Campaign:NERV Thanatos

"...I shall fear no evil."

Starting up again thanks to the players prodding the GM into giving it a shot.

Campaign InformationEdit

Loss. It can drive people forward, just as easily as it can lead them down the path of despair and self-destruction, oftimes masking the road they believe themselves to take.

We must not be misguided.

The Second Impact caused devastation in an untold scale. It took away lives, histories, dreams and hopes for the future, leaving behind a void in those left that can never be filled, and the promise of an even greater menace.

We must not falter.

For the sake of what was lost, and what we may yet lose in these troubling times, we must fight tooth and nail... for if survival is still within grasp it is our duty to seize it, and if oblivion is to be our due... let it not be said we left no mark of our passing.

- Commander Hector Navarro, NERV Founding Speech.

Background InformationEdit

The date is July 31st, 2020. Eight years ago, the world as we knew it ended. The cause was the event we now dub the Second Impact: a meteoroid collision of such magnitude that all but destroyed Antarctica, and whose immediate effects inflicted massive loss of life and infrastructure, plunging the planet into chaos. Over 500 million people died in the aftermath of the cataclysm and the lightning wars that followed, and further bloodshed ended only with the hastened signing of the Valentine Treaty, but the ecological repercussions would still be felt for years to come.

Yet the world rebuilt.

From the turmoil of the Second Impact humanity has emerged stronger: be it wisdom gained from suffering, or impetus bred by anger, regret and sorrow, they now stand ready to present a unified front against any adversity... but that alone isn't enough against the threat it will soon face.

In the massive, underground geofront at the Death Valley in California, USA, the U.N. sponsored paramilitary organization NERV readies the biomechanical Evangelions, massive war machines meant to be mankind's triumph card... or perhaps merely the means to a fighting chance, in the war that will decide the ultimate fate of all life on Earth.


Mike Newman / Unit 00Edit


Cedric Vannstann / Unit 02Edit

Bad things happen to good people, nice guys finish last, some saying about a good person being shit on by life.

Miu Setogiri / Unit 03Edit

Japanese Teen Idol, was pretty good in the original series and has been recycled for the reboot.

Captain Reiko Shishigami/ Operations DirectorEdit

Asian fanservice GMOpDir character.Total /ss/ material, definite babysitter vibe.

Supporting CastEdit

Commander NavarroEdit

The man on the chair.

Vice Commander (???) Ariel ChaseEdit

The woman on the other chair.

Dr. IonidesEdit

Head of the Technical Division. Totally not Ritsuko expy.What comes after cougar?

Mr. DoeEdit

Head of the Department of Security Intelligence.

The Bridge BunniesEdit

1st Lt. Patricia Mackenzie

1st Lt. Carl Blake

1st Lt. Mara Evans


Here be aliens.

Season 1Edit

Episode 1: Into the FieldsEdit

Main IC:

tl;dr July 31st, 2020. The pilots find themselves in Elysium, and become acquainted with each other and a mysterious scatterbrained Nerv Captain.

Episode 2: HousekeepingEdit

Main IC:

tl;dr In which the pilots shop for furnishings, and succumb to impulse spending.

Episode 2-1: Odd DreamsEdit

Main IC:

tl;dr ?????. Obligatory mysterious girl.

Episode 3: Rude AwakeningsEdit

Main IC:

tl;dr August 1st, 2020. After Abe is awakened from an odd dream, meet Dr. Ionides and Commander Navarro, and enter calibration tests with their Evangelions. After the standard freak out by being drowned in LCL sequence, Katie goes into a high synch that nearly ends in disaster. Tests are cut short afterwards.

Episode 3-1: The Good DoctorEdit

Main IC:

tl;dr It's okay Katie, really.

Episode 4: Running Up that HillEdit

Main IC:
Post-meal chat:

tl;dr August 2nd, 2020. What do a bunch of teenagers with money and no adult supervision do on a Sunday? Go to school, of course. Wait, what?

Episode 5: Condition OneEdit

Main IC:

tl;dr August 2nd, 2020. Somewhere, things don't go according to plan.

Episode 5-1: The Nice DoctorEdit

Main IC:

tl;dr It's okay Abe, really.

Episode 5-2: Enter MiuEdit

Main IC:

tl;dr In which a young foreign girl follows a cryptic old man. Nothing bad could possibly come out of it.

Episode 6: The Missing PilotEdit

Main IC:

tl;dr August 3rd, 2020. Introductions are skipped, complaints are voiced.

Episode 7: School DaysEdit

Main IC:

tl;dr August 10th, 2020. Welcome to Evergreen Secondary School.

Episode 7-1: The Book LadyEdit

Main IC:

tl;dr In which a young boy meets an ancient evil.

Episode 7-2: Moving ThingsEdit

Main IC:

tl;dr Let's see what this student council thing is all about.

Episode 7-3: Home AloneEdit

Main IC:

tl;dr Miu's brief quiet time.

Episode 7-4: Baseball ClubEdit

Main IC:

tl;dr Let's see what this baseball club thing is all about.

Episode 8: VR TrainingEdit

Main IC:

tl;dr August 13th, 2020. For VR Troopers.

Season 2/RebootEdit

Has yet to start.


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