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"Begin, be bold, and venture to be wise."

Basic InformationEdit

"Evangelion Balance" is an Adeptus Evangelion session that started on, depending what timezone you’re in, either May 13 or 12th 2012. While the setting is more or less the same as the original series, there are some changes; the most notable being that the Angels are based off of the Major Arcana. Sessions are run semi-consistently every Saturday/Sunday.


January 31st, 1999. Only one month into the end of a millennium, a great tragedy shook the world. A meteorite, small in size but traveling at speeds that were previously believed to be impossible, collided with the continent of Antarctica. This catastrophic event, which killed off billions of people, was called "Second Impact". The damage inflicted to both the environment and society was great, but ultimately, the survivors were able to rebuild.

Of course, this was not the only hardship that the earth would have face. Around the world, monsters that were dubbed “Angelspawn” started appearing at random. With this looming threat, and speculation of what "Angels" might be spawning these creatures, the only savior that the world had was the Ultimate All-Purpose Humanoid Decisive Battle Weapons: the giant humanoid robots known as Evangelions. While their origins and abilities are a mystery, it’s undeniable that they’ve kept their home base of Tokyo-3 safe so far...


Rai Nagare/First ChildEdit

Rai Nagare
Rai Nagare (looking saner than usual)
Unit-02 ”Amazon”

"Do you even have a gun...?" "No. But I have a knife. That can sort of be used as a gun." "You can't shoot a knife." "Why would I shoot it? They're called throwing knives, dumbass." "You don't throw guns." "Psssh. Yes you do."

Manufactured Berserker. As an attempt by Nerv to create a synthetic super soldier able to synchronize with an Evangelion, he is a powerful and resourceful pilot. However, while they may have made a strong fighter, they did not necessarily make a smart one; he consistently displays a brazen disregard to reason and logic. This does not make him popular among his peers, though his talents inside of an Evangelion are undeniable.

Definitely not Ryouma Nagare.

Major Accomplishments: Forced Natsumi to berserk and subsequently tang, obtained an n2 engine in the third Angel fight in a Grand Epic campaign

Casey Callahan/Second ChildEdit

Casey Callahan

"What's pogeyman?" "You have no childhood." "... Childhood? Is that like a hooded jacket?"

Manufactured Pointman. After Rai’s creation, Nerv seeked to create a pilot who was more stable (both genetically and mentally). While her mental stability is debatable, the Second Child has a very easy to replicate DNA structure, resulting in her having many spares. None of these have been activated.

Since childhood, she has been taught to follow “Action King Balthazar” and his views, which range from “protect your allies” to “eat your vegtables”. She carries around a figurine of her idol, which she believes is animate. She is not terribly fluent in Japanese, and glosses over troublesome things such as respect or acknowledging others wishes to not be called nicknames.

Major Accomplishments: Talked down the hybrid.

Jacob Knight/Third ChildEdit

Jacob Knight
Kurogane no Unit-00

"I really liked that one Gundam, Testujin 28." "Ahem. Izayen. Please step outside." "?" "Sir. I apologize, but I feel I need to correct you on a matter or two."

Neo-Spartan Skirmisher. A pilot who takes his role as the Third Child very seriously, and maintains a professional attitude at all times. Little is known about his past among the party. While all of the other pilots attend high school, Jacob is a legal adult. He has been given the task of monitoring the other Children during their time at school, and usually just watches over them from a nearby roof. He has demonstrated the ability to maintain his composure at all times, no matter how “wacky” the antics. Behind his professional attitude, Jacob wishes to one day be a guitarist.

Definitely not Tetsuya Tsurugi.

Major Accomplishments: Has a near demigodly agility score, demonstrated by his ability to successfully make basic balance checks, unlike the rest of the cast.

Natsumi Katakiri/Fourth ChildEdit

Natsumi Katakiri, after an incident during the second Angel fight. (Smile certainly forced.)

"... I'm all alone. All alone. Make it stop make it stop make it stop make it stop make it stop make it stop make it stop make it stop make it stop make it stop make it stop make it stop make it stop make it stop!"

Prodigy AT Technician. Thanks to some previous run-ins with Nerv (nature unknown), she has a vocal dislike for the organization and authority in general. She seems to have resigned to working as a pilot for now. She is scarily effective with AT field manipulation, despite her inexperience in combat. Has an imaginary friend who may or may not actually exist. Apparently used to work at a maid cafe. After reconstructing herself from LCL, her hair lost its original brown coloring and became silver. She still dyes it brown, with minimal success.

Major Accomplishments: Practically solo’d the third angel, has the highest insanity by far

Hibiki Miyahara/Fifth ChildEdit

Hibiki Miyahara

"Why are we piloting these anyways? I mean, why not just get professionals to do it?" "...Moving on." "That wasn't an answer--" "You’re not going to get one."

Prodigy Pointman. The eldest of 3 siblings. Her goal for her high school years was to have an ordinary school life. Three guesses as to how that worked out, first two don’t count. Her most notable trait is that she is remarkably hard to notice, second only to her stinginess. The only person on record to have ever gotten her to loan money is Natsumi. Has secret desires for fame, which are hindered primarily by her crippling self-esteem issues. Is at least proud of her athletic ability.

Major Accomplishments: Only pilot to know what a hot spring is

Aaron Smith/Sixth ChildEdit

Aaron Smith

"Sit down. Shut up. That's it." "We are not bros anymore. Do you hear me? TURN IN YOUR BRO CARD." "WE ARE NOT FUCKING BROS, NOW SHUT THE FUCK UP!"

Prodigy Skirmisher. An anti-social foreigner, he is known for having a short temper and an eager trigger finger. Enjoys making snarky comments. Before moving to Tokyo-3, his school was the target of an Angelspawn attack, leaving only a handful of survivors. He has little tolerance for Rai, going as far as getting the Short Fuse drawback specifically for him.

Major Accomplishments: Practically solo’d the second angel fight, Fights at either 0% accuracy or 100% accuracy, with no deviation

Izayen Minara/Operations DirectorEdit

Izayen Minara
Izayen Minara: Objects in the mirror are older than they appear.

"I can't wait to bomb a dadongo." "I apologize if this is speaking out of turn, but shut up, Sir."

A DMPC. His attempts at trying to socialize with the 6 children are often seen as him being pedophilic. Is often seen interacting with Jacob, due to feeling sorry for him being thrown into the situation. Has entrusted some of the pilots with personal scale firearms. Despite his position as the Operations Director, he is rarely seen directing any operations. Houses all of the children within his mansion, despite some of them having their own homes in Tokyo-3.

Major Accomplishments: Alcoholic.

Supporting CastEdit

Mr Moroka: Class 1-A’s homeroom teacher. A direct copy of Moroka from Persona 4, down to the nickname "King Moron".

Ikara Shinten: Leader of NERV. Kind of creepy.

Shen Gahiri: Head of Nerv’s Tactical Operations division. Pawned off dealing with the kids to Izayen, proving that not all military personnel are that stupid.

Rairu Tanade: Chief Scientist of Nerv, and the creator of the Magi supercomputers.

Kinura Shinjero: Head designer of weaponry. Ate his own left arm and leg in desperation after being trapped in a facility in Russia. Hasn't eaten his other limbs yet.


Session LogsEdit

Please note that these logs are incomplete due to lack of professional rigour. Most of these logs involved skype calls in which declarations of intent for actions were almost always performed.

Episode 1: LOG LOST
Summary: Two students transferred into Class 1-A. After Rai Nagare jump kicked the student sitting next to him and declared his intention to become friends, they were required to stay after and help clean up. Afterwards, they decided to go out to eat; however, Rai lead them to Nerv Headquarters. While Izayen attempted to explain why they were there, the First Angel attacked. Very anti-climactic battle.

Episode 2:
Summary: A snapshot of the pilot’s daily life. Otherwise known as “Dumb School Shit”. Later in the session, a sync test was attempted by swapping Evangelions. It resulted in an... interesting experience for everyone.

Episode 3: LOG LOST
Summary: Second Angel battle, in London, England. First documented case of Rai Nagare going out of his way to avoid battle in favor of civilians lives. Thanks to the Evangelion-aided evacuation, collateral damage and political impact was minimized. This was very helpful, seeing as Unit-02 berserked, and subsequently threw Unit-01 at the Angel they were fighting. Unit-01 then berserked, and the two fought until Natsumi Katakiri’s Ego Barrier eroded and she reduced to LCL. The Operation Director’s attempts to eject them before this happened both resulted in critical failure. (Also, Aaron didn’t miss a single shot.)

Episode 4:
Summary: Natsumi reformed herself just in time for the obligatory Onsen episode, which was completely derailed by Rai. Highlights include Rai picking a fight with a student whose token was ripped from Ultimate Muscle, Jacob tasing him repeatedly, and the wall between the springs falling down. Much less fanservice than would be expected.

Episode 5:
Summary: Third Angel battle, in the war and disaster-ravaged plateaus of Africa. While initially, the Angel appeared to be large and reptilian, this was simply an Angelspawn that the real angel had hidden itself in. Unit-02’s leg was bitten and blasted off, Unit-00 spent much of it’s first fight being pushed into a plateau side. The desolate battlefield allowed Natsumi to fully utilize her AT powers, and she did the majority of the fighting. Unit-02 berserked near the end of the battle after being thrown by Natsumi (to invoke said berserk). It then proceeded to devour the angel’s core, resulting in Rai Nagare being declared an unstable pilot.

Episode 6:
Summary: After losing contact with a Nerv base in Russia, it was decided that sending the organization’s most valuable assets to inspect the damage was a good idea. Casey was introduced, and acts chummy with her teammates, who are less than impressed. Ashes were waded through, data on matters such as angels, sync ratios, and Evangelions was collected, and way too many agility checks were made as the pilots refused to stop falling down holes. Casey eventually perfected the art.

Episode 7:
Summary: Continuation of Episode 6. The nature of the ash in the facility was uncovered, and a survivor discovered. While the sensible pilots Natsumi and Jacob stayed behind to tend to his wounds, the rest went to the final floor and discovered an Evangelion/Human hybrid. Against all odds, Casey and Rai were able to communicate with it, resulting in more information being uncovered and the hybrid eventually asking to be killed. She was.
Post-session log 1:
Post-session log 2:
Post-session log 3:
Post-session log 4:

Episode 8:
Summary: 2-day log of the school's Sports festival. Kareba challenged Rai to every sport and made up a team to defeat the Eva pilots. The offensive team was, overall, not successful. The soccer game was a huge sweep for the pilots thanks to Rai's absurd skill. In swimming, Nexev lived up to his nickname of "Poseidon", and defeated Hibiki, but that wasn't able to make up for his teammate's incompetence. The relay was neck-to-neck, but in the end "Poseidon" was able to finally pull his team to victory. But it was 2-1 so they lost anyways. Post-session log 1 contains a transcript of what the pilots who didn't participate in the Sports festival did.
Post-session log 1:

Episode 9:
Summary: Fourth Angel battle, which happened to take place at almost the same time as the Fifth. Fought by Team 1: Jacob Knight, Aaron Smith, and Hibiki Miyahara. While it appeared at first that the Angel's burrowing capabilities would make it a tough opponent, Jacob demonstrated his ability to show game mechanics exactly where to stick it and obliterated the core.

Episode 10:
Summary: Fifth Angel battle, which happened to take place at almost the same time as the Fourth. Fought by Team 2: Rai Nagare, Natsumi Katakiri, and Casey Callahan, with later aid from the majority of Team 1. This angel proved to be much tougher than it's counterpart. Limbs were lost, including Unit-02's leg, which was replaced with Natsumi's Pallet Rifle. An intervention by Hibiki and Aaron helped matters a bit, but in the end, what took the Angel down was a mysterious blast from a berserked Unit-01, which then fled. Post-session log 1 continues directly where the main session log ends off.
Post-session log 1:
Post-session log 2:
Post-session log 3:
Post-session log 4:
Post-session log 5:
Post-session log 6:
Post-session log 7:
Post-session log 8:
Post-session log 9:
Post-session log 10:

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