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  • Location: Sao Paulo, Brasil
  • Name: Geofront


Second Impact; the day everything in the world changed. The official story, the one that's taught in schools, is that a tiny meteorite moving at a fraction of the speed of light exploded in the atmosphere above Tunguska, in Russia's Siberian region and caused massive ecological damage to the earth. The earth's tilt was adjusted by the impact, and even 15 years later in 2015 the effects are still felt. The previous sociopolitical order of the world collapsed overnight, replaced with a world dominated by a new United Nations Security Council: Australia, Brazil, South Africa, Vietnam, India, Iran, and Turkey.

However, that is not all the truth. The second Tunguska event was the side effect of an entity known as Adam awakening. Russian researchers dug it up, and it awoke and was angry. The Event's massive devestation prevented any further record keeping, but it is believed that Adam is returning. Because of the massive threat supposed by Adam and his children, a secret organization was formed: NERV.

Of course, most of this isn't common knowledge. Indeed for most of the world, NERV is nothing more than a United Nations organization that funds schools worldwide for gifted children, with the facility in Sao Paulo being it's newest school. The truth is that NERV Brasil is the headquarter's of NERV's Evangelion Project, and where it's pilots will make their stand against ADAM and his servants


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Michael Bridges

Delilah Bridges

Carter Bridges


Professor Anastasya Bridges

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Condensed Skills
Knife Fighting
Modular Backgrounds
150 Point Pointbuy Chargen
Prototype Weapons
Variable Called Shots

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