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Neon Genesis Anasazi has the events of Second Impact take place during the 21st of December, 2012, with the campaign proper starting fourteen years later. Named after the Native American beliefs it takes inspiration from, NGA mixes some New Age with the Judeochristian symbolism of Evangelion. Taking place in NERV Arizona, more precisely inside the Four Corners arcology, the story is one of battle for the survival of humanity against the Kachina menace.

Basic InformationEdit

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Four Corners is the third of the first batch of AdEva games running on the #adeptusevangelion channel on Rizon, after the release of v2 it is now one of many games playtesting ReWrite.

Episode SummariesEdit

Episode One: Welcome To Arizona

Two new pilots arrive at NERV. They meet the two pilots that have lived there all their lives, everyone is assigned to their Eva units, and everyone tries hard not to mention how half of the base is either unfinished or held together by duct tape. The pilots are given new quarters but before they have a chance to settle in, alarms blare - the Third Kachina has arrived.

Episode Two: Nata'aska, the Indoctrinator

In a short battle, Nata'aska self-destructs. James, in Unit 03, throws himself on the exploding kachina to save the other pilots. No one is hurt. Afterwards, they're congratulated on a job well done and settle in a bit in their new quarters. Jane almost kills Ai in the mess hall for getting on her nerves. The pilots meet Michael Smith, their new Operations Director. James and Tony go into town for a bit of fun and grocery shopping, Jane and Ai try to get along, and things end on a high note with Ai making dinner for everyone.

Episode Three: School Daze

The pilots go to school, which is unfinished. They meet their classmates, sit through a boring first day of school, then return home and play video games. The next day they go to gym, which ends in a huge Airsoft shootout.

Episode Four: Puchkomoktaka, the Runner

An enemy is detected too late, and has already damaged NERV before the Evas have been deployed. The team eventually uncovers the buried Kachina and defeats it, but not without consequences - the kachina explodes violently. While it isn't enough to cause more significant damage to the NERV base, the violent blast leaves NERV with little choice but to go public.

Episode Five: Meet The Press

A press conference is held, and NERV tells the world that they're in the business of protecting the planet from alien scum with the use of giant robots. They also, perhaps unwisely, bring the Indigo Children. Jane nearly ruins everything, and only Michael's surprisingly skillful save manages to keep things from disaster. The Indigo Children are sent to the base psychologist, Doctor Garcia, who manages to make pretty much all of them hate her. Unfortunately, in the fallout, the relationships between the Indigo Children are strained, perhaps broken.

Episode Six: Helloween

Asuka Langley shows up at the school and recruits pilots for TRIDENTs. Anthony and Jane's birthdays come in quick succession, and some signs appear that there might be a budding romance between them. James almost gets himself killed trying to find a way to patch things up with Ai. As some of the pilots go off to trick-or-treat, a kachina is detected in the ocean off the coast of Japan.

Episode Seven: Beach Party

The pilots are sent to Japan to fight the next Kachina. Unit 00 is badly damaged, and Unit 03 also takes a big hit after failing every single thing it tried to do. Thankfully, Units 01 and 02 defeat the Kachina handily. Once defeated, Jane splashed around and made Gore Angels, to the consternation of Ritsuko and the Japanese Nerv branch. Later, Tony confessed he liked Jane, and she surprisingly admitted she liked him, as well. James and Ai began repairing their damaged friendship.

Episode Eight: Banana Split

Jane and Tony spent some time together freaking Shou out and confirming that they are both very damaged people, though Tony is afraid of his bad side and Jane seems to revel in it. James, Ai, Janelle, and Michael went looking for a mangaka that seemed to know quite a bit about the Eva project. After fumbling around, Michael ended up with a date, everyone found themselves in uncomfortable situations, and James admitted to Janelle that he sort of has a thing for Ai.

Episode Nine: Birthday Boy

Ai's relationship with James begins to develop swiftly, despite her reservations. Jane expresses her disapproval to James, even as she finds herself agreeing to try to make peace with Ai. Anthony and Ai go gift shopping, and Anthony manages to get a rise out of Ai as he confronts her with the obvious. Ai strikes back by forcing him to buy a new bathing suit for Jane. The big day arrives. After exchanging gifts, Anthony and Jane excuse themselves to find a more properly sized swim suit, while Ai attempts to dictate the terms of the burgeoning relationship before its too late. James refuses, and Ai is forced to accept that something is beginning between the two of them.

Episode Ten: Tokyo-2 Sucks.

The pilots are taken to Tokyo-2 to fight for the honor of NERV, and funding. Pitted against Captain Asuka Langley and her T-RIDEN-T pilots in a simulator, Ai, Anthony and James emerge victorious. Afterward, the pilots get an opportunity to meet with their parents. Ai goes to visit her father, which goes better than she expected. Anthony's parents fly in from Boston, and though his dread is proven unfounded, it turns out his adoptive father has been diagnosed with cancer. Meanwhile, Commander Arroyo holds a private dinner with his own adoptive children, James and Jane. He drinks heavily and invites his children to do so as well. As they get sauced, the commander candidly confesses that sometimes NERV must do bad things for good reasons. Feeling the weight of earlier comments from Jane, James gets fairly drunk.

Episode Eleven: Love and Hate

A drunk James confesses to Ai and caught up in the moment she almost takes advantage of him. Jane seeks comfort from Anthony as she comes to feel that James has replaced her. Ai avoids James, who finally corners her. She hurls every abuse she can at him, leaving them both drained. Jane too avoids James and brutally rejects him when he tries to find out why, leaving him in tears. The event makes Ai finally willing to take her chance on a real relationship, and becomes involved with James.

Episode 12: Tsitoto, Purifier of Souls

A new Kachina threatens India and China and NERV moves to respond. An enemy unlike any they have faced before, Tsitoto, a crystalline flower that attacks the minds of their EVAs. James' EVA proves resistant, but he is unable to stop a catastrophic defeat. After being released from the hospital, the pilots lick their wounds.

Episode 13: A Brief Respite

Back at the Four Corners arcology, things return to a semblance of normality while preparations are made for the next battle with Tsitoto. Michael is promoted to Major, and leads the class in another insane class exercise. Ai is promoted, James begins making friends amongst his class mates, Anthony works himself ragged, and Jane finds herself confronted about her bottled up anger.

Episode 14: Tsitoto: Wings of Life

Airdropped into the surreal territory claimed by the Tsitoto, the pilots must face the Kachina unsupported. Though they have learned from their loss, the Kachina lashes out at the James and Jane's mind. Even as Unit 03 lands the killing blow, it sends Unit 01 and Unit 02 berserk, leaving their pilots time to think. And to consider the other occupants of the war machines they pilot. After they are recovered, James and Jane are interviewed to evaluate their mental health. James confesses with some hesitance, but eventually they are cleared, and the brother and sister reconcile.


Four Corners has a main cast consisting of four Pilots and one Operations Director.

Michael Smith, Operations DirectorEdit

Michael Soul-Smith.JPG

He's overenthusiastic, cultured and apparently genre-savvy. Synch-positive.

James Arroyo, First Child and Pilot of EVA 03Edit

James Arroyo.JPG " :< " - Frequent Expression.

James is the first successful, sync positive manufactured. He is a one-of-a-kind specimen and everything the project promised. But he wasn't at all cost effective. Adopted by project head (later commander) Dr. Christopher Arroyo, James is the child of NERV, through and through.

Though he is Project E's favored son, he is seen as more of an ideal test subject than a person, and generally receives little more than guilty attention or cold nepotism. He was raised by a long series of private tutors, fitness instructors, and soap operas, his only peer being his adopted sister, Jane Shepard. Despite, or perhaps because of a mostly cold childhood, James is a really nice guy. He is frequently frustrated in his efforts to promote peace and friendship between his fellow pilots (hence the sadface), though one-on-one he is consistently disarming and makes friends easily.

James has piloted every EVA, but is assigned to the newly built, EU funded, top of the line Unit 03, which is considerably more stable and less dangerous than its siblings. As a skirmisher, it is a good match.

The first child is 5'6" and athletic, with green eyes and blonde hair with eye-length bangs.

Major Accomplishments: Used Judo on the Third Kachina and covered it with his body to contain the core explosion. Declared manly, moe. Shipped with every pilot. Knows verbal Hokuto no Ken.

Jane Shepard, Third Child and Pilot of EVA 01Edit

Jane Shepard.JPG "..."

Jane is the team's pointman, a manufactured that thinks of herself as a war machine. She's quiet, and doesn't talk a lot about herself. Jane, though, has a temper like a bear - passive right up to the moment that she goes crazy and rips your face off with her teeth. And I don't mean that metaphorically.

Jane is James' sister, more or less. They were raised together, though James (being perfect) was always the favorite. She doesn't think well of the two new arrivals - the fourth and fifth children - and considers them both to be under-trained and not nearly focused enough on the mission. Time will tell if she ends up befriending them or remaining distant.

Jane is pale, somewhat shorter than average height for her age, with pink hair and red eyes. She has a large scar on her left side from an accident several years ago when improperly made equipment caused an explosion during an otherwise routine test. She just wears whatever clothing is on hand, without much care for her appearance.

Eva Unit 01 is a huge monster of a machine, more massive than any of the others, with bulging muscles and extremely heavy (and badly-made) armor plating.

Ai Yamashiro, Fourth Child and Pilot of EVA 00Edit

Ai Yamashiro.JPG "My reflexes have been honed by years of playing video games!"

The obligatory Japanese insert that also plays the role of fanservice girl for the gamer crowd, her looks are not impressive but they get the job of rendering nerds useless done. Of average build (for a Japanese girl, anyways), she makes up for her unremarkability with an energetic spirit and tsundere attitude.

Her skills as an AT Tactician have cursed her to a support role, much to her dismay, but as long as she gets recognized for her efforts she does not particularly care.

She considers her Evangelion a friend, calls EVA 00 by the name "Omoikane" rather than by the military designation, and has attempted several times to 'commune' with the soul inside the machine to no avail.

Anthony Hartman, Fifth Child and Pilot of EVA 02Edit

Anthony Hartman.JPG

The team Berserker, Anthony is a quiet kid who prefers to keep to himself. He also harbors an immense rage and hatred against the angels, and pretty much everything else that he is only dimly aware of which really only comes through while he's in his EVA.

Despite this, he's usually fairly calm, and at least makes an attempt to get along with those around him without trying to get too close. James is pretty much his only friend, so they get along fairly well. He strongly respects Jane for her destructive ability, although the feeling is definitely not mutual. He dislikes Ai's arrogant attitude, but otherwise has little problem with interacting with her.

Anthony is a rather short kid with messy black hair and green eyes. He has a generally disheveled look about him from caring little about grooming beyond basic hygiene and from buying most of his clothes from second-hand stores.

EVA unit 02, despite being a production model, has a rather bestial look about it. Anthony is always nervous about piloting it due to strong feelings that he is not alone inside the plug...


Commander Christopher ArroyoEdit

Highest authority at the 4c facility, and second in absolute authority to Akagi herself. Seems to equate money with affection, and isn't too fond of the pilots, especially the manufactured ones, especially James. Works himself to exhaustion, drinks excessively when off-duty, and is often moody. Gives Michael a lot of freedom to do whatever he wants with few questions asked. Does not seem to have ever recovered from the loss of his family during 2I.

Madison Garcia, PhDEdit

Base psychologist and second-in-command. Kind of a manipulative bitch. Yes, that's an understatement. Now, it's the hugest understatement.

Reagan GarciaEdit

Dr. Garcia's daughter. Recently started working for NERV as a research assistant, but was instead forced into full-time teaching. Surprisingly nice compared to her mother.

Phil Hayes, PhDEdit

Garcia's subordinate, does psychology, statistics, and computer stuff. Teaches classes, too, and has a kind of jerkass sense of humor when he's not dead serious.

James Thompson, PhDEdit

A scientist and doctor. High-ranking by necessity due to his involvement in certain projects, but stays out of most of the decision making. Does not have much respect for Arroyo or Garcia, and is willing to go out of his way to help the pilots or give advice. Smokes a lot.

Thomas Cheng, MDEdit

Chief of medical staff at the Four Corners facility, and answers directly to Thompson. He's a hard-working, straight-laced type, and is also a workaholic.

High Commander Ritsuko AkagiEdit

Has an Eyepatch of power. Controls NERV, which basically means she entertains a lot of disinterested and suspicious investors.

Surya Banerjee, PhDEdit

Part of the bridge crew. Basically does everything, and is probably the most overworked guy ever in NERV.

Yoshiko SmithEdit

The owner of a small manga press in Tokyo-3, Yoshiko was a somewhat frumpy fujoshi lady encountered by the group under direction from Michael, who was investigating a comic book that was strikingly similar to the situation they were in, who was eager to show her gay, guro, and puppy mangas to the pilots. Two months later, towards the end of the year, Michael and Yoshiko married. Is working as a graphic designer(!?) for NERV, and is also pregnant. Also, her real surname was Makinami before she assumed a pseudonym, and she was involved in a weapons program prior to 2I. Knows SEELE members.

Agent ES1Edit

A talkative, but serious Section 2 agent. He smokes a lot, and tends to dump cigarette butts everywhere and litter. His hobby is watching movies. Also apparently possesses an AT Field. Attacked Michael in Xibalba when he became separated from the group.

Agent YO1Edit

ES1's partner, she provides a quieter, less friendly personality to the team. Is fond of tasers and black leather gloves, and has a short temper. Often threatens to taze people to death, and has to be reined in by her partner before she does regrettable things.

The Second StringEdit

The pilots are not the only synch-positives being considered in the eva program. Many children are synch positive, and the best have been inducted into NERV training programs. The list here is not exhaustive at all.

Camlinh LeEdit

Daughter of a NERV Engineer in Nevada. A general delinquent. Seems to have taken a liking to James. Fervently denies that she and Carlos have anything going on between them.

Vanessa LambEdit

Small, and incredibly moe. Doesn't show much aptitude in the way of piloting, but seems to be a nice person. Bad with machines. Cries easily, especially after accidentally making a crater in the ground with a powered armor she was definitely NOT certified to use. Hangs around Janelle.

Estelle BouchardEdit

Incredibly nice and enthusiastic, very chatty. A big smile, and pretty, if a little chubby. Probably in competition with Jane and Marilyn for girliest girls at school. Being the most active member of the student body, school-wise, she's now the girl's resident assistant and the other sophomore student councilman alongside James. Recently, she's been depressed.

Janelle ParkerEdit

The little black goth loli weeaboo. She's fixated on boy's love and yaoi manga, and may have had a crush on James at one point or another. Seems to get uncomfortable when discussing eva fights, or when alone with boys. Rumored to have done modeling work in middle school.

Shou IwasakiEdit

Another Japanese exchange student. Likes baseball, perhaps too much. Is a bit creeped out by Anthony. Seems to have known Ai previously, even if she doesn't remember him. Is still trying to get enough people for a damn school baseball team.

Lucas WrightEdit

Into UFO conspiracies and general paranormal crap. Showed James a bunch of websites with CRAAZY accusations of NERV and the Second Impact and UFO coverups. Now that Anthony's showering regularly, he might be the most unwashed teen at school, to the point where some suspect a colony of spider-moths have taken up residence in his 'fro.

Marilyn PerezEdit

Tall, blonde, and pretty, Marilyn generally has a gaggle of boys ogling her. She seems to treat this with a sort of half-amazed wonderment. May be something of a space case, and seems interested in learning how to use evas. She's unnaturally bad at most things she attempts. Strangely agreeable with virtually everyone.

Joshua ParkEdit

Vicky's boyfriend. Wears pseudo goth-emo clothes. Has a Korean surname, but just sort of shrugs his shoulders when asked about it. Comes from an overly religious family. Doesn't seem too into the whole darkness and despair thing that his girlfriend's into.

Victoria RobbinsEdit

Josh's girlfriend. Wears about five different pentagram necklaces, faux-silvered jewelry, and black everything, and is very into DARK PARANORMAL THINGS. Predictably, she gets along pretty well with Lucas.

Lance McCrayEdit

Tall, dark, well-dressed, and athletic on a level approaching James, Lance is a happy-go-lucky freshman who seems mostly enthusiastic about athletics and evas. Isn't half bad if the simulator records indicate anything, but his grades are dismal. Has been trying to get the school to sponsor ANY sports team.

Other NPCsEdit

Reserve PilotsEdit

Test pilots for the formerly secret Project Raiden a program which promised a better way to fight the Kachina threat, and was designed as a way to develop positron weapons and platforms for their usage utilizing a pseudo-synch interface. With the loss of the lead pilot and evaluator, the project was shut down, with the only active Trident belonging to Michael. The pilots involved in the project are now reserve Eva pilots.

Asuka LangleyEdit

Recruited the alternate Eva pilots from the school into the TRIDENT program. Also offered them a better deal. At least the Eva pilots have a big TV. Synch-Positive, despite being an adult. Was involved in some sort of weapons development as a project prior to 2I. Died during the fight versus Ometeotl, sacrificing her life to deflect an explosive attack that would have killed her team, as well as Michael. Real name was Wilhemina Zeppelin.

Gerald FortnerEdit

Highest baseline synch in class. Piloted unit 03 as James's replacement versus Ometeotl, though this was short-lived, as the Kachina's pilot-damaging abilities put him in the hospital. Kind of a wimpy guy. Has gotten better, and is more serious about piloting since his near-death experience.

Raymond OrtizEdit

Physically dumpy and tall in the most awkward of ways, Raymond is not the type you'd expect to find as a test pilot in a cutting-edge weapons program. However, Raymond seems to be a natural with firearms, despite being somewhat nearsighted, and has performed admirably in the simulator. Still, he's a coward, whiner, a complainer, slacker, and slob.

Carlos JimenezEdit

Very tall, very muscular, very quiet. His skill lags behind that of the other test pilots, but not by too much. He doesn't talk much about himself, but it's rumored he was in juvie for nearly crippling a kid in a fight before being found he was Synch-Positive. Still, the rumor seems strange, since he seems to be uncommonly nice.

Melanie CrossEdit

A fiery, loud-mouthed girl with a competitive streak. She went to a private school prior to being found Synch-Positive, and won several regional fencing competitions. Reminds Asuka of herself, somewhat, and does not like Raymond or Anthony. Has been more irritable than usual lately.


The Third Kachina: Nata'aska, the IndoctrinatorEdit

"It's nothing more than the kind of thing that makes your own, newly-assigned units look like babies. It's large, heavy. Black and bony with clawed, tridactyl hands. It has no neck, and instead of a face or head is a mask, a stark white thing, looking much like a plague mask, with a long, hooked nose. (...) In its chest is a large, red protrusion(...) It launches what seems to be spontaneously generated rails of indeterminate material from one hand. Its other hand has some sort of glowing lasso."

The first enemy the pilots would face was a heavily armored foe whose sole weak spot was the head, it attacked with both of its arms and displayed an ability to manifest Sea of Dirac powers, more specifically Dirac Jaunt, which it attempted to use on EVA 02 but failed.

It self destructed after its head was destroyed, EVA 03 contained the explosion using its own A.T Field in a rather heroic gesture.

The Fourth Kachina: Puchkofmoktaka, the RunnerEdit

"[...]something sure does break its way through the looks nothing less than like a chain of....white, rubbery human corpses in crude segmentation, mouths wide and distended, with torsos sprouting from the very end, lies a bloom of bright red and white bone and spikes, deadly sharp, and dripping with some sort of liquid. [...]"

"A large, flat, segmented thing that looks like it's made of dead flesh is visible. Its body is flat and wide, and has hundreds of what look like human arms moving as an insect's legs..and it has three larger appendages, flexible and grotesque. The fourth is in Jane's unit's mouth. The abdomen terminates in a large, eva-sized torso with no arms, only a head with a terrifying, distended jaw."

The second enemy that appeared to challenge the pilots of NERV's Four Corners Base, the Fourth Kachina attacked from underground, destroying part of the NERV base and hiding in the rubble. It attacked with flailing arms with a poison effect. The pilots brought it down with a surprising amount of teamwork, exposing its core and finishing it after a few blows with a careful handgun shot from EVA 00.

After its core was blown away, the enemy exploded, dealing mostly superficial damage to the NERV base.

The Fifth Kachina: Paquanghoya, Brothers as OneEdit

Canon Israfel, was detected at midnight on Halloween off the coast of Japan. Looked like a big, neon fish egg. Seemed to have a capacity to learn, as it went from fighting those that looked most frightening, to targeting weaker pilots and attempting isolation attacks. James and Ai sustained massive damage from the fight. Not very durable, but when split, displayed the ability to shrug off damage that was not inflicted on both simultaneously, which made it a serious threat. An N2 mine was almost launched. Dr. Akagi wanted its core, and it was defeated with an intact core. However, James destroyed said core on Commander Arroyo's orders in the revenge and anger-fueled mayhem that followed its being disabled. Reportedly tastes like orange Jell-o, which Jane apparently likes.

The Sixth Kachina: Tsitoto, Purifier of SoulsEdit

A giant, glasslike lotus flower surrounding a pearly white core. First spotted near an abandoned nuclear silo in India. Displayed powerful AT abilities, such as repulsion, flying, and an ability to make Evangelions berserk. Defeated the evangelions and escaped. May have been trying to grow copies of itself.

Tsitoto, Second FightEdit

Appeared the same, but resided within a large Field generated by the flowers sprouting around it. Inside, the world was strange and warped, and the Kachina quite literally established verbal contact with the pilots and displayed not only intelligence, but knowledge and cruelty. Given A-Type equipment, the pilots were able to keep it from using its most blatant advantages and defeated it, but at heavy cost: Jane and James endured a particularly brutal mental assault, and returned from the fight highly traumatized.

The Seventh Kachina: Huhuwa, Wings AblazeEdit

Arrived in the wake of the mysterious and sudden destruction of a joint European/Russian NERV base that was producing Eva 04. It resembled nothing less than a large, metallic, vaguely humanoid stalk of asparagus with strange, tetrahedral protrusions on it. It was surrounded by an innumerable amount of small glowing, orbiting polyhedral bodies. Its main attacks consisted of attacking with a positron beam, knocking out AT fields, and directing the polyhedral bodies to attack whatever the beam was fired at. All eva units as well as Michael's TRIDENT suffered heavy damage in the fight, but fortunately, nobody was seriously hurt, though more than half the cast ended up going to class/work in bandages afterwards.

The Eighth Kachina: Kokole, The ForgottenEdit

Encountered as four Kachinas made out of a sort of clockwork that teleported into the city. Capable of moving at high speed and could do massive damage by ramming enemies and engaging blades built into their bodies. They were beaten thanks to the group's teamwork, and James figuring out that they could be stunned if their clockwork bodies were obstructed from functioning with his sword. When pressed, the four of them combined into a much larger Kachina with four cores. It was not impressive. Sadly, this was not the most troublesome fight of the day, as the next Kachina made its presence known immediately afterwards.

The Ninth Kachina: Awanyu, Serpent who DecievesEdit

In the wake of building developments behind Nina, the girl inside Eva 02, and Jane's genetic donor, four Kachinas attack the city. In the ensuing chaos, Eva 02 berserks, but after the fight, undergoes an unfortunate transformation while simultaneously causing Anthony's life monitoring to abruptly stop. Its body becomes flexible and snakelike, and neutralizing it gives the unfortunate feel that you're hurting Anthony, while also triggering an incredibly painful feedback loop. After the head was destroyed twice, it was discovered that Anthony's entry plug had already been breached and his body absorbed. Through some sort of miracle, after the core had become unstable and exploded, Anthony survived, despite the fact that he shouldn't have a body, and that he was at ground zero of the blast.

The Ninth Kachina: Ometeotl, Lurker at the ThresholdEdit

Somewhat predicted by the late Dr. Richardson's MAGI analysis of Kachina data, this Kachina was predicted to be either canon Matarael or canon Sahaquiel. What it actually appeared to be was a strange, massive spider that had a mouth that occupied most of its body. It vomited some sort of acidic static everywhere and was capable of causing massive damage to Eva pilots directly, and manipulating dirac constructs to interfere with gravity. It was engaged by the eva pilots while the TRIDENT team provided support from the second form in the sky, a large, flat, pale, gelatinous Kachina with an unusual glowing core that positively dwarfed the already massive spider. The construct in the sky attempted to throw explosive pieces of itself to earth, but was stopped from causing further damage.

When the spider was destroyed, the Eva pilots used Dirac trickery to engage the explosive enemy high up in the atmosphere, suffering damage to themselves, as it tended to stick to their weapons and otherwise explode when touched. This Kachina's body was also destroyed, before the core teleported to the ground, apparently entered the remains of the spider, and attacked the nearby TRIDENT pilots with an explosive attack, which Asuka Langley threw herself upon to stop, and was killed by.

The new form was somewhat harrowing, as the spider's legs turned around, causing it to appear as if it were hanging from an invisible ceiling in the sky, with a large, eva-sized torso of an androgynous, bestial humanoid hanging out from its mouth, vomiting static. The area around it exhibited slowed-down and sped up time alternately. Fighting this kachina directly proved unwise, as all attacks directed at it passed right through its body, and physical contact caused all matter to explode violently. Michael discovered that the body itself(and in fact all its bodies) were in fact projections of matter, and later, holograms, upon the three-dimensional world caused by a core hiding within a 2-dimensional body, the static. James, with the help of Michael's targeting data, which he is already experienced with using as his sole sensory data, destroys the Kachina's core in an impressive display of swordsmanship while the others fail to adjust to the 2-dimensional distortion.

The Tenth Kachina: Camazotz, Bringer of DeathEdit

A large humanoid composed of what appared to be black, incredibly tough ribbons that moved incredibly fast, this Kachina was capable of moving exceedingly fast, taking immense punishment, and dishing out a number of devastating attacks. It successfully defeated Jane, and destroyed her entry plug(and Jane as well).

The Eleventh Kachina: Binayehani, Remnant of the PastEdit

A mass of wings, eyes, and flames, this large enemy was capable of freezing a pilot in place with a mere stare, and utilized microwave beams to set its targets on fire, blind them, and otherwise damage them severely.

The Twelfth Kachina?Edit

The Thirteenth Kachina: Tlaloc, Holders of FateEdit

At the end of their Junior year of high school, the pilots are stalked by copies of themselves who taunt, glare, or otherwise just appear and disappear on a whim. One night, the four of them are led to isolated locations, and forced to fight copies of themselves, who for all purposes seem to be actual copies who progressed in their lives differently. The pilots fight bravely outside of their Evangelions in duels, and overcome their enemies. Anthony is brought within an inch of his life, and is saved by Reagan Garcia, who is an undercover S2 agent. James attempts to reason with his copy, and because of it Marilyn, apparently training under Garcia as an S2 agent is seriously injured. Ai overcomes her copy herself, but does not escape grievous injury herself. Jane dispatches her clone, taking only superficial wounds.

The Fourteenth Kachina: A Human Work, Kiel Lorentz's InstrumentalityEdit

After the events of the NERV press event and the launching of missiles worldwide from the German branch, the pilots find themselves facing a prototype Anti-Kachina weapon, a mess of UAVs, and defensive emplacements as they clear a path to the building, and finally teleport to the Geofront below, coming upon what looks to be a large, blue core-like structure. Inside, lies the NERV chair's remnants, and the permanently synchronized and reconstituted signatures of seventeen staff members. Lorentz tries to bring the pilots to his side, claiming that this is a peaceful solution to a problem that cannot be solved otherwise, as he theorizes that the earth itself is part of the White Giant, and that something else is amiss. The pilots destroy the core-thing and MAGI, along with the strange, eva-like constructs it can produce. Unfortunately, it seems that the worldwide scanning of AT signatures has attracted something far worse...

The Fifteenth Kachina: Pahana, The Giant of LightEdit

The Giant of Light, Pahana is or was an immensely large organism composed of light and core biology trapped in Antarctic ice. The LCL derived from its core was used as raw matter to jump-start the activity of the cores that would become Evas 00 and 01. The Evangelion project was originally conceived by GEHIRN as a way to deal with a quickly awakening creature. The failure of the program resulted in Second Impact. It is unknown whether the Giant of Light still exists, or what happened to it, or where it might be. It has recently returned, perhaps enticed by the collection of AT Data by the MAGI, and threatens the existence of the entire world. Theorized by some to in fact be -part- of the planet. Killed everyone on earth, then destroyed the earth, and died with it, leaving only around 300 humans left alive on a ship.

The Sixteenth Kachina: Coatlicue, Mother of the StarsEdit

The First Kachina: QuetzalcoatlEdit

The Second Kachina: TezcatlipocaEdit


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Campaign NotesEdit

Current XP: 11,400
Michael's XP: 12,400
Free skills and talents:Dance, Drive(car) or Drive(motorcycle), Double Team or Group Synchro Michael's Modifiers(P-scale): Human Plus, Superior Action

Surplus: 20

Technologies: Tier 3, hyperprogressive, S2 generation, positron, bolter, ablative, maser.


Custom SUPgrades-
Morphic Wings: (1 SUP) Type A replaced with wing ports on the back that can convert armor plating to wings and back again. Half-action to summon type A and put it away, letting you choose when you want to sacrifice armor for flight and vice versa.

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