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Background InformationEdit

Rebuild of NERV Boston is an Adeptus Evangelion campaign played weekly in the old-fashioned face-to-face style at a place called the Fortress of Justice. It is a direct sequel to Nerv Boston, retaining the same DM and three of the original five players.

Crunchy BitsEdit

This campaign will be played in the World War Eva setting, using a witch's brew ruleset consisting mostly of Borderline, with heavy borrowing from v2.5. Ego Barrier rules come from v1.0.

UAS Boston
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After Third ImpactEdit

After the events of Third Impact, the world was in disarray. The Nerv Boston pilots, staff, and resources were absorbed into the U.S. Military directly after the events of Third Impact, as the EU and the New Soviet Union likewise assumed control the Nerv bases within their own borders. With the threat of the Angels gone, world powers were free to pursue petty conflicts put on hold by the potential end of the world. Border skirmishes between the EU and the Soviets saw the first deployment of Evas in purely human wars, followed quickly by the first deployment of "Crusaders," Eva-scale combat robots stemming from the Jet Alone program.

During the fight with Lilith in 2015, just before Third Impact, her blood was spilled into the Atlantic Ocean. Strange red algae blooms were observed not long after, followed by massive marine extinction events as the algae removed almost all free oxygen from the oceans. By the end of the decade, all of the world's oceans were bloodred and devoid of life.

Geopolitical ShitstormEdit

The World SuperpowersEdit

New Soviet Union (HCC for Novyy Sovietskiy Soyuz): In a world where there's been TWO apocalypses and everyone needs to work together to survive and rebuild, Socialism starts to sound like a really good idea. So the old union got back together once again under Mother Russia's wing... of Evangelions. Who's gonna argue with those things.

Kurnikov Robototekhnika has been designing Crusaders (Krestonosets pl. Krestonostsy) for the HCC. Soviet engineering has a tendency to be cheap and hardy, and that’s still the case with the Soviet Crusaders. The control scheme is the ol’ Pacific Rim/Robot Jox/Gunbuster style: the pilot is suspended by gloves, boots, vest, helmet that respond to their movements but also push back when external force/obstruction is applied to the parts of the mech.

European Union: Well Germany finally conquered Europe; not with a bang but a balanced checkbook. They were the only ones with their money in the right place at the turn of the millennium, they were mostly unaffected by 2nd Impact, and they came out of 3rd Impact with 4 operational Evas and the tree that literally grows supercomputers. Even though they had to give half of them away, they had made 10 Evas in time for the Angels, so you can only imagine their production capacity for Round 2. Sadly, the rest of Europe was pretty much helpless without the cooperation that the UN provided. With the UN dissolved and everyone going their separate ways, the European Union was reformed, though it's a more close-knit group than the economic control board that it was before. The reins were placed firmly in Germany's hands; not only are they the country with the biggest stick, but also the only country with its shit together.

Though Germany finds itself as the world leader in building Evangelions, their Eva tech and field experience is way behind America. Unlike Russia, they have combat experience against Evangelions, so they know that they’re going to need to pull out all the stops to try and create anti-Eva fighting machines out of metal and plastic. Therefore, the EU Crusaders (Kreuzzügler pl. Kreuzfahrer) are definitely more focused on quality than quantity. Don’t expect to see endless fields of these things, and don’t expect to see them in the hands of anyone outside the EU. Germany still wants to actually send Evas into the field, and since they actually believe their bots can give an Eva a run for its money, they don’t want anyone to have them.

United America: Oh yeah, the USA took over. Once it became clear that anyone without these monsters machines was gonna get wrecked, any surviving non-NATO allies of the US swore fealty. Since the Arab world has cut ties with the US thanks to the Gulf War and then the complete lack of support following Second Impact, this just includes Argentina, Eastern Australia, Canada, and South Korea. Mexico sort of counts; it’s abandoned, and all that was left of the population fled to the US anyway. The rest of South America is pretty much in chaos, and doesn't appear to want to bother anyone, so the UA is just holding the borders and hoping that resolves itself.

America has placed most of their bets on the Eva program, but there are Crusaders if for no other reason than to give people jobs and so that they don't look weak. Their Crusaders have a neural interface for sensors and feedback, but analog controls like the Russians.

Chinese Federation: So what's left of China still had it together enough to go Genghis Khan all over the orient and also took over half of Australia through shenanigans while the UN was still around. They cast off the shackles of Communism between 2nd and 3rd Impact, so they weren't keen on joining the HCC, but they've got some good business deals going with Russia, so there's not much conflict there. The western border of the Federation is a nuclear wasteland, so the only problem here is America. The UA still clings to the other half of Korea and the other half of Australia, so there's been skirmishes pretty much since 3rd Impact, with war just now starting.

As the previously sole manufacturer of the world's E-scale weaponry, they've got all the firepower you could ask for. However, they didn't have a Nerv base or any Evas, so they didn't know where to start with building Crusaders (Shízì jūn). So they've done what most smaller nations did, buy Crusaders from the Soviets. They may make a few tweaks, but the hope is that with guns like these, it doesn't matter what carries them.

Arab League: Just like how the EU became more of a tight-knit entity, the remainder of the Arab League banded together in an attempt to ensure SOMETHING remains of the Arabic world. The northern land border (what used to be Israel, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, and most of Iran) has been an irradiated wasteland since right after 2nd Impact, but has begun clearing up rapidly over the last 5 years. The AL has thus been moving in to see what’s left of these areas, and they’re pretty much just finding mutated freaks. But the Sahara's not a desert anymore, so they've got that going for them, which is good. Since the US abandoned them after Second Impact, they’ve mostly been buying Crusaders (Mujahid pl. Mujahideen) from the Soviets, mainly to defend themselves from the warlord wonderland that is Africa.

Armed conflicts in recent years involving E-Scale forcesEdit

2018 - German Evangelions with battery transport trucks invade Ukraine. In short order, Soviet forces realized that if the destroy the trucks, the Evas would run out of batteries. The rest of the war is spent Saving Private Evangelion. EU and HCC deploy battery stations along all border nations so that Evas can be deployed defensively.

2020 - The HCC invades Romania, deploying the first Russian Crusader, the K-22. The Soviets airstrike the European Battery stations, and the Crusaders are able to outlast the Eva stationed in the area. This pattern continues up until the battle of Târgu Mureş. The Crusaders’ advance is finally stopped when one of their nuclear reactors is breached and the area becomes an exclusion zone. Both parties set up defenses on their respective sides of the zone and the war ends in a stalemate. The Russians replace all nuclear reactors in their Crusaders with N2 reactors, and no one ever makes nuclear Crusaders again.

2021 - China attempts to take the rest of South Korea with Soviet purchased Crusaders. America sends their Crusaders to do battle and they swiftly discover the many shortcomings in their original model. Through air superiority and deployment of the two combat-capable Evangelions (Asuka and David), China’s advance is slowed until the new models of Crusaders are designed, manufactured, and deployed. With this, America is able to push China back to the old DMZ by late 2022. The conflict still rages, and the hope is that Evangelions will be able to deploy soon to push back and create a united Korea once more.

2024 - The HCC launches an attack from Georgia into New Constantinople in an attempt to own the Bosphorus Strait (worried about the new passage from the Black Sea to the Caspian Sea). They take the city, and then move forces in to occupy the rest of Turkey. Turns out EU forces were massing in Bulgaria though, so now the Soviets are launching from Ukraine into Bulgaria as well.

The Eva Program TodayEdit

The Evas seeded during the Angelic War are just now coming to maturity, but their usefulness in combat is in question. It has become clear that S2 organs are necessary for Evangelions to be used effectively in warfare. Whichever superpower can first develop a reliable method of growing S2 organs will be nigh unstoppable.

The US has funded the construction of two supercarriers designed to carry and support Evas in worldwide conflicts. The UAS San Francisco is set to be deployed in the Pacific, and the UAS Boston in the Atlantic, as soon as the two ships choose their cadre of pilots from the new cohort whose training at the Nevada facility has just concluded.

"I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones." -Albert Einstein


All of the pilots hold the rank of 3rd Lieutenant in the UA Armed Forces. It's a special derp rank given to people who must be officers because they are pilots, but are also kids and shouldn't have any authority over anyone ever.

Micheal AlbrightEdit

A Manufactured Skirmisher. 15 years old.

Micheal can do anything that could possibly be asked of him. Micheal is a Superior Specimen. He can talk, and think, and act just like a normal human. Micheal can carry out tasks that others might find distressing or unethical. Micheal spent a lot of bored, empty hours in the Nerv Nevada base with his handler. Micheal's handler did a more than adequate job.

Micheal thinks about many things. Like whats inside the clock that makes it tick. Whats inside the radio that makes it transmit. Whats inside the bird that makes it fly. Whats inside the mouse that makes it run.

Micheal is meeting new people. Micheal likes 2nd Lt. Zoya Taras. Micheal does not like 2nd Lt. Carmen Menendez. Micheal likes the other pilots. Robert Hood is confident. Nikolai Carter is calm. Adelie Lanzinger is innocent. Edward Higgins is growing. Thomas is a fool.

Micheal is learning to pilot his Evangelion. Micheal's Eva has no eyes. Micheal is learning to see.

Micheal is getting better.

Sometimes the Eva shows things to Micheal.

Micheal sometimes is compelled to do things.

Micheal is getting better.

Micheal Albright (II)Edit

A Manufactured Skirmisher. 15 years old.

Micheal (II) can do anything that could possibly be asked of him. Micheal (II) is a Superior Specimen. He can talk, and think, and act just like a normal human. Micheal (II) can carry out tasks that others might find distressing or unethical. Micheal (II) is the second in his line. Micheal (I) was badly damaged during an angel fight. Micheal (I) deemed it fit to self-terminate rather than back himself up. Micheal (I) made a good choice.

Micheal (II) thinks about many things. Like whats inside Edward that makes him mad. Whats inside Robert that makes him lie. Whats inside the Evangelion that makes it speak. Whats inside the Angel that makes it hate.

Micheal (II) is meeting new people. Micheal (II) likes most of the other pilots. Robert Hood is ambitious. Nikolai Carter is caring. Adelie Lanzinger is outspoken. Edward Higgins is unique. Thomas is wrong.

Micheal is learning to speak to his Evangelion. Micheal's Evangelion is intelligent. Micheal is learning to listen.

Micheal is getting better.

The Eva shows things to Micheal.

Micheal is compelled to do things.

Micheal is getting better.

Robert B. HoodEdit

Wargame: Angel Land Battle
Robert is a 15 year old Neo-Spartan and was trained as an A.T. Tactician. He is basically a kid who grew up in a war zone and while he was at Groom Lake High School he became a hyper nationalist fanatically militant neo-conservative protectionist fascist. He hates cowardice, failure, and people who aren't from America. He enjoys being good at things, telling people what to do, and strategy games like chess and Wargame: Angel Land Battle. He's completed more than 300 missions in VR. They're basically as good as the real thing. Your brain can't tell the difference.

.He has yet to earn a call sign. He is three kills away from becoming an ace. Failures don't deserve to be Aces

So far, the only details about Hood's life before the Groom Lake Academy was a brief glimpse of his thoughts during neutralization training with 3rd Lieutenant Lanzinger. A smoke blackened sky seen through the open hatch on a burn out tank, gunfire and screams filling the air. That's it.

At the Groom Lake Academy, some of the other students might be aware of a scandal during last year's evaluations, along with the removal of one student and another showing up to school six months later, missing a leg. The Commandant denied any wrongdoing on anyone's part, and for the most part any solid details were covered up. Certainly Cadet Hood showed no sign of remorse or culpability, if there was anything to be remorseful for.

After graduation and final evaluations at the Groom Lake Academy, R. Hood , along with five other class mates, was promoted to 3rd Lieutenant, and selected to join the newly formed 31 VECS under Major Madison, part of the 3rd EVA Division based off the UAS Boston. During the first several weeks aboard the Boston, Hood formed an unlikely friendship with Ted Higgins. Despite Hood's normally very critical attitude to incompetence, for reasons he was unable to articulate, he could not bring himself to loathe Higgins. Of note, 3rd Lieutenant Lanzinger has began to follow Hood's lead closely after neutralization training. Hood sees the opportunity to turn her and Higgins into first rate soldiers, and will not shy away from this task. No matter how difficult. Or irritating.

After surviving an N2 reactor explosion, Hood understood the actual power of AT fields, and after more battle experience, began to feel comfortable testing his own limits. Major Madison recognized his ability, and gave him a high level academic study in order to further his training. This training has revealed one simple truth: Hood knows nothing about AT fields or what they are really capable of. He practices, he reads, he's starting to understand. Yes, he is understanding more and more each day. Every day.

3rd Lieutenant Hood's battle honors to date include: Immediately being put to the test when his squadron was ambushed in Neo Boston by unidentified international terrorists. R. Hood, with the help of 3rd Lieutenant Albright, immediately terminated a hostile K-38 which exploded furiously. This resulted in R. Hood gaining a severe respect for his AT field. Hood would then take two more K-38s prisoner in the Neo Boston battle. During an ambush in the South Atlantic on terrorist elements, Hood would play a pivotal roll in eliminating hostile torpedoes that were homing on UAS Boston, ensuring mission success by allowing his team mates to focus fully on eliminating the hostile Submarine, the Saladin. In an assault on a terrorist gun position in Tangiers, Hood swiftly took a beach position by eliminating a hostile K-22 with sustained gyro jet cannon fire. Hood then assisted 3rd Lieutenant Guilliman with rocket fires and his remaining gyro-jet ammo in eliminating a hostile EVA unit. None of this shit matters anymore, alien space giant monster men are here to eat everyone. You let them conquer America without even a shot being fired. Pathetic.

Pilot Log update, 3 Lt. R. B. Hood, unknown location in the south Pacific, DD MM YY (unknown)

Well, it happened again. I let everything go to shit. It's now official that the UAS is under alien control, and we are probably dealing with two invasion vectors, one in possibly deep orbit, the other is lurching it's way through the Pacific. Ever since the Academy, I tried to take responsibility, be in charge, deserve the rank, different from when all that crap happened before. But it's not different at all. Everything's out of my control. I can't stand it. We have to do something. The answer lies in the AT field. It always has. I think I know what I need to do. I'll talk to the Major, but if she's unreceptive, I'll have to think of something... We have to do something I have to do something.

And soon.

Nikolai Bellic CarterEdit

Born to Roman Bellic and Amelia Carter, both low level NERV employees, Nikolai had an uneventful childhood up until his parents became victims of the Angel Iruel. Custody fell to his father's cousin Niko, whom Nikolai was named after, and the man promptly abandoned the civilation that had failed his family, taking the child with him. Nikolai grew up in untamed wilderness of the Rocky Moutains with only a battered Russian war vet and various animals for company. It's a miracle he emerged nine years later with only a fear of death and a crippling loneliness. Niko having succumbed to a heart attack, Nikolai was promptly picked up by child services when he wandered into a nearby town. From there it wasn't long before he was discovered by the Evangelion program, leading one employee to gripe, "Christ. We made this program to avoid the damn 'prodigy' problem childs! Fuck me!"

Nikolai's current accomplishments include grappling an Evangelion into submission and stabbing a K-28 so hard it exploded.

He's unsure why he's even here. Every other pilot is much more... enthusiastic than he is. But with no connection in the world, what else is there than piloting his Evangelion?

Thomas "Azrael" GuillimanEdit

Thomas is a Neo-Spartan and was trained as a Evangelion Skirmisher. He grew up with his uncle Jebediah after 3rd impact killed both of his parents and older sister. He was home schooled for most of his life by Jebediah who is a religious fanatic. This imparted a sense of America's Manifest Destiny and righteous fury into Thomas at a young age. Once Thomas was discovered to be a possible pilot of the Evangelions this whipped up both Thomas and his uncle's fervor that Thomas could be one of Gods righteous warriors. Thomas took up the new name of Azrael to farther cement himself in his faith. Azrael will not be shown up by the faithless and will put everything on the line to put America at Gods right hand.

Edward HigginsEdit

Higgins. Edward. Forest. "Ted".

3rd Lieutenant Higgns was supposed to write a short biographical piece to for the Squadron Roster. After several weeks, his class senior, 3rd Lieutenant Hood, has taken the liberty to write it for him. Ted Higgins is a 15 year old pilot with pale skin, freckles, red hair, and sometimes an almost unbearable odor. He tries harder than anyone else in the squadron to do almost anything. Ted laughs all the time and likes to clap his hands like a small child. Ted is often late to drill and sometimes fails to wear all appropriate uniform items, however he consistently tests above average on almost all of his combat and fitness evaluations. Ted has a mother, whose name is Martha or something, and he talks to and about her all the time.

Ted's battle honors to date include: beating a K-22 into submission with a hammer.

If 3rd Lieutenant Higgins would like to add anything else, he is free to do so.

-3rd Lieutenant R. B. Hood, 31 VECS

Dear Authorized Person,

My name is Edward Forest Higgins. I like to be called "Ted" and I pilot an evangellion for the United States military. An eva is a big robot with a scary face. They are important because they let people save the world a long time ago. I like my eva because the chair is comfy and its face isn't as scary as other evas. I am glad that I get to be in the military so that I can be ready to save the world if there is a Fourth Impact. People who don't help with Fourth Impact precautions make me feel mad. I have therapy sometimes because I struggle with speaking. My mother made sure I always have the best therapists. If I do something wrong then she goes to get me a new therapist.

I like a lot of things. I like my evangellion. I like milk chocolate. I like the Discovery Channel. I also like comic books and movies. I know a lot about the Angel War because the Angel War is important. I have to be ready for Fourth Impact. I am not worried though. I am working with Major Madison and General Rashiid. They are heroes. I want to be a hero!

I have made friends on the ship. Rob taught me that we aren't on a boat because boats are for civilians and we are officers. Rob knows a lot about how to be good at the military. He helped me start my biography. I also have a really cool hat from Nikolai. At least I think it was from Nikolai. He is scary at first but I think he has a good heart. Nikolai likes bears a lot.

There is a calm pilot named Mike. He makes me worried when he talks, but I also make people worried when I talk. So, I think that Mike is just a nice person who has trouble getting people to figure out what he is thinking. His eva is scary. I am also friends with Tom. Tom only likes certain people. He is going to save everyone because he is ordained by God. I am glad he is on our side! I would hate to fight God.

There is also a girl pilot named Adelie. I can't say her name right. She calls me "Tedward" and it makes me feel weird. I think she likes drawing. Her hair is short. We do not talk very much.

Thank you for reading my biography, have a great day!

Sincerely, Ted Forest Higgins

- - -

Dear Authority,

I was wrong. Tom is a low down traitor and we aren't friends. He isn't ordained by God and I don't think he actually understands the Bible.

Adelie is actually really friendly once you get to know her.

I hope Nikolai still wants to be friends once I'm done.



- - -

Dear Anybody,

Man, I really was wrong. You can't like, fix people. You can't make them believe what you believe, and hurting them for it doesn't bring the dead back. I'm past that now. Now I'm just going to be honest and hope for the best. I don't know if all (any?) of my comrades will ever really want to be friends with me, but that's okay. At the end of the day I'll sleep better knowing I did right by them.

Good luck out there,

Ted Higgins, Cowboy

Adelie LanzingerEdit

Hi, my name is Adelie and I'm 13 years old. I remember like literally everything you could possibly want to know about me, but I'm gonna try to just write relevant stuff. ;D

I was born, and I don't remember that part really, but then I started growing up, and it gets clearer. I can remember all the things I did when I was four--like literally every thing. It's so embarrassing to think about! I was a really stupid baby xD!!! I spent a lot of time painting when I was a kid (and when I was a pre-teen, and I guess now too, but not as much). I was pretty sure I was gonna be a painter when I was all grown up. I mean, my mom kept saying I never would, but I practiced every day and I think she was just trying to motivate me? Turns out I was only okay at painting, though, which is okay because I am way-super-okay at Eva piloting! :P

My dad is on the tech crew for Unit 311 (the Eva I get to pilot). Before I was a real pilot, when I was just a girl who paints a lot and isn't really great at it, my dad snuck me out of the house one night while Mom was freaking out again, and let me sit in 311's cockpit! Apparently I was killer badass at sitting in there! So they let me pilot 311 for reals.

But apparently there are a lot of really rude stupid buttheads out there who want to kill me and Rob and my other pilot friends!! Dx Which doesn't even make any sense because I am actually pretty good at piloting that thing! Maybe they're mad because I'm not trying hard enough to land hits with my hammer... I know it's frustrating. Sometimes it makes me really mad too, and I just swing it around everywhere and don't even care what it hits! But it's my job to disable their Evas and crusaders, and I'm trying not to kill them because I'm not a rude stupid butthead murderer. I'm not! But, like, if hypothetically a guy was gonna kill you even though you're just a little girl and not even because he doesn't like your paintings or anything... you know, he'd deserve it, right?

Major Sunflower "Sonny" MadisonEdit

Sonny Madison is the Operations Director of the UAS Boston, the Eva Carrier deployed in the Atlantic ocean. Her years as an Eva pilot during the Angelic War scarred her profoundly, and resulted in her inability to safely continue piloting, lest she suffer a Synch Explosion and tang. With years of therapy alongside her formal education, she overcame some of her shortcomings (Bleed Through old rules downgraded to Cynic, and Kleptomania was stupid), but she now suffers from Nightmares, and is Second Fiddle to Rashiid.

In the intervening years, she has been through officer training school and become an Academic in AT physics.

(Sonny's player is still playing Sonny, and both she and her player will struggle with wanting to be in the robot punching things.)


All of the Evas are newly grown and untested, and have the experimental induced S2 organ. It appears to work...

Unit 311Edit


Cranial Horn, Leaper

Unit 312Edit

This unit is a Production Alpha Evangelion that was refined over several generations of prototypes and test types, this Evangelion represents of final "proof of concept" template for an entire series of production models. Deep within Unit 312 is a Black Box that none but the highest of officials know of, its purpose is unknown at this time. Unlike most Eva units, 312 has a more Predator look with its sharpened claws and its Multieyes that give the unit a keener look across the battlefield. Yet despite looks of Unit 312, it has been a very Calm and tame evangelion unlike the other production models. Unit 312's plates are a Bright White, with a Dark Red base. This is Thomas "Azrael" Guilliman slated unit.

Unit 312 has always been Destined to Meet Pilot Guilliman.

Unit 313Edit

A product of Project [REDACTED], this Evangelion is a lumbering behemoth with armor density far surpassing its kin. A veritable Steel Giant, Unit 313 is primarily a close combat model where it can most effectively bring its Hulking Frame into play. The head is dominated by a single Cyclopean Eye and a pair of binders on the lower jaw, giving the Evangelion a distinctive hammerhead appearance, though this is somewhat compromised by the ocular rails built into the forehead and cheeks that allow the eye greater mobility. Finally, due to the Mismanaged fumbling after Project [REDACTED]'s cancellation any reports of hallucinations or 'Invasive tendencies' by test pilots are to be sealed pending review. Color assignment for this Evangelion is Bright Green primary plating with Dull Purple secondary plating and warning stripes.

Unit 313 has always been Destined to Meet Pilot Carter.

This unit was confiscated from the secret Iranian base several years ago, hence the redaction of all of its records and its ass-backwards construction. It was not seeded, but rather reproduced naturally off of the 'Lucifer' progenitor. It has self-identified as Mastema to Nikolai; its soul is Angelic.

Unit 314Edit

This unit suffered a catastrophic core failure during initial activation tests, nearly annihilating the entire frame. The staff at the Nevada facility were able to Resurrect the unit, but in subsequent tests the frame's strength was somewhat anemic. In response to increased battlefield lethality from specialty munitions, it was fitted with experimental Reactive Armor. Differing from other chassis, instead of multiple optic sensors, 314 has a Cyclopean Eye that dominates the top and front of the head, somewhat reminiscent of a space helmet. A rumor persists that the construction was biased toward Angelic DNA, resulting in curious A.T. characteristics. This has been debunked by the engineering staff, the true cause of the shifted A.T. Field is an experimental power buffer array adapted from combat trials. Unit 314's plates are Bright Blue, with a Plain Grey base. The right wing has been outfitted with a Missile Rack.

Unit 314 is Robert Hood's unit.

Unit 315Edit

Unit 315 has had all manufacturing marks on its chassis meticulously filed off. Any record of its past has been Redacted. It has a Lighter Frame than other Evas. On its head it has no visible eyes and an unhinged, split jaw. Whatever project this Evangelion came from was Mismanaged. The Eva appears to be designed with Extreme Environments in mind. Pilots report that there is no visual input anywhere in the cockpit, however when sync'd with the Eva the pilot can still see through spatial impressions or intuition. High sync ratios result in delusions of Clairvoyance.

Micheal and Unit 315 were made for each other.

This unit was confiscated from the secret Iranian base several years ago, hence the redaction of all of its records and its ass-backwards construction. It was not seeded, but rather reproduced naturally off of the 'Lucifer' progenitor. It has self-identified as Vassago (to Michael) and Penemue (to Madison); its soul is Angelic.

Unit 316Edit


The Bradley of Giant Mecha.

Other EvasEdit

Unit 111Edit

Formerly designated Unit 11 of Nerv Boston, this Eva will no longer sync with any pilot except Sonny. Remains stationed as a research specimen at the Nevada facility following Sonny's retirement from the piloting corps.

Unit 211Edit

Formerly designated Unit 15 of Nerv Boston and Unit 02 of Nerv Tokyo, this is the first production-grade Eva. Piloted by Asuka, and leader of the 2nd Eva Division of the UA Mecha Corps.

Unit 214, Nickname: JormyEdit

Formerly designated Unit 34 of Nerv Berlin and Unit 13 of Nerv Boston, this Eva was previously piloted by German pilot Dieter and American pilots David and David II during the Angelic War. Reassigned to 2nd Eva Division under the command of a new pilot following David's retirement from the piloting corps.

It can be safely assumed that Jormy will remain unimpressed with her new pilot.

Supporting CastEdit

General Nathaniel RashiidEdit

The former OpsDir of Nerv Boston, Rashiid turned the assets of the Eva program over to the US military in exchange for continued control over the program in its new form. He is deployed as the Commander of the UAS Boston.

(Rashiid's player is now playing Micheal Albright)

2nd Lt David Jones IIEdit

David retired from the piloting corps due to Ego Barrier damage in 2018, and went to officer training school. He returned to the Nevada and became a pilot instructor for the next cohort of Eva pilots. He was reactivated and deployed to Korea during the Second Korean War in 2021 with the first American Crusaders, and he and Jormy (Unit 13) proved adept at destroying conventional forces. They were less apt at stopping when ordered, and in 2022 he was retired from active piloting duty for good.

Once separated from his Eva, and given ample time for therapy and healing, he was able to continue as a pilot instructor, although he still fears that SEELE is out there somewhere, and that one day they will come for him. He maintains a deep satisfaction in the knowledge that he is now the only David; his history as a Manufactured no longer haunts him.

(David's player is now playing Nikolai Bellic Carter)

Captain Asuka Langley SoryuEdit

Asuka stayed with the Eva program, and now commands the Eva forces of the UAS San Francisco, the Eva carrier deployed in the Pacific. She is a capable pilot, and remains as stable as she ever was, thanks to her very limited exposure to Angels.

She is the public face of the Eva program, as a natural born attention whore and as both of the other surviving pilots are camera shy. She was deployed to the Second Korean War in 2021 and remained there until she was designated leader of the 2nd Eva Division. She returned to the Nevada facility to select the pilots who would return to the warfront in the Pacific with her.

Captain Armando RamirezEdit

Ramirez is still around. He’s in charge of Infantry Forces on the Boston. This usually involves shipboard security, but he also directs any ground troops that may be deployed. Ramirez sticks with Rashiid, because he knows that Rashiid has the world’s best interests in mind. Also, Rashiid gave him and his men laser guns. Laser Guns!

Captain Don HalfordEdit

In his mid-thirties and captain of the greatest ship mankind’s ever seen? Yeah, he’s kinda surprised too. People seem to intrinsically trust and respect this guy, probably because he's the Friendliest Person in the Universe. It doesn’t hurt that he looks about a decade older than he is, so he is intermittently your bro or your cool uncle.

CIC BunniesEdit

1st Lt. “Big” Jeff Rollins: Yes, he’s back, and yes, he still monitors the Evas. Still a nerd/bro hybrid. Still big. Still Jeff.

2nd Lt. Hannah McFarlane: Hannah is the bridge liaison; think comms officer, but she also reports on the status of the ship. She's a southern belle who must be in a competition with the Captain for Friendliest Person in the Universe.

2nd Lt. Carmen Menendez: Carmen monitors the pilot’s health. Part medic, part scientist, all attitude.

1st Lt. Avon Williams: Avon is the CAG (Commander, Air Group). He’s not not Stringer Bell.

2nd Lt. Zoya Taras: Zoya monitors the enemy forces and oversees maintenance of the MAGI. She's a total sperglord for giant robots, but only the REAL ones. Anime mecha are retarded.

The CowboyEdit

Ted is learning how to be a man. He has a new mentor, a gruff individual who is full of hard won life lessons and simple, folksy wisdom. He is known only as The Cowboy. Currently, his rank, job on the ship, credentials, or history all all unknown, but what is known is that he's taken a liking to Ted, who he possibly sees a bit of himself in. It is also possible that Ted is only imagining The Cowboy, and he is in fact not a real person at all. But that's probably not the case. Probably.

Major EventsEdit

This is (Not) a DrillEdit

Pilot training at the Nevada Evangelion facility concluded with the entire cohort of Pilot Cadets doing actual field trials; their first time actually in an Eva! Major Madison and Captain Langley watched as each of the pilot cadets ran an Eva through an obstacle course, in order to select their cadre of pilots for deployment. There are many terrible rolls, and many faceplams in the observation tower, but the pilots that actually have character sheets manage to acquit themselves well, as none of them Berserked, ejected, or had the Eva try to pull out the plug, and all of them looked like they might be able to hit the broad side of a barn with a little help. Therefore, Major Madison predictably chose the pilots to be her cadre. Five more pilots were chosen to join the Second Eva Division with Asuka, and the rest were assigned as backup pilots or remained at Nevada for further training.

The selected pilots met with Major Madison and were informed that they were being deployed to the UAS Boston, immediately, and to pack up. Those pilots with parents or guardians were allowed to see them before leaving. Michael Albright met with his handler, Asif, and commended Asif on his perfectly adequate job over the past 15 years. Asif reminded Michael to stay out of trouble. Ted Higgins' mom saw him off in a hurricane of ProudMomTears, and packed his bags for him to make sure he would have everything he needed, including lots of extra underwear. Thomas Guilliman met with his uncle Jebediah, and they had a very loud and very obnoxious prayer in the middle of the tarmac, which everyone tried their best to ignore. So blessed, Thomas set off as Gods' Warrior. Adelie's dad assured her that while he'd be on the ship with the rest of the Eva technicians, he would be there if she needed him, but otherwise he would let her do this on her own, and that he was so proud of his little girl.

With all the goodbyes said, the pilots boarded a VTOL and flew to Neo Boston, where the UAS Boston was harbored to begin its maiden voyage. While in the air, the pilots - and Major Madison - were informed that there would be a parade, because there has to be a parade for these kinds of things. With the Evas. Marching down Giulianni Memorial Highway towards the harbor. The pilots were nervous, but they had earlier demonstrated their ability to walk in a straight line. Major Madison and the bridge crew got to ride in a float.

Much to everyone's surprise, halfway through the parade several Russian-model Crusaders and one unknown Eva airdropped in along the parade route. They were identified as hostile and Madison ordered the pilots to attack. They were not deployed with weapons for the parade, so they only had their fists and whatever items were in their wing loadouts: Prog knives for everyone! Even when vastly outgunned and untrained in Eva combat, the pilots performed admirably. Four crusaders were destroyed, two surrendered, and the Eva was disabled and its pilot surrendered. The pilots were ordered to report to the UAS Boston immediately, and the cleanup was left to the UAS ground forces on site.

"On one hand, I've never seen so many Berserk Evas in one day, and that terrifies me. On the other hand, Entry Plug Ejection technology has improved dramatically over the past 10 years. --Major Madison

After Action Report:This is (Not) a Drill

You Can (Not) SwimEdit

After the tense battle, the pilots boarded the UAS Boston for the first time. As their bags were still being transported, they reported to the debriefing room in their plugsuits. Thomas' plug failed to eject at first; he was late to the debriefing. Ted was gripped by a sudden and horrifying case of the vomitshits and was whisked away to the medical bay, not to be seen again for the rest of the session. Madison and Rashiid congratulated the pilots on an excellent, if unexpected combat, and the experienced pilots and staff quietly celebrated the fact that no one berserked, no one ran away or panicked, and if Ted shat the plug, well, he has norovirus. It's not really his fault.

Nikolai reported that he had "talked to" the pilot of the enemy Eva while neutralizing, and asked if this was normal. Madison confirmed that it was and determined that the pilots needed to practice neutralizing - and know what kind of information could be inadvertently passed along that link - prior to engaging in real combat again. Both during the trials and the parade combat, Michael noted that his Eva could not see, although he could perceive his surrounding and navigate. As visual acuity is a vital part of being able to stab and/or shoot the bad mans, Madison promised to investigate. The pilots were given their dorm assignments and dismissed. (Room 1: Thomas, Ted, David, Big Jeff, two backup pilots. Room 2: Michael, Robert, Nikolai, Ramirez, two backup pilots. Room 3: Adelie, Madison, Menendez, Taras, two backup pilots.)

The pilots spent their first evening on ship playing video games in one of the lounges on board. Michael rolled a something stupid like a 15 on COD and a 01 on Smash Bros, so apparently he's some kind of video game god, as he's never played a video game before.

Madison left figuring out who attacked and why to her superiors and focused on getting the Evas and pilots combat ready. A couple days out of Neo-Boston, she had the Evas deployed and standing on the flight deck and ordered them all to spread their AT fields and then neutralize one another. During this exercise, Thomas learned that Michael was a clone (he isn't really trying to hide it) and therefore a sin against God. Thomas later confronted Maj. Madison about it, who already knew, and said it wasn't a problem, and it wasn't going to become a problem, right? Adelie saw a memory of Robert climbing into a tank as a child during some kind of war situation, and her choice of Second Fiddle: Robert was confirmed.

A few days later, Madison got permission to investigate the anomalies with Unit 313. The unit had been noted by previous test pilots to have no visual feedback, and the Eva itself violently resisted all attempts to grow eyes or install cameras. Madison got into the unit and synched up, with Rashiid's permission and over Solomon's objections. She confirmed the lack of any sort of sight, but still was aware of her surroundings. Predictably, the Eva began to talk to her. She took a bit of Insanity, suffered a Synch Explosion and her synch ratio skyrocketed. Before Solomon was able to eject her, she was able to hear a message from the Eva, which just so happens to be Clairvoyant, and see a hallucination of the other Evas in the bay walking about and talking amongst themselves. Madison was shaken by the encounter, but unhurt. She didn't tell Solomon anything more than "It talked," When Suddenly... Rashiid appeared outside the locker room for a debrief. She shared the prophecy from the Eva with him, and was ordered to tell no one, not even Solomon. So she told David, because like hell was she going to leave him out of something like that.

During the third week on board, intelligence was coming in from the captured prisoners that the hostile mechs had launched from a "crusader can," a Russian submarine that was little more than an underwater Crusader/Eva deployment platform, and that it - and a few more Crusaders and one Eva - was still out there. This particular crusader can was stolen from a Russian satellite state several years ago, and is now dubbed the Saladin. Plans were set into motion to find the Saladin and to lure it to a location where the it could not dive below the Eva's crush depth. The Evas were equipped with C-type armor in preparation and deployed to the sea floor (700m) in ambush.

The Saladin was defeated handily, all of its torpedoes were taken down before they could threaten the Boston. The Saladin was sunk, and the only survivor was the Eva pilot.

Do not worry, He is ready
Many foes are arrayed against you
Host above, Legion below
And those Man made in Our image

--Prophecy of the Dead Salsa Scrolls (I spilled salsa on my notes. Deal with it.)

After Action Report:You Can (Not) Swim

You Are (Not) on a BoatEdit

With the enemy sub dispatched, the UAS Boston set sail for Casablanca, Morocco for resupply. Adelie realized that there were people in those Crusaders and freaked out; Maj. Madison was sympathetic but too busy to deal with it and dropped Adelie off with the child psychologist on board to work through it. Adelie was not seen for the remainder of the session.

Foreseeing the strong possibility of future underwater combat, Madison arranged for a Navy SEAL instructor to be flown out and give the pilots a crash course. Additionally, several of the pilots put in requests for Swim Bladders to be installed. During the swim training, the pilots noticed that Madison and Lt. Jones both had a Nerv Boston tattoos on their shoulders, and Madison had a huge tattoo across her back that Robert was able to identify as an A.T. diagram of some sort. He didn't ask about it, and they all spent the next four weeks beating each other up underwater and getting trained in Swim.

The captured Eva pilot from the Saladin was resisting interrogation, and Gen. Rashiid asked for volunteers from the pilots on a plan to get the information he needed. They would put the prisoner in his armless, legless Eva and the volunteers would neutralize him, thus initiating a mental contact that the prisoner could not refuse. All of the pilots except Nikolai volunteered. Rashiid choose Robert and Michael, as two interrogators could provide a good-cop-bad-cop team. Michael asked the first question, "Who do you work for?" He flubbed the roll and took some Ego Barrier damage, which caused his Eva's Clairvoyant to activate. He saw that this was a splinter group of Al Qaida, who was determined to destroy the UA because they "killed God." He also saw that if Robert asked "Where are they based?" he would get answers, so he directed Robert to ask that. He found out that there were two facilities, both underground, one Iran, another in Iraq." Michael's next question was "Who do you get your funding from?" and he rolled poorly with a similar Clairvoyant result; the funding source was "The Smiling Man," which is all the pilot knew. Michael also directed Robert to ask "How many robots do you have?" next, which he did, and Robert saw many, many crusaders, an Eva with a tarp over its face and a huge tongue hanging out, and a deep dark hole with terrible noises coming from it. At that point Rashiid cut off the interrogation as the prisoner was about to tang. Afterwards, the prisoner attempted to commit suicide, and was flown back to the UA.

Upon arrival in Casablanca, the pilots were given shore leave, on the condition that they don't do anything that would get them on the news except as stock footage of United American Soldiers. Cpt. Ramirez found out about Madison and David's Nerv Boston tattoo, and wanted one too, so they all went to a tattoo parlor in Casablanca to get it done. Michael stayed on board to try and follow up on his earlier statement about killing the prisoner, but found that he had already been medevaced out, so he went back to his room. The rest of the pilots went ashore with some of their friends on board. Thomas got on a soapbox and preached God's Word to people who did not speak English. Ted's mom called, and he rolled a successful willpower check to not pick up. After Ted's empowering rebellion, the pilots decided to check the drinking age in Morocco. There is none, and they proceeded to get absolutely, totally shitfaced as they all failed their carouse checks. Ted drunk dialed his mom. Sonny and crew were also bar hopping and came across the sloshed pilots. David and Ramirez were also quite drunk, but Ramirez had enough presence of mind to call the 'sober patrol' to send a pickup for the kids. The next morning, Madison got the hungover pilots up early for laps around the flight deck as she drove behind them in a golf cart, just like Rashiid did to her the first time she and the pilots got drunk a decade before. Then, during their morning briefing, she gave them tips on how to not get so embarrassingly drunk next time.

After resupply was complete, the UAS Boston left port again. Only a few days out of port, the entire ship rocked with a huge impact. Immediately upon arrival in the bridge, Madison saw another shot whiz by, nearly hitting the conning tower. Lt. Taras identified it as coming from a K-28 artillery mech and a serious threat to the ship. Madison called for the ship's AT Field to be raised. In the Eva bay, Robert noticed that the ship had an AT Field, which was totally weird. The enemy was located in the ruins of Tangier, and the Evas were launched from the Eva catapults into the combat.

Robert came to Madison after the combat to tell her that he detected the ship's AT Field and deduced that it must also have an Eva of some sort embedded in it. Madison confirmed this and warned him that that info was classified, but she was glad he was so observant. She gave him a book to read on AT Tactics, since he was obviously talented at AT manipulation; she didn't tell him that the book was selections from her own dissertation. Rashiid, who was listening in because Rashiid is always listening, was so happy that his new pilots reported it when they found shit out instead of keeping their knowledge to themselves or telling the other pilots. He also gave Madison permission to answer the pilots questions truthfully, as long as the answers would not impact their ability to fight. So, no telling them that we actually did kill god. Right. Michael approached Madison with questions about synch disruptions, asking point blank if there were long term negative effects to piloting. She answered yes, there were long term effects. However, they monitor pilot health closely because of this, and in any case, this particular type of damage would not be passed to his backups.

"You know when we're done with this they're going to kill you. I hope they let me do it." -Michael, to the Eva pilot prisoner.
"I thought there was going to be a good cop!" -The captured Eva pilot

"I'm going to kill you. I am destined to kill you." -Michael, to the pilot of one of the Evas in Tangier

"That Eva is going to be a problem." -Maj. Madison, in reference to Unit 315. She thinks Michael is a model pilot.

After Action Report:You Are (Not) on a Boat

That is (Not) an AngelEdit

Abbadon, Evangelion/Angel hybrid? [3D Model]

After the previous battle, the ship set sail for Cairo for resupply. In Cairo, Maj. Madison lost a bet and had to go shopping with Adelie and one of the bridge bunnies. Ted passed a willpower check and sent his mom a fax saying that his cellphone was broken. All of the pilots went on a tour those pyramids that were not underwater, and debated about how the pyramids were created by God, or Angels, or whatever. Robert studied the book on AT Tactics, and put together 2 and 2 on all the tiny AT Fields he had sensed with an AT Ping during the last battle: they are obviously creating some kind of P-scale AT soldier! Madison facepalmed, and just told them that all people have AT Fields. Michael then asked what would happen if you neutralized a person, and was told that they would die. Michael is the worst person to have told this to, because now he wants to try it.

The enemy base was pinpointed as being near Tikrit in Iraq; several units of Crusaders were deployed to various other installations as a joint strike. One unit of Crusaders joined the pilots on their assault of the main facility. The facility was breached, and inside was a rather run-down Eva storage and repair setup and a Big Scary Door at the end. With something trying very hard to get out. When it finally busted down the door, out stepped something that looked like a cross between an Eva and Sachiel. Madison and Nikolai failed their fear tests and were frozen in place. Madison snapped out of it very quickly, but Nikolai's Eva Berzerked and went apeshit on it. Michael also attacked it, but was backed away when Nikolai's eva tore out most of its guts with it's hollow venom-injecting teeth. After the whatever-it-was and the enemy Evas were dispatched, Nikolai's Eva wreaked the place for a while, then built a bonfire out of what was available, sat down beside it, and went to sleep.

The pilots were recovered and intelligence teams sent in to recover whatever they could after Unit 313's fit. Nikolai was not ok with his experience of a berzerking Eva. Michael is now reminding Madison of David I. Ted and Adelie remained blissfully ignorant of the horrors that occurred. Robert blew up over the nonexistent intelligence on the facility prior to the assault, as well as the lack of basic combat tactics on breaching doors from his fellow pilots.

After Action Report: That is (Not) An Angel

(Not) This Shit AgainEdit

Interrogate captured pilots, find problematic info. Like, the enemy Evas aren't being grown; they're crawling out of a pit in the ground (the Spook Hole) fully formed, and are being subdued and have plugs installed at that stage. And that the Angel-like thing they have faced isn't the only one, and it DID have a core when it crawled out of the Spook Hole, but that was removed when the plug was inserted. Oh, and there's a Ramiel-analog waiting there too. Because this info isn't scary enough, Madison decides that she needs to know what's in the Spook Hole before they attack. So she asks the one resource they have that would know what's down there: Unit 315. Because Units 315 and 313 were 'acquired' during a US raid on a militant base several years ago, which explains why they are both [Redacted] and Mismanaged, but Unit 313 isn't big on talking.

Turns out Adam is down there. Or something very like Adam, but called Lucifer, and baby Evas (of MP and normal types) are dropping off it it. Unit 315, who gives its own name as Penemue, also clearly recalled seeing Ramsey - with a yellow AT Field - inside the insurgent facility, long after he was theoretically sealed into a pocket dimension. Madison tells Michael and Nikolai about the origins of their Evas (leaving out the part about Lucifer) and answers more questions, leading Michael to realize that, in so many words, his Eva is alive, sentient, and can see the future.

Operation SpookNuke is launched, with the intention of detonating an N2 mine in the facility if it cannot be taken. They fight the Ramiel-analog, who identified as Barachiel, and four "Eva Wranglers." Then they entered the facility, and found the SpookHole, surrounded by a bunch of baby Evas. They killed of swarms of the Evas, until an actual, real-life, blue-pattern-and-a-core Angel crawled out of the Spook Hole. It royalled fucked up the group, but was defeated. It self identified as Abezethibou. The big nasty at the bottom of the Spook Hole escaped before we could throw an N2 mine at its head.

"Psst. Hey. Hey Tom. How do you know if you've been ordained by God to do something?"
"Psst. Hey. Hey Tom. Do you like Spiderman?"

After Action Report: Operation SpookNuke

Your Robot Is (Not) A PersonEdit

Following Operation SpookNuke, the base was taken. The enemy OpsDir was taken prisoner and interrogated; Madison learned that they did not build this facility, but were lead there by The Smiling Man, who must be Ramsey. It's also revealed that this facility is where the MP Evas were manufactured. Or grown. Or something. In any case, the terrifying thing in the basement was, by genetic testing of the recovered Evas, determined to be itself a hybrid of Adam and humans, much like Evas themselves, although what made this particular crossbreed to take so closely after its Progenitor is unknown. It's also unknown how it got off the containment cross and where it is going next. After extracting all the intel they can, Nikolai fulfills his promise to the pilot of Abaddon and carries a N2 mine into the facility and detonates it. Oops, were we suppose to keep that facility in one piece for the UA/EU to swoop in and weaponize it? Sorry, that memo must have gotten lost. Some things are better off destroyed, and neither Madison nor Rashiid trust anyone with those secrets.

The pilots are researching AT powers using the book Madison gave Rob, and hints she has dropped because she is not good at keeping secrets. They become interested in P-Scale AT powers, if such things exist, and try ineffectually to use their own AT field outside the Evas. Madison decides to cut short the inevitably cycle of crawling into the Eva bay through the vents at night, and just lets them into the lab to experiment in a supervised manner. They try to Group Sync in the Evas but fail (Rob hasn't bought that talent yet). When Madison tells the pilots that the Evas have names and can talk, Tom becomes convinced that the Evas are in fact angels (in the feel-good biblical sense).

Solomon builds a device based on the Angel detection system connected to the MAGI in Boston, and hooks it up. It detects the Big Bad Thing heading towards India, but also a fainter ping in France. As France is closer, Rashiid and Madison determine to go there and root out the Angel before it can wreck France's day, despite the fact that they have orders to stay put as UA high command reviews the, um, accidental detonation.

The UAS Boston gets to the coast of France along with a destroyer escort, and what do you know, the EU doesn't believe us that there's an Angel in their territory. They prepared a destroyer-and-crusader welcoming committee. They repeatedly warn the Boston back, and when the Evas launch they open fire. Unit 315 landed directly on top of the Angel ping, and saw a woman (P-scale) with a very strong AT field. Michael neutralized the woman, and after a turn she 'popped' and an E-scale Angel came out and the French all surrendered. It identified as "Oya" and teleported all around until we could get it to hold in place long enough to hammer its face in.

"Good job, Nikolai!"

-Rob to Nikolai after he body slammed a submarine so hard it broke in half.

After Action Report: Operation AWOL

That is (Not) a War Face, This is (Not) a War FaceEdit

The intrepid crew of the UAS Boston and the heroic pilots of 31 VES found themselves in a real tight spot after defeating Oya. The EU soldiers quickly rallied and started issuing challenges to stand down. Major Madison saw little choice, and ordered the Evas to drop their weapons and remain in place. Coincidentally, the EU had a high level official on hand to begin negotiations.A helicopter flew him over from the Jean D'Arc. After a brief moment of tension where the Boston crew refused to surrender their arms, the negotiator stunned Major Madison and General Rashiid by changing his face to Eric Ramsey's. The EU official was the Smiling Man, who was responsible for arming the Terrorist Army [WHAT WERE THEY CALLED???] and who knows what else.

The Smiling Man informed the General and the Major that he could have had them destroyed in a hail of N2 tipped Exocet missiles, but instead decided that having an independent super carrier armed with 6 Evss was too useful to his purposes. He expressed a desire for them to continue hunting Lucifer and the new angels he was leaving in his wake. He also warned them not to return to the UAS, as they would be obliterated if they even approached their territory. The Smiling Man had influence there as well, he explained. In order to extricate themselves from their current predicament, he suggested that the Boston hand over some spare S2 organs so that the EU would let them live. Dismayed, Madison and Rashiid could only look on in horror as the Smiling Man changed his face back and returned to the Jean D'Arc.

Thinking quickly, Major Madison ordered Rob to ping the helicopter with his AT field. Rob as predictably shocked to discover a yellow pattern AT field similar in strength to the Angel they had just destroyed. The Major took the Smiling Man's advice and opened a line to the local Euro Corps commander. In addition to transferring spare S2 organs, she entrusted the secret of growing them, along with sharing what she knew about Lucifer and the Smiling Man. Overwhelmed, the EC commander was hesitant at first, but trusted the Major's sincerity. Madison's gamble paid off, and the Boston was free to go.

At sea, General Rashiid took a brief break to comprehend what he had just heard. The EU and UAS were being controlled by what could only be an alien doppelganger. Madison then took responsibility for informing the pilots and then the crew that the Boston had been forced to sever ties with the UAS in order to accomplish their ultimate mission: to defend the world from extraterrestrial invaders. Some took the news better than others, and after an impassioned speech over the ship's PA, about 90% of the crew decided to stay on. The remainder were dropped off somewhere along the coast of North Africa. The Boston was now on her own.

As for the pilots, it was a bit more complicated. Nikolai and Adelie were mostly indifferent, having had no military indoctrination, and were looking forward to focusing on fighting more angels. Michael was more concerned with learning about the fantastical origins of his Eva and discovering its secrets. Tom was loyal to the unit first, and would obey any order Major Madison gave him. Ted was determined to stop another alien apocalypse. Rob was dismayed to learn that the UAS had been possibly taken over by aliens, and may have been under their control for some time. He insisted that the pilots immediately start planning for the eventual liberation of his beloved country from their shadow government, though this stopped almost immediately when Madison convinced him they would be immediately exterminated if they tried anything so bold. Rob decided he would plan on his own if necessary. There would be liberation, no one would stop him.

With tensions at an all time high, Rob asked Adelie to help him throw a squadron morale event, because he read at the academy that raising morale was an important thing to do when people were tense and angry about things they couldn't control. When Adelie sweet talked some of the bridge crew into buying alcohol for them, Captain Halford overheard. He had at that exact moment just remembered that they had not crossed the equator yet, and he had a boat ship full of pollywogs. That would not do! Halford had the Boston sail due south and threw one of the grandest Shellback ceremonies ever. Adorned as King Neptune, he oversaw the trial of the Pollywogs on board and had them eat gross things as punishment. It was all good fun for everyone, except for Tom, who though it was stupid. The three Joes hauled him out of his room when he didn't want to come, and when it became apparent he wasn't participating, Captain Halford King Neptune had him banished. Which meant David stuffed Tom inside his wall locker and closed it. Then everyone got really drunk.

Afterwards, Ted, again, tried to acquire cigars. This time, he tried rolling them with notebook paper and a bag of something someone sold him that was supposed to be tobacco. Enter, The Cowboy. A helpful man shook his head, and told Ted how it's really done. And so started Ted on his path to self actualization.

While this ceremony was being planned, Madison and Rashiid began planning their next move. In order to fight Lucifer and now a possible fourth Progenitor level alien, they needed the Lance. There were two leads: The factory in China that made the false lance's used in the first war, and a secret lab in Antioch where the Lance had been studied. Antioch was closer, so there they went.

There was an old Seele facility in the basement of the Mosaic Museum, which Captain Ramirez got the plans for. He was having a ball with his new job of collecting intelligence. Based on the Dead Sea Scrolls, only someone who was A10 Positive could carry the Lance, so Madison and the kids had to go steal it. The pilots were thrilled to plan a real heist, and proceeded to develop an insanely over complicated plan. Which worked flawlessly, somehow. Ramirez drove a truck full of gravel into a power pole, Tom shot a guy with a tranq gun, everyone helped to kick a door in, Rob got to hold a piece of the Lance for a minute, it was a hoot.

It turned out that the old facility in the basement was some kind of archive, and a fragment of the original Lance was stored there. This was probably the basis used to develop the false lances, Madison determined. The fragment was handed over to Doctor Solomon who immediately began aggressively sciencing it.

It was then that the hyper-wave decoder on the Boston detected two alien contacts. One was left in Lucifer's wake and was blue, and was advancing on Pyongyang, and the other was in the middle of Neo Constantinople and was yellow. Madison and Rashiid agreed that Asuka would likely take care of whatever was in Korea, and made for Neo Constantinople. It was also, like, right there.

Neo Constantinople was a war zone, with the Euro Corps fighting Russians for control of the city. Broadcasting their neutrality and intent to attack only the angel, the Boston approached the city. Russian high command had little patience for such tricks, but the local Euro Corps commander had read a report from France, was convinced that the Boston was at least not hostile to them, and was likely actually here to fight a real alien threat. The lower ranked Russian commander, who was actually in charge of the troops in the area, also decided to let the Boston and her Eva's pass, despite explicit orders to, "Kill them all."

31 VES then deployed in the middle of the battle lines and ignored the giant robots shooting and punching each other while they searched a shabby row of tenements for an elusive AT signal. The angel was able to obscure its location from AT pings, necessitating a house by house search. Eventually, a growing circle of green fire expanded from the buildings, and everyone in the fire heard DRUMS.


Ted then got really mad and hit a Russian K-46 so hard with his hammer that it exploded and flattened the nearby buildings. This was fortuitous, as that revealed Ogum, who's physical presence was a bare Angel core hovering in the middle of the circle of green fire, which was continuously expanding. Ted was informed by Ogum that he was now a Champion, and he was worthy of his New Army. Michael also became a champion when he stabbed another K-46 to pieces. Adelie's Eva then went berserk. Fortunately, Tom and Nikolai were able to destroy the actual core relatively quickly, once it had been revealed. But the berserking 311 didn't slow down, and then smashed Rob's Eva's arm with its hammer. Rob then engaged go fast mode and jumped into the ocean while Nikolai and Ted held 311 down.

That was a hell of a thing. Why would 311 go after 314 like that?

"I hate this job."


"No you don't!"


"Yeah, you're right, I really don't."


After Action Report: Operation War Face

This is (Not) A Love SongEdit

After defeating Ogum, the plucky crew of the good ship UAS Boston set sail for the Atlantic, to plot their next move. Also to hide from the myriad groups that wanted to blow them all up to death. It was there that they got confirmation from Ramirez's spy ring that the UAS was indeed under hostile alien control. This reinforced Rashiid and Madison's decision not to go anywhere near the UAS for fear of 300+ N2 tipped Harpoon ASMs turning their little boat into a second sun.

They also learned about what happened to the demon that attacked Pyongyang, who was apparently Beelzebub. The giant nasty fly man was trolling through the DPRK's wacky wonderland when a giant unknown contact from Japan flew over. It appeared to be larger than even Unit 313, and was adorned in E scale samurai armor and wielded a glorious katana. The demon and the fighting machine crossed blades 33 times, a very honorable duel, but the demon was no match and died gloriously. The unknown combatant then flew back to Japan. Everyone who watched the news feeds were shocked, but not really that surprised.

Also after examining the last battle, Madison informed the pilots that unit 314 had a blue pattern AT field as the result of some boondoggle experiment or another. That meant that berserking Evas would inevitably target him after any angels or demons had been eliminated. Upon learning this, Rob continued to practice moving fast. He also helped Nikolai build toughness by throwing medicine balls at him, which was how he totally remembered how to do that. Ted continued his lessons from The Cowboy, and was starting to understand what it meant to stand up for what he believed in, and how important true friends were. Madison began helping Doctor Solomon analyze the piece of the lance. Michael was determined to help, but was overwhelmed by the over stimulating environment of the lab and had little useful input. Adelie and Tom concurrently worked to become more effective killers, hoorah.

The hyperwave decoder then picked up two more contacts. A blue pattern left from Lucifer's wake in Sydney, and a yellow pattern in the middle of the Canadian wilderness. At this point. Solomon had noticed the pattern that several weeks preceding each yellow event, there was a corresponding beam of light from space. He believed he had the general area these beams were coming from, but they needed access to a powerful telescope in order to determine what was there. Madison knew Some Guy in Argentina who was at such a facility, and sent him an encrypted email requesting the necessary information.

The pilots (the one's who cared that is) wanted to stop the alien threatening the CONUAS, but Madison remembered the Smiling Man's warning, and ensured the pilots that the blue pattern in Sydney was still threatening UAS interests and they were more able to deal with that one. So to Australia they went.

Upon arriving at the ruined coastline, the Australian authorities welcomed the Boston with the now familiar line of, "We're supposed to kill you, but there's a giant alien attacking us, so we're going to let you do your job instead." An enormous hell-unicorn, identified as Amduscias when neutralized, emerged from the red waves with frightful speed. All around him, there was horrible music, as if every instrument was being played at once.

Michael and Rob were deployed first, with orders to slow the monster down while the rest of the squadron rallied up. Michael was equipped with a brand new false lance, and he proceeded to parry the first attack and deliver grievous wounds. But the monster was huge and full of hate, and bit off 315's left arm. Before the rest of the squadron could get into position, Michael's Eva got stabbed in the chest by Amduscias' horn. Michael passed out from the pain, and 315 then went Berserk. Despite being considerably slowed down by an air sucking chest wound, 315 dealt more wounds with the false lance.

The rest of the team then surrounded the creature. Adelie was the first to attack it, but the creature's AT barrier was too strong. Neutralizing appeared to only be half effective. Madison had a hunch that it had to do with the music, and Solomon suggested that they play some back. Everyone looked at each other on the bridge, wondering what to do, when Adelie started singing. It worked, and the demon's AT barrier started to degraded at normal rates. This was shocking to all involved, but not really surprising.

Ted, singing Spiderman, planned on luring the hell pony into charging him, when Nikolai ran up and tore its legs off. Immobilized, a well placed salvo from the Boston blew the creature open, and then Tom shot its body with his siege maser, igniting it. Now that the demon was disabled, the squadron went to move a safe distance away before the core would inevitably explode. That's when 315 threw the false lance into the core, shattering it so completely that it did not explode.

Rob, thinking quickly, engaged go fast mode and threw himself off a cliff into the ocean before 315 had a chance to break his robot. Tom then shot his maser cannon at 315 in order to destroy the berserking Eva. Fortunately he missed. Unfortunately, this was technically attempted murder under the UCMJ. Madison order him to stand down.

Instead of reacting to this with any hostility, 315 stuffed nearby terrain into the sucking chest wound and then appeared to sit down and meditate.

While this was happening, Michael was still unconscious. Inside his mind, his Eva showed him the future, where two giant beings fought each other, striding over what appeared to be Egypt. He was then shown the past, where Adam and Lilith fought over the Earth, before all living things. Seeing the fateful duel, Michael then spoke directly with Vassago (Unit 315) for the first time. Vassago told Michael that he was ready, that the Savior (that's Madison) must choose to fight them now, or let them fight each other. He then woke up.

At the debriefing, everyone was concerned over Michael's physical condition, but he assured his fellow pilots, "Don't worry, the next time you see me, I'll be a lot better."

During the berserking, Michael received extensive damage to his body and to his ego barrier. After his arm was bitten off, Major Madison preemptively ordered another copy prepped, so when Michael determined that this version was no longer combat capable, a seamless transition was possible. Michael confirmed with Madison the ultimate secret of the progenitors, that Adam and Lilith were the source of all life on earth through a chaotic accident resulting from their titanic duel. Vassago showed this to him. He wrote extensive notes in his journal to be passed on to Michael II, but under instructions from Madison wrote down only what he was shown in his vision, leaving out anything she told him. While Madison intended for Michael to retire and live quietly somewhere else, he instead drew his side arm and shot himself in the head before she could react. En-route from the science bay, Michael II felt his senior copy's death. He also now had a vague but serious aversion to music.

Madison examined the journal. She noticed a secret note written in the margins: "Tom is wrong."

She passed the journal to Michael II, unaltered.

The rest of the pilots reacted very negatively to Tom's attempted fratricide. The Joes shunned him from the traditional post-battle Titanfall session. Ted exchanged threatening and actually pretty creepy words with him in the middle of the night. Unwilling to sleep in the same room as Tom, Ted then camped out in The Cowboy's room, telling him about his new troubles.

Major Madison then had Tom placed in the brig, awaiting further decision from General Rashiid on what to do with him.

"Psst, Hey Tom? Did you know I almost never sleep?"
"Hey Ted, did you know I can shoot through your bunk?"
"Hey Tom, did you know I'm almost never there?"
-Tom and Ted, best pals

"Next time you feel the need to activate a new copy, you will dispose of the old one in a more orderly manner. Is that understood?" -Madison
"Of course. I'm sorry. I don't know what came over me!" -Michael II

"Maybe the next one will be just as good."
-Gen. Rashiid, as Michael I's body was taken to the morgue

After Action Report: Operation Love Song

Do (Not) Stop BelievingEdit

When we last left the plucky crew of the good ship UAS BOSTON, they had killed the creature Anduscias in Sydney, and Michael had killed himself. Sorta. The Australian Officials (a part of the UAS) weighted were delighted to have their land saved from an alien, but when Madison asked for supplies they had balked. The recent fighting with China had sent a lot of refugees their way, and they were over taxed on food stocks anyway, and they really couldn't spare any. Well, it turned out that the Boston had a few spare berths after the recent, ahem, departure of a few crew members. So the crew picked up about 2,000 new friends, along with a heap of food. Success!

Madison had Tom frog-marched to Rashiid's office for a hearing. A brief court martial was held, where Tom was charged with the attempted murder of Michael. Tom's appointed advocate, [THE LAWYER], made a pretty convincing argument for Tom's defense. With ample opportunity previously, Tom had never tried to kill or even hurt Michael, and showed a well documented pattern of obeying orders. The court martial took Tom's exemplary record into consideration, and decided to show leniency. He lost all privileges and had a mandatory guard posted around him 24/7. Madison briefly entertained designating Tom as a liability and having a bomb installed in him, but decided that was insane. She had one installed in the plug instead.

Meanwhile, on the news, the angel that had attacked Canada was defeated by a couple of crazy krauts and some other idiot kids. Or 21 VES, led by Captain Langley with the assistance of a mysterious crazy man who lived in the woods, namely, Toblerone. He was alive the whole time, and when the angel showed up, he found a bolter on a dead crusader and started tearing shit up. Everyone was shocked, but not really surprised.

While the legal proceedings were wrapping up, Rob discovered something interesting during synch testing. He figured out a way to compress the squadron into the size of an atom and transmit them through a space tube across great distances. A teleport, basically. Upon reaching this epiphany, 314, or Rob, or both, had a sense of profound confidence and pride. This was a solid plan, and it would work. Rob immediately shouted some nonsense at Dr. Solomon and ran up to Rashiid's office. Rashiid and Madison were having a meeting when Rob ran in babbling about teleporting and some other crazy plan about rescuing the president. The part about teleporting was solid, but the part about stealing the white house was totally bonkers. Rashiid was intrigued, despite what common sense should dictate, and Madison agreed to help develop the plan into something actually workable. Thus, OPERATION SWAMP FOX was born.

Madison then received a reply from Some Guy in Argentina. The spot in space where she told him to look, where the yellow beams of light were coming from, revealed a large, black sphere. A sphere that was traveling towards Earth at incredible speed. It would arrive within two months.

The whole squadron group synched for the first time in order to test the viability of long range AT projection. Rashiid suggested that they synch with the Boston as well, and to everyone's actual surprise, they then heard, "Engage the Orpheus Protocol!" Captain Halford donned a plug suit and entered the ship's entry plug. It turned out that he and his wife were injured at sea, and his wife's case was terminal, and he was also A10 positive. So she became a ship and he became a captain. Huh.

Rob synched with all parties and was full of pure, unlimited power. He tested it out by pinging out to Mars, and saw the progenitor's AT field inside their space craft. Adelie convinced Rob to project the entire panorama to her, where she handled it like a boss and was able to recall every detail. Rob also had a strange vision about IR blooms and night optics, because the points of light from the AT ping stirred such an image from 314. Rob wasn't troubled by this, because he also received another healthy boost of confidence and pride. This plan was going to work. The unit could take on anything. They were ready for any enemy.

Madison, Rashiid, and Solomon decided that it was time to reveal all they knew about what they were facing to the pilots. Because they were in the military, they had a power point presentation about the progenitors. Most people went a little bit more crazy on discovering the true origin of the human race (or pretended to not already know), and others took the news with a large grain of salt (Tom). It would take some time for all of the implications to sink in.

Coincidentally, Dr. Solomon then wheeled in the hpyerwave decoder Supercurve Decrypter. Four hostile aliens were on earth, two angels, two demons. One blue was off Ethiopia, one yellow was off Peru, and one of each were nearing Japan. Madison recalled that the Geofront under Tokyo-3 was in fact Lillith's black sphere, and decided they needed to examine it at once. So to Japan they set sail.

On the approach, Madison communicated with the JSDF command post, and after revealing there were TWO aliens inbound, the commanders were eager to accept the Boston's assistance. Rob used the newly proven SKYHOOK method to deploy the entire squadron and their supporting VTOLS much closer to the battle space than usual, with the assistance of a spotting VTOL. Upon arrival, the cities buildings have almost all recessed. Malphus, a geometric winged creature, was floating down the mountain toward the city. Emerging from the command center, was RAGE FIGHTER 01, the JSDF's secret weapon. Taller than even Unit 313, stacked with solid, layered armor, and armed to the teeth, this was a serious combat unit. Madison noted a strange AT field, more of an amplified spiral than a normal projection. This was no EVA, nor was it a crusader. So then what was it?

That would have to wait for later, as Malphus began firing a potent laser at the squadron. After getting in some good, early hits, Aganju, the yellow pattern, emerged from the ground directly beneath the pilots' feet. A massive creature with thick armor and four, powerful legs, Aganju spewed lava from his mouth and legs as he bored out of the ground. Almost everyone who saw this totally lost their shit. Madison had to take a quick break, Rob flew straight up, and Nikolai started shrieking and ran right through the only buildings that didn't recess. Oh, and Ted passed out. And then his Eva berserked.

What happened next was a confused flurry of stabbing, shooting, and in Ted's case, hammering (literally), but finally, Aganju was defeated when Adelie stabbed its core to pieces. 313 took that moment to also go berserk, again, but before it could reach Malphus, RAGE FIGHTER 01 killed the hell out of it with the RAGE LANCE. 313 decided to eat the core anyway.

316 then sat next the the mountain shielding the entry plug and not letting anyone approach while 313 began to build a giant camp fire out of the local trees. Rob declined going into go fast mode, and instead teleported 314 and it's blue AT field back into the hangar bay, and went the break room for a snack.

Eventually the berserking units calmed down and everyone was recovered. The JSDF offered their thanks, and the pilots and Madison agreed to a meet and greet. RAGE FIGHTER 01's pilot looked about how one would expect him too, but how did he get his hair so spiky, and he seemed so uninterested in, like, anything. Madison then took a tour of the Geofront, with Michael and Rob in tow. Deep underground, the area was filled with plant life, structures, and somehow was lit despite the entire top being where Tokyo-3 receded into.She was able to ascertain that in the center of the sphere was a pyramid, which was potentially the command terminal for what Aganju referred to as, "A shuttle craft." She had Michael synch up and try to manipulate it with the false lance, but a message floated in the weird AT language that read, "Incorrect Command//Input." The false lance wouldn't do, it seemed. It was also possible that any potential pilot needed to have an AT field equivalent to one of the progenitors, something like 40+.

It was then that Madison had a flash of insight. Maybe the false lance wouldn't work, but what about the original? Adam's, having been embedded in Lillith for forever, was lost in the driac trap that consumed them both. But what about Lillith's? Well, no one has any idea where that could be- Oh, Michael's vision. Madison knew where it was.

They would now have to go the moon.

"General Rashiid, this kid's a liability."
-Maj. Madison after Tom's court martial

"Will there ALWAYS be a guard around him?"
-Ted, asking about Tom's new friends, for some reason

"We're gonna need a bigger boat."
-Rob, after seeing the slide show about the black moon heading toward earth.

After Action Report: Operation Rising Sun

This is (Not) the Beginning of a Beautiful FriendshipEdit

In the aftermath of the Aganju/Malphus rumble in downtown Tokoy-3, the stalwart defenders of humanity and justice, the good crew of the good ship UAS Boston and the brave pilots of VES 31, set about exploring the mysterious ruins of the Geofront, also known as Lillith's Space Boat. In order to reactivate the ship, Madison knew that they had to retrieve the original Lance belonging to Lillith, which was on the fucking moon right now. Detailing the operation needed to accomplish this would take time, which is precisely what our heroes did not have at the moment.

Of the other two aliens that made land fall last week, the yellow pattern in Ethiopia promptly slid under cover and made no aggressive moves, keeping with their infiltration MO. The blue pattern in Peru, however, made a big mess of everything. The UAS San Francisco moved to intercept, and discovered Azmodeus, who was a giant three legged, behemoth with three heads and a vicious tail. Giant doesn't really do it, this thing was seriously big. Three times the size of an Eva Carrier big. The size of downtown Manhattan big. Yeah, it was really huge. VES 21 advanced aggressively with their original compliment (Toblerone cackled off back into the Canadian wilderness, declining Cpt. Langley's offer to join them), and agressed the legs a lot. They managed to knock it down, but Azmodeus also spawned his own Harpy escort, which complicated things. Long story short, VES 21 was defeated, Cpt. Langley had to haul all their semi intact Evas off the battle field, and the UAS shot an N2 cruise missile at the thing from a nearby sub.

After piecing the above story together from the news and Ramirez's intelligence network, Madison and Rashiid agreed that this thing needed to go, and soon. Solomon stayed behind to continue working on OPERATION NEMESIS, and the Boston made good time through the washed out remains of Central America and arrived in Argentina, near Cpt. Tristran Vryce's research base, which was where Azmodeus was heading next. Turns out Cpt. Vryce is Madison's ex-boyfriend from college.

On the way there, Rob asked David to, "Show me something we haven't faced before," now that he thought that all previous secrets about the Angels were revealed. David laughed and dialed up a sim of Leliel. Rob engaged the Angle like most pilots would, directly, and when he went in to bayonet it, he had is vision flooded with a field of burning tanks. He then proceeded to flip the fuck out and NOPED out of the simulation and went to his room to sulk for the rest of the trip. David never stopped laughing.

Madison and the pilots then had a planning session, where they figured out that the last squadron how so badly wrecked because they walked around the giant legs of this huge thing and wasted their energy chipping away at it. Using the SKYHOOK deployment method, Rob was able to launch the entire squadron directly onto the Demon's back. After spending a lot of time synch testing and working on a new AT tactics primer, Rob also figured out a way for his Eva to sprout an anti-gravity projection that allowed him sustain mid air operations indefinitely (also known as AT wings). Upon seeing this, Big Jeff shouted into Rob's comm, "Use the Xenogears!" which Rob didn't understand but was buoyed by Jeff's enthusiasm and embraced the Anime, whatever the fuck that means.

Reacting quickly, the Harpys moved in to counterattack. The first one was nearly crippled when Ted parried it's attack and riposted with his new vibro-katana (hoh, very honorable). Thing's moved along typically here with Tom shooting Harpys apart. Ted was was stabbing at the heads with his new found bushido/cowboy spirit. Mike and Adelie used their False Lances to absolutely ruin everything, Adelie even stabbed an entire head off. Rob got into an air-to-air dog fight with a harpy after he nearly killed it with a chunk of his own arm which he threw at it like a big exploding meat missile. Niko was really starting to have brain problems but Madison told him to suck it up, which he did, then he beat a Harpy to death. A squadron of Powell's from the local base Powelled into position and even Powelled the Powell while Powelling, if you can Powell that.

It needs to be noted here that the pilots who were neutralizing Azmodeus were having an actual discourse with him. For the first time, in their experience at least, they were having words other than "I'm going to eat your hearts and suck the marrow out of your bones" and "Oh Yea? Well I'm going to melt your head and piss all over you fun, shitlord!" Azmodeus had an almost genial attitude, which would infuriate most pilots who just wanted to kill it. Adelie and Ted, on the other hand, weren't most pilots. Especially Ted.

Ted really gave Azmodeus pause when he told it that he had no hard feelings over the whole human/demon war thing. Being a big alien crab monster man, Azmodeus didn't really understand even the most basic human interactions, but the concept of respect and graceful forgiveness in the middle of a battle actually confused a being of unimaginable power and intellect. To add to that, Adelie even apologized after stabbing on of his heads off. Tom was constantly telling everyone to not listen to the Demon's lies and to kill it, but Ted decided to press further. Azmodeus mentioned that they just wanted to leave. Ted said, "Well, what if we let you?"

Azmodeus paused, and broadcasted across the AT space, "Parley?"

The battle stopped. Everyone was shocked, and actually really surprised. Rob and the Harpy he was dog-fighting flew circles around each other while the rest of the squadron held their weapons at Azmodeus' two remaining necks. The Powells continued to Powell, while Powelling. Rashiid was actually thrilled. Ever since the first Angel War, he had always wanted to capture an angel and interrogate it, but noooo, that was stupid said absolutely everyone. Well, who's stupid now???? Madison synched with the Boston and OH hello Mrs. Captain Halford. Turns out the boat's a big Madison fangirl, which has the effect of boosting her confidence as she sails down the River Platte directly neutralize Azmodeus and join the AT Conference Call. Everyone who was capable of doing so joined in, and for the first time in the history of mankind, a diplomatic negotiation was held with an extra terrestrial species. Sort of, the demons did come from Lucifer, who was a hybrid created on earth, but the point still stands. Ish.

The first terms were set, in that Azmodeus agreed to withdraw immediately from human inhabited territory and promise to cease all attacks. He would carry a similar demand to Lucifer (his "father") and in exchange the Boston would cease hunting them down. After agreeing to the non-aggression pact, Madison admitted she was technically superseding her authority since the authority to broker treaties was outside of her area of responsibility, but since the whole chain of command was unreliable and possibly under alien influence she decided to just wing it. Azmodeus didn't quite understand this, but he was pretty happy about not getting killed in the immediate future, so he rolled with it.

The second term was exchanging knowledge. Azmodeus revealed that Malphus was only interested in reactivating OBJECT NOMAD (the Geofront) buried beneath Tokyo-3, which Lucifer and friends would use to escape earth. "Escape from what?" Madison asked.

Azmodeus then revealed that while they lacked specific knowledge since their information was gleaned from Lucifer, who was a 2nd Generation Progenitor and not of the original species, they did have an idea that the Yellow patterned AT creatures had a specific purpose, like all colored AT fields. Blues were supposed to embody the perfection of form, Reds the perfection of thought. Humans, being Lilith's leavings and not direct creations, were faint red, which made them Abominations that needed cleaning up. That's what Yellows were for. Enforcers, specialized in cleaning up messes such as the one on planet Earth. Azmodeus didn't know why the Blue and Red pattern AT types were so violently opposed, and he was also not able to elaborate on how the Yellows were specialized to do their job. This was all instinctual knowledge, some form of genetic memory. All he knew was that they were on their way to Earth with the goal of annihilating all life they found, including Lucifer and his progeny. An entire species, based on an object a quarter the size of the moon, engineered by a race that was obsessed with perfection, with the overt goal of killing everything on Earth. Yeah, Lucifer and friends wanted to leave right the fuck now.

Madison explained that OBJECT NOMAD was non functioning, and would probably never fly again (which was a boss tier deceive, since she actually had a pretty good idea how to fix it). So, in essence, the Demons were stuck here on earth along with the humans. She quickly reversed Azmodeus' disappointment by offering the Yellow's moon (OBJECT TRESPASSER). Of course, they would need to work together. The Demons and the Humans could never live on the same planet, but if they could defeat the Progenitor's Space SS Kill Team, then they could forge an actually effective treaty.

Tom and Nikolai were not impressed. Nikolai saw no reason why they would entertain a dialogue with a race of known deceivers and not kill them ruthlessly. Tom agreed, because Demons. Why would they let such a dangerous creature go with the empty promise of some kind of vague aid from a being who had, up to this point, only tried to kill as many people as possible?

Rob cut in at this point, "You see that stick that Adelie's holding? The one that stabbed the head off this thing a few minutes ago. Two months ago, we had no idea how those things were made. Now we have two. If these guys go to their own planet, and in a generation or two decide to come back, where will we be by then? We'll have AT ships that can fire missiles made out of false lances. We'll have guns that shoot whatever it is that makes those things work in giant beams. We'll blot out the sky with awesome weapons that I can't even imagine. They had thousands of years, and we've had two generations since 2nd impact. We are better at war then they are. We don't need to fear them, they should fear us."

Azmodeus agreed to this, and called humans "terrifying monsters". Everyone had a good chuckle at that. Rob then proposed a long term treaty where they used astronomy to determine the Progenitor home world, and the Demons and Humans would launch a joint-punitive strike against the Progenitors in response to all their shenanigans. Madison really liked this idea but had to reign Rob's enthusiasm in, since that was totally impossible. "Of course," Rob said, "This is a long term goal, like, 500 years or so. It'll take a few generations, but we'll get 'em."

Agreements made, promises stated, Azomdeus told them to send a ping their way if they needed to talk, and he would do likewise to let them know how Lucifer liked their terms. And with that, he went back beneath the waves. Madison, being Madison, surreptitiously had a VOTL fire a tracer dart into the massive creature as it was departing. It never hurt to have a little insurance, you see.

And that's how the crew of the Boston defeated an Demon with diplomacy.

Madison then had Dr. Solomon flown in from Japan to work with Cpt. Vryce on the space telescope, to see if they could figure out how long OBJECT TRESPASSER had been in the solar system. The answer turned out to be 8-10 years, and the Smiling Man had been on Earth nearly that long. The thing could have been here even longer than that, possibly since 2nd Impact. The implications of this were troubling, to say the least.

Meanwhile, General Rashiid had a plan. He waited until the POTUS was giving a speech via live broadcast that could be confirmed, and then had Rob do a worldwide AT ping to pinpoint all xenos on the planet's surface. They were able to prove that Obama was in fact NOT an alien lizard man, or any kind of alien, and was not surrounded by other aliens. The only two yellow patterns on earth were the new arrival, who was still P-scale and now somewhere in Egypt, and the Smiling Man, who was now in Berlin. Huh, Moscow, then Berlin. There's trouble. Rashiid decided that they needed to do something about the Smiling Man, and on overhearing this, the crew start chanting "Jaunt" over and over again, because Rob could totally get them from the north sea (or hell even the Atlantic) into Berlin where they could start wrecking shit and kill that stupid asshole Smiling Man and his dumb smiling face yeah. Enough people roll well enough on tactics to determine this is a very stupid plan, and instead they agree on waiting for the Smiling Man to leave Berlin, then they'd ambush him, run him through with a false lance, and make him talk. To facilitate this, Madison reached out to Dieter, the original pilot who was the genetic basis for the David series, and survivor of at least one David-motivated attempt on his life. Dieter was currently a pilot instructor near Berlin, and Madison informed him that a world ending terrorist alien was in Berlin and that he needed to ping regularly and let her know when it moved.

With that plot set in motion, the crew had a bit of downtime. While the small base on Argentina was not equipped to handle the crew on a ship the size of the Boston, the pilots and select crewman were allowed shore leave. Nikolai explored the jungle, which he decided were in a way like the woods, but not close enough for his liking. Adelie ventured into town where she was allowed into the local art house, where she then practiced her painting. Madison had an awkward reunion with Cpt. Vryce, and she ended up spilling all the secrets she'd been keeping about the Angelic War and Object TRESPASSER and everything. He took some insanity damage. Rob asked 314 if the wings were useful at all, and felt very meh about it, which wasn't really doing it for his confidence. He then noticed that the Evas in the bay were, uh, twitching. Like, shuffling their feet and scratching themselves. Rob asked Michael if he had ever noticed that before, and Michael snapped that he still couldn't see shit while in his Eva. Rob dropped it. It's probably nothing.

Ted, sitting on his bunk, made a decision. First, he consulted the cowboy. "Sir, what does a man do when he's wrong?" The cowboy told him that often men confuse arrogance with confidence, but a real man knows that he has to admit his mistakes, say the unsaid, and live forgiveness. A real man can't ignore his troubles, and wait for them to dim, he had to deal with them while willing to sacrifice his own pride. "It's better to regret something you have done, than something you haven't done," he said, while strumming his guitar. Ted knew what to do.

Tom was being escorted down the hallway, when Ted ran into him. He handed him a letter and a box, and told Tom to read them alone. Alone in his bunk, Tom read the letter (APPENDIX A). SUMMARY: Ted tells Tom that a real Christian would forgive Michael for being a sin against God, and that Ted has forgiven Tom, and entrusted him with the bomb he was going to kill him with, which is in the box. Tom opened the box and found that it was, in fact, a bomb that Ted had made. He took the trigger off and disposed of the bomb, and took Ted's offer to heart. Michael was still not really human, but Tom would be the bigger man and forgive him for being a monster, and promise to never try to kill him again. He apologized to everyone in the squadron individually, especially Michael.

Michael, being Michael, wasn't actually interested in Tom's apology, though he tried (unsuccessfully) to feign magnanimity. "Tom, that's very intelligent and mature of you. Did Ted tell you to say all that, or did you think of that yourself?" Tom didn't rise to the bait, and for once, Michael came off as a bigger prick with his refusal to have a meeting of minds. Tom didn't need his forgiveness, which was good, because Michael's a fucked up clone and probably has a weird idea of what that means anyway.

Tom then apologized to Madison and Rashiid, who were watching the whole previous exchange on their CCTV system. Tom realized they were doing this because they were still laughing hysterically when he came in. Unperturbed, he laid out his new understanding and was the bigger man, and admitted his mistakes. Relieved that one of their most effective combat pilots was maturing and rededicating himself to the mission, Madison was gracious and agreed to start gradually reinstating Tom's privileges.

With Tom's Redemption well at hand, Michael, in a weird mood after having odd emotions over his encounter with Tom, finally completed work on a project. After hearing Adelie mention off hand once about how she had a nervous disorder, Michael made wrist braces for her, to help her paint. He made them by dissecting and studying a wrist from a cadaver for a few weeks. His cadaver, to be precise. Michael, having already reached his social interaction limit for the month, asked Rob to present them to Adelie, "Tell her they're from me or don't, I don't care. Just give them to her." And then Michael walked off.

Rob delivered the braces to Adelie, and told her about the conversation with Michael. They agreed that Michael was normally a stand up guy, but had brain problems when it came to, like, talking to people about anything. Rob then asked her for a favor. Since he was now a fighter pilot, what with the flying death machine and all, he asked her to paint some serious nose art on his serious rig. A big spooky skull on the head, to be precise. After Dr. Solomon had a mini stroke over excitement, he figured out a kind of paint and method they could use without covering up 314's eye, which the whole concept of which Rob still wasn't getting. The new paint job looked really cool, and Adelie was super thrilled that senpai was totally proud of her.

The Boston then made for a return trip to Japan, to contemplate their next move. On the way back, Ted decided to take care of something that had been bothering him. Michael I died, and they never had a funeral. When he asked Michael II about this, Michael II approached it with his typical logic, "I'm not dead, why do I need a funeral?" Ted refused to accept this, because Michael I had experiences and memories that Michael II did not, and vice versa. Therefore, they were different people. Michael II agreed to released his corpse out of the med lab (he was done with it, after all), and Ted then retrieved it, in a garbage bag.

Carrying the body around, he asked Rob to help him put this together, since he was good at this tradition and stuff. Rob, being up for any scheme, especially ill-conceived ones, readily agreed. They asked Nikolai to help, since he grew up in the woods and knew how to clean up dead animals and stuff and totally buried his own uncle. Nikolai actually had no idea what a funeral entailed, but he agreed to help because what else was he going to do. Rob decided this was a great opportunity to mend some wounds, and asked Tom to preside, since he was technically ordained, which he enthusiastically agreed to.

It was at this point that grown ups started getting wind of this. Madison and David starting having a hearty chuckle, and called Tanya in. Surprisingly, she was actually moved. She stopped short of agreeing with Ted's viewpoint, but each iteration of a line did have unique experiences, and honoring Michael I's sacrifice would be a bonding experience. Madison agreed to have the ship's Chaplain assist in the ceremony, and Juanita, a backup pilot and also a clone, also wanted to help. Adelie put on a black dress that she had on hand for just such an occasion, and everyone assembled.

Tom read the traditional words, Juanita sang May The Circle Be Unbroken, and Michael shoved past Ted to push the slide up and dump his own body into the ocean. The pilots, stood in silence for a bit on the deck of the Boston, the sun setting. It was quiet, peaceful now. That wouldn't last.

"I still can't see out of my Eva. Why won't anyone fix this."

"Angels are god's tools, and we're here to put them away."
-Ted, explaining to Tom how the existential truth about the progenitors doesn't have to disprove his faith

"You don't just dig a hole and throw them in there." -Michael
"That's what I did!" -Nikolai
Nikolai and the gang talk about funerals

"Powell Powell Powell Powell Powell Powell !!!!!!"
-Powells, at the Battle of Powell

"I'm sorry for not keeping in touch... and I'm sorry for reading your mind all those times. I couldn't help it... but it got better!"
-Madison, to Tristran Vryce

After Action Report: Operation Southern Cross

Sie Sind (Nicht) Das Essen Und Wir Sind (Nicht) Die JägerEdit

Things are tense aboard the good ship UAS Boston. Ted's bomb ended up exploding anyway after one of the Marine's ended up with the hotshot pack at the firing range. He was not killed, but seriously injured. They traced the pack back to Tom, who was thrown into the brig with a major "We'll deal with this shit later" note in his file. After a few awkward glanced from Michael II earlier, Tom was content to stay in the brig.

Major Madison decided it was time to reshuffle the deck, and used the communications technique the crew learned from the Fallen Angels to broadcast their version of events to the various world leaders. No longer being global criminals would be a good first step on getting things back on track. Dubbed, 'Operation Beam the Truth', Madison had Hood lead a group synch with the gang, and used the AT phone to broadcast a condensed mental picture of what the Yellow Patterns are, what their goal is, who the Smiling Man is, and why the Boston stopped following orders.

The project was first tested on one of Japan's Rei clones. Madison was confused when they asked if they wanted a big one or not. Once the one-way messaging was shown to work, the message was sent to the POTUS, Chancellor of the EU, and the Grand Soviet of the New USSR (whatever their commie plot of a country is called). Madison then decided to call her mom in Nevada, because this was super cool. After Madison's mom chewed Madison out for getting back in an EVA when she was super supposed to not do that, Niko and Rob started getting more coherent discourse from their EVAs. Like words. 313 is super creepy and is demanding to be released. 314 is nice and polite and says helpful things.

Tired of the kid's blind speculation, Madison makes the files on their EVA's soul bases open for viewing. 311 was some hipster in a 90's ballad cover band, 312 was a veteran, 313 was the angel Mastema, 314 was George H. W. Bush, 315 was the angel Vassago, and 316 was Ted's dad. Yep.

There was no immediate reaction from the world leaders, but our heroes don't have to wait long for the action. Dieter calls Madison from Berlin. The man, known as "The Smiling Man" had just departed Berlin in a small convoy, headed toward Moscow. Madison wastes no time and has Hood plot an Dirac Jaunt Interdiction.

On the Belorussian border, the ground vehicle convoy was interdicted by VES 31. Hood pinged and sensed a large field that was hard to pin down. Ted launched a smoke barrage to cover their advance, Adelie charged forward trying to neutralize the obscure field. It was a good thing the area was covered in smoke, so she didn't notice all the normal people in the convoy tang.

After the rude dudes of the 31st reached the convoy, the Smiling Man sprang his trap. Several flares shout of the center of the obscure field, and now there were three different AT returns across the area. The gang split up to check them out. Concealed in the woods, were Elite Euro Corps mech commandos, wearing personal power armor equipped with climbing gear and stealth fields. They climbed Ted's, Rob's and Adelie's EVAs and started blowtorching into the entry plugs. Ted played the turtle game and crushed his, while Madison had the VTOLs machine gun the other bugs off of 311 and 314. A bunch of cloaked crusaders (Hyänes), EVAs, and some Kojotes showed up too.

Eventually Niko found the real Smiling Man. "I don't have a real form, but I like this one," said the Smiling Man as he turned into a giant spider with a grinning face wearing a top hat. Neutralizing revealed Eshu, the lead infiltrator of the Yellow Army, who arrived 10 years prior. He inhabited the body of the last surviving Seele member, who was hiding in the hills. Rashiid smacks himself in the face. It quickly became apparent that the conventional forces here had no idea they were helping a world ending alien monster man, and the rest of the Euro Corps is quick to show their support with several ineffective air strikes.

Exposed, the master infiltrator finds himself outmatched by the scrappy EVAs. Niko berserks, as usual, and rips Eshu to pieces. Before he can die, he teleports in his human form to the bridge of the Boston. He almost said something cryptic and profound, when Madison took the shard of the original lance she had on her person and stuck it in his face. This kills the Orisha.

On the other side of the battlefield, Hood and Albright have problems killing enough Euro Troopers and 315 is disabled. Michael ejects a short distance away, and Ted moved in to help him, effortlessly killing heaps of dudes on his way in. While on the ground, Michael encountered the pilot of the Kojote that punched his EVA a bunch. Michael produced his MAS pistol and took the other pilot prisoner. He then had a brain problem and tried to shoot him. After a brief, but psychotic gun fight, Ramierez's marines showed up and disarmed Michael and tossed him in the brig. Tom was not pleased.

"Mr. President, this mission is go!!!" -Rob, unreasonably excited to have a former US president living in his Robot

After Action Report: Operation Operation Zhukov '25

This is (Not) the RP sessionEdit

After Action Report: Operation Space Moon

This is (Not) when have to fight the other squadronEdit

After Action Report: Operation Fuck Greg

This is (Not) Gottedamerung Pt 1Edit

After Action Report: Operation Nemesis

Operations in Planning and DevelopmentEdit

The following is a list of sensitive plans of action for potential future operations, listed here in the spirit of collaboration.

They have been listed in order of priority.

Feel free to add any notes or ideas.



Primary: Locate and Secure OBJECT TOOTHPICK

Secondary: Eliminate all Wehrmacht or SS units encountered (I know they're goddamn nazis up there don't tell me they're not)


31 VES

Possible Space Craft (To Be Procured...)



A: Assemble 31 VES and all space bound personnel in Possible Space Craft [Referred to as SPACE FORCE 01] (UNITS 313,314, 315)

B: Use methodology identified by PROJECT SKYHOOK to move SF1 to high earth orbit

C: Go to the Moon

D: Locate and Secure OBJECT TOOTHPICK

E: Kill the nazis

F: Return to earth, secure OBJECT TOOTHPICK aboard UAS Boston

Mission Timeline: Approximately 2 weeks




Primary: Prevent OBJECT TRESPASSER from reaching Earth orbit


Primary: Prevent 4th Impact by any means

Secondary: In case Primary Objectives are impossible, contain OBJECT TRESPASSER by any means

Tertiary: In case all Primary and Secondary Objectives are impossible, ensure success of [REDACTED]


OBJECT NOMAD - aka Project Yamato

UAS Boston

31 VES

21 VES

3rd Marine Expeditionary Regiment

The entire JSDF







Unknown assistance from potential ally [REDACTED]



NOTE FROM CIC GEN RASHIID - I am 100% confident this plan will work. 100%.



B: Complete Project Yamato - ACHIEVED



Mission Timeline: Approximately 2 months NOW

Current Status: Planning HAPPENING

MAGI PREDICTION: ...***Screen displays an apple and a unicorn followed by 64 thousand question marks***



Primary: Secure PIGEON aboard the UAS BOSTON

Secondary: If PIGEON is an X-ray combatant, destroy PIGEON


UAS Boston

31 VES

3rd Marine Expeditionary Regiment

Loyal American Forces (??? unknown disposition or efficacy, should not be included in operational planning)


A: Achieve success with PROJECT SKYHOOK [Success!! It works]

B: Determine most secure and efficient route to secure PIGEON

C: Achieve strategic surprise and begin counter information campaign

D: Secure PIGEON

E: Yield PIGEON assets to continue the efforts of COMPONENT C, leverage as much of the UAS as possible in order to assist with OPERATION NEMESIS

Mission Timeline: Indefinite, not currently a priority N/A

Current Status: Planning CANCELED

NOTE FROM CIC GEN RASHIID - While tempting, this is really just too insane. Will potentially use some elements of the plan for currently unspecified future operation against SMILING MAN. Nevermind, 313 bit the Smiling Man then Sunny stabbed him to death. Mission Accomplished!