Campaign:A Divided Center




  1. exalted-DC


The great Scavenger Lands! The Melting Pot of the East. The Realm's declining power has left the entire East with a lot more freedom. What will the movers and shakers of that area do with it?


Friday 3:45 EST!

Exalt typesEdit

Mixed! Try not to make an Exalt who won't play well with other 'normal' Exalted (Solars, Lunars, Siderals, Terrestrials)

Who's In?Edit

House RulesEdit

  • Terrestrials gain 1 extra XP per 5 XP gained by Solars, and Celestials gain 1 extra XP per 10 gained by Solars.
  • Unlimited Combos
  • Limit: For the duration of your limit break, you gain infinite channels of your Flawed Virtue. Every willpower spent on UMI is a dice rolled for limit, no matter how much has been gained in scene.
  • Useful Overpowering
  • Useful Stamina: Your stamina now grants extra health levels. Stamina 1 grants an Incap Health Level, 2 grants a -4 Health Level, 3 grants a -2 Health Level, 4 grants a -1 Health Level, and 5 grants a -0 Health Level. All levels also grant the ones below them.
  • Training Times: Good idea for fluff reasons. Horrible for actual play. Infinite training time between sessions.
  • Other suggestions?