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Do not give in to evil, but proceed more boldly against it.

Basic InformationEdit

The Nerv Boston PCs

Nerv Boston is a campaign of Adeptus Evangelion played weekly, in the traditional in-person style, at a location known only as the Grand Palace of Funk. While we do have a fair bit of Serious Business, our campaign is also firmly grounded in lulz, as evidenced by the All-Nerv Eva Dance-Off and Billy Bonka's Cheesecake Factory.

Nerv maintains branches in Japan, Nevada, Boston, Berlin, and Moscow, and each is manned by between three and seven Evas and pilots. Nerv Nevada is purely a research facility, whose current project is Jet Alone. Nerv Boston houses Adam and Nerv Japan houses Lilith. Nerv Moscow is being prepped to contain the Lance- still in Antarctica- and Nerv Berlin houses the great tree Yggdrasil, from whence the technology for the MAGI came. Nerv Boston's MAGI are named after the three wise men: Walker, Beam, and Daniels.

This campaign departs from similar groups in that the Evas are sentient and, as the pilot's ego barriers degrade, quite vocal. The Angels can also communicate directly to the pilots, as long as they are being neutralized - i.e. in direct mental combat. The Evas are all imbued with the souls of the mothers of the pilots, with the exception of David's Eva, who is possessed by the mother of the genetic donor for the Davids, and is not happy about this fake they gave her instead. The base Commander is very close-lipped about, well, everything, so the Angels' taunts are the pilots primary source of forbidden information during the beginning of the game.

"I am Sachiel, the Shroud of God, and I will destroy all of you foul Lillithspawn. I will free Adam, the Father, from his prison below!" -Sachiel, to Evan, followed shortly by 3 Ego Barrier damage, 1d5 Insanity damage, and three wounds to the body.


Evan GiulianniEdit

Evan Giulianni

Evan is a Prodigy Berserker, who is very socially awkward and obsessed with punching things. He's huge for a kid his age, to the point where he'd be on the football team if he could be counted on to stop beating on the other guy after the play ends. He was obsessed with Second Impact, up to the point where he learned that everything he knew about Second Impact was wrong.

He is the most reckless of the pilots, tending to run as fast as possible to the Angel and start punching at it, rather than take any slower paced, tactical approach. He also has the the most general-purpose crazy of any of the pilots. This crazy allows him to bond with the equally crazy Rebecca, and the two of them become the creepiest item in Nerv Boston.

Evan suffers from repeated nightmares about the Angels. He also has had his heart replaced with a mechanical pump after serious injury sustained when his plug got sliced in half by Zeruel. Despite this, or perhaps because of it, he maintains strong Delusions of Invincibility. Additionally, due to long association with Rebecca, he has developed schizophrenia.

"Evan has a giant neon sign that says 'liability' hanging over his head." -Colonel Rashiid

Sunflower (Sonny) MadisonEdit

Sunflower Madison

Sonny is a skater punk with a short temper. Her parents were borderline hippies and employees of Nerv Nevada, until her mother disappeared one day when she was 10, and then Nerv Agents took her into custody after her father started showing signs of radicalization. She's been training to be an Eva pilot ever since. She was transferred to Nerv Boston not long after a terrorist attack on Nerv Nevada in 2012. She is a Neo-spartan, and a brilliant A.T. Tactician.

Sonny's hobbies include skateboarding, playing Mario Kart, and skipping school. She does, however, wholeheartedly embrace the military education afforded her by Nerv, including tactics and weapons training.

Sonny began to suffer from Bleed Through after the traumatic fight with Leliel. Subsequently, she became obsessed with getting answers- and found some. The trauma of her discoveries has caused her to develop Kleptomania.

"Can I have an Eva-sized skateboard? Pleeease?!" -Sonny

Thorbjorn (Toblerone) BachEdit

Thorbjorn Bach

Thorbjorn, universally called Toblerone by the Nerv Boston staff who can't pronounce his name, is a Neo-Spartan ranged Skirmisher. He is morbidly obese and a compulsive eater recently transferred from Nerv Berlin. His parents owned a bakery in Germany, but after his mom died of cancer, he was left with his abusive and neglectful father. He holds the secrets of Billy Bonka's Cheesecake Factory.

Thorbjorn occasionally starts laughing for no reason, and is not aware of it.

"Pardon me, but... are you going to eat that?"

David JonesEdit

David is a Manufactured Pointman. Unlike most Manufactured pilots, he was raised in a normal foster family. He is acutely aware of the chain of command, and adheres to it. He passionately hates his other clones, a few of whom are active as test pilots at other Nerv branches. He hides his nature as a clone, and will do anything to validate his existence by becoming the only David, including outright murder, e.g. stepping on ejected plugs containing his clones. He believes he is the original David.

"Maaan, it died before I could use it like a surfboard." -David, on the Angel Gaghiel

David Jones (The Second)Edit

David Jones

David is a Manufactured Pointman who knows better.

Unfortunately, due to the untimely demise of David, David's memories are fractured, causing him to forget things that happened and remember things that never happened. David and Sonny are partners in crime when it comes to discovering the secrets inside Nerv.

So far David holds the dubious distinction of being the most insane player character at 60 points. After the Arael fight he developed a 'hallucinatory memory' problem, in which sometimes he remembers things that didn't actually happen. After accidentally seeing beyond infinity, he has become severely paranoid.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP! Yes I know I'm a clone, yes I know I have issues wanting to be the only one, yes I know I was made for a purpose like you bastards. NOW SHUT UP AND LET ME FULFILL IT BY KILLING YOU!" -David, when mentally attacked by the Angel Arael.

Nathaniel RashiidEdit

Nathaniel Rashiid

Colonel Nathaniel Rashiid is an ex-military American-Israeli, and the Operations Director of Nerv Boston. The palms of his hands were burned badly not long after Second Impact, and remain terribly scarred. His concern for the pilots is purely professional; while their safety is his highest priority, he could care less about their happiness. He is a Christian who remembers that God promised never to flood the Earth again, and has evidently broken that promise. Now he's out for revenge.

Rashiid is fucking fearless. His discovery of the truth behind SEELE and Third Impact has caused him to develop Delusions of Righteousness.

"You're right. They don't get paid to shoot you. I do." - Rashiid to several mutinous pilots.


The numbering system for Evangelions in this campaign uses the first digit to denote the Nerv branch that the Eva comes from and the second digit signifies which Eva it is in order of when it came to the particular base in which it resides. For example, Asuka Langley's Evangelion was Unit 30 while in Germany (the first German Eva), became Unit 02 in Japan (the third Eva to come to Japan), and is now Unit 15 (the sixth Eva to be stored in Nerv Boston). Note that a lot of shuffling gets done, primarily because Germany made 10 Evas, but was forced by the UN to give away five of them split amongst the other branches, not wanting one country to have more than twice as many Evangelions as any other branch.

Unit 10Edit

Bright red with black trim, Unit 10 was the only Evangelion made in Nerv Boston. Originally, Tabitha Ramsey was to be the pilot of Unit 10, but was unable to synch properly. Unit 10 rejected Tabitha and attempted to pull it's own Entry Plug out to be rid of her. Evan Giulianni was brought in as a replacement, and he was able to successfully synch with and pilot Unit 10. Since then, no other potential pilot has been able to synch with Unit 10 whatsoever (though it had no issue with Rebecca being in the plug along with Evan during the battle with Iruel). Unit 10 also has the distinction of being the first Eva to talk to its pilot. Unit 10 is very protective of Evan, and seems to think of absolutely nothing except his safety. It has even gone as far as activating and coming to Evan's aid when he was at gunpoint nearby. Unit 10 fights with its sharp, protruding knuckles (now with pneumatic piston punching power). Its wings have been replaced with speakers, it wears a gold chain around its neck labeled "EVAN," and it was the first Eva to grow an S2 organ.

"Don't worry, I'll never let them hurt you." -Unit 10, to Evan

Unit 11Edit

Dark red with grey trim, Unit 11 was created in Nerv Nevada, but was transferred to Nerv Boston upon completion. Piloted by Sunflower Madison, this Evangelion fights with the Progressive Knife and Bolt Pistol, and has an advanced optical array instead of simple vision slits. Other potential pilots have noted that Unit 11's Entry Plug smells like burning incense. It has come to light that the soul residing in Unit 11 is that of Rosa Madison, Sonny's mother and former Chief Scientist of Nerv Nevada. Unit 11 appears to have retained most, if not all, of Rosa's memories and loyalty to Nerv. Using its different perspective, Unit 11 has provided information of the workings of the A.T. Field in scientific terms and has helped Sonny stretch the boundaries of what was previously thought possible with the A.T. Field.

"Young lady, if you do not go back to school I will stop showing you secret A.T. Field formulas." -Unit 11, to Sonny

Unit 12Edit

Bright green with black trim, Unit 37 became Unit 12 when it was transferred from Germany to Boston on UN orders and the pilot, Thorbjorn Bach, came with it. Unit 12 is noticeably fatter than any other Evangelion, but thankfully does not need to move around much to fulfill its role of long range weapons specialist. It also has decorative neon piping, a medieval-style bucket helm, and a giant fake lollipop to replace its missing wing. Unit 12 is the quietest of the Boston Evas, but is rather accepting of any potential pilots, who have remarked that the Entry Plug feels friendly and relaxing, and smells of pastry.

"Ja, it's a good ting vhe're back here and didn't go jump in zat big hole." -Unit 12, on Leliel

Unit 13Edit

Bright orange with neon green trim, Unit 34 became Unit 13 when it was transferred from Germany to Boston at the request of Commander Ramsey. Its original pilot, Dieter Vokelberger, was the genetic donor for the manufactured American pilot David, who became Unit 13's pilot for its stay at Nerv Boston. Unit 13 is heavily armored, often wielding chainsword and shield, and is known to exhibit significantly more bloodlust than the other Evangelions. Other distinctive attributes of Unit 13 include antennae on the head, an unhinged jaw that drips with an unknown corrosive substance, a totally badass camo cloak, and the "KING OF DANCE" medallion won during the Inter-Nerv Dance Competition (a feat that David claims was more the Eva's doing than his). Unit 13 was the last Evangelion to grow an S2 organ, apparently in response to Lilith. This is much to Jormy's chagrin, as now she is stuck awake listening to the other Evas talk about knitting all day.

"YESSS! HAHAHAHA, This is what I LIVE FOR!!" - "Jormy," as David has named Unit 13

Supporting CastEdit

Commander RamseyEdit

Eric Ramsey is the man in charge of Nerv Boston, whether anyone likes it or not. He tries desperately to be friendly and jovial, but everyone finds his perpetual smile and speech impediment extremely creepy. He also appears to have trouble understanding the consequences and/or social acceptability of his actions (see both April Fools Day incidents). Despite all this, he has time and time again raised the spirits of both Nerv and the civilian populous with his wild endeavors (see The Inter-Nerv Eva Dance Competition). He is always willing to talk with his subordinates, though doing so will inevitably run into classified information. Until recently, he had been harshly neglecting his daughter Tabitha due to her inability to pilot Unit 10, but he has had a recent change of heart.

"THAT's a SECRET." -Commander Ramsey to EVERYONE at some point

Sub-Commander BitchfaceEdit

Her real name was promptly forgotten, and now only exists in the GM's notes. She did all the actual paperwork in Nerv, up until she quit following the Ikari incident.

Harvey SolomonEdit

Dr. Harvey Solomon is Nerv Boston's Chief Scientist, an M.I.T. Professor, and a Boston native. He did spend some time working at Nerv Nevada with Dr. Rosa Madison, but remained in Boston to oversee the Evangelions once Unit 20 was transferred (becoming Unit 11). Despite his age, he puts a lot of effort into keeping up with his students, frequenting bars and nightclubs and dressing like the "cool kids." Rashiid has accompanied Solomon on most of these outings since he arrived, and the two have become friends. Solomon is good at explaining things in non-scientific terms, but is bad at keeping secrets (knowing the the unknowable is definitely his least favorite part of the job). He is most often open to suggestions when it comes to outfitting the Evas, whether for combat or cosmetic purposes.

"Yeah, I used to think that a nuclear powered Eva was a bad idea, too. Then Unit 10 grew an S2 Organ." - Harvey Solomon, on Jet Alone

Tabitha RamseyEdit

Tabitha is Commander Ramsey's daughter, slated to be the pilot of Unit 10. The Eva, however, violently rejected her. At that point, she was removed from the pilot program, and her father turned his attention to more capable pilots. Angered by her father's neglect, she became a raging attention whore and hated all the successful pilots passionately... until a roll of 02 on a Charm check caused her to hook up with Thorbjorn. She gained 45 pounds, and shared in his adventures to Billy Bonka's Cheesecake Factory.


Tanya is a second Manufactured transferred to Nerv Boston. There are many, many Tanyas currently active as test pilots across the Nerv bases. She doesn't hide her nature as a clone, and starts a romantic relationship with David (and later, with David). Due to the fact that her clones are used as test subjects and die regularly, she's reckless and headstrong; she views herself as completely expendable and replaceable.

"I just want you to know, I know what it's like to have another you going through rough times, and I'm here for you. Now, let's go beat each other up." -Tanya, to David.


Rebecca was a member of the pilot's class at school, and, like the rest of the class, was a potential backup pilot. She was caught outside, unsheltered, during three separate angel attacks, and as such her Ego Barrier degraded quickly, and she went insane accordingly- able to tell the pilots when Angels were approaching, and generally knowing things she had no business knowing. During the Irish mercenary assault, she was severely wounded by a stray grenade and ended up with both her legs amputated.

Rebecca's abilities in Angel-prediction came to the attention of Commander Ramsey, at which point she was locked up in a room inside the Geofront, and the OpsDir took the Vigilance talent. She now spends her days drawing arcane symbols on her walls and generally being crazy, and occasionally boning the equally crazy Evan.

''More Beastmothers are coming from the sky. Did you invite them?" -Rebecca, to Rashiid, just prior to the Ikari incident.


A security guard handpicked by Rashiid and loyal only to him. He's the only armed NPC in Nerv Boston that Rashiid can truly trust, and he gets shit done. His partner, McClane, suffered a sudden and terminal collapse of his Ego Barrier during the Ikari incident, a loss Ramirez will never forget. Or forgive.

Ramirez's primary purpose is to give Rashiid the ability to yell, "Ramirez, [do something]!" and know, with utter certainty, that it will get done.

"Ramirez, stop Third Impact with your Cranial Horn!"
"Ramirez, break that AT Field with your entrenching tool!"'
-Various fa/tg/uys

Bridge BunniesEdit

Big Jeff is the officer in charge of monitoring the Evas during combat. Little Jeff monitored the Angels during combat, until he was shot and killed during the Ikari incident; his position is now filled by Max. Mia, in charge of monitoring pilot health, quit due to the stress of having to watch four innocent children go slowly (or not so slowly) insane. Jessica now fills her position. Diane directs the conventional forces and monitors the Base of Operations during combat, and has recently been promoted to Captain.

Major EventsEdit

Meet the PilotsEdit

On January 1st, 2015, Evan Giuliani was notified that he had been selected to participate in the mysterious Eva program and was transported to Nerv Boston. At the same time, Thorbjorn Bach was transferred to Nerv Boston from Nerv Berlin. The two of them then met the pilots currently stationed at the base, Sonny Madison and Tabitha Ramsey.

Nathaniel Rashiid was hired and began his first day of work at Nerv Boston, only to see Tabitha violently rejected by Unit 10, and subsequently disqualified from the Evangelion Program.

The pilots began attending school together, but not three weeks after the pilots were assembled, an Angel was detected approaching the GeoFront. The Evas are mobilized, and thanks to Sonny and Thorbjorn's extensive training and Evan's headlong suicidal charge, Sachiel was faced and defeated, although the pilots were all seriously freaked out by the encounter. Ramsey greeted the successful pilots with ice cream.

After Action Report:Sachiel **write me**

UN ConferenceEdit

Wherein Rashiid promises the UN they can drop an N2 on the first Angel outside of a populated area, Sweden sneaks drinks to Sunny and Evan, and Thorbjorn makes friends with France due to the nummyness of croissants.

After Action Report:Shamshel **write me**

April Fools!Edit

On April 1st, the Angel alarm goes off, but the buildings fail to recess. When the panicked Nerv staff come pouring into the Command Center, they find Ramsey waiting. "APRIL FOOLS," he shouted as he revealed tables full of snacks and sodas. Everyone just kinda stares with gaping mouths and slowly walks away.

After Action Report:Ramiel **write me**

Recovering the LanceEdit

A ship pulled into the Boston harbor carrying the newly re-designated Unit 13. David Jones, a boy in the pilot's class at school, was assigned to pilot the new unit.

The pilots and their Evangelions were then loaded onto two aircraft carriers along with a full US flotilla, to transport the Evas to an undisclosed location.

That location turned out to be a small base in melted remains of Antarctica, and the Fleet arrived just as two other fleets did- one carrying the Commander of Nerv Moscow, and the other the Commander of Nerv Japan. Commander Ramsey, however, was the only one who thought to bring his giant robots, and thereby won the ensuing argument, of which the pilots knew nothing. A huge object covered in tarps was loaded onto a cargo ship and returned to Nerv Boston.

On the return trip, the angel Gaghiel assaulted the flotilla, whom the Evangelions proceed to ride around on until its death.

After Action Report:Gaghiel

Before the slow cargo barges could make it all the way back to North America from Antarctica, the angel Israfel appeared in Canada. Nerv Nevada, with only two Evas at hand, was scrambled to meet the threat as it approached the outskirts of Albany. They were soundly defeated, and both pilots were killed. However, between the Nevada pilots and an N2 mine, the angel was stunned long enough for rapid response planes to transport the Nerv Boston Evas to the battlefield where Iruel waited. After a pitched battle, he was defeated.

After Action Report:Israfel

Eva Dance-offEdit

After the tragic loss of Nerv Nevada's Evas and the N2 mine dropped on Albany when the angel Israfel attacked, the morale of humanity was shaken, realizing that even Evangelions could be killed. Commander Ramsey knew that something needed to be done to lift the world's spirits and restore their belief in Nerv. He called the other Nerv branches, and his proposal was accepted: the Inter-Nerv Evangelion Dance Competition. Each branch would send its finest dancers and their Evangelions to compete on worldwide television. This was met with mixed excitement and facepalm.

Thorbjorn and David began their training out in the wastelands. Thorbjorn had a bit of trouble, since neither he nor Unit 12 were very graceful, but what he lacked in talent he made up for in spirit. David, however, had stumbled upon something marvelous. Evidently, Unit 13 had been a dancer in its previous life, as he found himself doing breakdancing moves that he never knew existed. However, they weren't the only ones making preparations. Rashiid did not feel this competition was a good idea, but he'd be damned if he was going to lose. He began sending Section 2 agents to spy on the other Nerv branches to see how they were preparing. When he got the report that Germany was creating Eva scale outfits, he ordered Solomon to bling out the Evas however he could. Not having enough time to make 100 foot clothing, he was able to give the Evas neon, glowing running lights. This finally gained Evan's interest, and though he was hesitant to dance, he wanted to support his fellow pilots. At his behest, and since he wasn't using them anyway, Solomon replaced Unit 10's wing docks with giant speaker stacks. A mean streak had struck Evan, though, and he secretly called Nerv Germany and reminded them that Thorbjorn could be easily distracted by food. They promised to reward him for his intel.

When the time came, everyone gathered at the Monolith in Russia, where Evangelion scale lighting systems and fireworks greeted all the Nerv branches. There was to be an individual ladder tournament and a group dance competition to follow. Japan was clearly out of their element, as one pilot attempted to mosh while the other tried Kabuki dance. The Russian pilots did rather well, one of whom bested Thorbjorn, and by far had the best sportsmanship. The Germans, however, brought all 5 of their Evas to the dance off, and had clearly halted all other training except dance. They would stop at nothing and do anything necessary to win, but in the end, David came out on top, Unit 13's talent and his sheer force of will beating the bells and whistles of the Germans. He won an Eva-sized medallion, proclaiming that he was the "KING OF DANCE."

After the ladder competition, Rashiid noticed that Unit 10 was wearing a gold necklace that read "EVAN." When he interrogated Evan about this, Evan told him of his communication with the Germans. Ramsey panicked, knowing that his bad feelings regarding the huge object under the tarp in the German camp would turn out to be spot on. Solomon rigged a mechanism to deliver a steady stream of candy to Thorbjorn whilst in the entry plug, and Rashiid's security forces emptied every candy machine they could find. All this was set up in the nick of time for the group dance competition, and they all took their places. When Boston came out to dance, the Germans unraveled their tarp to reveal a gargantuan cake. Thorbjorn was able to resist, but only due to his candy injection system.

In the end, Boston won the group competition as well, Evan's speaker system and dramatic pose supplementing the smooth moves of David and Thorbjorn. Thorbjorn cut the cake and served it to the other Evangelions in celebration. All of Nerv cheered, and the world cheered with them. Nerv Moscow never recovered from the debt they incurred hosting the dance party, neither did they ever regret hosting it.

"I agree that this is wrong on [pause] more levels than I understand. However, the fact remains that Commander Ramsey, in his [pause] infinite wisdom, has seen fit to have us participate in the Inter-Nerv Eva Dance Competition. It is my job to trust and follow his orders, even his crazy ones, to the best of my ability." -Colonel Rashiid.

After Action Report:Makatiel **write me**

Irish MercenariesEdit

One day at school, the sound of VTOLs filled the air. While the pilots were used to VTOLs, they weren't used to hearing them here and wondered if they were being evacuated by Nerv for some reason. David texted Rashiid asking about it, just as several heavily armed and totally operator Irishmen burst through the windows. They quickly separated the pilots from the rest of the class, but Evan resisted, and David, Sonny, and Thorbjorn started to fight back. They actually managed to subdue the mercenaries, and took their assault weapons and grenades. They then barricaded their classroom, while Rashiid mobilized the Nerv ground troops and aerial forces and came to the pilot's rescue. Several members of the class were killed or severely wounded during the assault, and David took a bullet in the gut and spent several weeks recuperating.

After these events, a security detail in unmarked vans began shadowing each of the pilots everywhere they went under Rashiid's orders. Sonny started carrying a pistol with her everywhere, even to school. No one had a problem with this.

SMS Message<br\> From: David<br\> To: Rashiid<br\> Text: VTOLS on school roof?


Jet AloneEdit

The pilots are called to action when a test unit, Jet Alone, an Evangelion powered by a nuclear reactor, goes Beserk at Nerv Nevada. Nerv Nevada, being a test base with no GeoFront, Terminal Dogma, or special surprises in the basement, had only two Evangelions, which were destroyed (along with one Tanya) during the battle with the angel Israfel. What defensive force they could muster was no match for the out-of-control unit.

Upon activation, Jet Alone began to run straight across the Nevada and Utah wastelands, in a straight line for Nerv Boston. The pilots were dispatched to intercept it before it could walk directly through any major population centers. They took down Jet Alone in a quick fight, when Evan attempted to gently extract the entry plug but ended up crushing it as he ripped it out through the machine's face. Somehow, Jet Alone's pilot survived the massive damage done to his Entry Plug. What he did not survive was being stepped on by Unit 13, after David recognized the pilot as one of his clones.

"What? My foot slipped." -David

After Action Report:Jet Alone

After Action Report:Matariel **write me**

April Fools II!Edit

Ramsey calls everyone at Nerv into the Command Center. He and Big Jeff are waiting at the console, as the Boston skyline is displayed on the hologram. Once everyone is in, Ramsey shouts "APRIL FOOLS," and slams a button. All of the buildings in Boston recess about 10 feet and then immediately go back to their previous height, starting from the South and ending in the North. Thus, the Boston skyline did the wave. Rashiid starts a slow clap, which spreads adequately.

After Action Report:Sahaquiel **write me**


Wherein a computer virus is re-imagined as a zombie virus, and all the pilots have to fight through a zombie horde in Personal scale before they can get to their Evas to fight the alpha zombie. Also a third of the population of Boston tanged.

After Action Report:Iruel

Billy Bonka's Cheesecake FactoryEdit

"Billy Bonka's is real!"

The World Premier of EVANGELION: THE MOVIEEdit

"Those kids are out there fighting for humanity, fighting for us old timers, and I have to take care of them. I think of them as my own children; I just hope they feel the same about me." -Clint Eastwood as Rashiid

"Booooooooo!" - Thorbjorn, David, Sunny, and Evan, at various points.


Leliel, the twelfth angel was detected on the borders of Boston, and the pilots were mobilized to combat it. However, early shots from Thorbjorn and Sonny revealed that conventional (for Evas) weaponry was useless against this target. By the time they figured this out, Evan was already attempting - and failing - to punch it. He leapt into the Angel's shadow and disappeared.

At this point, David and Sonny began to hear the angel talking to them, inviting them in and promising them Heaven. David passed out from his terror, causing Unit 13 to berserk and, obviously not learning the lesson from Unit 10, charged into the vortex. Sonny is mesmerized by Leliel's offer, and walks into the inverted A.T. field.

Inside the Angel, each pilot was presented with a Heaven for each of them. Evan saw a quiet library filled with books about Second Impact and the world before, and had only Rebecca for company. Sonny saw herself, her parents, and her friends all together, all alive and happy. David saw himself, holding a gun to Dieter's head, surrounded by the corpses of his clones.

Evan realized that his heaven was an illusion, and just began punching things. Sonny made the same realization, but stayed in the illusion for several rounds anyways; it took some prompting from her mother in the vision to break free. David shot Dieter, then realized the illusion and broke free.

Somehow, their attacks inside the Dirac Sea hit the Angel's core, and it ejected them all from the Dirac Sea in a violent explosion as it died. Traumatized by the events inside the Dirac Sea, Sonny made no effort to move her Eva from where it landed nearly a kilometer away. Unit 11 began to make a noise that could only be described as tormented weeping, as Sonny sobbed inside the plug. After subduing the still-berzerking Unit 13, Unit 10 moved to Unit 11, with Evan's permission but not direct control, and cradled it as it made noises that might have been described as comforting if they hadn't been uttered by a 40 meter tall giant, and refused to return to Nerv HQ until Unit 11 ran out of power.

Sonny gained Bleed Through as a result of this encounter, and her Ego Barrier reached that critical point at which her Eva was able to talk directly to her, which then revealed itself as the soul of her mother. David's Ego Barrier also hit a point low enough for him to hear his Eva, which revealed itself to be a crazy, bloodthirsty bitch. Rashiid was confronted with the idea that the Evangelions are alive and sentient in their own right and quickly found his way to the bottom of a bottle. A couple TERRIBLE intelligence and willpower checks later, he became a raging alcoholic and required an intervention from Ramsey and Bitchface.

"Don't you want to go to heaven?" -Leliel

After Action Report:Leliel

The World TreeEdit

The angel Bardiel assaulted Nerv Berlin and possessed several of their Evas and broke into the GeoFront. The Nerv Boston pilots, having the most combat experience, were called in as backup. Three German Evas still remained possessed and fighting, and working hard on hijacking the World Tree, Yggdrasil, in order to steal all of Nerv's knowledge. The pilots beat back the corrupted Evas before the World Tree could be infected.

One pilot's entry plug was ejected when the Eva is defeated, which Sonny moved to protect from the fighting. David realized that this plug contained a clone of his (who was not actually a clone, but his genetic progenitor, Dieter) and attempted to repeat his earlier slip of the foot. Sonny, who saw the David in Jet Alone as well as Deiter, realized that David is a) a clone, and b) a fucking murderer.

Dieter survived, and David was thrown in the brig after the pilots returned to Nerv Boston. David shortly thereafter returned to school, but with no memory of the events at Nerv Berlin.

"Maybe the next one won't be such a fuck-up." - Colonel Rashiid, on David.

After Action Report:Bardiel

Let's Ask Questions!Edit

David questioned the other pilots about what happened and why he's missing a week of memory, and quickly realizes that he's been replaced. Sonny took this opportunity to confront him about his nature as a clone. Evan and Thorbjorn immediately realized the benefits of having expendable copies of themselves, and Sonny realized that a lot is happening at Nerv that they weren't telling the pilots. David wondered what happened to cause Nerv to activate a new clone, and what happened to the old one. The four of them proceeded to Nerv HQ where Evan smashed down the door to Rashiid's office and Thorbjorn and Evan demanded they be made into clones. Sonny asked what the fucking hell was going on, and asked about the natures of the Angels and Evas, while David watched quietly, saving his questions for later.

Rashiid, utterly helpless to respond to a barrage of questions he had no answers to, only knew the magnitude of his danger when the pilots gave up asking and shouted "Let's ask Ramsey!" The pilots disarmed him, marched him to the main bridge, and proceeded to repeat their questions to Ramsey, who, upon noting that the pilots were armed and Rashiid was not, called security. The pilots surrendered their weapons and fled the uncharacteristic fury of the base Commander.

Rather than return to their dorms, the pilots went to the one place they felt safest- the Eva bay. However, Just As Planned..., the Eva bay was closed to the pilots and two armed guards prevented them from entering. The pilots, who still felt rather mutinous, sat down outside the Eva bay, except Evan who challenged the guards. They hold him until Rashiid came down to the Eva Bay to put Evan at gunpoint. Unit 10 sensed that her pilot was close by and in danger, activated and went berserk. Tanya, who happened to be in Unit 11 for testing at the time, and Thorbjorn, allowed into the Eva Bay by Rashiid, subdued the rogue Eva. After this, the pilots are returned to their dorms under guard.

Rashiid replaced the door to his office with a bunker bulkhead. During this encounter, Rebecca's prognostication abilities are mentioned in Ramsey's hearing; she vanishes from school, only to be installed as an early warning system for Angels.

Rashiid gave each pilot a one-on-one talk about the difference between mutiny and loyalty, and the consequences of both.

Ramsey began interviewing other students in the pilot's class, and revealed all of them as potential replacement pilots. Pleased with his findings, Ramsey announced over the loudspeaker for all of Nerv (including the pilots) to hear that the pilots were expendable and that the next time they have an outburst like before to just shoot the little buggers. The pilots were on their very best behavior for several months.

Thorbjorn: "I want to be a clone! Make me a clone!"<br\> Sonny: "Seriously, Rashiid, we risk our lives out there every time. The angels, they get in our heads. We deserve to know what we're fighting. Who or what is Adam? Why do they call us Lillithspawn. How do you know their names before we do- even before Rebecca?!"<br\> Evan: "MAKE ME A CLONE!!"<br\> Rashiid: "Kids, I really can't... um, classified.... CLONES DON'T WORK THAT WAY."<br\> Sonny: "Fuck this, let's ask Ramsey."

After Action Report:Zeruel **write me**

The Ikari IncidentEdit

"Rashiid, put the base on Yellow Alert. It is quite possible that Boston will be invaded by conventional military forces... and perhaps Evangelions."<br\> "RAMSEY, WHAT DID YOU DO?"

Nerv Japan and a JSDF Battalion launched a surprise attack on Nerv Boston, with the only warning coming from Ramsey's mysterious superiors. Infantry and tanks were airdropped directly into the city of Boston, and Japan's three Evangelions were also deployed. Boston's pilots, thanks to Ramsey's warnings, were prepared to meet them. Asuka in Unit 02 ran headlong to engage Thorbjorn, as they had antagonized each other during their childhood at Nerv Berlin; Asuka was intercepted by Sonny, who cut Unit 02 - and Asuka - open with a Prog Knife. Rei in Unit 00 and Shinji in Unit 01 were engaged by Evan and David. Rei called down an airstrike directly on top of her that completely destroyed her Eva and severely damaged David's. Evan, unfazed by the blast, simply reached up and tore Unit 01's head clean off.

Through all this, Rashiid was too busy commanding his tanks, VTOLs, and security forces to notice an unmarked armored car rushing into a launch port and taking it down into the geofront. Security forces finally reported the intrusion, just in time for Rashiid and Ramsey to see Gendo Ikari using his commander autorization card to open the bulkheads to Nerv HQ. All the bridge crew took cover and retrieved their weapons. The assault team, consisiting Ikari, Misato, and four soldiers came up the elevator to the main bridge. It's at this point that Rashiid realized that something was completely wrong with Ikari's arm: it was all purple and squamous. Ikari demanded that the bridge crew surrender, and a firefight broke out. Rashiid shot Ikari directly in the head... except that the bullet bounced off an A.T. Field. Ramsey threw an unlabeled, glowing syringe at Rashiid, who hesitantly used it, and took one himself. Ikari at this point lifted his mutated arm and caused McClaine's Ego Barrier to collapse. At the sight of this, and due to a roll of 00 on his fear check, Ramsey grabbed a handful of syringes and injected all of them into his neck.

The invading Evas dealt with, and screaming and the sounds of fighting coming from the Comm, Sonny and Thorbjorn returned to the GeoFront, where they attempted to assist in the person-scale fight. Sonny realized that Ikari had an A.T. Field - although it was a red pattern, strangely enough - and neutralized him. During this mind-on-mind assault, she learned that Ikari had merged with Lilith and was coming to merge with Adam, in order to become God and resurrect his wife. Then she noticed Ramsey, who had a blue pattern A.T. Field, and was going Super-Sayian. Ikari, his security detail now a smear on Unit 11's hand, used his A.T. Power to float directly down a shaft leading to Terminal Dogma. Ramsey shortly followed.

There may have been a mind-bending showdown between the two Nerv Commanders, if Thorbjorn hadn't unloaded his Heavy Bolter into the tiny shaft. Sonny confirmed with an A.T. Ping that Ikari was dead and Ramsey was alive - barely. Hours later, Ramsey was dug out of the wreckage, badly burned, horribly mutated. Solomon gave him an antidote, and the visible mutations began to subside. Rashiid asked Solomon for some of that antidote, realizing that he, too, shot up with this mystery substance. Rashiid later found out that he had injected himself with angel blood, giving him a minimal deflective A.T. Field that might have assisted should Ikari have attempted to tang him. Ramsey had injected himself with a cocktail angel blood, a steroid that supposedly only works on Evangelions, and core juice.

Topside, David and Evan were fighting over the entry plug containing Shinji. Evan wanted to murder him, because his Eva perceived Shinji as a threat, and would not rest until all threats to her baby were destroyed. David, who recently replaced David, knew the punishment for murder and was trying desperately to save Evan from a similar fate. He successfully recovered the plug and made it safely into the Eva bay, but Unit 10 would not shut down until Evan extracted a promise that he would be allowed to beat the shit out of Shinji.

After the smoke cleared, it became apparent that Ramsey would be unable to lead Nerv during his recovery; an acting-Commander was necessary. Bitchface promptly quit, leaving Rashiid in command. Rashiid's first act was to publicly execute the officers responsible for the JSDF involvement in the invasion. He then questions the pilots that are still alive. Shinji Ikari, upon finding out his father died, begged to be killed. Rashiid let Evan beat the shit out of him in person, then executed him by firing squad in private. Asuka Langley, who now has a scar running from above her left eye down to her left thigh, begged to fight for Boston, wishing only to prove herself and pilot Evangelion. Rashiid accepted; Units 01 and 02 became Units 14 and 15 respectively, with Tanya and Asuka as their assigned pilots.

After the incident, Rashiid was summoned to the SEELE conference room, where many secret things were said, and authorization was given for a large construction project in Terminal Dogma.

After Action Report:The Ikari Incident

Rashiid trains When Suddenly!Edit

Ever since Leliel, Unit 11 had been very talkative and very informative to Sonny about matters concerning A.T. Fields and Science. She at one point required Sonny to memorize a formula and recite it to Solomon at her first opportunity, which Solomon identified the formula as the mathematical definition of an A.T. Field and proceeded to flip out. Sonny's Ego Barrier was rapidly eroding, and she was becoming more and more like her Eva's soul, taking a strong interest in quantum physics and non-euclidean geometry of A.T. Fields, an interest which no healthy teenager should exhibit. However, she was so useful in the lab that Solomon didn't tell anyone or try to stop her. Sonny also convinced Solomon to hook Unit 11 up to a computer, as now that the Eva had an S2 organ and does not shut off, was getting rather bored. Unit 11 provided Solomon with more awesome A.T. Math. Sonny stopped going to school or the skate park in order to spend more time working in Solomon's lab.

When she got kicked out of the lab due to some classified project resulting from the Ikari Incident, she and David copied some files from Unit 11's computer, and tried to decipher parts of them. They turned out to be the Dead Sea Scrolls, although the two teenagers made little progress in translating them. They were working on the translation When Suddenly..., Rashiid walked into the dorm common room and looked over their shoulder. They explained that they had deciphered a complete list of the Angels, and pointed out the ones whose names they learned during the various encounters. Rashiid told them to carry on and keep this to themselves.

Some time later, Rebecca, allowed to wheel around freely around Nerv HQ when not being the Oracle, approached Sonny about her ability to Synch Group. Rebecca revealed that she has learned to manifest her own A.T. Field, but it wasn't strong enough to regrow her legs. She asked Sonny to assist her by getting in Unit 11 and Synching Group with Rebecca in order to lend her some A.T. Power. They recruited David to help them get into the Eva bay through the vents. Sonny successfully helped Rebecca regrow her limbs as David played Chess vs Unit 11 on the laptop, When Suddenly... Colonel Rashiid appeared and flipped the fuck out.

Rashiid: "What the fuck is going on here? Why does Rebecca have legs and who is David talking to on that computer?"<br\> Sonny: "Uh..." [technobabble].<br\> Rashiid: [Gun in Sonny's face] "You have three seconds to start making sense."<br\> Sonny: "ImergedmyA.T.FieldwithRebecca'ssoshecouldgrowbackherlegs. Youknow,likeanAngelcan. Please don't shoot me."<br\> David: "That... probably wasn't the best analogy."<br\> Rebecca: [Shyly] "Do you like them? I made them for Evan."<br\> Rashiid: "Brig. All of you. Now."

Sonny and Rebecca spent the night in the brig, a punishment David narrowly escaped. The laptop was removed. All vents in the Eva bay were welded shut. Sonny received a refresher course on the consequences of mutiny, and Rebecca was placed under house arrest in her room inside Nerv HQ.

The Eigenart InitiativeEdit

Several weeks later, during a Synch Test, Unit 11 told Sonny to make sure she went to the skate park that evening, as her father was coming back. Sonny hadn't seen her father since some angry looking Nerv personnel restrained his drunken, raving ass while they took her away 5 years previously. She was also exceedingly nervous about getting in trouble with Rashiid again so soon after her recent misadventures. However, she did as her mother bid, and waited at the skate park after midnight. Her security detail was hit with knockout gas and her father snatched her away and shoved her in the back of an unmarked van. He briefed her on the existence and intentions of SEELE, and on the Eigenart Initiative's opposition to those goals, and gave her a file on Instrumentality, with directions to read it but to tell no one. She was dropped off near her dorm before her security detail came to and called in that they had lost her.

Rashiid immediately launched a search of the city, which was called off after Solomon called Sonny's cellphone. She returned to Nerv HQ and, with some coaxing, told Rashiid about her encounter and showed him the file on Instrumentality. Rashiid was very shaken by this, as his personal goal - and his job description - was to kill God, not to end the human race. He confronted Solomon about it, who revealed that he knew very little about it except that Ramsey was dead-set on stopping it. Rashiid was absolutely stunned that Ramsey was indeed a good guy, and questioned him about the "I"-word. Ramsey confirmed his status as a Good Guy, that he was leading SEELE on, and that it was absolutely imperative that SEELE remained unaware of his true goals.

Rashiid gained Delusions of Righteousness as a result of these events. Sonny gained the minor disorder Kleptomania. Sonny's guard detail has been transferred to guarding an empty room, and a new detail has been assigned.

"Let's play a game. I'll say a word, and you'll say the first thing that comes to mind."<br\> "Umm..."<br\> "Instrumentality."<br\> "FUCK."<br\> -Colonel Rashiid and Harvey Solomon. Later, Colonel Rashiid and Commander Ramsey. Later, Commander Ramsey and everyone.

After Action Report:Arael

Beach VacationEdit

Let's build a Sandcastle! Of the GeoFront!

Operation LiabilityEdit

After returning from the beach vacation, Evan had a stroke of crazy. Or genius. Or something. He demanded that Solomon install a bomb in his now-artificial heart that would explode upon his death. Solomon gave the most emphatic "Fuck no" answer that a Bostonian could muster, so Evan then asked Rashiid. Rashiid had a similar reaction, but then, realizing the potential in this idea, proceeded to order Solomon to install the bomb... with a remote control detonator switch built into Rashiid's desk, which he did not inform Evan about.

Evan, now 'armed,' then approached Commander Ramsey with a heartfelt plea,

"Look, I installed a bomb in my chest for you. Haven't I shown you enough devotion? You can blow me up afterwards, just please, for the love of God, tell me what's going on!"

Ramsey, absolutely shocked by this, invited Evan into his office, where he revealed just about everything - Adam, Lilith, SEELE, Instrumentality, the whole bit. Then, figuring that the jig was up, Ramsey arranged for a meeting of all of the pilots, Solomon, and Rashiid, to discuss the future of the Evangelion program, and the fate of the world.

During this meeting, it was revealed that all of the pilots had some pieces of the puzzle - except Thorbjorn, who had a bagel. David showed the group the translations he, Sonny, and Evan had made of pieces of the Dead Sea Scrolls, with insights that only a pilot who had engaged in direct mental combat with Angels could make. Evan revealed he had a bomb in his chest, and helped explain Instrumentality to the other pilots. Sonny revealed her father's membership in the Eigenart Initiative, and the A.T. Rituals he had given her, which she had previously showed no one.

The four rituals were 1) Instrumentality, i.e. Bad End, 2) Subdue Lilith, 3) Subdue Adam, and 4) Big Dirac Trap. The group was able to figure out from these rituals that SEELE had to have more Evas, since the ritual for Instrumentality required 10 S2 Organs, and all the branches of Nerv together only had 11 functional Evas, and only 4 with S2 Organs. It also required 9 "false spears," whatever those were. Rituals 2 and 3 required 3 S2 Organs and the "true spear," the Lance of Longinus, which Nerv had in the basement, but those rituals only subdued the Progenitors for a short amount of time. The fourth ritual required seven S2 Organs and false spears, still too many, but this ritual would create a geofront-sized Dirac Sea that would seal itself closed permanently a few moments after being opened. Some of the notes included with the rituals also referenced the "Mass-produced Evangelions," of which no one knew anything, but everyone knew was probably bad. The group decided that SEELE obviously meant to provide the S2 Organs and false spears for Instrumentality, so they would wait for SEELE to make their attempt and then try to divert the ritual to the fourth one and trap Adam and Lilith together in a Dirac Sea for eternity.

Two backup plans were put into place: Firstly, should Instrumentality be initiated, the pilots should attempt to hijack the ritual, and when faced directly with Lilith, they should direct her to leave Earth and never return. While the Instrumentality ritual suggests that Lilith will do whatever she's told, no one really trusts this, which is why it's a backup plan.

Secondly, they would direct the MAGI to begin identifying and locating the shadowy members of SEELE, and eliminating them. For this purpose, Rashiid asked Sonny to send a message to her father, to bring Eigenart in on the game. Sonny managed to get a message out to her father through an A.T. Ping; Eigenart had a barely-functional Eva reject from the Nevada base and a member who could just barely sync with it... just enough for them to talk to Unit 11, who could talk to Sonny. They arranged a meeting, where Rashiid invited Sonny's father, Dave Madison, to be a security mook at Nerv Boston and to feed info back to Eigenart, so Eigenart's other operatives could start to take down SEELE members.

Special DeliveryEdit

The following week, a special delivery arrived for Rashiid. On a cargo barge. From Japan. With Russian Evas as an escort. This was all well and good and planned for, even with a special room built downstairs, except that as the ship approached port, the huge object on the deck lifted up and the tarps covering it fell off. In proximity to her old nemesis, Lilith had awakened.

The pilots were quickly deployed to confront her. She, unlike the Angels, was able to communicate to the pilots without neutralizing, and asked quite politely to be allowed to pass, as she was only here for Adam and had no quarrel with her wayward children. David repeated her words to control, where Ramsey said that that was a Bad Idea, and to stop her. David then neutralized her and saw that it was full of stars.

Sonny, once she realized what was going on, demanded the Lance. "Spear, spear, I need the spear!" Ramsey and Rashiid pulled out their keys, and launched it to the nearest supply cache. Sonny retrieved it and slammed it directly into Lilith's face. So pierced, Lilith was unable to A.T. Float, and could only crawl slowly, which she attempted to do during the four rounds it took Thorbjorn to run his fat ass Eva to take his place in the S2 Ritual to subdue her. During these four rounds, Rashiid gleefully unloaded enormous amounts of conventional weaponry into the progenitor of all life on Earth. Evan also attempted to punch Lilith while she was down, but her Anti-A.T. field made his own A.T. Field evaporate as he got close, and made Unit 10's arm corrode and catch on fire as he threw his fist at her.

Lilith was subdued, crucified, and entombed in Terminal Dogma II, just down the hall from her BFF Adam.

David now suffers from paranoia due to his direct mental contact with God. Rashiid was very cheerful afterwards.

"Welp, I've just seen beyond infinity. David's going to stop neutralizing and run like fuck now." - David's player

After Action Report:Lilith

Seemingly on Lilith's footsteps, the angel Armisael approached Boston only a few days later.

After Action Report:Armisael

Billy Bonka's, Part IIEdit

"Billy Bonka's IS real!" -Everyone

The Beginning of the EndEdit

A week after Armisael was defeated, Rashiid interviewed each of the pilots individually. He asked them if there was anything they would not do if ordered by him or Nerv, and asked some hypothetical questions about what they would do if someone close to them betrayed Nerv. Sonny replied that she would not end the world for him but that was the only limit; Sonny's Bleed Through allowed her to see Rashiid's Fearlessness and Righteousness, which inspired in her an almost fanatical loyalty to him. Thorbjorn replied that he would require a damn good reason if he was asked to kill Billy Bonka or any of the other pilots, and that he would be unable to starve a helpless prisoner. David expressed that he would probably be able to not kill one of his clones if ordered. Evan didn't really understand the question, and was unable to separate Rashiid's hypothetical follow-up questions from reality. Tanya replied truthfully that she was loyal to Nerv, but it was evident to Rashiid that she was aware that Nerv answered to SEELE and her loyalty extended to them. Asuka just wanted to prove her worth, and would follow whomever would put her in an Eva and let her fight shit.

A few days later, SEELE called Ramsey and Rashiid into the conference room, and asked them that, if the Tanya series was unable to be used for the Instrumentality project, which of their pilots did they consider suitable replacements. Rashiid stated that Sonny was the best candidate, telling SEELE that she was biddable and largely ignorant of the true situation. As neither of these were true in the slightest, he had to make some pretty awesome Deceive checks to get them to buy it. They accepted his suggestion, and listed Sonny and Unit 11 as the backup focus for Instrumentality, after Tanya in Unit 14 (formerly Unit 01).

After the conference, Solomon presented the trace data to Rasmey and Rashiid, detailing the location of each SEELE member scattered across the world. Rashiid passed this data to Dave Madison and the Eigenart Initiative. Armed with the knowledge that the Tanya series was loyal only to SEELE, Solomon rigged Unit 14 with a killswitch that would kill any pilot in the plug when activated, but also outfitted it with a Dummy Plug of Evan, just to make sure that it didn't do anything useful to anybody.

David spent these weeks mapping the vent system in the Geofront, while Sonny was finally allowed to play with the MAGI. Evan spent most of his time with Rebecca, and has gotten a lot crazier as a direct result.

A few weeks later, Thorbjorn treated Tabitha to dinner, but during the evening, she started to look quite ill. She began screaming and the Angel pendant he had given her morphed into a core. Thorbjorn realized what was happening, as did his security detail; Tabitha was Tabris, the final Angel. He apologized to her, and ran towards his security van and the GeoFront. His security detail- actually there to observe Tabitha- opened fire and was quickly destroyed.

Based on the radio report from the security team, Rashiid mobilized the pilots, and at the prospect of meeting up with another Personal-scale Angel, located another vial of Angel Blood. The Evas were activated, including Asuka in Unit 15, but they were kept in the Eva bay in ambush. Tabitha blasted through all 20 layers of armor in three turns, and floated down into Central Dogma. She took control of Unit 14 and used it to shield her from the airstrike that Rashiid dropped down the nice hole she had blasted for him, which put Unit 14 out of commission. All five pilots then neutralized her; due to their dangerously high sync ratios they were able to take down her massive A.T. Field. Thorbjorn then shed a single manly tear as he vaporized his one true love with a precisely aimed, painless shot from his Positron rifle.

With Tabitha defeated, the pilots were about to return their Evas to their docks, when dozens of red blips appeared on the tactical displays of Boston...

Saving the WorldEdit

Eighteen Massed Produced Evas approached Boston from all directions. Unit 14 was disabled previously, but all other Evas, including Unit 15 and Asuka, were deployed. Nine of the approaching MP Evas were arranged in the Tree of Life, ready to receive Sonny in Unit 11 and begin Instrumentality, as previously agreed. The other nine were arranged in squads of three, along with large numbers of conventional forces, meant to dissuade any external interference with the Ritual. This was unfortunate because the primary source of interference was not at all external in origin.

SEELE's first clue that the shit hit the fan was when two airstrikes hit the Tree of Life formation. The MP Evas, alerted to the hostile forces, assaulted the main elevators in an attempt to recover Tanya and an Eva for her to perform the ritual in. In a protracted and bloody battle that involved an epic number of awesome rolls and an amazing number of fate points, the MP Evas were defeated and the Tree of Life broken. Unit 10 was completely destroyed and Evan killed, and Units 11 and 15 had suffered major damage, but not to the point of defeat.

During the battle, the conventional forces stormed Nerv HQ, and the Nerv Security forces were steadily pushed back until the invaders reached the bridge. But, just as the SEELE forces burst onto the bridge, they were all slaughtered from behind. All of the other surviving Nerv OpsDirs from the other bases, including a very badly wounded Misato (Fate point!), and Clint Eastwood, who had built a strong friendship with Rashiid after working on Evangelion: The Movie, had gathered together to make sure that Rashiid and the Nerv staff would be able to escape. Rashiid politely declined, stating that this was his fight and he was going to finish it.

When the Evas finished up top, Sunny and Asuka began to drag the MP Eva corpses into formation for the ritual to create the Dirac Trap, but David was called back down to the GeoFront as Rashiid noticed something fly down to Terminal Dogma. He, on foot, and David, in Unit 13, arrived at the same time to find that the door to Lilith's chamber was open. Rebecca had come down as fast as her blossoming AT Power allowed after Evan's death, with the intention of merging with both Adam and Lilith and becoming God, in order to bring him back. Rashiid simply opened fire. David also impaled her on his False Lance, recovered from a fallen MP Eva.

Rashiid then ordered the evacuation of all of Boston (all civilians and non-essential personnel had evacuated the city already), and himself boarded a VTOL. David also vacated the premises. Rashiid gave the go-ahead to Sonny, who began the ritual. A septagram formed around the entire city of Boston and some of the surrounding territory, and filled with ancient and powerful symbols. As the ritual neared completion, the beings below awoke. Adam, as the Giant of Light, crawled up from the ground, and was nearly free when Lilith also appeared and pulled him back down. Sonny's part in the ritual completed, and she Accelerated Territory+AT Floated straight up, dodging AT Blasts from Adam. As she cleared the periphery of the ritual, the Dirac Trap closed and seemed to shrink in on itself, until nothing was left but a perfectly spherical crater where the city of Boston used to be. The ocean began to pour in, filling the empty space.


Colonel Rashiid watched from his VTOL as Boston disappeared into the ether, but the city was hardly minutes gone when the US Government contacted him regarding these events. He explained, bluntly and quickly, what had happened, and that SEELE was behind it; his wild claims were later corroborated by the Eigenart Initiative's outing of SEELE members. He was quickly offered a job as the director of the US Military's newly formed Evangelion Division.

Sonny followed Rashiid into military service without a second thought; she'd been raised from the age of 10 to be a soldier, and she would follow Rashiid to hell and back. Her Ego Barrier, however, was eroding at a dangerous rate and she was obviously losing more her own identity each time she synced. At the urging of both her mother and Dr. Solomon, she became the first pilot to retire from active duty, only a few years after the end of the Angelic War. She acquired an advanced degree from Westpoint before rejoining the U.S. Eva Corps under Rashiid.

David, after the bloody and glorious combat with the MP Evas, was acknowledged by his Eva as far more a man than her natural son. Additionally, all of the other David clones had been stored in Terminal Dogma and were not evacuated; David was now the only David. During a medical exam not long afterwards, a remote kill switch was located in his brain; apparently it had been implanted by SEELE during clone development and it had been activated during the final battle. However, the hardware malfunctioned and failed to detonate, sparing David. He followed Rashiid into military service for the US in the nascent U.S. Eva Corps. He was forced to retire from active piloting duty due to Ego Barrier damage, but remained in the Eva program as a pilot instructor.

Thorbjorn was terrified that anyone he was close to would be corrupted like Tabitha was, convinced that somehow he was the one that caused her to become an Angel. When he was given the order to evacuate Boston he simply started walking, and didn't stop until he and Unit 12 were deep in the Canadian wilderness. Despite extensive searches neither Thorbjorn nor his Evangelion were ever seen again. In the years following, folk legends began to circulate about an eccentric hermit and a terrible monster who lived in the northern tundra together, killing anyone who came near, but no definitive link between Thorbjorn and this mysterious man could ever be established.

Neither Unit 10 nor the shattered Entry Plug containing Evan's corpse could be recovered. However, the giant gold medallion given to Evan by Nerv Germany was found some months later washed up on the far shore of the bay. A memorial, with the medallion as a centerpiece, was raised in an artificial island in the center of the new bay. The memorial honored all the dead of the Angelic War, including the hundreds of valiant VTOL and tank crews who had given their lives fighting an enemy they had no hope of defeating.

Asuka joined the US Eva Corps, with the understanding that if she played nice, they'd continue to let her fight things in her Eva. The US was more than happy to accept.

The Eigenart Initiative exposed 11 of the 12 members of SEELE, along with thousands of files on Eva design, development, and weaponization, and AT Powers. The political ramifications were instant and violent; each SEELE member was arrested and executed. Several were actually put on trial first. The UN was dissolved as it became apparent than the organization was little more than a SEELE front. The United States and Russia, in possession of the only functional Evangelions on the planet, quickly absorbed the Nerv bases in their territories. Germany followed suit shortly thereafter as their Evangelions finished their repairs. However, with the files exposed by Eigenart, it became possible for any nation or organization with sufficient funds to begin an Evangelion program, which they did. Conflicts between nations that were set aside during the Angelic War suddenly sprang to life, with the Evangelions as a terrifying alteration to the face of war. Even to those who had survived the horrors of Second Impact, it seemed that the very oceans ran red with blood.

Inside the Dirac Sea, forever sundered from the rest of the material realm, Adam and Lilith resumed their battle so long postponed. Commander Ramsey remained on the bridge, along with Dave Madison. Once the Dirac Sea was fully closed, the two men each pulled out a nondescript key card and inserted them into control panels. A huge amount of machinery hidden beneath the Eva bay whirred to life, and a bastardized atom collider, appropriated from MIT and modified specifically to create a singularity, began its work. Rashiid, who would rather end the world than let God win, had arranged for this doomsday device to be developed and installed in the depths of the GeoFront. Now trapped in a Dirac Sea, it could safely be activated. The singularly formed and grew, consuming everything, and not even the mammoth power of the Progenitors could save them from its eternal hunger.

World War EvaEdit

The adventure continues in Rebuild of Nerv Boston!