Cave Fisher

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Cave Fishers are one of the many Dungeons & Dragons monsters that are particularly associated with the Underdark, though they have been known to infest suitably cave-like dungeons. These giant arachnid horrors earn their moniker from their hunting style, which consists of settling on a ledge high up near the cave roof and dropping down a sticky "noose" of silk, which they use to grab creatures from the cavern floor and haul them up to the waiting predator's maw and lobster-like pincers. Whilst not sapient, these predators are intelligent enough to figure out that leaving the valuables of their humanoid meals in a loot pile beneath their ledge can lure more victims within range.

4th edition tweaked the formula by stating that the classic cave fisher lore actually depicts the female of the species, and the male instead hunts by launching organic harpoons at its prey.