"I'd love to stay and chat, but I have to play tennis with one of the senior partners. You're all the hope for our future, keep it up!" -Commander Richard "Niceguy" White

Avis Noah is named after the spaceship that was found underneath Area 51, refitted to be a fortress protecting humanity from the threat of the Angels as well as to house a city within itself, it is staffed with the very best that the UN could muster and that includes the players.

A very serious and accurate representation of the five pilots in order: Alan, George, Luis, Sani and Morgan.

Basic InformationEdit

"As you can see even after the UN resorted to deploying a N2 mine so close to not one but two civilian settlements, they still couldn't stop the monster. It took Nerv, the mysterious organization in Area 51 to destroy the enemy, with no less than the deployment of four giant robots!"

Avis Noah is the second of the Adeptus Evangelion games running on the #adeptusevangelion channel on Rizon, started just a few weeks after Monolith to let the people who were left out have a shot at playing, finished with the playtesting of v2, it is now one of the many ReWrite playtesting grounds.


Presumed to have been built by the FAR, Avis Noah is the name given by the UN (or perhaps SEELE) to a gigantic spacecraft of unknown origin underground the Nevada Desert. Full of technology ranging between puzzling, defunct and trivial, its existence was a secret until the Second Impact.

Avis Noah served as a shelter for years, and during the heavy rebuilding of the USA they started to build residences on the inside, as part of the plan to reactivate it's nature as a mothership and escape the coming of the Angels.

Eventually the Avis Noah program was scrapped in favor of the Evangelion program which seemed more reliable, and the remaining half of it was to be used to house the Headquarters of NERV-02 and to help in the development of the Evangelions.

Although Project E was officially the last line of defense for humanity against the Angels, it wasn't until 2014 that it had enough funds to advance at a decent pace, the Production Model Evangelions are proof of this advancement, made in just under a year's worth of development.

This is for a very simple reason, the Angels known now as the 3rd Angel "Sachiel" and the 4th Angel "Shamshel" were reported to awaken during 2014, the official files say that they were subdued though there is no mention how they managed to do that. In any case, this meant much better funding for the Evangelion Project which would be accompanied by the higher ups pulling some strings to get the best of the best as their staff.

As of the campaign start Avis Noah is a fortress meant to protect humanity from Third Impact, in it reside the five finished Evangelion units, two of them made by this very own branch.


Five Evangelion Pilots, with two Operations Directors (one of them now the NPC Subcommander) round the cast of this campaign.

Therese Newman, Operations DirectorEdit

NERV AvisNoah

“Stay calm and don't panic! Fear is only natural when you are face to face with death. Don't blink, hun~”

The second of the two ODs to grace Avis Noah, she was appointed by the UN to make sure things go the way they want after one too many accidents during the direction of one Dick Ranger.

To call her a MILF would be unfair to her sex appeal, Therese is a woman of many skills and her ability to woo people is just one of many.

She is clever, with a talent for oddball ideas and with enough common sense to know when to hit the brakes, her friendly and go-getter attitude is further supported by her amazing cooking skills that make her an Angel (the good kind!) on Earth for those lucky enough to get a taste.

Her past is as mysterious as her intentions, as of late she's been investigating something, curiously at the same things are starting to make less and less sense for everyone else...

  • Major Accomplishments: Sent three Evangelions to space and detonated a N2 Mine at point blank range to destroy a spacefaring Angel successfully, is Luis' archnemesis and always has a good reason to make him miserable, made some really damn good pies and has apparently been exposed to 'the truth', though she is probably wrong.

Alan Anderson, First Children and Pilot of EVA 00Edit

Unit 00
Unit 00
Art of the original manufactured provided by the player, do not steal.

"Yes sir, I will find a clothing store and acquire some civilian clothes."

The resident Manufactured Alan Anderson the weapons specialist, a calm and seemingly normal kid who is shoved into the big brother role due to his seniority in time piloting and age.

Despite his frail and puny look he is an amazing marksman, and has dealt the killing blow to many an Angel... as well as some things that don't quite count as Angels.

He has his moments of weirdness, however, and in addition to his nerdiness that has earned him the ire of certain people who think he is calling attention to himself by acting like he's special.

He also got his entry plug crushed by an angelic imitation of an Eva, yet somehow miraculously survived, and is apparently Morgan's current crush.

  • Major Accomplishments: Dealt the killing blow to the simulated A3 as well as well as taking part of the combination attack that destroyed A5, blasted a hole into A7 to allow Command to N2 Mine it into oblivion, shot down in personal scale an unknown Angelspawn-esque creature, destroyed several swarms of AS11 Angelspawn, went batshit at A11 causing its arm holding the Lance of Longinus to violently explode turning the battle around, was the first to die, won the school festival's Marksmanship competition, has apparently a harem.

George Wagner, Second Children and Pilot of EVA 01Edit


"Take this! My love, my hate! AT WAAAAVE!"

The A.T. Field Tactician is a Neospartan that has been trained never to retreat, never to surrender, trained to believe that death in the battlefield was the greatest glory to be achieved in life.

He presents a serious, perfect soldier persona but his heroic spirit gets the best of him and forces him to make foolish, if brave, decisions.

On the flip side, though perhaps he does not see it that way, his courageous heart of a hero has earned him many an admirer and he has a dedicated club of fangirls who melt at his feet.

His current dilemma is that not only all he's ever earned through hard work was apparently given to him by Maximo's drugs, but also with the prospect of facing his friends from the training camp in combat as pilots of the Mass Produced Evangelions.

Battle has been taking its toll on him, and he's starting to lose his grip on reality, from his obsession with salt and 'Mysterious Pilot X' costume, to his cannibalistic remarks and delusions of invulnerability, George is slowly but surely losing it.

  • Major Accomplishments: Took part of the combo that destroyed A5, stood up in personal scale to one of the unknown Angelspawn-like creatures and an Angel, was the MVP for the other Not-Angelspawn fight during the A6 mindtrip, launched a Chainsword telekinetically with enough force to completely destroy simulated A9's head after it regenerated, initiated Group Synchronization with enough power to neutralize or outright eradicate entire swarms of AS11 Angelspawn at once, kept the power of A10 and A11 in check while still managing to weaken both critically with Sonic Guillotines, stole a cripple kid's NERV ID to buy food with it leaving said cripple unable to enter his own house, jumped out of a window into a dumpster spraining his ankle, has the record for craziest, most unstable of the group and is the most likely to die to Encroachment. Sacrificed his life, became God, and saved the world.

Luis Medeira, Third Children and Pilot of EVA 02Edit

This is a placeholder
Unit 02


Luis is a rebellious kid with anger management issues, his amazing physical endurance and hotblooded attitude allowed him to survive the extremely harsh training camp he got sent to after being confirmed as a potential EVA pilot.

His lack of patience has landed him in many a bad spot, such as getting beaten by his first Operations Director, or being thrown into jail by the more down to earth second one.

His opposition to authority doesn't contribute to this, and it has gone so far as to the point that he assaulted a figure of superior rank, and got an electroshock discharge to the chest for his efforts.

Despite being obsessed with protecting everyone, he is usually the one to hurt them. After Alan's 'death' he got a bit better with people, and accepted his feelings for Sani.

  • Major Accomplishments: Endured the mental attack from A6 and the ego barrier breach by the unfinished EVA 04 without any external aid, was the MVP for the A8 encounter, completely destroyed the body of the simulated A9, somehow endured a boatload of assaults from A10, turned a cripple kid's wheelchair sideways after said kid started hostilities with Sani, dances like he's the reincarnation of John Travolta, has a girlfriend that will probably never try to kill him or anything.

Sani Loituma, Fourth Children and Pilot of EVA 03Edit

Unit 03

"To be honest, the entire class has acted insensitive, rude, violent and outright barbaric. Me included."

Sani is a smart girl, probably the only one of the original quartet with enough social graces to not make a fool of herself all the time unlike the others, this usually ends up with her standing aside as the chaos follows the others around, or trying to make things better and ending up making them worse.

Sani lacks proper combat training, and thus she resorts to what her Eva has proven to be pretty capable of doing, biting, pecking, scratching and otherwise fighting like a little girl... or a little girl with energy whips and an anglerfish maw, all of this is even stranger now that her Eva has some sort of system to mimic all of her movements, providing her an even higher synchronization ratio.

She is buff as hell despite her size, and has proven superiority to men of double her size in combat. Despite her strong and clever appearance, she is emotionally vulnerable and is constantly seeking approval, ending in a relationship with Luis that will comically end in endless tantrum spirals.

  • Major Accomplishments: Dealt enough damage to the simulated A3 and to A5 to enable others to destroy them, saved Grace Winfield in Eva 02 from going insane due to A7's mental assault, brutally ended A10, stole A11's Lance of Longinus causing a domino chain of events that ended in the four original pilots fleeing from NERV, started a fight with a cripple kid by slapping him for making terribly offensive jokes, leekspinned everyone during the Miss Avis Noah Singing Contest, pulled off some amazing twist dancing moves like she was Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction, she has attained apotheosis and gained immense power while piloting by allowing an Angel to empower her.

Morgan Nevril, Ninth Children and Pilot of EVA 05Edit

Morgan Nevril, the school's most talked about girl after her 'modeling for the Art Club' side gig.
Fuck that fang. Stupid vampire pilot.
Fuck this eva. Stupid eva.
Unit 05

"Howdy! Hola! And hello! And sorry I'm... Late."

An energetic, talkative girl that likes to laugh a lot, she was appointed by the UN rather than Marduk to provide assistance in the defeat of the Angels and has been given the very first of the Mass Production EVA Series for her use.

Despite being relatively new to Evangelion combat, Morgan is an extremely dangerous close combat specialist, with the capability to make use of her Eva's particular quirks as a finished product rather than a prototype.

For whatever reason, the poor girl seems to be always stuck in the middle between other people in a potential relationship, her happy-go-lucky personality, dependency on others to keep her focused, as well as her huge rack are all probable causes for this phenomenon.

She managed to defeat Luis in the finals of the school festival's Fencing Tournament, despite having a clear advantage in skill and knowledge of the rules, she won when he failed to play by the rules... earning her an empty victory.

Her divided loyalties are now evident to everyone, with her role in the completion of the Mass Produced Evangelions as well as her relationship with all of their pilots, specially their new leader, providing plenty of reason not to trust her.

  • Major Accomplishments: Utterly destroyed simulated A9's head pretty much by herself once while dodging it's attacks and neutralizing it, Inazuma Kicked more AS11 Angelspawn at once than most of the pilots ever got to look at, is an amazing cook and charmer the likes of which only Therese Newman could rival, and is one of the school's top sought after women which has ended up in her providing everyone with lots and lots of fanservice.

The Supporting CastEdit

Richard White, NERV 02 CommanderEdit

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Oh Garfield, you silly cat. What won't you do for lasagna?"

Jokingly referred to as Commander Colgate, Commander Santa Claus and Commander Niceguy, the head of Headquarters is a family man with a pleasant demeanor and an aversion to swearing.

He's been showering the pilots with gifts and uses every chance he has to show his support for them, going so far as to buy them a large apartment for themselves complete with furniture and electronic equipment.

How such a man got into this position is a mystery, but he was a part of the large staff shuffle that happened a few months ago.

He recently snapped at Luis, Sani and Therese much to their surprise and that of everyone who heard of the incident, this happened even after he volunteered to personally mediate in what was currently troubling them.

He tried to regain their trust by showing them what is possibly the most important secret of the ancient space fortress, the cyborgified Lilith used as a core at the bottommost level.

He's apparently gone against the wishes of the UN by ordering the pilots to destroy the, until then, missing Lance of Longinus. He got a Coup on the spot and was, apparently, imprisoned.

Dick Ranger, NERV 02 SubcommanderEdit

"IS THIS THING ON? Alright, listen up dumplings. This might be real battle but it ain't so different from training. Actually I'm lying. Be prepared to soil your plugsuits, children. Now, you there... where is my pizza?"

An angry military man with a no-nonsense attitude, not particularly liked by the pilots -or by anyone else either save the Commander-, he was recently displaced from his position by Therese Newman and has been promoted to Subcommander since then.

When asked as to the why, all the Commander had to say was that 'without him, none of us would be here', it is worthy of note that he obtained his original position as OD during the massive staff change.

He is also stingy with the pizza he eats during operations, even if no one has had a chance to eat anything for half a day. He likes to get the job done, and will not hesitate to drop an N2 on the pilots if that's what it takes.

Maximo Gallo, Head of Project EEdit

"LCL is el Sopa del Life, it es total safe."

The Local Chief Science Guy is a serious-looking Spanish man in his mid fifties with a long beard he loves to stroke, his English is absolutely terrible and the sheer amount of 'What the Christ' in every sentence of his has given some of the cast headaches more than once.

He programmed the combat simulator codenamed 'Super Evangelion Wars' and has been working exhaustively on the development of the Mass Production Eva Series.

He has recently proven to everyone that he was the total jackass Luis said he was, by shocking the kid with a taser not once or twice, but three times and laughing thereafter.

Much like the rest of the important staff, he's been put in this position in the last months, and it has been revealed recently he was there to ensure Richard did as told by the UN, the pilots did not take to his Coup d' Etat kindly and they all decided to flee after the fact, that he was trolling them with his 'accent' all along and considers them disposable pawns was just the cincher that made the pilots decide to flee after the fact.

Daniel Upton, Communications OfficerEdit

"Treasure your desire for knowledge, you may regret having so much to learn later."

This nerdy, skinny guy in glasses is the right hand man of Maximo as well as the one in charge of monitoring the status of the Evas constantly, he seems friendly enough if a bit awkward around people.

He is enthusiastic about his job and gets completely lost in it when important developments are afoot, his only way to bond with people is by talking about his job, which is a terrible idea and as such he tries not to indulge in it too much, although his frequent conversations with George would indicate he can't help himself.

Seems to have realized what kind of person the man he used to admire is, and has buried himself in his work to stop thinking about it with a rather (un)healthy side dose of rationalization, with much regret he now controls the systems of Avis Noah to open fire on the pilots, believing they 'will be okay'.

Emma Jameson, Communications OfficerEdit

"Another drill? *sigh* What a bore."

A laid back brunette tasked with keeping track of Angel activity and gossiping around HQ, she can keep her cool under pressure and that is what earned her a promotion during the defeat of Sachiel and Shamshel, when most other operators proved they were terrible at their jobs.

She is accepting and easy to be around, just don't try to get her to actually put some effort into anything or it will end in tears for everyone involved.

Seems to be playing the role of Big Sis for the support crew, since they are all oblivious to what should be evident that should be done or just plain bad at it.

May be the only Bridge Bunny willing to somehow oppose their new dictatorial leader.

Timothy Jameson, Bartender of NERV HQ CafeEdit

'Tim nods silently'

Emma's brother, Tim is a quiet fellow who makes for a very good listener and not much is known about him as a result, he does however get a bit more talkative and teasing with people he personally knows like his sister.

Grace Winfield, Fifth Children, Backup Pilot of EVA 02 and Default Pilot of EVA 06Edit

'Grace sighs and facepalms'

Grace is the tall and calm counterpart to her older sister Charisma, she has longer hair and pink emo bangs as well as several piercings.

She is more open to people than her sister, though having to babysit her constantly puts a damp on any sort of meaningful personal relationship she could try to have with anyone.

Grace is the only backup pilot to have seen actual combat, and almost goes completely insane in her first deployment against the extremely dangerous A7.

After much introspection caused by Alan's apparent death, she made a resolution to be honest with him and to accept her role as a pilot and fight alongside everyone.

Charisma Winfield, Sixth Children, Backup Pilot of EVA 03 and Default Pilot of EVA 07Edit

"So what are you, a terrorist child trained from birth? A clone of an ancient soldier? An enemy amongst humanity in human form?"

The short, fat, spoiled, genre savvy and ironically also the older sister of the Winfield Duo, she is almost impossible to get along with and is only liked in school because of her penchant for comedy.

Trained to specialize in AT Field manipulation, she is angry that Sani got "her" Evangelion and even angrier that Kenneth and Morgan got the newer "better" ones, seems satisfied with her production model though.

Kenneth Stark, Seventh Children, Original Pilot of EVA 04 and Default Pilot of EVA 10Edit

"Fuck you."

Ken had the best raw data of all pilots and so he got selected for EVA 04, this backfired horribly when the unit went crazy during the activation test and Ken lost the use of both his legs due to massive damage to his ego barrier.

Even before he had the 'cripple' card to play as a defense, Ken was a massive asshole that used the 'racism' card due to his African-American heritage, this went straight to hell when he made one too many abortion jokes, got slapped, threw a pie, then got his wheelchair turned over. Oh and someone stole his ID in the meantime, locking him out of his own house.

He recently returned after mysteriously getting his legs back and showed himself just to punch Luis in the face and then leave.

Ludger Hiver, Eighth Children, Pilot of EVA 11Edit

"<How fitting for us to meet again at Summer's End.>"

All information on Ludger is considered classified even to the prying eyes of Therese, all that is known about him is that he is German and it can be deducted from his relationship with Morgan that they share a similar origin.

Calm and collected yet also polite and friendly, his voice is soothing in contrast to his pale, albino features.

He has taken Morgan's place as Eva Series Team Leader.

Reynolds Lowe, Tenth Children and Pilot of EVA 08Edit

"I would love to have words with you, madame. Say have you ever thought of... modeling for prosthesis? I wouldn't mind knowing your name, by the way."

This young glasses-using model Aryan has received training as a Field Medic in the same camp George was in.

He might be a bit too enthusiastic about his job, which could have a correlation with George's phobia for people who cut into others' flesh and mess with their innards.

His advances on other female pilots are a very complex subject, his interest in the female anatomy is due to its inherent beauty and it's not like he is just a horny bastard, whistling at Morgan and telling Jakob loudly what he'd do to her aside.

Jakob Maus, Eleventh Children and Pilot of EVA 09Edit

"I know dude, we're just tools for these people's agendas... but thanks."

Jakob is, of the three selected Children from the same program, the one that looks the most like an actual soldier, being almost 6' and keeping his head shaved.

Specializing in, as he refers to it, 'making things go boom' he's a clear contrast to George in that regard, as the poor German Hero has been trying to unsuccessfully learn the art for months.

Perhaps too cynical for his age, being stuck with Rey as partner has made him develop a taste for quirky humor, though he lets his friend be the one to humor them both most of the time.

Lachlan March, Hulking Steakslab of a Class MateEdit

"Its more than likely that my personal history with Alan is something he doesn't know about. That said, that he doesn't care to find out only reminds me of why I find him so much of a PRICK"*Punches Luis*

Originally seeming to be a rather 1 dimensional figure, this solidly built student of the pilots' school may in fact have more motivation than is immediately apparent for his rabid and single-minded hatred of Alan. Proved to be at least capable of subterfuge, and further proved to actually be rather friendly to the other pilots, but this didn't stop Sani beating the crap out of him after the combination of his physical prowess and Luis' stubbornness almost led to catastrophic consequences during a friendly boxing match.

The AngelsEdit

Sachiel, the Third Angel or A3Edit

You see it: Birdlike skull and long, black arms, the creature is on top of you, strangling you with bony hands. It whispers "Return...Body...This One" in a calm, almost psychotic tone as its masked head tilts to the side like a clock hand. A faint glow is coming from inside hollow eyes, as if staring deep into your soul.

Sachiel, the Third Angel that was defeated months ago by mysterious means, is now somehow part of EVA 02 and attempted to wrestle control of the Evangelion from Luis Medeira's hands during the battle with A6. It is believed this was enabled by Zadkiel's abilities and that the Angel is otherwise forced to remain docile at all times.

Sachiel has awakened once again, and it wants the Lance for itself, yet seems unwilling to go too far in hurting Shamshel for it.

Shamshel, the Fourth Angel or A4Edit

Your mother is with you, you can feel her touch and warm embrace, her hair entangled with yours. She looks into your eyes "Everything is going to be okay..." she says.(...) Her arms become glowing tentacle whips, her hair on your head turns into insectoid legs, and her beautiful face is replaced with a fishlike one possessing reptilian features. She finishes off her sentence, in an echoing female voice that isn't your mother's "...I am here" she holds you tightly, hurting you through your plug suit.

Shamshel, the Fourth Angel similarly defeated before the start of the campaign has been used as a model for EVA 03, it attempted to free itself much like Sachiel did with help from Zadkiel.

After a conversation with Sani, Shamshel has agreed to lend her its power as part of a mutual pact.

Gabriel, the Fifth Angel or A5Edit

The Angel looks like a pale white deformed humanoid, with a slender, almost skeletal, body too small for its unnaturally long arms with clawed hands and legs that end in webbed feet, it has multiple round black eyes and its head is bisected vertically. It walks hunched, dragging its large claws on the road below. (...) Leaping like a frog towards Luis, in mid air it -opens- its head, revealing several rows of teeth inside.

Nicknamed "Clown" by Maximo, Gabriel possessed tremendous physical strength as well as strange magnetic field controlling powers. Gabriel had its core hidden inside the head, which it revealed briefly to deflect incoming projectiles or to create a singularity that sucked up everything in a nearby area.

After a long and grueling fight in which EVA 03 lost its leg, a lucky shot from George and Alan dealt enough damage to make the core, and the rest of the Angel, explode.

Zadkiel, the Sixth Angel or A6Edit

You see a black humanoid, featuring a core in plain sight in its abdomen. It has a large, round head with a single closed eye resting on top of its lithe body, sprouting long hair-like tentacles from the back. It lacks hands and feet, instead having claws that resemble beaks. The creature slowly hovers over the ground, towards Nerv 02.

Nicknamed "Rhasta" by Maximo, Zadkiel demonstrated an array of skills capable of assaulting both Evangelions and Pilots at once. It could shoot powerful blasts of energy from both its single eye and claws, but the real danger was in how it disrupted the pilot's control of their Evas. For some, this was mere synchronization disruption, but for Evangelion units 02 and 03 it meant having to face the Angels lying inside of their Evangelions.

Fortunately, they overcame this and destroyed the core... though perhaps they went a bit overboard, seeing how the Angel ended up exploding in the middle of the base.

That was not the last of Zadkiel, however, it infected the minds of the pilots and continued to exist in their unconscious forcing them to endure a group nightmare until they were successfully decontaminated.

Raphael, the Seventh Angel or A7Edit

The available footage shows for a few seconds a red creature not entirely unlike a fish with a single eye in the center of the body in orbit over the Earth. The creature threw a chunk of -itself-, shedding off skin like a snake, at the photographing satellite before the signal was lost.

The Seventh Angel was nicknamed "Bait" by Maximo, it existed within a Sea of Dirac and was capable of extremely quick regeneration. It attacked from orbit, sending bombs capable of leveling cities at quickening intervals as it kept regenerating the lost mass. Worse, anybody within the Dirac Sea would experience hallucinations while feeling that someone else was trying to open their heads and get inside, causing severe mental damage as their worst fears and traumas came to the forefront.

Raphael was destroyed by detonating an N2 Mine inside of it, even in death its explosion caused seven rings of multiple colors to expand and further mentally assault anybody within range.

It is believed Raphael was luring the Evangelions away from Avis Noah to allow Sandalphon a clear way into the fortress.

Sandalphon, the Eighth Angel or A8Edit

Once the blast begins to clear up, you see in the middle of a crater a creature with a scaly, snakelike body, spiky knobs along its sides, and a toothy, round mouth surrounded by tentacles. An orange, bubble-like barrier surrounding it, that quickly fades away... the unharmed creature keeps advancing.(...) The Angel is large enough for it to swallow you whole if it tried to do so, its teeth open and close in a menacing fashion as it approaches you.(...) It opens its mouth one more time, revealing a shimmering red organ inside, before releasing a torrent of molten rock in your direction.

Sandalphon attacked while most of the Evangelions were in space, and the available units had to stall for time while the reinforcements from space arrived. For a sneak attacker Sandalphon did not pull any punches either, melting away armor in its way and heating the LCL enough for it to cause burns to the pilot even if the plug wasn't breached.

It was nicknamed "Switch" by Maximo, due to how it combined its attack with Raphael. It was killed by Grace in EVA 02, however the one that did most of the damage (as well as surviving its deadly assaults) was Luis in the extremely dangerous EVA 04.

Omniel, the Ninth Angel or A9Edit

The massive multicolored floating sphere that was their enemy divided itself into five gooey blots that dropped into the verdant forest below, each forming a twisted and deformed imitation of one particular Evangelion, the colors are the same but the units look visibly organic, smoother and more round than their mechanical counterparts.

Dividing itself into multiple imitations of the Evangelions that later attempted to absorb the pilots, A9 was a puzzle for everyone since it was theorized that the Angel to be fought after Sandalphon was Zeruel.

A powerful enemy, "Playdoh" as and it was dubbed, was the first Angel to successfully defeat an Evangelion, and in fact defeated two of them. Not only that, but it also killed one Pilot successfully.

Zeruel, the Tenth Angel or A10Edit

An image pops from one monitor, you see a humanoid walking on white legs with orange spots all over its body, the upper half completely wrapped in things that look like bandages... there is also a "skull" that you can recognize as the face of the simulated Angel you fought not too long ago, but on a whole different body(...)The mummified... thing, begins to unravel, and it becomes obvious that the material around the beast's torso were in fact the paper thin arms of the theoretical A9 you fought in its simulated version not too long ago. Something tells you that this fight is going to be quite different... starting by how it has six foil arms instead of just two.

Named "Band-Aid" by Maximo, Zeruel did show up after all, but vastly different from what the Dead Sea Scrolls stipulated in both time and shape.

The original barely managed to put up a fight against the experienced Evangelion pilots, the True Zeruel fared better, however the sheer number of Evangelions attacking it managed to take it down after a very long struggle in which EVA 03 Berserked under the pilot's control, it underwent 'Apotheosis'.

Ithuriel, the Eleventh Angel or A11Edit

The monitor shows a cylindrical purple creature of impressive magnitude, with a multitude of triangular eyes above the Japanese Geofront... an uncountable number of green insect-like creatures surrounding it(...) The dark oval splits open from a crack in the center, bathing the sky a bubbly rainbow array of lights. Like an extending fan, the pillar of light opens up to cover the surface level as well, dazing all witnesses. From within the dissolving halves emerges a white humanoid seemingly made of brimming light, its shape very similar to that of an Eva with their distinctive shoulder 'wings' but possessing a black orb in its chest. In its right hand is a long, red bident that twirls on itself, your enemy's new form drops to the bottom of the crater in the ice softly.

Originally a gigantic, Geofront-sized, foe Ithuriel swarmed several NERV installations with its Sub-Angels at once. After somehow acquiring the location of the Lance, it went off to look for it over at the South Pole, hiding in a Dirac Sea for its safety while using its hundreds of AS11 Sub-Angels for offense. Worse, after finding the Lance the Dirac Sea started to expand, turning all mass unprotected by an A.T. Field that came into contact with it into energy, putting everyone into time limit.

Its Sub-Angels, or Angelspawn, as a group could express their own A.T. Field and spread an electromagnetic pulse with it that jammed all communications nearby, effectively isolating their targets from each other.

Operation Dig Dug was thought up to disrupt the Angel's growth and force it outside, to do this George spread an Anti-A.T. Field and went straight for the nexus of the Singularity Egg holding the Dirac Sea in place. After this, Ithuriel -also nicknamed "Kinder"- emerged in his reborn form with the mythical Lance of Longinus in its grasp.

Radiating an immense, overwhelming pressure that threatened to make the pilots ego barriers collapse, it possessed disturbing and powerful abilities. With support from Command cut off due to jamming, it took every trick up the Pilot's sleeves to defeat it.

List of Season 1 EpisodesEdit

Episode 00: PilotsEdit

The first four Children are finally gathered, and the first thing Command does is toss them into the simulator to fight A3, or Sachiel. Despite the simulator being set to 'Easy', it still took them a great deal of effort to finally kill it, earning a B- rank.

Episode 01: The Steel ArkEdit

The pilots get a chance to finally meet the Man In Charge as well as some of the other staff, as well as some of the classmates, pilots like them, they will spend time with for the rest of the school year. In the middle of it all, the Fifth Angel arrives.

Episode 02: Detestable VisitorEdit

Gabriel is ambushed by the UN and forced to regenerate for a few hours, during this break the four Evas are transported to the battlefield and they engage the Angel overcoming their fears. George shows to the world his first display of burning spirit when footage is leaked.

Episode 03: A Moment When Tension BreaksEdit

Dick Ranger proves his name befits him when it is his turn to debrief the pilots, proving he is worse in temper than even Luis, the Commander pays them a visit to give them free pizza and they all get to see the leaked footage in TV. Despite this, classes continue...

Episode 04: Love is a Battlefield IEdit

As the relationships between pilots develop, their efforts to go unnoticed fail spectacularly. Some are loved, some are hated, but they all become known. Phys Ed proves to be a fun experience despite the lack of physical training most of them had, and their teachers are awesome.

Episode 05: Love is a Battlefield IIEdit

Zadkiel attacked during Valentine's Day and was defeated after it attempted to release the Angels bound within the Evangelions, after its defeat, strange creatures plot from the shadows outside of the Earth Sphere...

Episode 06: AcperienceEdit

The pilots are trapped in a strange dreamscape version of the Avis Noah they've been living in, desolated and whose only population seems to be even stranger, hostile creatures with A.T Fields. The pilots survive against the multiple foes this place presents them, as the people at the base strive to get them to wake up.

Episode 07: OnstageEdit

After their recovery the pilots finally get to meet the Seventh Child as well as their new Operations Director, Therese Newman. In the middle of all this a movie about the Evangelions is being made, and Luis starts to get on Newman's bad side... enough to have to sit out for the rest of the next battle, against an orbital enemy.

Episode 08: Grace Winfield Dies in SpaceEdit

In a plan that only two of the four Devas approved, most of the Evangelion units were sent to space to neutralize and detonate a N2 Mine at point blank range in Raphael's face, and Grace Winfield is to be in EVA 02 as Luis' backup. Things take a turn for the worse when it turns out there was another Angel on the surface waiting for them to leave the base defenseless, Alan in EVA 00 and Luis in EVA 04 have to hold off Sandalphon on their own until the cavalry arrives.

List of Season 2 EpisodesEdit

Episode 09: Morgan StrikesEdit

Morgan is the new pilot in town and she has arrived just in time for the Founding Anniversary of Avis Noah NERV Military School, with a wicked Festival full of contests to participate in. Furthermore, the pilots were already inscribed to take part in the Dancing Event!

Episode 10: All of You, Dance Like You Want To Win!Edit

The festival is full of fun and games for everyone involved, from fencing duels to cooking competitions to the much awaited Miss Avis Noah Contest! Not everyone is okay with the way things developed in the various contests, but it all works out in the end, and the pilots pass with flying colors!

Episode 11: Spending Time in PreparationEdit

With exams over, the pilots are to have one last trial before their next real fight, to try and disable what Deva predicts A9, or Zeruel, will be and to recover the Angel's Core as intact as possible to further study it. It offered little resistance as the task was easy, perhaps too easy, but it would soon be known that the pilots' worst enemies are themselves...

Episode 12: Cosplay of the Soul IEdit

After the events of last Friday, the Commander has an exercise for the pilots, working on the same crazy rationale that had them practice dancing only more extreme. The pilots are to act and dress like each other for an entire day, to further cause problems, A9 chose that very day to attack and the Commander orders the exercise to go on... even worse is that A9 wasn't what they were expecting at all, but a completely different looking Angel.

Episode 13: Cosplay of the Soul IIEdit

With everything stacked against them, it is no surprise the battle isn't easy. The battles takes an unexpected turn when the Angel attempts to absorb one of the Eva pilots and fails with unexpected consequences for its physical stability. The opening to attack the Core is wasted, causing Alan's death. Furthermore, a strange creature was found lurking in the vicinity, not a full blown Angel, but similar. The creature in question was captured to be researched at HQ.

Episode 14: The Show Must (Not) Go On IEdit

News of Alan being alive have everyone rejoicing, though some express it in strange manners. A good number of NERV Avis Noah personnel is taken to the main HQ at Boston to lend their help in the project that will define the UN's next generation weapon, and Morgan is there to help train the pilots of the Eva Series. Richard takes this chance to show the remaining pilots what secrets lie inside the fortress they call home. Meanwhile, the captured unknown from before dies in isolation.

Episode 15: The Show Must (Not) Go On IIEdit

Luis treats the group to lunch for George's birthday, and the Second Children receives a call from Morgan over at Boston, along with two of his friends from camp who are now pilots as well. They finally get to see the boring "Rebirth of the True Gods: Evangelion" movie which was far more disappointing than expected, however their moment of peace was interrupted by an Angel attack.

Episode 16: Herald of OblivionEdit

The True Zeruel arrives during a stormy night, and this time he has help from multiples of the creature found before, capable of forming a powerful A.T. Field as a group. After defeating their enemy, the Pilots learn that worldwide NERV bases have been attacked and most destroyed in a global attack from these swarms of smaller Angels and is currently looking for the Lance of Longinus.

Episode 17: Heaven's Gate IEdit

What is left of NERV and the UN now must gather forces for a massive Alpha strike to A11 and its armies before its expanding Dirac Sea engulfs the entire planet. The pilots use this chance to solve some of their unfinished business, couples are formed, new and old rivals make their presence known, and the conspiracies grow.

Episode 18: Heaven's Gate IIEdit

The enemy was first to strike, an unending horde of Angelspawn remained undetected until it was too late to stop them from breaking into Avis Noah and NERV's hand was forced into action, after splitting their forces a part of the pilots had to be sent in an emergency Dirac Jaunt to enact a suicidal plan that would stop Third Impact. And yet, their success in recovering the Lance would signify the beginning of another conflict, as they would go against orders and remain undivided as for what to do with it.

End of Avis Noah EpisodesEdit

Episode 19: Festival of FoolsEdit

The four original pilots make their choice on where they stand, they strengthen their resolves and prepare for their final battles. But they come much faster than they thought, and during a secret meeting with Morgan, Helel reveals himself. The fortress of Avis Noah under his grasp and all of the other Evangelions set to do battle against them.

Episode 20: Banquet of DespairEdit

EVA 04, with the Soul of Lilith and piloted by Adam. The EVA Series, self-repairing and self-learning instruments for the ultimate God-Machine. The Children, an abandoned project. The Mad God that is an insane A.I. possessing the bodies of two dead Gods. The dormant Progenitor of Humanity, her powers sealed. The Cycle of Death and Rebirth that it is trying to stop by all means necessary. And the initiated Third Impact.

Episode 21: Neon GenesisEdit

Morgan, standing in empty darkness. "Cheese. That's new."

A very "elegant" Sani, looking back as she walks out of a room "Fine. Have fun...but remember. You have to go through with this. Can't delay the choice anymore!"

Knocking on an already open door, Lachlan is behind in a three piece that barely fits his muscly self, smiling. He offers a plate with sliced cheese "How would the ladies and gentlemen like some sliced cheese?"

A mysterious voice from... somewhere, The Word of Truth, "Go away Lachlan."

A figure of someone they knew in passing now stands before the group. A younger, happier double of one Therese Newman. A seemingly angelic smile perched on her lips, the woman warmly welcomes the pilots in an endless garden of green, it is The Word of Lies.

Alan, inside his Evangelion, thinking "Being a god is worth nothing if you are alone."

Lilith, unmasked, talking to no one in particular "Whether it be the end of the cycles of this reality or something else, it is too late to restore that which has been. If you wish to continue this world, you will have to become god, regardless of your wishes."

Inside EVA 02, reality itself collapsing around Luis "George....I'm glad I knew you. I wish we could have been friends for longer.", the comms turn off again, cutting off what is a choked sob.

George Wagner opens his eyes "Ah, you're Lilith then. Hello to you too I guess."