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Nerv Atlantis takes place in a semi-canon universe - all of the important events and people are in their usual place, with the addition of a NERV base on a sunny tropical island. With the canon Angels and series taking place in the distant city of Tokyo-3, Atlantis must face its own enemies, which don't seem to be Angels at all. Without anything even close to Tokyo-3's integrated defenses, but holding a secret potentially more valuable than even NERV HQ, the crew of Atlantis must fight a battle for the survival of the entire human race using hastily reassigned Beta Evangelions and pilots that were never supposed to go into combat.


Only a few years before Second Impact, there was a major seismic event in the Pacific, and an island was raised to the surface. This island was named Ryan's Island, after the first man to set foot on it - Ryan Lords. After he reported finding ruins on the island, the discovery was hailed as a major scientific event. And then when results about the age and composition of those ruins came in, the UN clamped down hard on it. A major base was set up to study the ruins, eventually becoming a city of its own. After Second Impact, the island remains a major NERV base, and the city continues to prosper - the island was always something of a plateau. The majority of the ruins, though, were sent back under the waves due to the rising sea level. A huge enclosure was built to protect the most important part of the ruins, a floating seawall was built around it to create a completely enclosed bay, and the result has been named NERV Atlantis.

Of course, in all reality there's more than meets the eye. Ryan's Island, and the NERV base just off of it, hold two incredibly important resources. First, more than half of the children that have been born on the island are sync-positive. That is an incredible amount, considering that the average around the world is so low as to be less than one in a million. Secondly, there is NEPTUNE.

NEPTUNE is an early-warning system that can detect an Angel threat long before the threat even exists, essentially predicting the future. Exactly how it does this is still cloaked in mystery, though it is known to use a powerful AT Field source as its main component.


Karla OrtegaEdit

NERV Atlantis

Karla Ortega is 42 years old, and stands at 6'6", however due to an incident almost a decade and a half ago, she requires leg braces and a cane to stand, and usually eschews them for a sports wheelchair. She is fairly youthful asides, making it a point of pride to exercise regularly. Her upper body is quite fit, and while her lower extremities are weak, she has never allowed them to be completely claimed by atrophy. She has mid-fair skin, grey eyes and straight black hair which she wears at chin length. She prefers practical clothing, notably tank-tops in Ryan Island's tropical climate, but dresses as circumstances demand, or when she needs to make an impression.

Along with Dr. Naoko Akagi, Dr. Madisson Brace, and Dr. Yui Ikari, Dr. Karla Ortega is one of the 'four bitches of the apocalypse', the women who were the driving minds behind the scientific and technological advancements of GEHIRN and NERV. She succeeds the deceased Naoko Akagi as the third head of Project E, and as such, she is deeply embroiled in the plots and conspiracies of Nerv Atlantis. Though she is disgusted by many of NERV's actions, she has been party to several crimes against humanity and nature herself.

Karla is a political creature as much as a scientific one, and is by equal measures diplomatic and blunt, ruthlessly adapting and exploiting circumstances as necessary to get her way. However, she is also a loving mother and a compassionate woman.

Tracing her familial relationship with her son is somewhat complex. Mal is her creation, her clone, and her child, having been carried to term by Karla personally. Though her son's existence was meant as an object lesson to others, she loves him dearly, and perhaps babies him a bit.

Her relationship with Liz hearkens back to the early days after Second Impact. The successful birth of her son heralded the end of other UN funded projects, the more odious of which she shut down personally. On one such occasion she came into contact with Liz and left a deep impression on the girl, who Karla maintained a both professional and personal interest in throughout the years.

Despite ostensibly coming to Ryan's Island to advance Evangelion sciences and further research the nature of the returned Angels, Karla finds herself thrust into a military situation and must lead the defense against new enemies targeting the Island, itself the safehold for the advanced warning system that allows the world to survive against the Angels.

Malachi OrtegaEdit

Malachi's Eva
Malachi's Unit B-00 (Concept)

The pilot of Unit B-00 is distant, awkward, quiet, passive and adorable. His pale tan skin betrays his genetic heritage to those few familiar with the procedure involved; his watery blue eyes agreeing, but his dark hair contrasting to it. He stands at 5'3", a fine height for a 14 year old boy, and he stands with somewhat slumped posture, walking in a slightly irregular gait. Physically he is capable, and his penchant for "book learning" having taught him various exercises and such; while rarely practiced, he's got a surprising amount of physical competency about him, his focus (probably due to his detachment from reality) allowing him to think as such.

Personal relationships are hardly his area of expertise. His relationships with Karla and Liz are rather one-sided, though not due to any malice on Mal's part- he's simply bad at people. He certainly likes the two of them, but expressing it is another matter.

Malachi defines every negative stereotype you might find with a homeschooled kid. His life has involved minimal interaction with people, never mind kids his age, and as such he's inept at dealing with social scenarios. Educated mainly by Karla, for the past few years he has taken his education into his own hands; his knowledge is average, but his reasoning abilities are great. Because of Karla's position he's never been academically evaluated, and going to school is not something he eagerly anticipates.

Recently though he has been pretty much a pimp, I guess being Jesus does that to you

Liz WestonEdit

Liz's Unit 01
Liz's Unit B-01

Liz is the pilot of Beta Unit 01 and the team's Pointman. Orphaned at a young age by the Second Impact, Liz was given into the custody of the UN like many other English orphans during those initial disaster days. A few years later, she was placed into the care of a nice Nerv-affiliated family. At some point, she attracted the attention of Karla Ortega who arranged for Liz to get combat training from the SAS. This training combined with an interest in the resurgence of Punk culture in England formed Liz into the woman she is today.

Liz, due in part to exposure to Karla, the SAS and the Punk movement, is a bit of a contradiction at times. She respects her commanders and follows their orders but like Karla will talk straight when push comes to shove. Inside the team, she takes the position of Team Mom looking out for everyone and their interests, even to the detriment of her own, because of Karla's schedule often keeping her away from home. She's usually calm but on the stage she has quite a wild personality. All in all, for Neospartan, she's extremely well-adjusted.

Liz is good friends with Karla and respects her/looks up to her. She views Mal as a younger brother, having seen him often during Karla's visits to England and having babysat him occasionally, and they get on well. She looks out for Christina having promised her that she won't let her get hurt. In regards to Sonya, Liz is trying to become friends with her but so far have not gotten to know each other.

Standing at 5'7", Liz isn't nearly as tall as Karla but still is tall for woman. Liz is very athletic sporting toned muscles which have enabled her to win quite a few fencing tournaments. Due to a lot of outdoor activity throughout her life, Liz has moderately tanned skin. Her eyes are brown with green flecks. Her hair color is dirty blonde and she wears it short and slightly messy. She has two tattoos, black X's on both her upper arms. She dresses in typical Hardcore Punk style with a few changes; she sports SAS desert camo trousers and black boots, band t-shirts or sports top with a light jacket on top. However, due to the school she goes to with the rest of the pilots, she has been forced to wear a school uniform stifling a bit of her individuality.

After an experiment testing her connection to B01, Liz now has a red helix tattoo encompassing her left arm. Spear of Longinus? Who knows.


Christina NorthupEdit

Chris's Unit 02
Chris's Unit B-02

15 years old and the pilot of Unit 02 Beta, she was only recently brought in the Evangelion program. She was the runt in her family, only 4’ 6”. She has light brown shoulder length hair which is usually back in a pony tail, and green eyes. Her skin is softly tanned from a lifetime on the island. She prefers brighter colored clothing. Christina has a small scar on the bridge of her nose.

Christina was badly injured in a car crash that killed her brother, Virgil. On bad days she still feels the pain and the memories of her brother’s body have lead to depression on the days she remembers him. Virgil was the only member of her family she felt any connection with, and after his death began emulating some of her brother’s bad points. She’s gotten herself in and out of trouble more times than anyone can count, which eventually landed in the NERV program. She has an extensive knowledge of films, as her brother collected the ones he could find and watched them with Christina instead of doing homework some nights.

Despite her reputation for hating authority she warmed up to Karla rather well after getting her honest opinion on NERV. Christina had grown sick of the “bullshit” the NERV technicians had been feeding her on the tests, and was glad to find someone who wasn’t going to lie to her just because someone told them too. At least for now.

Christina is starting too look up to Liz, both because of her age and resemblance to her brother, and because of the promise she made to her. She hopes to be able to honor it both ways, but is uncertain how she’ll react in combat. Christina still carries her brother’s Zippo with her to remember him by, a scuffed and dented silver lighter with V.N. inscribed on the front.

Is actually a deep one. Also, preggers.

Sonya Pyotrovna DurovEdit

Sonya's Unit 03
Sonya's Unit B-03

Sonya, currently 16 years old, pilots B-03 and is a Skirmisher. Following Second Impact, Russia began its ruthless expansionist campaign, and she was caught up in the middle of it, conscripted and sent off to war at 13. Once the UN caught wind of the situation they intervened to rescue the child soldiers and send them to adoptive families. She is very close to her adoptive family despite not having been with them long. Despite or perhaps as a result of her traumatic experiences, she has an unhealthy obsession with weapons and warfare. She stands at 5'2" and has long black hair and brown eyes.

Sonya is constantly polite, due in part to not being entirely fluent in English colloquialisms. Although a little shy, she has a big ego and does not like being made to look weak or less skilled than someone else. She can sometimes be quite temperamental and is known to hurt people seriously when angry.

She has only been with NERV for a few months, but has warmed to everyone and considers Liz a good friend. She shows concern for Mal especially, since he always seems to get himself into trouble.

Neil MacManusEdit

Unit 04
Neil's Unit B-04

Extraordinarily well-adjusted in respect to the genre, which means he can be somewhat abrasive towards the other pilots. Brought up to fear god through Catholicism and to pummel people with your fists from his brothers, Neil is all too eager to pilot the Eva's and save the world. He refuses to hear different. His position as a pilot was secured from Ireland thanks to his extraordinarily high synch ratio and his natural affinity with hand-to-hand combat.

Jokingly calls Mal "big guy" because of his seniority on the Evangelion team.

Supporting CastEdit

Commander Bruno BuccellatiEdit

A young man, Commander Buccellati is actually excited by the prospect of fighting the Angels (Or the Naacal - they're pretty much the same thing to him and he can't be bothered to learn the difference). He is a genuinely nice person and believes the best of everyone. Surprisingly innocent for someone high up in NERV's chain of command. His past record is pretty empty and boring, with nothing that stands out at all until he was given command of one of the most important facilities in the world.

Vice-Commander Rudol StroheimEdit

Captain Stroheim (he still prefers to use his naval rank) was the captain of a nuclear submarine before Second Impact. After Second Impact, his submarine was decommissioned and he was stuck ashore until NERV offered him a position. He readily accepted, if only to avoid early retirement, and now the only thing he's the captain of is his desk. He believes in the power of the Navy, and was instrumental in convincing the UN to release Naval forces to defend Ryan's Island. Defenses which have proven to be almost worthless against the enemies they must fight. He hates the idea of child soldiers, and thinks the Evas are too new a technology, unstable and expensive.

Head of Research: Doctor Ulala SerizawaEdit

Some people say she slept her way to the top. While that isn't strictly true, it's also far from just a rumor. That said, Ulala is a brilliant scientist, and she designed the NEPTUNE threat-prediction system herself. Serizawa spends nearly all of her time improving the system and trying to analyze the readings she gets from it.

Ritsuko AkagiEdit

The head of Project MAGI, Ritsuko defers to Doctor Ortega in matters regarding the science of the Evangelion units. She has so far used this to wheedle a positive second opinion on putting Shinji Ikari into his first combat. Being in charge of the most powerful supercomputer in the world (far better for analysis, if not number crunching, than Atlantis' installed Crays), Ritsuko is nonetheless a very valuable source of data processing.

Doctor Stephen BaxterEdit

Karla's assistant, Doctor Stephen Baxter is an expert in many fields. He has no less than three Doctorates, and he's never left school yet, still using his free time to take one or two classes on the side "just to stay sharp". He thinks highly of Doctor Ortega, especially since she hasn't abandoned her duties as a mother in the name of science.


Jehoel, the first NacaalEdit

"Jehoel (Hebrew יהואל, also called Jahoel, Shemuel, Kemuel, and Yaoel) in Jewish mythology is a member of the Angels of Presence, who mediates the ineffable name of God. The name Jehoel may have been an early form of Metatron. Jehoel is said to be the chief angel of the Seraphim, and governs heavenly singing. He is responsible for holding in check Leviathan, the monster of evil who will swallow the souls of sinners on Judgement Day."

Jehoel (Mantisiel): The first enemy fought by the Atlantis crew, and the first being to show a Green Pattern. It fought using mantis-shrimp like arm rams and a cavitation bubble shockwave. It was intercepted by Beta Units B00 and B01 who destroyed it, though not without Unit B01 taking extreme damage. The battle was extremely close, and it nearly came down to Captain Rudol Stroheim detonating an N2 mine, which would have not only damaged the enemy but could have decimated the ships carrying the Beta Units and their equipment.

Status - DEAD, Vorpaled by Mal.

Baraqijal, the second NacaalEdit

Baraquijal was a dangerous Nacaal - in addition to powerful electrical attacks it held the city hostage with living plasma bombs. The pilots stalled out against its powerful defenses until they cleverly decided to use its own bombs against it, blowing it apart with a series of violent attacks. Unfortunately, the bombs detonated and caused extensive damage to the city. The Evas did the brunt of the raw damage control, containing a developing firestorm. They managed to retrieve a completely intact core from Baraqijal's remains, though the victory was somewhat bittersweet - Chris' mother was killed by a stray bolt of energy that rebounded from Chris' Eva's AT Field.

Status: Defeated, intact core in cold storage to be shipped to the Second Branch.

Gaghiel, the sixth AngelEdit

Showing up at Atlantis base in the wake of a convoy ferrying Asuka, Evangelion 02, Kaji, and Adam, Gaghiel was defeated in short order by the Atlantis crew, showing that with the proper equipment and training, even a difficult opponent is made a simple distraction.

Status: Extremely dead. Ahead of schedule. SEELE is mildly concerned.

Perpetiel, the third NacaalEdit

A huge Nacaal over a kilometer tall, Perpetiel attacked with beams of cold and seeking missiles of dark energy. However, its attacks proved less than skillful and it was soundly defeated by the Atlantis crew in another extreme display of firepower thanks to Sonya's railguns.

Status: Dead, intact core in cold storage.

Season OneEdit

Episode One - Jehoel

Just before Karla, Mal, and Liz arrive at Ryan's Island, an AT Field signature is detected that doesn't match any known pattern. B-00 and B-01 are scrambled to intercept the enemy. In a desperate underwater fight, the two Evas defeat the enemy, though B-01 is critically damaged in the process. The pilots are greeted by Commander Buccellati and Vice-Commander Stroheim. The Vice-Commander gives them a chilly reception, informing them that they only escaped being at ground zero of an N2 mine deployment by seconds. In the debriefing, the pilots learn about Mu, NEPTUNE, and it's confirmed that the enemy they fought wasn't an Angel at all.

Log Part 1: Log Part 2:

While you we were away... - Chris arrives at Karla's office for a brief chat concerning her future with Nerv, and decides to join the team. After discussing it with her parents she moves into the Ortega house and after a bit of bonding with Liz, settles in...

Episode Two - Nearly Not There

It's the first day of school for Liz and Mal. Christina tries to convince Mal to skip school with her, unsuccessfully. Within a few seconds of getting into class, Mal flees the room after a fit of social anxiety. Chris, of all people, is the one to convince him to go back and give it a chance. Meanwhile, Karla has gone to pick up the team's last pilot - Sonya, a former child soldier from Russia. She drops Sonya off at the school just in time to see Chris and Mal together on their way back to class. Sonya and Liz end up in the same class. Later, Karla meets with the mysterious SEELE and learns that they expect her team to fight and die in defense of NEPTUNE, and also that the Naacal were not predicted in their scenarios...


Episode Three - Baraqijal

Power fails across the city, and the pilots are sortied after a long delay caused by the outage to fight the newest threat, a Nacaal that fights using electrical power. The Nacaal's tough body and difficult tactics turn the battle into a drawn-out affair, with the city suffering from major collateral damage until the pilots start flinging its own attacks back at it. The Nacaal is defeated, its core retrieved whole, and readied for what research they can do on it before it's shipped back to the Second Branch for detailed study. The pilots start to relax, when Chris learns her mother was killed in the battle, by an energy bolt that reflected from her own Eva...

Log Part 1: Log Part 2:

While we were away... - Upon hearing the news of her mothers death Chris runs crying from the house. Mal follows her outside in an attempt to console her, and after a bit of awkward interaction does so. Chris gives him a kiss and they go into the city to get some food.

Shortly after the funeral for Chris' mother is held and Mal and Karla arrive. They stay out of the way for the most part but eventually end up at the Northop house for the Wake. After a bit of parental bonding and drinks Karla asks Chris' father about letting her stay with NERV, to which he says he'll agree with his daughter's decision. Mal decides to stay the night watching a terrible movie with Chris, and in the morning asks her the same question. She agrees to stay.

That Saturday, Chris decides to take Mal to the to the beach, but before she does Karla sits her down with a talk about her son and her. While Chris is changing Liz arrives home from guard duty and takes them to the beach. Arriving at the beach, Mal and Liz swim for a bit while Chris lounges in the sun. Mal eventually gets tired of the beach and decides to get ice cream, but finds some cash along the way and brings back a crate of popsicles...

Episode Four - Sour Kraut

A few weeks after Chris' Mother's funeral, the carrier fleet escorting Unit 02 detours to Ryan's Island to pick up the Nacaal core. Asuka is introduced, along with her Eva (far superior to the Beta units, of course) as is Kaji, a UN Inspector. Asuka gets on everyone's nerves with her enormous ego until Karla talks her down, and then she at least tries to make pleasant conversation for a while. Eventually, the pilots steal a bottle of vodka and go down to the beach. After Asuka and Chris lose a drinking contest with Sonya, they're forced to strip and go into the water. They end up stumbling all over each other, playing Gay Chicken, and ending up with Chris kissing Asuka. After finding their clothing, Asuka gives Chris a much larger and better kiss, to prove she's better at it. When the pilots return, still drunk and with awkward emotions, sirens start going off and it appears a new threat has arrived. Also Mal became a god or something.


While we were away... While all of the shenanigans at the beach are occurring, Mal is left alone at the restaurant. He decides to go and find his phone back at the ship containing 02, but is strangely drawn to somewhere in the lower decks. After following the source he breaks into Kaji's room and breaks open a suitcase he's found. Inside is a brick of amber plastic containing a strange fetus. After a bit of failed attempts to break it, he finally gets it open. The fetus glows with awesome power and then quickly enters Mal. The resulting rising cross blows a hole in the deck of the ship, and Mal wakes up a bit later feeling... whole.

Episode Five- Drink and Dive

After a bit of scuttling about, the pilots are finally shipped off to Nerv HQ to quickly prepare for the Angelic threat that is bearing down on Atlantis' shores. Placed into the new C-type (underwater) restraining armor, the team's Evas were more than capable of intercepting the Angel before it hit land. However, due to the Rising Cross caused by Mal last episode, Asuka's Eva was encased in protective Bakelite keeping it from joining the battle.

The Evas are dropped into the ocean in front of the Angel, thanks to the help of the local UN Navy, and as they floated down into the dim depths, they came face-to-face with it. The Angel was Gaghiel who quickly focused on Mal almost severing both his Eva's legs throughout the fight. Gaghiel's weak AT Field was no match for the combined field of Liz's and Chris's and Sonya was able to let loose an incredibly deadly payload of a twin-linked Heavy Railgun into its tough body. Near the end of the battle, Liz struck a deadly blow with her new chainsword cutting swathes through the Angel's skin, after saving Chris, while Mal buried his knife into its side only exacerbating the damage the monster had already taken. The final blow came from a pair of submarines as their torpedoes went through the already torn skin to explode inside the Angel's body.

Deciding it would take the team with it, the Angel self-destructed.....for absolutely no effect on the pilots. The pilots were quickly retrieved and Atlantis could rest easy.

However, all the pilots had noticed that Mal had been acting strangely during the battle, laughing and just not being himself. After Asuka was able to express her relief that Chris was ok (and getting a date to boot), and Sonya and Liz had had a chat, the pilots converged on Mal who pointedly refused to answer any questions, quickly changing the subject to things like robbery and alcohol. While Chris and Asuka were amused, Liz and Sonya were concerned. Section 2 agents drove the rest of the team home while Liz stayed behind to guard Baraqijal.

Meanwhile: Karla met with Kaji about the missing Adam fetus and what the hell they should do.

At the House: Mal cooked some righteous night-time breakfast food and then decided he wanted to try alcohol. Once again all the pilots got drunk and the scene fades to black right before they might have played spin the bottle (millions of voices cried out in disappointment and were quickly silenced).

At the Base: Liz met up with Baxter and they had a small chat about paperwork before Liz asked him if he could check where Mal was right before the Angel Cross on the Over the Rainbow (the ship 02/Adam came on). After only a little time, Mal was found to not only be on the ship but also to have been the only one on board. Baxter began pulling up the video log while Liz realized what must have happened, but the two were interrupted by the return of Karla. After a bit of time and tension, Karla revealed the truth of Mal's parentage to Liz as well as what must have happened. Taking this as all her fault, Liz broke down mentioning some episode eariler in her life. Karla comforted her before ordering her to go back home to see her 'children.' Deputy Mom Liz then left feeling a bit better while Karla headed off to have an important talk with the Commander.


Episode Six- Malapropisms


The Team watches 01 get defeated by Ramiel. Liz orders some Chinese then challenges Asuka to a duel. Liz seems to be winning then Asuka flips out and almost breaks Liz's ribs. Asuka breaks down and goes to talk to Karla while Liz is taken to the infirmary. Sonya accompanies. Mal reveals he is an Angel to Chris; Chris then invites him into a threesome. He kinda agrees.

Liz recovers. Karla, Liz and Sonya talk for a bit. They go get Chinese.


Episode Seven - Pendulum War

Asuka departs, but the Atlantis team shouldn't be lonely because a new, terrifying friend is on the way! Can the team defeat the terrible Perpetiel, or will the find themselves frozen in place by their own fears?

Episode Eight - Talented

The pilot learn that the school is holding a talent show! Liz chases down Chris and Mal after they try to skip school, and accidentally aggravates her condition. Later, Liz FLIPS OUT and stabs herself in the arm, discovering her blood is blue. At the same time, B-01 goes berserk and goes after Mal, barely stopping before reaching him.

Episode Nine - Bad Wolf

Synch experiments send B01 and Liz berserk, and she almost kills Mal. At the night of the talent show, the pilots are able to pull everything together and take home the top prize. The pilots get cake and ice cream, then head out to dinner - though Liz is less than enthused by the fact her meal has no meat.

Episode Ten - The Parting of the Ways

A ghost from Liz and Sonya's pasts comes to haunt their present. Karla is reassigned to a new position, away from the pilots. Will the pilots be able to cope with the loss of their mother-figure? Will the new face at NERV spell disaster for everyone? Find out next time on Nerv Atlantis! Maybe we'll even have more fanservice!

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