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Sneaking up on her prey in its home environment
Cata-chan is a guardsman from the deathworld Catachan. Usually she is depicted anywhere from buff to completely musclebound depending on the artist's preferences. Rumored that she is more intelligent than she looks and her real name is "Daisy".

Appearance: Compounding the already rather intimating intimidating build is the fact she is usually depicted as being anywhere from 2m/6'6" to roughly around a space marines shoulder. This physical nonplausibility is capped off by a bandeaux bra evidently made of some bizarre form of jungle latex and leggings which vary from pants to full on Daisy Dukes.

Gap-Skub: For a period of time, Cata-chan's prominent gap between her two frontal incisors caused a tizzy among certain subsections of /tg/, thus joining Cultist-chan as a character known mostly for massively fucked up dental work, and firmly cementing the Warhammer 40k universe as a product of British culture.