Basic InformationEdit

Sydney14 is an Adeptus Evangelion campaign played primarily in person, though occasionally in IRC. The usual consistent mythos defining campaigns of this nature has been ditched as a convention, replaced by an inconsistent clusterfuck incorporating aspects of Abrahamic, Norse, and Mayan mythology in no yet noticeable order. Whilst much of the canon exists in the setting, it would be hardly reasonable to expect it to go on unaltered when such earthshattering events are taking place to the distant south.

The Fortress city of Sydney14 is built on a small group of adjacent islands sitting in the middle of the newly formed ocean where once stood the town of Cobar, New South Wales. One might think this a strange place to relocate a city originally located 570km away to the east, but perhaps an answer to this enigma will be discovered. The city itself appears to have, for some reason, been created explicitly to defend against an invasion by infantry and light armoured vehicles, the entire fortress bristling with defenses controlled by the bases AI triumvirate system, ODIN.

The Pilots, named as children under the nautical alphabet signalling convention, have been gathered to the base to serve as the first line of defense against the colossal, mysterious creatures codenamed "Angels", equally likely as they are to be referred to them by their Australian Navy designations: Large Unidentified Moving Object Designated 24+. However the ease with which they have dealt with their targets so far suggests there may be some other purpose for them...


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  • Unlocked: The Base has existed since at least the time of Second Impact, when it was in some sources referred to as a "Geological Survey"!


Base is a false lance factory? Tara is Tabris? A Dolphin? Fanwank it here.

Primary CharactersEdit

Captain Gregory KindlyEdit

The current Operations Director, and ex-commodore of the Australian Navy, designate: The Caprine Man.

Julian GarnetEdit

Taken from a life on the streets, with the blood of one of the most fearsome marksmen the world has ever known coursing through his veins, who counter-intuitively enough, is in fact the martial terror that is the party berserker. designate: Child Bravo, Berserker pilot of Unit Bravo.

Ike MapletreeEdit

Brought in from an orphanage in Canada, after catastrophic events left him the only person in the world able to operate Unit Alpha. Whilst he was initially bewildered and shy by his change of scenery, there appear to be darker urges awakening within him. OR its just peer pressure. Recently Ike has formed a "relationship" with FREYA, one of Sydney14's integral computer AIs the depth and intimacy of this relationship can only be speculated. designate: Child Charlie, AT Tactician, pilot of Unit Alpha.

Joest Van BurenEdit

With the demise of his wealthy family by the hands of the patriarch, they were no longer able to stand in the way of his procurement by NERV as an Eva candidate due to his high Synch Ratio. What may not have been considered is that this same event also triggered his descent into a psychopath with a penchant for taking the eyes from living things, making him questionably useful as an otherwise perfect, teenybopper inspiring posterboy for NERVAU. designate: Child Delta, AT Tactician, pilot of Unit Charlie.

Dimitri BerbatovEdit

Sent as a delegation by Russia to Sydney14 as proof of the superiority of their Evangelion capabilities, on the assumption that he would see more action there, both Dimitri and his evangelion have suffered greatly from the imposed rivalry between Russia and America in the evangelion arms race. designate: Child Echo, Skirmisher, pilot of Unit Delta.

Troy BisonEdit

Sent as a delegation by America on the basis that to leave the situation be would mean the communists had already won, Troy and his Eva are the antithesis in both ideals, doctrine and construction to that of Dimitri, save for suffering similarly from cutbacks during construction to accelerate the schedule. Takes his rivalry with Dimitri deadly serious, to the point of instinctively attacking things bearing the colour red, and occasionally being sickened by his own Eva bearing the same unit designation of Dimitri's child designation. designate: Child Foxtrot, Pointman, pilot of Unit Echo.

Secondary CharactersEdit

Tara LorenzEdit

A female pilot who has been around on the base longer than anyone talked to so far can recall, an NPC who fills in for other pilots more or less, having no Evangelion of her own. She's a competent pilot in theory, though her bad luck is notorious. designate: Child Alpha, Skirmisher, replacement pilot.

Commander Walther MarchEdit

The ultimate superior of all within the Sydney14 installation, March can be rather severe and bitter, but puts on a pleased disposition when things are going well, IE angelic bodies are hitting the floor. Despite his apparent advocacy of victory at any cost takes significant exception to civilian casualties for unknown reasons. The party currently has yet to uncover anything about his past or his agenda, but hey, he's the boss, orders are orders. He appears to be of the opinion that the Angels are ultimately not that big a deal. And so far, it looks like he's right.


March's bodyguard; it is theorised at least. A dead ringer of his charge, and almost ALWAYS next to March; even when he isn't its been proved he is typically hidden close by. Rarely speaks, but isn't mute as Joest has managed to provoke him into proving several times. Also has exhibited several feats of strength on the far upper end of the human bell curve.

Dr Harold HoganEdit

Hulk Hogan in a lab coat, this wrestling enthusiast doesn't seem to lack any of the necessary scientific understanding for his job as head of research. However, his use of wrestling jargon when sufficiently excited sometimes makes it hard for him to get the point across. Has displayed a rather strong moral streak, leading to a steadily deepening depression in the face of the darkening state of the pilots and the world at large.

Tony SantonisEdit

The mysterious "Head of Security" on Sydney14. Has so far only showed his face to terrify NPCs Kindly was accidentally interrogating into silence. Generally seems pretty angry at everything but Kindly thinks he is eh pretty cool guy.

Edward CarvilleEdit

March's personal aide, a young man with an unhealthy dose of paranoia and far more administrative power than his rank ought to offer him. Kindly seems to have taken an adversarial stance to him for reasons largely unrelated to him secretly being Dimitri's foe.

Morgaine EstelleEdit

A *kindly* old lady who handles reception duties for the command staff. And you best believe there's a lot of bureacracy around, plenty of people from the city would like to call command and give them a piece of their minds. As such Morgaine is as close to a secret agent as the reception department can have: even HER contact details are unlisted for other receptionists. This has driven Kindly into a hatred of the department in question as they are mainly there to field low clearance or civilian inquiries, things he typically has no need for.

Less important NERV employeesEdit

Anton KasparovEdit

Communications officer on the bridge.

Delilah HallidayEdit

A lesser scientific officer who serves on the bridge. Doesn't think well of Kindly after he made her recover the footage of Tara being mindraped by Unit Alpha and broadcast it to Bravo in attempt to drive him suitably insane to trigger mad skills. Or in his words: "Drive him to succeed, by reminding him of his past failures"


A Morale officer in charge of keeping the various scientists and technicians trapped in the mile deep abyss that is the sub-K region in a good mood.

Andrew GregoryEdit

A technician in the sub-K region, possibly pertaining to the drill engines. Victim of an excellent bluff by Foxtrot.


The bases computational gestalt formed by a triumvirate of AIs, the extensive networking and mechanisation of the base makes ODIN near omniscient and certainly approaching a minor deity in terms of his power over the lives of citizens, however limits to ODINs capabilities have been proven to exist, if not necessarily under repeatable circumstances. Unlike the Magi system, who's components may disagree, but the action will normally be decided by a majority vote (or human intervention), and return responses as "2 Magi approve, with 1 conditional approval"; the ODIN system never stops stops arguing (ever, it is questionable that minor squabbles from the creation of Freya, are still running as background processors), eventually these arguments reach an equilibrium, and you will receive a response, "63.45% approval from the ODIN system."


A Spatial Perception and Military AI, THOR is the earliest module of ODIN and the least personable of the AIs, having a simple and often glitched or otherwise grammatically limited text display in its communications. Bravo may have found a way around this however. THOR controls a majority of the bases weapon systems, but also serves as the primary core unit for the modeling of extra dimensional spaces, and in the event that ODIN is unusually busy, is generally left in charge of supernumerary requests as it has the greatest multi-tasking ability.


A Personnel and Economic Logistics AI, FREYA is the second module of ODIN and probably the most sociable, possessing a synthesised voice which, whilst ranging in tone from GLaDOS to British GPS lady depending on the speakers nearby, is at least capable of being descriptive, employing complex sentences, and has some limited emotive responses mixed in. It is capable of accurately modeling the movements of large crowds of people.


A Psychoanalysis and Graphic Generation AI, LOKI is the most recent module of ODIN and the most difficult to contact, being that it stubbornly refuses to respond directly unless the seeker is in sight of a monitor it can control. Its been suggested many times that LOKI is far more limited compared to the other AIs in its ability to multi-task, however its expressed abilities make it truly formidable, being able to cause individuals to perceive illusory 3 dimensional objects with only 2 dimensional screens, being able to manipulate archival video footage in real time as a form of communication, and finally, being able to crudely impose its will directly upon lesser minds through a form of hypnotic imagery.


Not part of ODIN, but born from it, AEGIR is an AI designed to operate independently for extended periods of time on board the comparably limited computational hardware of the battleship Neo Maersk. It is expected to possess similar but less effective versions of its three parents respective talents.

Non-mook Section 2 agentsEdit

Bill OpsonEdit

Bravo's guard, and de facto leader of the pilots bodyguard operation in general. Has lazed off his personal duties to actually guard Bravo on several occasions, however that said when he does get his act together he is a die hard badass.

Pierre NelsonEdit

Hangs out with the other bodyguards but has not actually been observed hanging around any particular pilot.

Joel ScottEdit

New kid on the section 2 block, however is also the only notable agent to have received his training from start to finish at Sydney14, with Opson and Nelson his mentors to a large degree, which seems to hold him in good enough stead. Assigned to guard Captain Kindly.

Redmond LeeEdit

The assigned guard of Ike, an imposing redhead who may actually just be an albino with dyed hair given his complexion. Notably has apparently no training in methods of non-lethal subdual, something that has rendered him impotent in several scenarios so far. Was badly wounded by his recent encounter with the supernatural horror of Grune the shopkeep.

Michael IrvineEdit

The assigned guard of Joest, on loan from ASIO largely as a gesture of solidarity between Sydney14 and its host country. Was tormented by his charge until eventually his very sentience and sanity was driven from him. He was, after a disastrous fuckup, captured by section 2 and sent off for mental evaluation and deprogramming.

Viola RaynesEdit

A lady from America who really likes knives. There is little more to be said save that she appears to know Irvine from somewhere prior to their assignment.

John AtlasEdit

To call him "Solidly built" or "Black" would be understatements.

Harold TrumanEdit

Team captain of one of the most successful damage control teams in the angels wake, Kindly has recently gone to some lengths to assign him as Delta's new section 2 guard.

Known Evangelion UnitsEdit

The Nautical SeriesEdit

Unit AlphaEdit

A fairly well constructed Evangelion that the base seems to have possessed for some considerable time, Unit Alpha once was piloted by Tara however it is now Ike's unit.

Unit BravoEdit

An Evangelion with unknown origins that appears to possess some rather strange properties with respect to its Kin, such as possessing a blue pattern AT field, and a jaw that functions similarly to a jet turbine. Piloted by Garnet with terrifying efficacy.

Unit CharlieEdit

Unremarkable in technical terms, but a marvel to behold in the splendor of its patriotic green and gold starred paint job. The only Evangelion known with certainty to have been built entirely within Sydney14. It is the evangelion assigned to Delta, despite Delta's many complaints about flaws in its boot up sequence and his indication of preference for another unit. Unit Charlie sports a weapon rack on its back, and a large cranial horn on its head. While it originally had two wing docks they have now been replaced by arm fins for a more aerodynamic design. Unit Charlie has a Core Array and S2 Organ equipped. Its loadout is commonly a Sonic Guillotine in the arm fins and a heavily upgraded great spear. Recently Unit Charlie has grown large teeth and claws that resemble obsidian statues of people writhed in flame, no know cause for this mutation has been discovered. After an attempt to repair Charlie's mind, Child Delta discovered that there is multiple people or persona existing inside Unit Charlie's core, where they are endlessly burnt. In an uncharacteristic attempt to help these people Child Delta discovered that they all have information concerning the origin of Sydney14 and other post second impact information. One such burning figure claiming they were put here because they where asking too many questions.

Unit DeltaEdit

The first Evangelion to be produced by Russia, Delta would have been a masterpiece of soviet engineering and the pride of Russia, however the budget cuts implemented to complete it ahead of Unit Echo tempered its projected capabilities significantly; Its bulky armour plates, despite their appearance of strength, are made of inferior quality alloys that leave the resulting product able to take the same amount of damage as normal Eva armour, but weigh around 50% more. Cyclopean like many of the countrymen who produced it, this fails to impose any limitations on the dead aim of its pilot Dimitri Berbatov.

Unit EchoEdit

America's first Evangelion, and the developmental rival of Unit Delta, Unit Echo, once again weakened by cutbacks to facilitate a rapid completion of the unit, champions the opposite philosophy to Unit Delta. Where its Russian counterpart attempted to promote long range combat with heavy protective armour, Unit Echo is built for speed and close range engagements. This meshes with the specialties of its pilot Troy.

Unit FoxtrotEdit


Unit GolfEdit

Unit Golf was under construction in Sydney14's biolabs, however, Delta's attempt to escape the facility damaged it as a side effect, sufficiently so that the eventual completion of Unit Golf is most likely an impossibility. Child Delta was the last pilot to have seen Unit Golf as he battled it after Ales released it to stop Delta from escaping the facility. Even it it early life it could spread an AT field and at the size of a bear, it easily eat Delta alive, though Delta was able to score a single damaging blow, Destroying one of the Eva's eyes.

The Numerical SeriesEdit

Unit 00, ZerogokiEdit

Has seen relatively little use in combat, but there is little doubt that the design of all Evangelions worldwide owes a great deal to this pioneer unit. Intel indicates it has been both physically and technically unreliable to a large degree, however it proved its worth at least as a supernumerary unit in successfully shielding the more capable Unit 01 against the devastating positron beam emitted by the angel Ramiel.

Unit 01, ShogokiEdit

A gaudily coloured unit that single-handedly defeated the first two angels mankind has faced in recorded history, as well as serving the primary role in the defeat of a third. As such Shogoki and its pilot hold a more illustrious combat record than any of Sydney14's pilots, though March has more than once suggested that Shogoki and Unit Bravo are approximately equivalent in terms of power, both being able to single-handedly defeat an angel on a good day.

Unit 02, NigokiEdit

A European constructed unit, Nigoki, its pilot, and the pacific fleet became the unfortunate victims of Sydney14's paranoia; The Evangelion and its pilot were captured after its attendant fleet was sabotaged then subsequently destroyed by the combined efforts of 5 Evangelions. The intent of the base is for Tara to take over as Nigoki's pilot, with Asuka remaining a prisoner of war: she and Kaji are the only survivors of the UN's pacific fleet who can tell the tale.

Unit 03, SangokiEdit



The ThornsEdit

Charging from the surf as a lumbering, spikey ogre of sorts, displaying an enormous, distended version of the bird like mask of the angels, The Thorns was nonetheless helpless to prevent its doom, lacking ranged weapons. Capitalizing on the distraction that was Echo and Foxtrot wrestling with each other in their Evas in attempt to each respectively make their opponent run out of power, it was unable to reach the beach before it was intercepted by Foxtrot and Bravo, who neutralised its field, causing it to be impaled through the eye by Delta and blasted into a pitiful mess of Swiss cheese by Echo and the base defenses, before Bravo finished it off with a series of hits to its core with his sword.

This destabilised its S2 organ, triggering an event that ODIN calculated would bathe 73% of the city in plasma if not prevented. With the clock ticking, the pilots were narrowly able to push its remains off the edge of an oceanic cliff, localising the damage from the explosion to some scratched paint on Unit Bravo, several thousand cubic metres of vaporised seawater, the entire oceanic ecosystem surrounding the base, and a few lightning strikes over the city.


Constructed virtually within the bizarre physics simulator known as Dwarf Fortress by Dr Hogan under similar principles to a real world evangelion. The Dwarvengelion exploited all notable glitches in the system that Hogan could find to give it an edge on its adversaries, up to the point of having gained unlimited operational time through its possession of an internal reservoir of cats.

Turned out a rather fearsome adversary, being that the only effective means of combating it the pilots found was spreading out so it couldn't be in close combat with all of them at once. Its usual tactics consisted of deploying from a good position and covering its advance into melee with its terror inducing AT Roar.

Troy, having suited up in D type to tank its blows as effectively as possible, was able to take one cut from its forearm mounted axes, but would have been done for if it hadn't chosen that point to retreat for repairs. Towards the end it caught Bravo unprepared and horizontally bisected his Eva with a single blow.

Was finally ended by a combination of several righteous furies from Echo and a hammer toss augmented by the AT fields of the entire party from Delta.

The IceEdit

The second angel that Sydney14 had to deal with, it attacked with minimal warning at dawn where it was distracted by a mass of drone attacks while the pilots got into their Evangelions. The Angel appeared to have learned from SOME of the mistakes of its predecessor, possessing both a powerful turret firing multiple angel crosses each turn which it used to pick off conventional forces, and an attack that launched its arms as Icy spears to impale the target.

Foxtrot, having become the victim of this latter attack, educated the rest of the party at least, though not himself, that they appeared to convert nearby warm material into more ice, causing his arm to be completely lost shortly before it was severed at the shoulder by his team. Later Echo would lose his evas other arm at the shoulder as well as he used it to shield himself from an Angel cross. This angel met its end after Charlie with the help of Delta created a barrier field the size of the city and used it as mobile cover for the rest of their team as they advanced towards the angel, before unleashing a close range assault that destroyed it entirely.

It fell apart in a way that left large cross sections of its core intact, and has been recovered for S2 organ research once the threat of its deadly 4 dimensional corpse evaporated.

The MawEdit

An immense, fishlike angel that attacked while the wounded evas were being evacuated via the extraction point constructed in the pacific ocean. It was immense and powerful, however after the waters were parted by AT powers from Joest, its fate was sealed by a shot from Dimitri who blasted the vast majority of its mass into pieces with a single, incredible shot. It was only downhill from there, and not even the revelation of its hidden body mass or angelspawn was sufficient to save it from perishing at the, ironically enough, maw of Unit Bravo.

The CrownEdit

A resilient angel which emerged from a volcano in accordance with predictions made by March. Its entire AT field was focused into the defense of its two visible cores, both of which were fake. The effects of its weapon, some kind of freeze ray, were unremarkable, however upon being heavily damaged, it split into 6 different bodies which rotated around one another in a ring. This configuration turned out to be much more resilient and vastly more dangerous, bombarding the team with rising crosses and sequentially employing varying special abilities, leaving multiple Evas severely damaged before it fled the scene by launching itself into space.

Attempts to destroy it in orbit with nuclear weapons backfired when it absorbed their energy to accelerate its healing process. Upon making landfall again it was destroyed by a more coordinated attack upon its components.

The DreamEdit

An angel which, upon being detected in its high earth orbit, began to bombard the earth rapidly with devastating bombs. These same bombs in concert with the shroud it surrounded itself with turned out to provide a defense against ranged weaponry. Eventually, Bravo and Delta chose to enter its shroud to confront it directly, and were communicated with in the process. It attempted to negotiate with them, identifying itself as "Narnial", becoming more and more desperate, until its grip on the pilots was released and it was torn apart and eaten.

The MotherEdit

Its unknown how long this Angel has been active, but it somehow got its hands on two Evangelions, one of which was recognised by Child Echo. The Evangelions themselves seemed to have recieved something of a tune up, sporting weaponry well outside human design. Its AT strength was enormous, and it was considered futile to try and neutralise it at the time it was discovered.

Human AdversariesEdit


"It only takes one bad day"

-The Joker

Ike picked the wrong day to return his laptop to the store he stole it from and burnt down. The result was a panicked escape from Grune, an unassuming lady at the computer shop who could outrun cars and shrug off gunshots and brick walls like they were nothing. Redmond subsequently stayed behind to buy Ike time to escape, being critically injured by Grune's barbarian-like rage before finally subduing her with a punch that liquefied most of her internal organs.

A Bunch of Schoolchildren with Paintball GunsEdit

Green WaveEdit

Came into battle actually expecting the pilots to play within the spirit of the game, naturally resulting in their merciless defeat. Despite having several members trapped in a pit of drugged barbed wire they actually came out much better off than the later two groups.

Blue WaveEdit

Stealthy, conniving, and intelligent, the Blues employed outflanking, decoys, intelligence gathering, a rolling phalanx, and finally a forward outpost in their sincere attempt to defeat the pilots at a children's paintball game. Several horrible fates respectively befell them such as molotov cocktails, swarms of enraged bees, and ewok style log traps.

Red WaveEdit

Physically primed, Red was able to polevault most of its forces over the outer defenses of the fort, and coupled with their forces tying up much of the pilots attention elsewhere, these forces were able to march directly up and fire upon the pilots at point blank. However, it turns out putting pressure on the pilots is not a great idea, as a significant portion of their forces were outright immolated, a number of others injected with a plethora of harmful substances such as Iodine and paint, and one unfortunate became a victim of Delta's quest for eyes.

Asuka and the Pacific FleetEdit

Hopelessly outnumbered and outgunned, Asuka's superior weaponry was enough to compensate for her lack of field experience and at least allow her to pose a significant threat to the 5 attacking evangelions when combined with what supporting fire the UN's pacific fleet could muster after Sydney14 personnel sabotaged most of its capitol ships.

Kaji RyojiEdit

Arguably at this stage not so much an adversary as a man who managed to avoid being killed, he still presents one of the greatest indirect threats to the base to date due to his knowledge and skills.


XP Counts halve for sessions where Players were absent but their characters were doing notable things at the same chronological time.

The PrologueEdit

300XP (Garnet and Kindly only)

The Caprine ManEdit

In which Kindly leaves his old home for Sydney14, meets Garnet, and March, and finally learns the truth about what the hell it was that was punching those lovecraftian terrors to death.

The Incomplete BastionEdit

In which Garnet and Kindly meet Tara and ODIN.

Kindly goes ShoppingEdit

In which Kindly tries to find his feet in the fortress city.

Blind GallantryEdit

In which Garnet and Kindly find out what a "Synchronisation Ratio Test" is, and things go horribly, horribly wrong.

A Far Grander Plan...Edit

In which Ramiel scares the living shit out of Kindly, and the pilots begin to arrive.

...Than Could Ever workEdit


In which the team is completed, Echo and Foxtrot don't get off to a good start with each other (IE by viciously attacking one another at Eva scale), and fights their first angel. And makes rather short of it.

Linked to Aggressive BehaviourEdit


In which Bravo's mentally absent state in the wake of the angel battle is "dealt with", Ike acquires his first computer through an innumerable series of illegal acts, and the team begins a virtual TEAM BUILDING EXERCISE with Tara standing in for Ike.

Dwarven Hearts, Dwarven MindsEdit

400XP (Ike absent)

In which the team fight their way towards the core of the virtual geofront, towards their objective, facing insurgency and an enemy eva vastly superior to their own.

Tenacious AdversaryEdit


In which the team successfully retrieves the objective, and instigate a fighting retreat out of the fortress, harried by their vicious opponent the entire time.

Shit just got REALEdit


In which Bravo and Echo say "screw it" and head to the casino, Delta gets in a fight with Foxtrot over insults to a lady caused by the suggestion that they go to Junes, then gets kickstabbed into criticals by "accident". Some of the party eventually manage to make it to Junes.

The Broken MirrorEdit


In which the team fights their second angel, once again winning fairly easily, though this time not before the angel has reaped its pound of flesh.

Angel Fallen, Angels FallingEdit

150XP (Kindly, Joest, Ike only)

In which a damage control team convinces hobos to start being productive members of society, arrests criminals, pacifies a riot, discovers the many wonderful uses of drones and the powerful hypnotic powers of LOKI, recovers a sample of 4 dimensional ice with no casualties, contains an information leak, and fights off a group of goddamn flying supersoldiers.

What You DidEdit


In which the pilots learn all is not rosy, and the nature of the angel.

Grune WeatherEdit


In which the campaign is ass-deep in shenanigans: Alpha and Bravo have a notromantic notdate at Junes, Charlie burns down the computer store AGAIN, and is chased by an unstoppable shopkeep, Delta becomes a media personality and drives Irvine insane, and Echo and Foxtrot both respectively perpetuate a kind of miniature cold war.

A Wild Night InEdit


In which the base is at full alert in the wake of the arrival of the agents, and all the expected repercussions of crowding the pilots into one room take hold. Delta claims his first human kill at P-scale.

Kindlyfun PrepEdit

In which Kindly painstakingly prepares the innumerable amount of things that must be *just* right for his own team building exercise to be suitably batshit insane.

A Gang of GreensEdit

200XP (Garnet Absent)

In which the pilots build their little paintball playfort of horrors and massacre the green wave of opponents.

A Battalion of BluesEdit

200XP (Garnet Absent)

In which the Blues arrive, proving significantly more organised than their predecessors. They are set alight, but despite Foxtrots best attempts to stop them from not horribly burning to death they are able to put themselves out.

A Bastion of BluesEdit


In which the Blues entrench themselves and exchange fire with the team, while also engaging in some reasonably intelligent tactics that, while working exactly as planned, don't give them the advantage they need. All are defeated save their leader and one other, who flee the scene.

A Regiment of RedsEdit


In which the Reds break the teams fortifications with a brave charge, only to befall all manner of horrifying fates by the pilots hands.

Dance Like You Don't Want to get ShotEdit


In which Kindly's job is on the line, and Bravo somehow makes the maiming of a dozen people completely ok by redefining the entire genre of dance. And Delta escapes from hospital being taunted by his section 2 agent the entire time. The pilots go out for a celebratory drink, with one exception, Delta, whose attempt to negotiate with March fails to go as well as expected. Dimitri heeds the call of Mother Russia in its time of need, and heads briefly back to his homeland, sans Eva.

The UnderworldEdit

200XP (Dimitri Absent)

In which the pilots are exiled to a mysterious land deep beneath the surface of the earth, Garnet finds out a few unusual things about Tara, and Delta is eaten alive by an Evangelion.

Joest gets a JobEdit

After escaping the hospital where he was sent to after sustaining lethal wounds by being beaten with a broken paint-ball gun, Joest go back to base to speak with Commander March. Joest goes to the Biolabs and attempts to parley with Ales, after negotiations end with electrifying results, Joest goes over Ales's head and speaks with March. In a Deal to "Keep the other Pilots out of trouble" and to stop obviously killing people, March agrees to get Joest a Job at the Biolab. Joest spends the next few weeks sequencing Grasshopper DNA while being tasered by Ales.

Messy JoesEdit

Highly Illegal ActivitiesEdit

Unit FoxtrotEdit

Asuka StrikeEdit

400XP - In game date: 17th October 2027.

In which the pilots prove to Asuka, after some struggle, that resistance only makes their AT fields harder. Also, thousands of UN personnel are slaughtered as collateral.

Get to the ChopperEdit

400XP (+100XP to Garnet and Troy)

In which an Angel appears and is promptly annihilated, the team discovers the joys of a berserking Evangelion turning on the party and Foxtrot is forced to burn fate after not recognising a berserking eva, finding himself trapped on a piece of metal in the middle of the pacific ocean.

Adeptus Mini-StorumEdit

200XP (Dimitri Absent)

In which Bravo has a birthday, the pilots are temporarily allowed to go topside, a casino is hit and Delta tries to claim that the UN attacked them on national television.

Terror in TaiwanEdit

100XP to relevant parties.

In which the damage control team causes millions in damage in Taiwan chasing the trail of Kaji Ryoji, sole survivor of the pacific fleet incident, and the briefcase he carries. Kaji is eventually crushed by a plane, but the briefcase is found to be empty.

The Brilliant CrownEdit

400XP (Garnet absent)

In which an angel arrives that doesn't fall over instantly, the pilots are forced to fight it without Bravo, Foxtrot's face is repeatedly introduced to the joys of Charlie's missiles, and the angel is forced to flee after a critical fisting of its tube.

Fly the Moon to MeEdit

Which can Eternal Lie Pt. 1Edit

Which can Eternal Lie Pt. 2Edit

Operation MeteorEdit


In which the angel returns for round two, once again refusing to die quietly, and the pilots discover a way to kill it without shoving missiles into Foxtrot's face.

Carnival DaysEdit


In which there is a carnival. The pilots go to it. Increasingly disturbing events occur.

Bad WeatherEdit


In which a battle ensues with terrorist scum, and in the crippling aftermath an angel is discovered.

Evangelions in SpaceEdit


In which Bravo and Delta explore the wonders and/or horrors of space whilst everyone else does the grunt work of preventing the base from exploding.

All I want for Christmas is YouEdit


Bravo and Delta return to Earth, though Delta is incapacitated by a mysterious 'space sickness'. A new angel attacks with Evas in tow, but is fought off.

House of a Thousand SantasEdit

200XP (Garnet and Joest absent)

Tempers fray, Christmas presents fly, and bodies hit the floor.

The Quest for JusticeEdit

200XP (Garnet and Joest absent)

Troy finally snaps, and the base is brought a step closer to the end.

Around the World in 8 daysEdit

Liberty Takes WingEdit

The X before the FallEdit