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  • Location: San Francisco
  • Nickname: "Second Base"
  • Starting Date: January 23rd, 2015

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The WorldEdit

    The Katsuragi Expedition leaves for Antarctica, Second Impact occurs, Gendo rises to prominence within NERV, and Japan becomes home to NERV-HQ below Tokyo-3. Everything is as it should be, until a certain crabby Base Commander takes NERV-04 for his own. Everything is as it should be, but now the timeline shall split.

NERV-00 = Tokyo-3, Japan (Unit 00, Unit 01)
NERV-01 = Cambridge, USA (Unit 03)
NERV-02 = Area 51, USA (Unit 04)
NERV-03 = Berlin, Germany (Unit 02)
NERV-04 = San Fransico, USA (Unit 06, Unit 08)
NERV-05 = Golgotha Base (Switzerland) (Unit 07)
NERV-06 = Bethany Base (North Pole/Russia)(Provisional, Hastened Construction)(Unit 05)
NERV-07 = Tabgha Base (Moon) (Mark 06)


    While NERV-01 and NERV-02 are almost entirely research stations with only the most bare of Evangelion deployment and support, NERV-04 was designed as a “Western Hemisphere” launching base for the Evangelion forces from NERV-00 that then started on assembling several Evangelions concurrent with the new NERV-05 base. However, Golgtha base postponed the assembly of Unit 07 in order to research a new piloting technology. The following quarter, both NERV-04 and NERV-01 had their budgets almost halved and the money was funneled into NERV-05. Two quarters later, even more money was reallocated from NERV-04 and even NERV-03 into a new “Skunkworks” NERV-07.

    With NERV-04 reduced to the barest minimum and expecting to be shut down due to redundancy, Commander Remington of NERV-04 did his best to finish Unit 06 several months ahead of schedule in order to bargain for a larger budget with the UN, promising to become not just a secondary launching base, but a fully function “Secondary Interception” team. Because of his efforts, NERV-04 not only was approved for a second Evangelion (and an amendment to the Vatican Treaty), but was also given just enough funding to field a third Evangelion with minimal equipment from their base. Just as the final children were found for NERV-00's own team, NERV-04's funding was cut (for the final time) to below minimum operating expenses.

    Now with The base's budget severely reduced and with three Evangelions to maintain, NERV-04 Commander Remington believes he is once again on the cutting block and must act accordingly, as he refuses to put his life into Commander Ikari and NERV-00's hands.

The MAGI SystemEdit

    Due to the lack of funding, NERV-04 could only be given "rejected brains" for the MAGI supercomputers. Although they operate well enough for raw computation, their tactical advice is less than stellar.

San FranciscoEdit

    Due to it's coastal location, San Francisco was hit extraordinarily hard by the ensuing tidal waves and seismic activity caused by Second Impact. As a result, it and Los Angeles were given materials to rebuild. While Los Angeles remained an entertainment metropolis (with an annexed "floating city" for materials and refugees), San Francisco was remade into a science center and military center thanks to the UN. With the extra money afforded to it, San Francisco has rebuilt itself almost to the same grandeur as NERV-HQ's Tokyo-3...although most of it's facilities are civilian instead of strictly NERV.

    Despite how much San Francisco has changed, it's people still see it as the United State's most diverse and beautiful city.


Joshua Falconer, Operations DirectorEdit


Character Name: Joshua Falconer
Gender: Male
Height: 6'6"
Age: Mid 30s(DoB: xx/xx/198x)
    The ever-busy head of munitions and "wrangler" for the pilots, Joshua Falconer was (OOC) played by Blast until a discussion lead to him dropping out for Siege's sake. As a result, he can focus more on the pilots while he gets a hand for the system. Perhaps, someday, Falconer will return in a blaze of glory. For now, he remains in the background, keeping NERV-04's pilots equipped and mobilized.

Bryant Wallace, Pilot of Unit 06Edit

Unit 06

Character Name: Bryant Wallace
Gender: Male
Height: 5'11"
Age: 15 (DoB: 08/01/1999)

    He was one of two candidates in position for the position of Scotland's official Eva pilot, the other is his older brother, being younger he was considered to of been the most likely been able to sync with the Eva, with his brother Robert in attendance for the first start up test of the eva, he was on the top of the world, he, in his own mind, would bring down all the enemies of man, and would finally be able to protect his brother...

    The Eva, had other thoughts in mind, no one knows why, but the Eva lashed out. Tearing violently at it’s own neck, trying to rip out the entry plug from it’s spine, while it didn’t manage to do this, and the eva inflicted a great amount of damage to itself in the process, it did manage to damage the Entry plug, and wounded Bryant gravely. while most of him recovered cleanly, his right eye was totally destroyed by the event...

    With one of two candidates in recovery, and really, no one knows why the Eva responded so harshly, so he was officially sidelined for the time being, tests focused on his older brother, but they were not good, there was whispers, that if Robert had to go in as a pilot, while he is a good soldier, he would probably die inside of that Eva...

    This gave Bryant the motivation to come back twice as hard, as soon as he was able to come back and go back to testing, went went back in. Although his boundless enthusiasm was more or less replaced with hesitation, and many would say, fear, the traumatised youth, made himself get inside of the plug.

    When Bryant went into second test, the Eva have been bound up to prevent Bryant from being wounded again should the Eva have berserked a second time. While the Eva didn’t lash out again, Bryant was distinctly aware that the Eva would kill him if it sensed weakness in the pilot.

    Bryant didn’t allow himself to show weakness, the fear was there, but his thoughts of his brother prevented outright panic in the plug... the test was ruled as successful... and he was named the Eva’s Pilot.

Samael Shepard, Pilot of Unit 07Edit

Unit 07

Character Name: Samael Shepard
Gender: Male
Height: 5'9"
Age: 15 (DoB: XX/XX/1999)
   Born at NERV-04, under the care of his 'father' Nathaniel Shepard, Sam is as normal as any accelerated vat-grown human could be—which isn't all that normal at all. Having lived at Second Base his entire life, he is known to (and at least tolerated by) the rest of the command staff as an active, dedicated young man, intense to the point of being uncomfortable to be around some times, and occasionally a huge pain in the ass, but for the most part a valuable asset, as he is always serious about his actual important work. He's had very little contact with other people his age, though, and has been looking forward to the arrival of other pilots...

Asa Kennedy, Pilot of Unit 08Edit

Unit 08

Character Name: Asa Kennedy
Gender: Male
Height: XX
Age: 15 (DoB: XX/XX/200X)
    The son of a reputable and wealthy family, Asa was born into wealth and has known little else. After Second Impact, his family's businesses (hereto undisclosed, but it's hinted they're both industrially and politically entrenched) remained relatively unscathed. As a result, he was given the most expensive and prestigious education available while at a Christian boarding school on the east coast. It's traditional teachings, as well as his family's conservative views, have painted his picture of the world very black and white...while his rifle-training during junior ROTC is what has trained him for the new world of angels and evangelions. He has had little time to adjust to "slumming it" in San Francisco with the other pilots, and often complains about his living conditions and treatment at the hands of NERV. Despite this, Asa endures...

NERV-04 CastEdit

NERV PersonnelEdit


Commander Burt Remington
Age: 58
Profession before NERV: Colonel of the US Army; assisted in the Reunification efforts after Second Impact and assisted the UN in calming the Balkan Incident. Served in the Middle East prior as a Major.
Favorites: Prime cut steak, golf, baseball, jogging, rock and roll, cigars
Problems: Slightly sexist

    A no-nonsense ex-soldier whose command style harkens back to the days of General Patton, Burt Remington is the commander of NERV-04. Although he deplores the fact his new position requires far less war, and much more paperwork, he is all too aware of NERV's importance in preserving humanity and is more than willing to be the first line of defense.

    While most commanders have little desire to interact with their base, Remington is a very hands-on person when it comes to leadership. Infamous for his “Inspections” on base, wherein he will randomly pull aside the head of a department to give him a tour of their area (and possibly explain things in layman's terms, if he's in bioengineering). He had gotten his position at NERV through his uncanny ability to divvy up the most meager of supplies and make the most out of them, which served him well right from the beginning of his stationing at NERV-04.

    Commander Remington has one daughter, 24, and one son, 20. Both are away at university, with plans to serve at NERV with their father when the time comes. Remington's wife was killed during Second Impact. He has no plans to remarry and is relatively distant with his own children as well, due to wanting to keep his family from becoming target if his job at NERV was compromised.

Mr. Barra

Vice Commander Geoffrey Barra
Age: 38
Profession before NERV: Lead Director of CERN, UN Science Liaison for the United States.
Favorites: Pizza, Sudoku, video games (portables), billiards, recreational boating (sold boat 2 years ago)

    Vice Commander Barra was the perfect foil to Commander Remington. An unspoken rule at NERV-04 is that while Remington is the top of the food chain and is the overall director, it's Barra who gets it done. He's able to maneuver the bureaucratic nightmares that come with a NERV while keeping abreast with all of the scientific happenings there and explain it's pros and cons to Commander Remington in regards to military application. The relationship between the two is only business-like and relatively casual however; It's doubtful they'd enjoy each-other's company much outside of NERV.

    Having been in Northern Europe at the time of Second Impact, Barra was left relatively unscathed by the tidal waves or climate change. He kept at his position at CERN during the crisis, trying to divert funds into any sort of research that could assist in rebuilding. As a result, he knows all too well the red-tape required in funding for large endeavors from particle physics to NERV.

    Barra is altogether a genial fellow, and is rather proud of his ability to pull the most out of NERV's budget for Remington, despite the fact that only a few really notice it. Outside of NERV he spends his time playing pool at one of several nearby clubs and has started a NERV team in a local league.

The Juan and Only

Technical Specialist Juan Rivera
Age: 29
Profession before NERV: White-hat hacker, programmer for the UN
Favorites: Smartphone and gadget tinkering, small program “sketching”, soccer, sushi, chicken and mole
Problems: A bit of a recluse and the occasional awkward outburst when around people

    Juan is the stereotypical uber-geek: glued to his workstation, a fan of all sorts of fantasy and sci-fi books and movies, and a bit socially awkward. Growing up in Mexico, Juan had escaped the ensuing unrest and violence after Second Impact and fled to California with his family. With the sea level rising, many of these refugees were put to work helping to repair or clear away wreckage from the coast due to tidal waves. Juan was always more of a bookish sort, and instead spent his time studying and hoping to get into Caltech. Graduating early, he went back into Mexico with the UN Peacekeeping forces to try and remove the cartels from power while trying to rebuild the country's infrastructure.

    After a three year tour, he moved back to California briefly, and while Mexico is not yet completely stabilized it's well on it's way. His actions in Mexico are what got the attention of Commander Remington, and as a result he's the base's MAGI-wrangler, systems adviser, and electronic warfare consultant. His personal upgrades to NERV-04's system architecture involve what he calls the “Biblioteca”, a massive warehouse converted to store innumerable servers that operate using old floppy disks and zip disks, working concurrently with the main servers. The result is a nigh impossible to hijack backup system (due to it's size) and a small cash payment from NERV-04's willingness to take on old hardware and recycle it.

    Juan also has the amusing habit of referring to himself in the third person when explaining new software or ingenious fixes for the base, calling himself “The Juan and Only”.

    Juan has a father, Aaron, a mother, Gloria, and two brothers (currently enlisted in UN peacekeeping in Mexico), Ruben and Marco.


Communications Officer Kimberly MacDonald
Age: 24
Profession before NERV: Recently graduated from San Fransico State University with a Masters in Bioengineering
Favorites: Lolita, foodtrucks, terrible television shows about vampires
Problems: Beyond the vampire shows...

    Kimberly is a bubbly character, fresh out of university whose proposed thesis paper caught the eye of NERV. Bringing her in, they realized her knowledge of bioengineering is still relatively academic, and so they placed her on the bridge as a communications officer and secondary science liaison. She now spends her time writing her thesis paper alongside whatever public information NERV releases. As a result, she's often in the dark when it comes to many of NERV's secrets beyond the Evangelions most basic workings.

    Only eleven when Second Impact occurred, she had the luck of being further inland and therefore escaped much of the devastation that swept the world during this time. If she did experience any hardships, they don't seem to bother her much now.

Doctor Shepard

Science Officer Nathaniel Shepard
Age: 35
Profession before NERV: Worked alongside Dr. Naoko Akagi on the Manufactured Project
Favorites: Lovecraft novels, heavy metal, industrial, the Appleseed/GitS movies, Naoko...
Problems: Is convinced there's more to manufactured than Gendo let on...and what had REALLY happened with Naoko?

    Nathaniel was a bright up-and-coming bioengineering graduate who had just recently received his doctorate when he was picked up by GEHIRN. Brought to Japan with several other scientists, he was given a generous salary and an extraordinary budget to help in cloning. Before he knew it, he was one of the directors under Gendo Ikari fronting the manufactured project, although he often deferred to his more experienced peers during his time there. Towards the end of the project, Gendo had almost immediately requested the first clone for himself to try and raise and ordered the rest placed into LCL stasis. As it was shut down and the team dissembled, he was then relocated to the Evangelion project.

    During his time at GEHIRN he grew close to fellow scientist Naoko Akagi, even going so far as to try and build his Japanese vocabulary in order to talk to her more often. As he thought he was making grounds with her she grew distant and cold, instead being found more and more often at Gendo Ikari's side. Several months later, after Rei (Gendo's name for the clone, which he attempted to pass off to others as a friend's daughter) had made herself a staple at GEHIRN, there was news that Naoko had committed suicide and Rei had gone missing for a few days before being found again.

    After a brief and frantic investigation, Nathaniel had found that a single “spare” body had been released, and the “first” Rei was salvaged for spare parts. In disgust at both GEHIRN and Gendo, he requested a transfer out to the Americas again and away from all the bad memories and unanswered questions left in the base. Most likely as a result of his snooping, he was placed at NERV-04 and given barely enough funding to run a petri dish experiment. Despite this, Remington seems to have greenlit another manufactured project...


Section 2 Head, Mr. White
Age: ??
Profession before NERV: Unknown, possibly CIA/FBI?
Favorites: Unknown, seen drinking coffee regularly...?

    Mr. White is the very definition of an enigma. No one on base beyond Remington seems to remember when or where they picked him up, and none seem to want to question it. He's always served Remington without question, and has remained a paragon of Section 2 ever since.


Section 2 Officers, Mr. Blue, Mr. Green
Age: ??
Profession before NERV: Unknown
Favorites: Unknown

    Mr. Blue and Mr. Green, much like Mr. White, are all pseudonyms. Whats known about the two is that they possess indispensable skills as bodyguards, and their own skills overlap and compliment each-other to such a degree that they are one of the best teams available to Section 2 and thusly been assigned to the pilots. Mr. Blue is the quieter of the two, with Mr. Green often speaking for them both in a snake-like, condescending tone. There's also talk of the two having participated in “The Plane Incident”, but no one knows the details.


Head of Engineering, Katie Thayer
Age: 30
Profession before NERV: Contractor at several firms, from environmental to thermonuclear
Favorites: Any manner of machine, strawberries, cooking (it's building with food!), rally racing
Problems: Often oblivious to the feelings of those around her

    Katie was one of the few civilian contractors brought on that wasn't a scientist, and was originally somewhat ostracized for that fact. Within months however, everything in the facility had had her hands on it and been tweeked, overhauled, tuned, or replaced. Always having been obsessed with machines of any kind, she enjoys her time at NERV due to being able to play with “the big boy toys”, although the Evangelion's components still confound her. As a result her personal favorite to work on is the Provisional Evangelion.

    Beyond her work at NERV, she often keeps to herself and is rebuilding a car engine as a hobby. Her family lives out on the east coast, and although she seldom visits she keeps in touch.


Public Relations Head Cassandra Carter
Age: 36
Profession before NERV: Writer and producer at several television stations, has been attached to UN peacekeeping forces as a journalist
Favorites: Fishing, knitting, fish and chips

    Hailing from Great Britain, Carter rounds out the NERV crew as their personal PR director...although she'd probably use the term “Propagandist and Misinformer”. Due to her job, she's often found wandering from section to section to figure out how to best contain any news regarding the Evangelions and their battles...especially Section 2.

East San Francisco School for the SciencesEdit

Principal John Renner
Age: 67
    Renner is a old-school man in a new-school world. A scientist turned educator, he believes that the destruction of Second Impact can be observed, quantified, and fixed as easily as anything else through the use of applied sciences, and as such was voted into his position by the education board and summarily turned it into one of San Fransico's top secondary education establishments. Although not privvy to the matter with the Angels, he instead focuses on reverting the ocean to a habitable state, and every year or so a school-wide trip is sent to the water processing plant in Japan to keep students interested in the matter.

Dr. Lambert
Age: 43
A somewhat bitter math teacher, Lambert's teaching style is marked by sharp discipline and harsh words to any that question his belief that “math is the most pure of any sciences, and through its understanding you can shape the world around you.” Somewhat of an admitted alcoholic.

Mr. Brady
Age: 39
    One of the younger teachers on staff, Brady is the literature teacher for several grades and adds a much needed human side to the school of science. His classes can sometimes drag on though as he tries to add amateur philosophy into the mix. Rumors abound of him losing his sweetheart in Second Impact…

Dr. Cabrera
Age: 45
    The hard-nosed but fair chemistry teacher. Currently dealing with her husband having an affair, but keeps her composure all the same in class. Believes less in theory and more in practical application, resulting in most of her classes being lab work. As a result, sometimes her classes explode.

Librarian Ms. Kinne
Age: 21
    An intern with an infectious eagerness for books, Nicole is also a bit of a sarcastic recluse. Not entirely socially awkward (she claims she was even worse when she was younger) but so deadpan in her delivery it’s sometimes hard to tell if she’s joking or not…like when she mentions that she loves the occult.


Frank Black
Age: 14
Favorite Class: Psychology (elective)
Band Name: The Vagabonds
    Frank is the baby-faced, slightly-stoned bohemian-psychologist-musician. He had grown up in Oakland up until only recently, and the result is he’s a bit more jaded than some of the other students. He can almost always be found with his guitar, and claims to not own a single pair of shoes (he wears sandals).
He's apparently good friends with Samael, and is getting along alright with Bryant. He still thinks Asa has a stick up his ass.

Suzanne Mullock
Age: 15
Favorite Class: Woodshop (elective)
Extracurricular Activities: Girl's Flag Football
    Elected as Class President due to a bubbly personality to her teachers (and a fair sized rack for the students), Suzanne is in fact far more of a troublemaker than anyone expects. But something can be said of a girl smart enough to cause trouble outside of school instead of in it.
    Currently upset with the fact that Bryant can't seem to tell her the truth about anything. Especially since he's cute in a roguish sort of way.

Tiffany Delmar
Age: 14
Favorite Class: Algebra III
Extracurricular Activities: Women's Rugby
    Sporty and outgoing, Tiffany is the counterpart to Amanda. Despite her sociable personality, she still often finds herself hanging out almost exclusively with Amanda (which has helped to bring her out of her shell a bit). Despite being the younger of the two, she gives off more of a big sister vibe. People have also heard that she’s an impact orphan…

Amanda Porter
Age: 15
Favorite Class: Literature
Number of submissions: 53
    Amanda is the quintessential geekette, devouring fantasy novels and movies as quickly as she can get her hands on them. She’d be a bit of a loner at the school if it wasn’t for Tiffany, whom compliments her very well despite their differences.
    Thinks Samael is a total bishi hottie~♡♡♡



Shamsel.png Shamshel: Encountered while en route to Japan. Disabled Unit 07, then suffered gargantuan amounts of damage by Second Base (esp. a berserk Unit 07) before given a death blow by Unit 06.

Asmodel.png Asmodel: Unexpectedly arrived concurrent with Ramiel in Tokyo-3 while Gendo was on base. Possessed incredible and unique defenses...but that didn't stop a pissed Unit 06 from punching it out of existence. Earned a place in our pilot's hearts before he died.



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