Celebrants Shoulder Pad.jpg
Battle Cry Unknown
Founding 36th Millenium
Successors of Unknown
Chapter Master Unknown
Primarch Unknown
Homeworld Unknown
Strength 1000 marines
Specialty Misunderstadings
Allegiance Imperium
Colours Red faded down to yellow

The Celebrants are a loyalist Space Marine chapter of unknown founding (sometime in the 36th millennium) and origin but who have one of most original colour schemes yet seen in a loyalist chapter, going from red at the helmet down to yellow at the feet and all the shades inbetween. GW upped it's game on the artistry side for the colour schemes. The standard Celebrant tactic is to stand perfectly still in front of a sunset, making them practically invisible.

Besides playing a part in fighting in the third war for Armageddon (who didn't fight on that damn planet???), the only other mention of the Celebrants as a chapter was during an Alpha Legion plot to destroy another loyalist chapter, the Crimson Consuls, by arranging for the Celebrants to be moved to guard a cathedral world from the Tyranids while the Consuls took their place. Cue attacks on all elements of the Consuls and their utter destruction (just as planned). Their geneseed was then taken by the Alpha Legion and presented to the Despoiler so he could build up the Black Legion in time for the 13th Black Crusade. Hopefully the Celebrants were not aware of how they were involved in the Alpha Legion's dickery. It's not the first time they get played like a fiddle though. In M39, a group of Night Lords took a page from the Alpha Legion's book and attacked a deep void station of the Imperial Navy while disguised as Celebrants. A formal complaint was issued, but the Celebrants' Chapter Master dismissed the accusations as false and threatened reprisals if they were not retracted. This eventually caused the Chapter to withdraw from anti-pirate operations in the area, leading the loss of three sub-sectors.

Their name probably comes from the main river of Lothlórien, the last Noldorin (high-elven) realm in Tolkien´s Middle Earth. It rose in the eastern Misty Mountains near the East Gate of Moria, and flowed out of the Dimrill Dale and into Lothlórien. The Fellowship of the Ring followed this river when they travelled from Moria to Lothlórien. Celebrant means "Silverlode", in Sindarin tongue.

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