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Campaign InformationEdit

NERV Arkham is an Adeptus Evangelion game with the Judeo-Christian symbolism stripped out and replaced with delicious eldritch Lovecraftian madness. Underneath the sleepy New England town of Arkham, Massachusetts, lies a city of gold — NERV Arkham, where a group of Pilots and their fellows must face the awakened Elder Things, insidious cults, and the creeping corruptions which reach all the way into the heart of things— and try to stay sane while they do it.



First Child, Mia Al-MisiriEdit

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Second Child, Johnathan KilangerEdit

John is a mysterious child raised by NERV Arizona that's rarely seen without his sunglasses...or a good book.

He also has a mullet, but why should he care? He has a giant robot.

Third Child, Henri D'EllaineEdit

A jazzy, snazzy, artistic Frenchman from the European NERV branch, where he served as the test pilot for the Evas that would become units 03 and 04. Like John's sunglasses, he's rarely seen without his gatsby hat. Unfortunately plagued by chronic depression, he often keeps a low presence amongst the other pilots (bar Ruru) but doesn't seem to mind in the least.


Bright yellow and built like a sports car, Unit 03 is markedly more mobile than it's brethren thanks to the cybernetics that were put into it as well as the integrated boosters that it came equipped with. Brandishing a spear, it is a formidable opponent in melee, able to close in and disengage quickly.

Fourth Child, Kazimir ProchazkaEdit

"Vyser si voko! This is wrong. Fucking wrong. Militaries do not do this stuff. You know way too much about me, and the things I've done do not get swept under the rug without good reason."

Kazimir, or Kaz for short, is a stocky and serious-faced teen with short cut hair and a strong jawline, standing at a respectable height for someone his age. Occasionally smokes.

Born in the Czech Republic to a respected family only days before Second Impact, his early years were plagued by the race wars and ethnic cleansing of the Balkans against the Muslim refugees, resulting in the death of his father as they tried to escape the lawlessness of central Europe. Separated from his mother at the border just before the UN's isolation policies went into effect, he was left alone inside his homeland with only the Nationalists and the Muslims at war with each other. The rest of his time spent in the country is a subject well avoided by Kaz, with him either dodging questions or giving half-answers. His extraction by the UN from Czech was done from a hospital, where he was found injured from a sniper round. Reunited with his mother in Germany, he spent some time undergoing therapy for his wound as well as studying to make up for his lack of a formal education.

After Germany, Kaz and his mother moved to England, where he was enrolled into a prestigious school due to his mother's influence as a biotechnician. Kaz tried his best to do his mother proud, and only just passed his classes(a fair feat considering his lack of schooling). As his mother was noticed and eventually recruited by a company called GEHRIN, he had a falling out with her alongside a sudden rise in delinquent behavior in school. By the year's end, he was refusing to go to school and spent his time reading while holed up in an apartment afforded to him by GEHRIN and his mother. He later received word that she had gone missing. This, coupled with the UN's sudden crackdown on the Balkan countries due to a "racial incident" elsewhere (a bitter subject for Kaz), lead to him falling into a severe depression.

As he endured the worst of it, NERV contacted him as a potential pilot. He has taken this as a mixed blessing: happy to have a new start in the States yet apprehensive and untrusting of NERV's intentions for him. Beyond the Al-Misiri Family, he has tried to be as personable as possible to his new companions; he is taking a particular liking to John's frank attitude and camaraderie.

His current views on piloting against the aberrations attacking NERV are that they are no match to the Eva's superior firepower, and believes the entire Eva Project to be overkill. This may have to do with having witnessed the first one being immobilized by his own rifle before being destroyed by Ruru and her well-placed rifle shots; the AT field concept wastes time and the melee weapons do nothing but put the pilots in danger.


In comparison to the other Eva's of NERV Arkham, Unit 04 looks immobile. Meters thick armor covers every joint, and numerous sub-systems and exhaust ports are built into it's frame. Even next to it's sister unit from France, it stands apart from the conventional Eva design. To perhaps draw attention away from it's bulk, it also has numerous "fins" on many of it's limbs in an attempt to give it a more "airy" feel.

Kaz treats the unit cautiously, as having read many sci-fi novels he knows better than to trust wholly anything cybernetic that taps your mind. However, he also treats piloting it as a chore...he doesn't yet grasp the necessity of an AT field and so feels it's activation to be a time-waster, and the instructions are in French while the Entry Plug thought process is set to English (as they're in the USA). When he had found that it's heavy actuators drew excessive power from the suit's battery, crippling it's operational time and sending him into stand-by first amongst his team-mates, he took the time to poke around the Eva's interface and has since modified it so heavily that it now is unpilotable by the others...but nearly doubled the operational time.

He also feels no need to call it anything other than "04"....for now.

Fifth Child, Haru "Ruru" FieldsEdit

Ruru is a broken girl and no one knows it yet. Most people associate her oddities with mere eccentricity, but that's just because she's too crafty to let people find out. In her head the whole world is out to get her, and in a way she's right.

Haru is half Japanese/half black, and relatively good looking for it. She's athletic and lithe, tall for a girl her age too. She acts aloof for the most part but often will fly off the handle at people who offend her delicate sensibilities. She wears a long scarf and is often seen wearing mesh under her dark clothing. People generally think she's a stylish goth.

The truth of the matter is a history of physical child abuse and spousal abuse that led to Haru hiding in her own home from fear, feeding on whatever she could get her hands on to take her mind away from the violent conditions at home. She associates the dark with safety from drunken fists, being unseen as a way to escape. She told herself stories hiding in closets or under sinks, convincing herself that her life was not bad but rather...

That she was a ninja.

Of course nothing could be farther from the truth but she refuses to see it, so crucial to her is it that her world view not be shattered and/or her not to have to face the reality that she was just a scared and abused little girl. Of course she can't -tell- anyone, it's a secret, but she has to remain true to the fanciful code of a scared young girl desperately coping with terror.


[REASSIGNED] Operations Director, Cassilda CastaigneEdit

Former Director of NERV Arkham Section One (Operations)

Current Assignment: [REDACTED]

Notes: To be kept under Section-2 Observation under Article 4 Section 5 of the Aeon Treaty. Potential link to [REDACTED] must be investigated.

First Branch StaffEdit

NERV Commander Howard CarterEdit

A thin, gaunt, nervous man, Howard Carter does not appear how most would imagine the commander of one of the most powerful paramilitary organizations in history. More scholar than general, he was given the job not for his personality (which is eccentric and often unsettling) or his command experience (he has none) but for his depth of knowledge and total, unshakable commitment towards achieving NERV’s goals—he hides an iron will behind his facade of eccentricity. May or may not have been involved in the disastrous Starkweather-Moore expedition to the South Pole which caused Second Impact.

Sub-Commander Joseph ReedsEdit

The military mind of NERV, Joseph Reeds is the muscle behind Commander Carter’s brains. A veteran of the US Army and later the UN forces post-Second Impact, Reeds made a name for himself—for better or for worse—as the man to go to when things need to get done, no matter what the cost. Commander Carter may be the ultimate authority at NERV, but it’s well-known around First Branch that most orders seem to come through Sub-Commander Reeds, and besides running Section-2 Security he often takes charge of the day-to-day operation of much of NERV, citing Carter being “busy.” Although his official military record is clean and commendable, rumors abound about his involvement in (and possible command of) several black-ops operations of questionable nature, particularly involving the rumored “Innsmouth Incident”. Tall, broad-shouldered, and stern, Sub-Commander Reeds is a force to be reckoned with.

Dr. Alfred Al-Misiri, Director of Science and Head of Project EEdit

The son of an Egyptian father and a British mother, Dr. Al-Misiri completed dual PHDs in Theoretical Physics and Applied Biotech at Miskatonic University just in time for Second Impact and the UN’s seizure of control of the university. Given his particular skills, he was quickly recruited into the newly-formed NERV and placed at the head of the EVA project. He is the genius behind NERV’S success—it was he who pioneered the technology required to create and operate the Evangelion, and he has become the leading expert on Eldritch Technology and AT Field mechanics in the world.

In temperament, Dr. Al-Misiri is very much the strange genius. He is an amiable man, despite his tendency to lapse into scientific diction that few men in the world besides himself would understand at a moments notice. Although he, at his own admission, “doesn’t get out much,” he still maintains a relatively good social status amongst NERV’s employees, and it is not uncommon to see him fraternizing with just about anyone at Headquarters, from Section-2 Security guards to the Commander himself (It is rumored that Al-Misiri is one of the only men that the Commander will confide in.) He sees himself as somewhat of a father figure to Mia—although his attempts to be fatherly are haphazard at best, as between his “daughter’s” training and his own work they rarely see each other. He tries, nonetheless.

Lt. Jessica Franklin, Bridge Evangelion TechnicianEdit

A small, bespectacled young woman, at first glance Lt. Franklin looks as if she would belong in a library more than the Bridge. Her small frame and mousy appearance, though, masks a quick wit and a quicker brain. She monitors the condition of the Evas in the field.

Lt. Jason Miles, Bridge Tactical CoordinatorEdit

Next in the chain of command after the Operations Director, Lt. Miles heads the day-to-day operation Command bunker in the absence of the OD or Commander/Sub-Commander. During operations he coordinates between NERV, the UN, and local military to ensure an successful operation. He is often seen as too laid-back for such an important job, and although it has yet to affect his position he often gets reprimanded by Sub-Commander Reeds for his lackadaisical attitude.

Lt. William Jackson, Bridge Data AnalystEdit

A well-known computer genius, Lt. Jackson was well known as a hacker and online miscreant under the handle “Sach13l” before being picked up by NERV as an alternative to certain other legal repercussions. He has since integrated well into the bridge team, however, and his skills with quickly analyzing many different data inputs (and occasionally cobbling them together) is unmatched, and his own workstation has been “modded” to the point where he may be the only one who can use it anymore.

Thomas White, Public Relations LiaisonEdit

A pleasant, if overly excitable man, White was recently promoted to this newly-created position, tasked with handling the interaction between PR and Operations. May be a bit to enthusiastic about his job.

Fred Miles, Security GuardEdit

A generally amiable man, and one of the head security guards at NERV Arkham's "front door." Known as the ace of the First Branch bowling team. Jason Miles' older brother by almost 15 years.

Arkham LocalsEdit

Dr. Elliot West, Headmaster, Miskatonic Institute for Gifted YouthEdit

An ordinary, bookish-looking man, with thin-rimmed glasses perched on a high nose and an overall nebbish demeanor, impeccably dressed and polite.

Professor Maria Church, Teacher of Class 2-AEdit

A traditional, old-fashioned schoolmarm in demeanor, Dr. Maria Church nevertheless is passionate about the "alternative teaching methods" practiced at Miskatonic

Joseph Black—Student, Ulthar House (A Cat’s Paw)Edit

A friendly, jovial young man, broad-shouldered and occasionally boorish, Black is a good representative of his house, which is the least “officially” competitive of the houses. They do, however, excel at the more “covert” competitions held between the houses...

Jeanne Yvain—Student, Merritt House (A Mason’s Chisel)Edit

A slender beauty with pale, almost porcelain skin. An artist. Influential in her house (because of her position in the Art Club) but not actually its head. A quiet, thoughtful girl, she tends to be indifferent to the squabbles between the houses, preferring to concentrate on her art. Her specialty is sculpture.

Nathan Fisher—Student, Fisher House (A stylized fish emblem)Edit

A strange, tall child, all skin and bones. He’s obviously hit puberty pretty hard, as he seems awkward and uncomfortable in his movements. His great-great-grandfather paid for Fisher Hall, so he was elected Head of House mostly as a legacy—as an awkward child with a tendency to stutter, he’s not a very good choice. Then again, Fisher house hasn’t led the House Rankings in years... Head of the Book Club.

Rachel Fisher—Student, Fisher HouseEdit

Nathan's younger sister. Although quite a bit more presentable than her brother, she is likewise tall, thin, pale, and bookish. Member of the Book Club. Doesn't talk much.

Louis Wilde—Student, Demhe House (An old-fashioned Pen)Edit

A strange, small boy. He is obviously much younger than the pilots—he must be very intelligent to have made it to the grade levels of Miskatonic Academy. Spends most of his time in the Library. He seems to have some influence at the school, but its uncertain exactly how such a boy would hold any...

Tessie Burke—Student, Demhe HouseEdit

A tall, athletic girl, with long brown hair tied back in a ponytail. Captain (and possibly the only enthusiastic member) of the track team.

Harriet West—Student, Merritt HouseEdit

Head of the "Science and Mechanics" club. An enthusiastic, tomboyish girl who is much to smart for her own good.

Season OneEdit

Unit 03 battles an aberration...

Episode One: The Gleaming CityEdit

In which the Pilots—minus one—get their first glimpse of their new home: Logs

1.1: In which the pilots explore their new home: Logs

Episode Two: Out of the AeonsEdit

In which the First returns to claim its right: Logs

Episode Three: The Shunned HouseEdit

In which the pilots are introduced to their greatest challenge yet: the Miskatonic Academy for Gifted Youth. Logs

Episode Four Part 1: The Runner, The Repairer, The Reader, The ReanimatorEdit

In which Haru, Kazimir, and Johnathan become acquainted with the various denizens of the Miskatonic Academy. Logs

Part 2: The MaskEdit

In which Henri discovers Art: Logs

Episode FiveEdit

In which some new faces arrive in Arkham: Logs

5.1: In which Mia and Kaz become better acquainted: Logs

Episode Six and Seven: Shadows Over InnsmouthEdit

Part 1 Part 2

Episode EightEdit



Episode NineEdit


9.1: Logs

Episode TenEdit


Episode ElevenEdit

In which the battle comes to Arkham: Logs

11.1: In which Ruru continues her plot for total domination: Logs

Episode TwelveEdit

In which the pilots learn the consequences of their actions: Logs

Episode Thirteen: Weaving a StoryEdit

13.1: Logs


13.3: In which things, despite expectations, go horribly, horribly wrong Logs

13.4: Logs

13.5: Logs

Episode FourteenEdit

The cast, dolled up for the ball...

14.1: In which a familiar face returns: Logs

14.2: In which the pilots get a glimpse behind the mask: Logs

14.3: Meanwhile... At the party | CLASSIFIED

Episode FifteenEdit

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Episode SixteenEdit

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Episode SeventeenEdit

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Episode EighteenEdit

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Episode NineteenEdit

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Episode TwentyEdit

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Episode Twenty-OneEdit

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Episode Twenty-TwoEdit

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Episode Twenty-ThreeEdit

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Episode Twenty-FourEdit

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Episode Twenty-FiveEdit

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Episode Twenty-SixEdit

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Episode Twenty-SevenEdit

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Episode Twenty-NineEdit

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Episode ThirtyEdit

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Episode Thirty-OneEdit

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Episode Thirty-TwoEdit

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Episode Thirty-ThreeEdit

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Episode Thirty-SixEdit

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Episode Thirty-SevenEdit

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Episode Thirty-EightEdit

38.0: Logs

To be concluded... someday, maybe ;_;Edit