Campaign:Rage Against The Heavens/Earth Caste Thing



As the great-grand daughter of Mnemon, Kilaras was bound to be something special straight out of her mother's womb... or perhaps not. Kilaras was, and is something of an oddity in the Mnemon house. She is not attractive. Perhaps, to almost anyone, at least in the physical sense. She was an ugly child and was often teased for it. However - where she failed in this one aspect of her life - she excelled in most others. She was smarter than most of her siblings and cousins, and was readily accepted into the House of Bells. She rather quickly became known as being excellent at GATEWAY. In fact, so far, she has not been beaten. (The source of her reputation.) When her great-grandmother Mnemon pulled her out of the House of Bells, at first - Kilaras was upset. But then.. then she was told she would be given command of a Warstrider... and for once, her face showed a smile.


Kilaras is not exactly unremarkable. Neither is she really all that pretty, actually. She's quite homely for a dragonblooded, with wrinkles crossing her soft young features far earlier than they should be. Her soft brown hair is stringy at best and frazzled at worst. She does very little to keep it under control, and sees no need to attempt to improve upon her woeful beauty. She is content with her outward ugliness now. She has taken it upon herself to show those around her that she -will- be the best tactician and warstrider pilot the Realm has ever seen.


Strength  ●●        Charisma     ●●●●●    Perception   ●●●
Dexterity ●●●●●     Manipulation ●●●●     Intelligence ●●●●
Stamina   ●●●       Appearance   ●        Wits         ●●●


Linguistics ●     Awareness   ●●●●● Athletics ●●      Bureaucracy         Archery ●●●    
Lore        ●●●   Craft             Dodge     ●●●●    Investigation       Medicine    
Occult            Integrity   ●●●   Melee     ●●●●●   Larceny             Performance ●
Stealth           Resistance  ●●●●  Presence  ●●●●●   Martial Arts ●      Ride        ●
Thrown            War         ●●●●● Socialize ●●      Sail                Survival    

Languages: High Realm, Low Realm.


+1 Warstrider Melee Specialty for multiple opponents
+1 Warstrider War Specialty for Maneuvering.
+1 War Specialty for Two+ Units


Breeding ●●●●
Resources ●●●
Family ● (Mnemon)
Gateway Reputation ●●● (see backstory)


First Melee Excellency: 1m, supplemental, adds 1 dice to dice pool for melee per mote spent

Terrestrial Melee Reinforcement 1m per 2 dice + 1 m per person. Adds as first melee excellency for touched targets up to (Essence). Their ratings cannot exceed yours.

Threshing Floor Technique 2m + 1m per targeted ally. Combo-OK. Obvious. Simple. Each targeted ally can make an attack against the targeted enemy.

Ringing Anvil Onslaught 8m. Combo-OK. Instant. Extra-action. Roll unmodified Melee score, receive that many attacks in a no-penalty flurry.

Portentious Comet-Deflecting Mode. 3m + 1wp. Perfectly parries a nonsorcerous noncharm attack with a single suxx on a dex+melee roll

Second Resistance Excellency: 2m, supplemental, adds 1 success to resistance rolls

Strength of Stone Technique: 2m per person. Combo-OK. Touch. One Scene. Hold a stone, add 1 dot to strength and stam for the scene. Can affect others, at 2m per person.

Impervious Skin of Stone Meditation: 1m per 2L/2B soak. Type: Simple. Combo-OK. Does not work against charm-fed attacks or sorcery, but otherwise adds indicated soak per mote spent.

Second War Excellency 2m, supplemental, adds 1 success to War rolls.

Terrestrial War Reinforcement 1m per 2 dice + 1 m per person. Adds as first war excellency for touched targets up to (Essence). Their ratings cannot exceed yours.

Enfolded in the Dragon's Wings 1m per affected ally. Reflexive. Protects each ally against elements of earth. May only be used on soldiers 'under your command.

Phantom Warrior Horde 2m. Combo-basic. Obvious. Illusion. War. Reflexive. Creates illusory warriors which impose valor checks on those nearby. Any failed valor checks impose a -1 penalty on the next action. In mass combat the opponent must make a rout check at a -1 penalty.

Ramparts of Obedient Earth 2m per cubic yard. Combo-OK. Obivous. Changes stone/mud/sand/dirt into other things at the motecost.

Blazing Courageous Swordsmen Inspiration Varies. One scene. 1m per troop up to (ess+war) to give them a bashing health level.

Glowing Coal Radiance 2m. One scene. Obvious. Simple. Those looking at the DB must score at least 1 suxx on a willpower roll. Suxxess still imposes a -(presence) penalty on any attacks on the DB till their next action.

Unbearable taunt technique 2m. Simple. Compulsion. essence in actions. Roll manip + presence + essence successes against target's mdv. If successful the target suffers a -1 ddv and pdv against all targets but the user of this charm

Aura of Invulnerability 3m. Simple. One Scene. Adds +1 bashing and lethal soak, as well as 3 health levels.

Moth to the Candle 4m + 1wp Simple. Compulsion. until db's next action. Draws the target to attack you with a manip+presence vs dodge mdv. Parry mdv is not applicable.



Essence: ●●●
Regeneration: Normal
Personal Essence Pool: 13/13
Peripheral Essence Pool: 31/31
Committed Essence: ?


Willpower: ●●●●●●
Temporary: 6/6



Compassion ●●
Conviction ●●●
Temperance ●●●
Valor      ●●●

Virtue flaw: Temperance
Limit: □□□□□ □□□□□
Limit Break Condition: Rash, quick decision making.


COMMON WARSTRIDER  : Soak 22, hardness 11, Str 12, Mobility - 4 Fatigue 6. Attune 10.
'Authority' White Jade Grand Goremaul (Speed 6, Acc +2, Dmg +28L/8 piercing, Def -1, Rate 2, Tags: 2,O,P,R)
Warstrider Dart Hailstorm : Speed 6, accuracy + 6. Damage +7L. Rate 1(6) Tags : A.

Manses and HearthstonesEdit



Dodge DV: 6 while not in warstrider.
Dodge MDV: 6
Soak: 22A/23L/25B
Pierced: 11A/14L/14B
Hardness: 11A/11L/11B



□ -0
□ -1
□ -1
□ -2
□ -2
□ -4
□ Incapacitated
□ □ Dying

one Dying level per dot of Stamina


2 bp on presence
2 bp on awareness
2 bp on war
1 bp on resistance
1 bp on dodge
2 bp on melee
2 bp on Breeding
3 bp on Temperance

9 exp on Int 4
3 exp on War Specialty
10 exp on Terrestrial War Reinforcement
3 exp on Gateway Rep
10 exp on Enfolded in the Dragon's Wings
10 exp on Phantom Warrior Horde
10 exp on Ringing Anvil Onslaught
10 exp on Portentous Comet Deflecting Mode
10 exp on Ramparts of Obedient Earth
10 exp on blazing courageous swordsmen inspiration.
10 exp on Glowing Coal Radiance.
10 exp on aura of invulnerability
10 exp on unbearable taunt technique
10 exp on moth to the candle
24 exp on Manipulation.

3 exp on comp 2. DAMN YOU ASHEL.

Shopping listEdit