Burning Blades

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Burning Blades
Ceremonial Burning Blades Badge.png
Battle Cry "Burn, for the flames of wrath shall fall upon you!"
Number Presumably II
Founding First Founding
Successors of N/A
Successor Chapters None
Chapter Master Aramis
Primarch Blaze
Homeworld Riuula
Strength Slightly over 1000 (1 Veteran Company, 8 Battle Companies and a Scout Company
Specialty Setting dual swords on fire and charging things
Allegiance Imperium of Man
Colours Bright Silver, Cyan trims and gold decorations

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The Burning Blades is the result when a fa/tg/uy decides to create his own custom Space Marine Chapter, that has a Primarch, without realising that people look down on it. Essentially, they're Space Marines that love fire, swords, charging things, and are prepared to sacrifice themselves and face impossible odds to ensure victory. Their Primarch, known only as 'Blaze' was brought up on a death world, the northern hemisphere was a tropical jungle, and the southern hemisphere was a barren desert.


The ChapterEdit

The Burning Blades have no original recorded home world, and instead, currently have a fortress-monastery on the tropical death-world Riuula. Riuula is slightly comparable to Catachan, minus the massive man-eating flora, instead having a larger, and slightly less aggressive, population of animals. Most of the people on the world have learned to live along-side the animals, and there is relatively few signs of war, conflict and rebellion on the planet. Every couple of years or so, unfortunately, the Orks, seeing the planet as an opportunistic planet to strip for resources, launch raids on the planet, only to be mostly over-run by the warrior-people. The Burning Blades themselves do not have much pride in being a Space Marine, rather seeing their position as one of a sacrifice for the betterment of the galaxy. Since after their arrival, the Astartes have been teaching the local population about honour and sword fighting, and this has lead to almost every battle-brother in the Chapter able to wield a sword, at least, and the more skilled ones use two swords. The planet is often subjected to terrible rain-storms, and the vast seas in the planet can also cause tsunamis, some of which have swept away entire villages. As such, the Burning Blades are reputed as being quick-thinking, and daring in their attempts to succeed. Mostly adopting the idea of 'act first, ask questions later' has lead to some brothers being quite rash and reckless in their decisions. They are also known for their innate love of fire and heat, and deep, intense hatred of the cold. While their love of fire is nowhere near as fanatical as that of the Salamanders, they can still take large amounts of heat-based punishments. Their hatred for the cold, and ice, however, has seen the Chapter falter in battle many times, as their devotion to their task of protecting the common people, and never backing down or surrendering, is stronger than their hate of the cold. During their free time, the Burning Blades like to enjoy a wide variety of activities, including, but not limited to: -Painting artworks that praise the Emperor, sometimes depicting a victory over heretics and xenos -Forging masterwork swords -Practicing at the sparring rooms of firing range -Spending time with their fellow battle brothers at the hot saunas -Neatly and intricately decorating their armour and weapons They are quite obsessed with their armour and weapons, and as such, decorate the weapon, sing litanies of praise both to the Omnissiah and the Emprah, and they possess very many relics and suits of artificer armour as a result. In fact, most of the Veterans have earned the nick-name of 'Shinies' amongst fresh neophytes, for their armour gleams from so many decorations.

The Burning BladesEdit

The Burning Blades, however troubled their history may have been, have been known for their acts of extreme heroism, never backing down from impossible odds. Originally cast aside by the High Lords of Terra, they were eventually re-sanctified, in the utmost secrecy. To other Chapters, the Burning Blades are just another Chapter. Created during the First Founding, the Burning Blades operated in isolation from other Chapters. Even though they were isolated, and were running at under-optimal strength, their conquests were in no way inferior to those from other Legions. They had a very unique genetic quirk, either taking extreme joy in blasting the enemy with heavy weaponry, assailing them with bullets from their holy Bolter, or close combat weaponry. There is no middle, and their skills in close combat are exemplary. Once reunited with their Primarch, only known by the codename ‘Blaze’ the fires of spirits within the Astartes burned ever brighter. Taught in the ways of an ancient combat style taught to ‘Blaze’ on his homeworld, the close combat prowess of the Burning Blades increased two-fold.

‘Blaze’ was a resolute person, unyielding in his tasks, his spiritual and physical resilience inspiring the Battle-Brothers. His return sparked a new era for the Astartes. As ‘Blaze’ brought with him the cultures taught to him on his homeworld, the Burning Blades became ever more aggressive in their battles, and the fighting style that ‘Blaze’ brought with him was taught to all Sergeants and Veterans. It specialised in dual-wielding, with special fighting techniques that further enhanced the deadliness of a duel-wielding Burning Blade.

Unfortunately, before the Horus Heresy, another legion, their name lost, betrayed and attacked the Burning Blades. Pledging themselves to Khorne, the Traitors, known only as the Bloodied Shards, were the product of hubris. Believing themselves to be far superior to other Space Marines, they refused to bow down the Emperor, instead raising banners and acting rituals to please their dark god. The Burning Blades quickly responded, dispatching vast strike forces in an attempt to stop the Traitors. After massive, horrifying battles, the Traitors were forced to flee, but at a dear cost to the Burning Blades. It is unknown exactly what happened on the fateful battle at Aevis, but of the 15000 Astartes sent to the battle, less than 2000 boarded the flagship, Undying Flame, and their beloved Primarch was no where to be seen. Strangely, many weapons, Evaryn, and the shards of Xenosious, were recovered over many years after the battle.

Fractured LegionEdit

Records indicate that after they received the message to retreat from the battle, the survivors fell back to their flagship, Undying Flame. The Traitors, realising that their prey would escape from their dark grip, initially bombarded the planet’s surface, not caring whether or not their own brothers were slain. When the Burning Blades boarded their ship, they opened fire with all of their guns, severely damaging it. They were unable to find a stable path through the Warp, and in a bid to escape, attempted to do a Warp jump regardless of where it would take them. This would prove a dreadful choice for them. Tired, wounded, undermanned, and with over half their ammunition depleted, they were horrified to find themselves trapped within the Warp. For half a century, the remaining Astartes had to fight for their lives, constantly fighting off daemons. They suffered horrific casualties at the hands of the servants of the Dark Gods. They removed their old iconography, and replaced it with the fire tear. It was said that while the Blaze watched his sons get slaughtered, he shed a single, flaming tear, and told his sons with him, that should they mourn the death of their comrades, that they show it by painting the fire tear over their old Chapter symbol. The only members that were permitted to keep the old icon was his Heaven Guard, of which only 3 would survive the trials to come. Time is not a concrete concept in the Warp, and with their communication systems offline, they were unable to receive news about the Siege of Terra, or the Horus Heresy at large. Due to this, they also fought battles against the other Traitor Legions. Once they returned to real-space, the survivors numbered under 800. They returned shortly after the Second Founding, and although the High Lords were suspicious of their origins, they were allowed to be secretly re-sanctified. Their founding was recorded as Second Founding, and their parent Chapter was the Ultramarines. Compiler Atreax notes that 23 Ultramarines Successor Chapters, they most were failed to be named. This discrepancy allowed the broken legion to reform, and pass as just another Chapter, unseen, and untroubled by outsiders. The Chapter would wait nearly half a century before it was able to engage in company-strength battles. Many engagements within the warp would also help the Burning Blades in their initial battles. While in the warp, they would attempt to make planet fall, then start to tend to their broken ship, while attempting to repair any of their equipment, and trying to gain a psychic connection with Terra. The planet fall strike would be comprised of mass drop-pod landings, accompanied by jump pack equipped battle-brothers. Once down, they would be confined to attempting to hold the area, rather than go on offensive attacks on the opposition. It would not be long before the foreign activity would draw the attention of daemons, and many attacks were launched against the Astartes. Many losses ensued, and they would retreat, leave the planet, and attempt to keep searching. Failure after failure at attempting to contact Terra led the Burning Blades, seeing their destruction as inevitable, to launch a crusade on every daemon world they came across. Only the purest of heart were chosen for this heart, even after extensive examination by the Chaplain and a Librarian, every Astartes were to be constantly examined for any Chaotic taint, before and after the engagement. Whether it was by sheer willpower on their behalf, or the Will of the Emperor, no Astartes was ever found to have a Chaotic taint, which was praised as a miracle.

Troubled PastEdit

Once the Astartes returned to real-space, they were eventually hit with the realisation that with their Primarch lost, their numbers depleted, failure to find new recruits and train them in the cultures of the Chapter would spell doom for them. Fortunately, for being extended combat for so long, they had a vast number of Veterans, and extremely experienced Captains. New recruits were to be trained by the best the Chapter could provide. However, most of their equipment was worn and damaged, and their ammunition storage were all but depleted, due to their extended period crusading in the Warp. For quite some time, bolt ammunition was rationed scarcely, and bladed weapons became ever more common. Techmarines became an increasingly rare sight in battle, as nearly all the Techmarines were pre-occupied attempting to repair all the broken equipment. Damaged tanks would have to wait periods of time before being serviced, and properly manned and maintained vehicles became rarer. To counter-act this, they would send larger numbers of aspirants to train with the Mechanicus, which had a strain on their battle capacity. After a full century, all the equipment in the Chapter was at combat-ready standards, and the companies were receiving a steady influx of battle-ready Astartes. This was not to say, however, that they were proud of their situation. They had failed to see the signs of corruption in their fellow Legion, had failed to warn the Imperium about the possibility of Astartes being corrupted, and one of the biggest blows, lost their Primarch. Eventually, all the brothers in the Chapter had removed their old icon, and replaced it with the fire tear, to show their mourning. What hurt them even more was to see all the corrupted Astartes during their time in the Warp. They knew of the other Legions, even though they did not of them, and to see their old iconography defaced and defiled, replaced with sick symbols of Chaos, further strengthened their hatred of the Ruinous Powers. Librarians would wake with horrible hallucinations of the Siege of Terra, even though they were not present, the psychic signal would still reverberate within the psychic world.


The gene-seed of the Burning Blades is quite unique. Most of the gene-seed has no effect on their physical appearance whatsoever, their skin already dark and tanned from extended exposure to the tropical sun, and further exposure to heat and flame. In fact, they actually suffer from a gene-seed defect, as they are smaller, and weaker, than other Astartes. What they lack in size and strength, however, they make up for with incredible will-power, and it is said that not a single Burning Blades Astartes has ever fallen to the Ruinous Powers. They are also extremely stubborn, to the point where some would dis-regard orders from superiors, and refer to the order as a 'guideline.' I.e Vanguard Veteran Squad is lurking in the ruins of a building. Command tells them to not engage the Chaos Vindicator quickly approaching. As a work-around, they plant charged in the building they are in, detonate it, and causing the building to crumple on top of the forsaken vehicle.

They also possess some psychic strength, and every Astartes is able to throw a small fireball with slightly less strength than a bolt pistol. As this presence is not strong enough to attract daemons, they do not have as hard a rigorous training process as Librarians. The light training process often means that he will not have enough skill to throw sustained bursts, tiring the Astartes very quickly. To counter-act this, they found that gold, when placed straight over the body gloves at the hands, allows him to shoot small bursts.

Differences Between Codex-Adherent ChaptersEdit

Staff Titles Chapter Master -called a 'Grand Prometheal'

Librarians -Called Flameweavers, except this is done exclusively within the Chapter, as to not raise suspicion amongst other Chapters. They earned the title for their exceptional mastery in the Pyromancy discipline, often weaving the psychic fire into beautiful shapes.

Vanguard Veterans -Nicknamed 'Fire Dancers' after First Captain Ulmann's finesse in jump-pack assaults during and before the Battle of Aevis. He was renowned, and praised by Blaze, for his proficiency in combat tactics, and the sword-fighting skills he taught his pupils was just as impressive. After his death, the Chapter continues to teach the Vanguard Veterans his combat style. Those squads that have trained extensively in these arts have a special sign painted onto their armour- 'The Mark of the Fire Dancers'

Honour Guard -The Burning Blades call their honour guard the 'Heaven Guard' who use wrist-mounted boltguns, which are nearly identical in design to that from the Blood Angels. They always employ the usage of jump packs, and wield master-crafted relic blades, known as Empyreal Swords. The swords are created from an alloy similar to that of Evaryn, and it uses a similar mechanic that allows the blade to ignite with ethereal flame

Organisation 1st Company -The 1st Company of the Burning Blades has 100 Battle Brothers, in addition to the command squad, company Chaplain and Captain Kieran. Due to their abstinence from extensive usage of Terminator Armour, the company is able to maintain 100 suits of Terminator Armour, some of which have never seen combat.

Battle Companies -Battle Companies of the Burning Blades maintain 5 Tactical Squads, 3 Assault Squads and 2 Devastator Squads. Devastator Squads in the Chapter are permitted to carry up to 9 Heavy Weapons

Reserve Companies -The Burning Blades only maintain 3 reserve companies, the 5th, 8th and 9th companies

Scout Company -The scouts in the 10th Company are split almost evenly in half. Instead of the usual 10 squads, there are two divisions, the sniper division, and the assault division, and the company is controlled by 2 captains, instead of one. The sniper division is lead by Captain Samuke, unparalleled sniper, and celebrated for his tactical brilliance. The assault division of the Chapter specialises in anything from holding objectives, to leading daring raids and attacks against enemy forces. They are lead by Captain Tobyi, renowned for his bravery and ability to traverse all terrain.

Training Aspirants- Possible Burning Blades aspirants are given a single task; to go out, into the jungles of Riuula, slay one of the many large beasts wondering the jungle, and take it to a shrine at the top of one of the mountains. Given nothing except for two daggers, and enough rations to last a week, it is a very gruelling task. Some very promising aspirants have entered the shrine, wearing cloaks made from the skins of fallen prey. These are early sign that the Aspirants will be very successful.

Neophytes- taken into the fortress-monastery, the aspirants are given their first implants. Once they begin to develop, they are inducted into the scout company, after extensive consultations with the Chaplains and Librarians, both to delve into their minds, searching for possible corruptions or otherwise, and to ensure that they will be successful Marines. Once they are inducted into the scout company, they are given training in the weapons of the Space Marines, then they are let loose onto the wild once more. This time, they will be carrying some Space Marines weapons with them, and organised into makeshift squads, to test their weapon, leadership and battlefield skills. During this time, their preferred form of combat becomes more prevalent. Ones that are more reclusive, and more rational (by Burning Blades standards) are often inducted into the sniper division, and those that are brave, courageous and quick-thinking are inducted into the assault division. Usage of sniper rifles are often frowned upon by the more assault-orientated brothers, believing that true honour is earned in face-to-face combat. However, the wise commander will never eschew the usage of the powerful weapons

Full Battle Brothers- once the Neophyte has waged war as a scout, they are then examined and tested again by Chaplains and Librarians. Once deemed clear, they are blessed with their power armour, and inducted into a Tactical Squad in one of the reserve companies. More signs of development will show, as some will often be charging head-on into melee, while others are more cautious of such actions. The assault-orientated brothers will be then inducted into an assault squad, and the other, more disciplined Astartes will stay in the Tactical Squads. Some battle brothers show high preference for heavy weapons, and will be inducted into a Devastator Squad. Keeping the same Marines in the same squads as they were while training as Neophytes is prioritised, to increase the bonds of brotherhood and fighting through battle together.

"Devastator Squad-" the more destructive brothers will often be inducted into a Devastator Squad after serving in a Tactical squad. Minus the Sergeant, each of the 9 Marines in the squad are able to carry heavy weapons. Side effect of all the battle in the Warp was that heavy weaponry saw less use, as the broken legion had simply lost the capacity to keep producing munitions for their guns. Once they returned to realspace, Techmarines of the Chapter were given the task of refurbishing the heavy weaponry, most of which had not seen battle beyond a few planet landings.

"Assault Squad-" Most of the Marine's ambitions is to enter into an Assault squad. This is the last stage of training before they are able to become a Veteran in the revered 1st company, or be assigned as a Sergeant to train more Marines. Given the traditional load out of bolt pistol and chainsword, they are nearly always equipped with jump packs. This allows them to strike with devastating force against enemy units, and traverse all manner of terrain. Whilst the Burning Blades do not believe in retreating and fleeing from battle, their soldiers are not stupid. Should they begin to become overrun, it is typical of them to retreat to a nearby friendly unit, to increase their chances of survival, and thus, increasing the chance for the success of the mission.

"Command Squad-" Unlike Codex adherent command squads, those of the Burning Blades are permitted to be equipped with Jump Packs, in order to keep up with their officer, who is often equipped with a Jump Pack themselves. The apothecaries in the command squad are not full apothecaries. They are only, in fact, an initiate. Trained to use the Narthecium and retrieving gene-seed from the fallen battle brothers, they aspire to train to become more efficient, and thus, be able to attend to more allies.

"1st Company-" Due to the weight and the cumbersome nature of Terminator armour, the Burning Blades 1st Company only use it in dire circumstances. Beautifully decorated, these suits are revered for their extreme value. The captain of the 1st is also not required to wear Terminator armour. Seeking honour and glory in combat, the Captains are often equipped with a jump pack, and closely followed by his command squad and Vanguard Veterans. Sternguard Veterans are slightly rarer in the 1st as well, yet they are equally valued and respected as their vanguard counterparts.

Significant Burning Blades MembersEdit

Blaze, Primarch of the Burning Blades- One of the 20 Primarchs created by the Emperor, he was transported to an unknown planet. The only records of the planet, other than his first-hand accounts, show that the northern hemisphere was dominated mostly by dense, tropical forest, and the southern hemisphere was a cold, barren desert. The planet was inhabited by humans, which were grouped into techno-barbaric clans, and constantly at war with each other. When the child landed on the planet, many search parties were dispatched to see what the falling object from the sky was, hoping that it might be some weapons or armour to use against their enemies. None returned, and many recovered accounts hint that raid parties would often come across the scorched corpses of people amongst the thick jungle. Eventually, one of the clan leaders, a woman, decided to go out and investigate herself, with a small, hand-picked team of bodyguards. What they found was most intriguing. A small child, wearing the scorched armour of the people he burned, standing in the middle of a small, scorched area. The woman, unbeknownst to her fellow clan-mates, as a half-eldar, exiled for her parents' relationship. Being a half-eldar, she possessed psychic power, and even possessed a spirit stone, embedded onto her glaive. Piercing the mind of the child, she was astonished to feel a resistance, and a warning, that should they attack, he would kill them. Eventually she was able to soothe the young Primarch, and he agreed to return to the village with her. Satisfied with the result, they returned to the village. The villages though, were a mess. It was a very feudal society, where the richer, higher-class citizens would abuse the lower-class, often making them their slaves for a small, meagre pay. He felt the need to go and help them, but the woman stopped him, telling him that he would be killed for his actions. He was inducted into the soldier ranks of the clan, and he showed great potential in sword-play. During a sparring match, his opponent, the then commander of the strike forces for the clan, mocked him, declaring that even with two swords he would not be able to beat him, and threw him a second sword. To the astonishment of the commander and all the onlookers, he moved so fast, and drew blood from the commander, ending the duel. From that moment, he was promoted to rank of commander, and a second sword was forged for him. He would often draw and sketch new uniforms for the soldiers, and would enquire with the black-smiths as to the most effective forms of weapon and armoursmithing. As a Primarch, he learned extremely quickly, and within a half-year, had forged himself two swords; Evaryn, and Xenosious. In secret, he also forged another set of light armour, which he would wear during his plans to improve the living conditions for the lower class. By small, and subtle sabotage, he was able to introduce new laws in the clan to better support the people, and people found guilty of abusing others would be punished severely, and often would have all their estates taken off them. Another year passed, and attacks against the clan lessened, and the military would lose fewer soldiers in engagements, and the clan swiftly rose to rule the upper half of the planet. Unbeknownst to them, the lower part of the planet was not empty, rather, it was the haunting grounds for a clan, who openly worshiped the Ruinous Powers. Enraged to see a rival empire rise to power, they summoned all of their troops, and went to march to the clan. Slaughtering the weaker, smaller clans that lived in the out-skirted of the jungle, each new area of lush wildlife they conquered would quickly wither and die, the life force corrupted and destroyed by the servants of the Dark Gods. Corrupting the weaker-minded, they were able to replenish their ranks quicker than the lost them, and further necromancy would raise fallen soldiers and enemies to do their bidding. Launching an attack on their enemy clan, Blaze, and the woman, saw their soldiers being slaughtered. Revealing to Blaze that she not entirely human, the woman then began to chant words of great power, in a bid to raise a shield to block the inner walls of the city, and Blaze then set about single-handedly saving and evacuating the citizens. The Chaos-worshippers, having killed and gathered enough skulls to appease Khorne, summoned an army of Khornate daemons. The daemons and the Khornate berserkers, unable to walk through the protective shield, attempted to smash it. She was only able to maintain the shields for another few hours, at least enough to equip more citizens with weapons and armour to attempt to defend their village. The shield broke, and the daemons and Khornates quickly swamped the outer defences, slaughtering any that got in their path. Witnessing some of his best soldiers slain effortlessly by the abominations, Blaze's mind broke, and he charged into the middle of the fray, slaughtering daemons left and right. Seeing that she would no longer be able to summon a shield, she also entered the fray. After both forces were slain, to the man, the woman would come and face a Bloodthirster, a greater daemon of Khorne. Blaze, who was separated from her during a battle against a mob of bloothirsters, rushed to try to aid her, as he would see that she was horribly under-matched against the Bloodthirster. He watched in horror as one of the whips lashed into her heart, killing her instantly. His mind lost all reason, and, consumed by pure, seething rage against the Bloodthirster, threw both of his weapons aside, and charge the daemon head-on. His mastery of psychic flame was great, and the fire he burned was usually a blue, second hottest only to white. He tried, in vain, to burn the daemon, only to be whacked aside by its double-headed axe. Seeing the woman's glaive only arm's reach away, he grabbed it, and used the last out of his strength to reach apotheosis, and his fire burnt a brilliant white. Slaying the daemon, his fire died down, and he fell to his knees. Seeing the destruction and death brought to his clan, he then picked up the woman and his most prized possessions, and set off to find her a suitable burial site. He spent many months trekking, until he found a small, secluded area, still vibrant with tropical life. Burying her, he built himself a small house, and set about crafting weapons, and creating sculptures, to honour his dead comrades. Eventually, the Emperor came, and He gave him the Burning Blades legion, renowned for lightning-fast assaults, wielding swords and bringing fire. He taught his gene-sons the dual-blade discipline that he had been taught himself.

Aramis, the Grand Prometheal- The Grand Prometheal is the Burning Blades' equivalent of a Chapter Master, just a fancier title. By default, all Grand Prometheals carry the Chapter's most prized possessions, Evaryn and Nosious. Evaryn was one of the two swords Blaze carried, and Nosious was the shards of Xenosious re-forged into a new blade, after their Primarch's disappearance at the battle of Aevis. Previously to the Defence of Meeproj II, Aramis held the rank of Captain of the First Company.While the previous Grand Prometheal fought a Greater Daemon of Khorne, Aramis was pre-occupied battling some traitorous Bloodied Shards that threatened to force a new entrance for daemons to enter. He saw the Grand Prometheal get knocked off his feet, and as he ignited his jump pack to escape the daemon, the foul beast grabbed his foot, and slammed him into the ground, then proceeded to slay the Grand Prometheal. Rare, visual accounts say that when this occurred, Aramis fought with a rage unmatched by the Khornates, and after battling his way to the gloating Daemon, challenged it to a one-on-one battle. Picking up the dual swords, they fought for an hour, until the daemon, finally worn down by the attacks from the two Astartes, was finally able to be banished. Following the re-taking of the planet, he was promoted to the rank of Grand Prometheal, in a bitter-sweet victory. Feeling like he failed the previous Prometheal and the Emperor, he prays every night that one day, he may gain the chance to redeem himself, betraying the energetic facade that his waking hours holds.

Kieran Narvaez, Captain of the 1st Company- The current Captain of the first company is the maverick individual known as Kieran Narvaez. He is well-renowned within the Chapter for having intense levels of anger, something which has drawn the attention of Inquisitors. Furthermore, the sword he carries, The Sword of Darkness, is a large, two-handed broadsword, its surface a crimson red, and emanating a dark shroud. No heretic, nor daemon, has been able to withstand blows from this blade. It was crafted by Kieran himself, raising further suspicion, although the Chaplains maintain that there is no presence of taint within his spirit. Unlike other Chapters of Space Marines, the Captain of the 1st Company of the Burning Blades need not march to war in suits of Terminator Armour. Their joy of rapid engagement, and of flight, means that to sacrifice their armour and jump pack for a suit of Terminator armour to be a cause of extreme threat. As such, he is trained in either the usage of both suits. Several accounts of his battlefield engagements show that his desire to slay the enemies of Mankind, he can push his brothers, even those in Terminator armour, to their extremes while charging, and cutting down fleeing foes. Previously to the engagement at Meeproj II, he was a veteran sergeant in one of the Vanguard Veteran squads, and promoted for his ability to lead his brothers to victory

Aarone, Captain of the 2nd Company- Aarone was the Captain of the 2nd before even before the Defence at Meeproj II, and denied the position of being elevated to Captain of the first company. He is well known of his abilities in battle, and just his blade is just as famous. The relic blade, crafted by the finest Chapter artisans, was initially crafted as a punishment to the foul xenos, by taking the blood of those that fall by the blade, and by a technology long lost, purify it, and rejuvenate the wielder. Rumours have surfaced that the blade has possibly been tainted after the Meeproj campaign, and that Aarone is a secret servant to the Dark Gods. His lack of mercy or remorse while slaying the heretics and xenos, however, show his loyalty is with Man.

Chaplain Auius- The Burning Blades' Master of Sanctity, and High Reclusiarch, he is a silent and foreboding figure. He wields an ancient crozius, that was crafted long ago for the Emperor once they returned to real-space. Upon learning that he was near-dead, he broke it, and left. Couple thousand years later, a Chapter artisan found the weapon, and re-forged it. It is an elongated crozius, and as such, can also be used two-handed to deliver stronger, more deadly blows.

Some more notes: I know this is quite sloppy, I'm quite new to this whole wiki-edit thing. As my fluff is currently still a little baby, not yet solidly formed, expect some minor plot-holes, errors and future retcons.