Campaign:Containment Breach

Adeptus Evangelion: Containment Breach is an AdEva: Borderline campaign being run by Sevatar#9054 on Discord, featuring a few of the EYES developers/playtesters and based on SCP Foundation lore. While most AdEva campaigns feature Angels trying to break into NERV, Containment Breach features angels trying to escape NERV Jerusalem.

Basic InformationEdit


Jerusalem Evangelion Unit DivisionEdit

Aaron Arthur RockwellEdit

Avery AndersonEdit

Nadya KarimiEdit

Shantanu KrishantaEdit

William RobinsonEdit

NERV Jerusalem StaffEdit

NERV Supreme Tactical Commander Rei AyanamiEdit

NERV Tactical Vice Commander Gen. Robert A. U. BoweEdit

(Former) Operations Director Andrei StrelnikovEdit

Chief Science Officer Maya IbukiEdit

Head of Archaeology Richard 'Dick' ShaverEdit


Other NERV StaffEdit

Asuka Shikinami LangleyEdit

Mari MakinamiEdit

Kaworu NagisaEdit

Dr. Yui IkariEdit

Groups of InterestEdit

UN Global Occult CommandEdit

The Ashcroft FoundationEdit

Concerned Parents Association of JerusalemEdit


NERV-076 ("ABEL")Edit

NERV-??? ("Yeqon")Edit

NERV-610 ("The Flesh Pit")Edit


'Nesquik Zombies'Edit

Mantis MonsterEdit

Season OneEdit

Episode 01 - "Welcome to NERV!"Edit

Episode 02 - My Brother's Keeper (Pt. 1)Edit