Caladius Grav-Tank

A tank so pimped out, it gives the AdMech penis envy.

"The Caladius pattern grav-tank was often deployed in situations requiring the heaviest of weapons the Legio Custodes could bring to bear. Well-protected and highly manoeuvrable, it was perhaps the most powerful battleline armoured unit of its size in the Imperium's forces, utilising technologies and systems derived not only from the Dark Age of Technology, but from the developments made as a result of the Great Crusade's two centuries of warfare."

– Forge World

When the Emperor created the Custodian Guard he intended that they would get literally the very best weaponry that the Imperium had to offer, weaponry that would make even the Space Marines look as well-equipped as the Orks. Enter the Caladius Grav-Tank, an Imperial Hover-Tank for the Emperor's personal pimp-buddies.

Looking like a cross between a Sicaran, a Podracer, and a Tau Tank, the Caladius gives the Custodes fast armoured support that is leagues ahead of any other tank in the Imperial arsenal. Its Illastus accelerator cannons and Lastrum bolt cannons fire "heliothermic" shells that can devastate infantry and vehicles with equal vigour, while armour stronger than that of a Predator and a Flare Shield keeps it from harm.

The name Caladius may or may not be a reference to the caladrius, a legendary bird from Roman mythology used by kings to identify and cure disease.

Caladius Grav-Tank AnnihilatorEdit

Those two cannons are going straight through your rear armor.

There is a wise saying which explains that the only reasonable and hopeful way in dealing with Emperor's finest is through the art of overwhelming firepower and a godly amount of Artillery and anti-tank barrage to level the playing field. Truly, artillery, deathstars and heavy vehicles with dedicated anti-armor was a 'must have' in regards to fending off the Golden Bananas. Forgeworld looked into this 'problem', laughed with their cash-eating grin and proceed to give us a vehicle that will negate one of the few weaknesses of the Custodes. They gave us, the Caladius Grav-Tank Annihilator. Be afraid, be very afraid.

This vehicle is when you really want to turn enemy armor into molten Cheese. Subtlety? Fuck that noise cause the Caladius Annihilator is gonna ream it dry. Like how the regular Caladius is a MBT grown way too ridiculous for even Space Marine usage and how the Coronus Grav Carrier is a Land Raider on steroids. The Caladius Annihilator is a dedicated tank hunter that never skipped leg day. As its name implies and like the Predator Tank, the Caladius Annihilator got its name from its twin-linked, suped-up enhanced capacitor-fed Arachnus blaze cannon on overdrive, PCP and Meth.

Caladius Annihilators are used when even the most hardy of Custodian equipment may prove too hot to handle. It is placed to counteract against the enemies of men who are smart enough to enlist an entire army of anti-armor and heavy vehicles to effectively combat the unyielding wrecking balls of the Emperor's finest. They are used when you really want to take names and shit down the enemy's necks in a barrage of unholy Lascannon fire. Because fuck them that's why!

+++Warning, actually putting a Caladius Annihilator to deal with the few handful of units that can fend off a Custodian strike team and not make it into a obscene crime scene, WILL end with ruined friendships and a fist to the face. You have been warned!+++

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