to deepen their enemies fear. A Warband with the Nightmare Host locale can automatically select this, and can often result in a sleeping populace literally dreaming their fears into reality as potent warriors from ages past. 9
Hydras' Doctrine: Chaos is a multiform beast whose heads number in the thousands, and as such the devout of Chaos have simiarly deranged ways of waging war. If selected then roll two dice, and select those results; if selected then roll again until either two more are selected or all are selected. 10

Legendary ChampionEdit

Warband’s Exalted Champion D100 Roll
Daemon Prince 1-20
Chaos Lord 21-40
Sorcerer (If a Khorne aligned war band, disregard this result and reroll) 41-60
Champion of Chaos (Ex. Possessed, Aspiring, Plague, Skull) 61-75
Aspiring Sorcerer (If a Khorne aligned war band, disregard this result and reroll) 76-90
Chosen 91-100

Deed for the God(s) D10 Roll
The figure is renowned for defeating the Forces of the Imperium in battle several times. 1
The figure defeated a Chapter Master of a Loyalist Space Marine Chapter in one on one combat and has gained the eternal enmity of that Chapter 2
The figure led a campaign upon an important world of the Imperium which brought the entire planet to chaos 3
The figure led a glorious campaign which brought an entire sector to its knees 4
The figure discovered an alien race and brought it to worship chaos, empowering the gods further. 5
The figure led the forces to many a glorious campaign in the name of chaos, perhaps wiping out those who defied the gods and bringing many others into the light of true gods. The figure is highly favored by his patron god(s) for his actions. 6
The figure is well noted for successfully leading an action, which resulted in the annihilation of a Space Marine Chapter. The figure removed the geneseed from all the corpses and either utilized them for the warband or sacrificed them to his patron god(s) 7
The figure led a successful boarding action upon an Imperial battleship, which resulted in the takeover of the craft. The battleship now serves as a mobile fortress for the warband 8
The figure led a bloody and vicious raid upon an unsuspecting Imperial naval fleet and successfully destroyed many of the ships as well as taking over a few for the warband 9
The Champion single-handedly wiped out the warband of a rival Chaos God (reroll if the warband is unaligned, Undivided, or following a lesser deity). 10
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