Campaign:Berlin: Another Story

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  • Location: Berlin, Germany
  • Starting Date: August 1st, 2015

Non-Player Characters of Importance

  • Nerv Director: Ichabod Hartdegen
  • Nerv Second-in-Command: Kushana Isokaze

Kushana's Theme - Gravity of Love (Enigma)



YounHa So/Pilot of Unit 07Edit

Born just a while after the Second Impact, Younha found herself born into an environment of fear and uncertainty. Just to the West, the great superpower of China coveted an even larger part of Korea, and from the rumors at the time, it would only end in the enforced slave labor of all Koreans. Youhna’s aunt MinJee , who took her in after her parents died of starvation when she was 1, was so afraid of the ‘impending’ invasion that she thought she would try to teach Younha how to be liked by others, so that hopefully she would “.... be taken as a trophy by a Chinese Officer”. To this, she would constantly berate Younha on her appearance, her temper, and her manners, and illuminate her flaws for Younha, such as her poor eyesight, and when she would not take the lessons to heart, MinJee would torture the child, but carefully, so as not to mar the child’s body.

After visiting the only hospital they could afford due to an ‘accident’ (from the torture), she was found to be A10 Positive, and in a matter of weeks, the men at NERV had come to ship her away to an undetermined location...


Meticulously well groomed, ever trying to make herself beautiful, no matter what her actual condition may be. When not in the plugsuit, prefers to dress with a calm style. Though her eyesight is poor, she refuses to wear glasses, only doing so if it helps complete a look at best. While she has been trained in many hairstyles, her favorite is that of a medium-length hair curled at the ends and bangs.

Dr Aaron Bennet/Pilot of Unit 08Edit

Like so many children at the time, Aaron was initially brought up in an orphanage. His exceptional test scores on the National Curriculum tests earned him the attention of adults and they started to accelerate him through the years.

His school life had already started in an uncommon way, but him being sent to classes where he was by far the smallest boy there did not help. He was bullied, and fought back, though he rarely came out on top and when he did he generally wasn't much better off. He still refused to back down to the fights, even as they became more common.

He persisted on eventually reaching Secondary School, at which point people would rather ignore him than waste any effort. Eventually moving on to college and earning a doctorate in astronomy, his primary focus astrophysics, he was finally discovered by Nerv and brought shortly thereafter to Berlin.


Brown haired, with hazel eyes. Looks like he would sunburn rather easily. Keeps his hair tied back in a ponytail. He looks younger than he is and tries to dress older to compensate, wearing clothes far closer to what his professors wore than what his peers do.

Kalil (Eve) Ashara/Pilot of Unit 11Edit

Baxter Haley/Pilot of Unit 12Edit

Ever smaller than his older brothers, Baxter has always preferred exploring the library to explore the woods near the farm. Raised on one of the few remaining farms in Midwest America, Baxter quickly grew into performing domestic duties and caring after his older, more rambunctious brothers. His father abandoning him before his birth, and mother going missing not long after his fifth birthday, Baxter was taken in by his half brother’s father, and raised as one of his own.

Instilled with idealistic, if unrealistic and naïve morals from his guardian and the books he came to adore, Baxter eventually became a stalwart advocate of the goodness of humanity, something that would come to plague him upon entering the real world. His four older brothers always encouraged him none the less with his ideals, and did their best to protect the boy. Indeed, they always looked at his as little more than a small child, a view perpetuated by his habit of wearing their much too large hand-me-downs.

It was a good life, with Baxter burying his nose in a book when not cooking or cleaning, or off at the market buying supplies. Upon his fourteenth birthday though, Baxter received a letter informing him of his drafting into NERV. Somehow, the organization had found him to be A10 positive, and conscripted him to be a an Eva pilot. Not knowing what he was in, the boy departed a week later for Berlin, leaving his family behind for new horizons.


At first glance, Baxter appears to be someone who is still growing into his own body. A second glance, will tell you that you didn’t need to take a second glance. Tall for his age, pale, and perpetually slim, he hardly appears to be someone who grew up in the farmlands of America. His face is hidden behind long bangs and slim set of glasses that obscure brown eyes. Baxter he can normally be spotted wearing hand-me down khaki cargo pants several sizes too big and oversized white button up shirts.

Supporting CastEdit

Zi Jing/Former Pilot of Unit 09/DeceasedEdit

Background: Born with the only purpose to be a Evangelion Pilot, Zi had every aspect of her life controlled as she grew up to become a weapon to defeat the Angels. Under a strict training regiment she spent everyday after the age of 3 training. In addition to a somewhat skewed education she spent hundreds if not thousands of hours in simulators. Once she was deemed fit enough her intense physical training also began, it seemed like the only reason she was able to survive all of this was out of pure determination. Mentally conditioned so that she is completely loyal to NERV and obey any order given by NERV personnel not valuing her own life in the slightest. Feeling that her only responsibility is to defend NERV and defeat the Angels. Her reason being that in her own eyes it was the closest thing to a family that she had. Thus she makes it a point to be kind and protect every single member of NERV, with no regard to her own life. It is due to this fierce fanatical nature that she will always be the first to charge in at a enemy putting her own life on the line, her personality wildly shifting when in combat becoming a psychotic berserker. Unfortunately due to the life she has had, she is completely socially inept almost always being unable to correctly read a social situation usually giving out bad or just plain wrong advice. After 14 long years she was finally able to fulfill her duty fully. Learning that she would be transferred to Berlin and become the pilot of Unit-09 a brand new state of the art Evangelion made specifically for her.

Upon arriving in Berlin she found that she was the only Evangelion Pilot that was properly trained. The rest of her teammates being civilians that were recently tapped. Quickly bonding with YounHa So although at the same time getting into arguments with Aaron Bennet. Finding herself in the awkward position of unofficial team leader by the former Operations Director Delessa Kravos. Slowly growing to trust Aaron as well it seemed everything was going well for her and everyone else in Berlin.

During a trip to Japan Zi began to bond with her team more, after having a long discussion with Delessa on her role in the team. Reconciling with Aaron and telling him about herself. She had no idea this would the her last chance to tell anyone from Berlin in person. Only a few days afterwards she was transferred to NERV Japan to join them as a pilot. While still worrying about the Berlin team during this time she was able to bond with the team in Japan, mostly with one Asuka Langley Soryu. After many battles with the Japan team Zi was brought back to America to test a new Evangelion that contained new equipment. Something that she felt would help her everyone against the Angels.

Fate would not be so kind, as the Evangelion fell under the control of a Angel, glassing the entire base and killing everyone on the base. Zi herself was now just another tool of the Angel. Coming into combat with the Berlin hours later, the wild Angel/Evangelion Hybrid ran wild seeming to easily run through whatever was left standing after seeing it. Able to regain control for several brief moments Zi pleaded with her friends and their new comrades to destroy the the Core along with her with it. When they refused to do so and the Angel began to take control Zi took her life with her own hands. Impaling the core with her own spear killing her, the Evangelion, and the Angel with it.


Long black hair that is kept in a long ponytail. While somewhat attractive and being very much in shape Zi doesn't have the first clue on how to dress herself casually. Most of the time wearing whatever someone else tells her to or her usual outfit of a long sweater with shorts and combat boots.

Quentin Chamberlain/Pilot of Unit 10/DeceasedEdit


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