Call of Warhammer

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A pretty cool mod for Medieval 2 Total War. Basically puts a portion of the the warhammer world into the total war engine and the campaign follows the basic premise of Storm of Chaos. Most units are represented including Regiments of renown. Like in actual warhammer the magic can be pretty op, but mages are extremely rare in the game with about a 1% chance of getting a unit of them AKA YOU have a 1% chance of getting them, while the AI just spawns them.

Not all the factions are in here yet but most are including Kislev and Chaos Dwarves so we do get bear cavalry. Missing factions as of right now are Skaven, Wood Elves, Bretonnia (there are a couple of merc Bretonnia units available), Ogre Kingdoms (Again a couple of mercs available), and Lizard men. Beastmen are present but not playable at the moment. The 1.6 Beta update added the Skaven, Tomb Kings, and Norsca as factions (Norsca is still WIP).

The mod itself is in russian but there's a patch for english voices and menus. There is a nice easy to install english version provided by an awesome TW forum user, here [1].

Recently replaced by a much better submod called "Beginning of the End Times", which adds all of the missing factions as well as expanding the map to the New World.

Link to the basic info and where to download it[2] (Warning this mod is extremely large and even the torrent could take you awhile)