Celestial Wardens

Celestial Wardens
Celestial Wardens.jpg
Battle Cry "For the light of the Emperor, charge onwards!"
Founding Ultima Founding
Successors of Imperial Fists
Successor Chapters None
Chapter Master Theon of Alexandra
Primarch Rogal Dorn (?)
Homeworld Piraeus , Fleet-Based
Strength Nominal, ~895 Space Marines
Specialty Shock and Awe
Allegiance Imperium of Man , Ecclesiarchy
Colours Worn steel battle-plate, with pauldrons showing a galactic field, and accents of gold.
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History of the ChapterEdit

  • The Celestial Wardens are a chapter of Loyalist Space Marines in Warhammer 40,000.
  • The Celestial Wardens were founded in the Millennium.
  • The chapter is descended from Imperial Fists gene-stock, with great pride.
  • Celestial Wardens fight for impact, the shock and awe spectacle to rout their foes in terror at the majesty of the Emperor's finest!

Noted HeroesEdit

Chapter HomeworldEdit

  • The Celestial Wardens primarily recruit from Piraeus, a Hive World of jungles both urban and natural.
  • Chapter Master Theon maintains contact with the Planetary Governor of Piraeus and avoids interference in mundane affairs if possible.