Campaign:Our Drill Is The Drill That Pierces Creation


Drawomancer is running the game. Contact him at or on AIM at Drawomancer.


  1. Exalted-DrillTime


DotFA Exalted with the magitech cranked to eleven and the Kaiju crawling out nowhere!

What's that you say? Sand battleships? Trains?! Giant robots!?! MAGIC TELEVISION!?!?!!

Take your staple Kaiju and Real Robots ( Godzirrah, Front Mission\Armored Core ), mix them into a blender on 'Medium' and then slowly turn the knob up to 'Pants Shitting' as the game, and it's characters, evolve into Gao Gai Gar\Big O\Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann\etc!

--Acceptable levels of hot-bloodness, please. We do not need fifty billion Kaminatards being eaten by Jouten they pissed off.--

What's It All About?Edit

You play a bunch of young inexperienced newly exalted Celestials inducted into some fancy smancy warstrider academy~

Hijinks ensue!

If you can survive your school, you MIGHT become the great hero you were destined to be ( or all ready were, as it was )!

So, are you a bad enough kid to kick some ass in a giant robot?

Dragon-Blooded and Enlightened Dragon Kings are accepted but only in limited quantities.


Aiming for Saturdays.

Who's In?Edit


  • Reserving a spot for WCKD
  • Kalga as a Waning Moon if times are good.


Whatever your core book is plus DotFA. Use core chargen rather then DotFA chargen.

No artifacts above 1-dot. You are leetle babby who has not earned his grand daiklaive. >:C

Cute mascot Familiars are approved. Homebrew some of your own with Craft Genesis. =D

House RulesEdit

  • Warstrider Homebrew: Health levels, Magical Material bonuses, Super Modes, removed penalties -- you name it. A wiki will eventually be posted with the revisions in use. DO NOT BUY THEM WITH YOUR BACKGROUND DOTS.
  • Useful Stamina: Your stamina now grants extra health levels. Stamina 1 grants an Incap Health Level, 2 grants a -4 Health Level, 3 grants a -2 Health Level, 4 grants a -1 Health Level, and 5 grants a -0 Health Level. All levels also grant the ones below them.
  • Unlimited Combos: Jesus god don't make me regret this
  • Three die stunts are only applicable if everyone playing agrees it's a three-die stunt.
  • No training times.
  • Custom charms are accepted but must receive ST approval beforehand.

Bonus BP & XPEdit

Do something cool. Bring in theme songs, artwork, etc. for your character and the group. Get bonus BP and XP! Very simple.