Breaker 666

"The 51st state is...peculiar, to say the least. Not found on any map, of any date, this state connects all states of the U.S. of A. Of course, things tend to happen, especially here. The Road takes all, even if you don't know it. The origin of the 51st state is shrouded in lies, legal tape, conflicting accounts of when it was formed and where it goes. In here, anything can get in, if you know how, and for the right price. Humans, Devils, and other things...
This land was older than any of us, I reckon. The voodoo witches called this land Nueva Mundo. The Englishmen, Neverland. The Ispancialos, El Dorado. Countless tales of lost lands appear to be linked to this place, but no one knows for sure. But one thing is for sure: There be demons here."

– Anonymous

In the 51st state of america not all is what it seems, those scum and saints who have made deals with powers beyond our understanding roam, spectres of vengeance roam searching for their next target, powers beyond all comprehension and logic interact with humans and others Things which would warrant huge investigations and world wide panic would barely warrant a raised eyebrow or a glance.

This is Breaker 666, the end and the beginning, the first stop, the middle point, the final destination of a journey, a place full of wonder and horror, a place where myth and reality, aren't quite so separate, and where you might just uncover something that was never meant to be found….


What is Breaker 666?Edit

Breaker 666 is the 70s/80s midwest of America. It’s big Rigs and Choppers. It’s Rock n’ Roll. It’s fire and gasoline. It’s the USA’s 51st State: Devilier.

Breaker 666 is a homebrew setting which some have said to be a american version of S.T.A.L.K.E.R, although with a heavier emphasis on magic and less on radiation(mostly). Its based in the fabled 51st state of the U.S.A, Deliver, of which many odd and strange things have appeared and happened, from fallen angels, to risen devils, and other many strange things, all for you to discover or create, as with such a weird and wild setting you can easily put just about anything you want into it and it'll make a bit of sense, but remember the rules of the road

1.Never go out of sight of your rig

2.Never leave home without a weapon

3.Never go to the city without a death wish and plenty of ammo

(Note: this page is still mostly filled with quotes from the original thread. We are currently in the process of simmering it down into a clear setting. Feel free to contribute.)

Ghost Rider like characters are present in the form of Revenants or Revs, undying badasses that only remain on the mortal plane of existence due to some unfinished business/Selling their soul to a higher/Lower power.

I think we could take some inspiration from S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Basically, "The Road" is an area that people are more or less stuck in and unexplainable things happen. I was going for a S.T.A.L.K.E.R. but with rural Americana vibe when I came up with the fluff pieces I wrote (I did the first ones for the rails and the cities).

I think making boundaries would be good. That was my idea when making the cities too dangerous to go into for "some" reason. That way you keep the rural feel without players venturing into big cities and changing it to more World of Darkness territory.

This world could fit comfortably in the same world as the Dresden Files, Supernatural, Monster Hunters International, and Ugly Americans

The recommended game system to use for this setting is "Atomic Highway" and its expansion, "Irradiated Freaks". They are free PDFs and cover most rules for vehicle combat and customization. The expansion can be used to make many of the supernatural elements of Breaker 666.

The RoadEdit

The Road is the core of any game played in the Breaker 666 setting. The Road is where the action is. The Road is what will take you to your destination. The Road will give and The Road will take. Follow the Rules of the Road.

Ever take a big road trip through the west? Isolation is a big part of the road, sometimes you'll be going your way and not see a damn thing but the open landscape. Great spires of rock and wide open stretches of nothing but dirt and death. The only thing keeping you sane is the fading classic rock station and the occasional odd town on the road. The lonely little towns that lie along your path are always a weird, the people are friendly, happy that someone bothered to stop by. It's just enough to leave you uneasy

History/The Happening/The Event/FinalnamependingEdit

America almost descends into another Civil War during the Civil Rights movement, things becoming drastically more violent than the actual movement and North/South relations where forever altered. Things work out okay in the end and everything plays out pretty much the same with all the proper Supreme Court rulings being made and the historic legislation passed.

A (decade?) ago, Hell intersected with this world, and things went to shit. The dead rose from the graves, old battlefields erupted in spectral gun fire, beasts walked the earth, the Devil plucked souls left and right, and honest folk became a little less honest.

The 51st State of America.Edit

(This section needs to be condensed a lot)

Maybe place it in "The 51st State"? A made up state that "borders" a bunch of midwestern states thar you can only get to if someone shows you the way? That way we can get people in towns who see nothing wrong with truckers with flaming skulls who come into a diner and order a cold coffee

Not sure who said it, but I recall someone taking about people riding the roads in "the 51st state of America" bordering many of the Midwestern States.

I really like the idea of there being a place you can get to just by driving, but can't find on any maps. It could be a good place to have the highest concentration or weird stuff. If you know the right roads to take, you could go from Nevada to Kansas in only a couple hours.

Why don't we combine the "51st state" and "Hell intersected with this world" ideas into one, but the 51st state somehow borders the entire south and the midwest and is where the largest concentration of weird shit happens. This could also explain why the 51st state is so full of commuters and truckers. Knowing the roads of the 51st state is invaluable to the freight industry and you can make a killing moving things across the states at breakneck speed. Problem is, there's enough weird and dangerous shit in the 51st state that you just might not make it out alive.

It could be a portion of hell that has become overlayed with the real world that you can only get to if you know how. Once there, get on State Road 666 and you can get from Georgia to Oklahoma in a few hours if you play your cards right.

It totally could have. Maybe normies know about it, but don't want to go because it's 2spooky or, they just don't have much of a need for it. You could have the odd group of normies trying to make a road trip down SR 666, but it would be extremely rare and any time somebody came up with the idea and pitched it to their friends they'd say, "I've seen enough horror movies to know that's a bad idea, Lenny."

Would the 51st look at all different? Or would you not be able to tell you were in it unless you tried finding yourself on a map. People could easily get lost if they don't even know where the 51st begins or ends.

That's a good idea. The 51st state isn't immediately recognizable aside from being a tad spookier than normal, but lucky for people who accidentally find their way there, if they ask where they are at a local diner the locals will tell them to turn back and gtfo if they know what's good for them. Unlucky for them, finding your way back out is an extra challenge in and of itself.

I love it.

A consequence of this is you get feeder roads and towns with part of their population made up of would be roadtrippers or joy riders who gave up trying to leave and just settled down.

On the flip side, you get bands of nomadic station wagons raiders made up of torn JC Penny buttonups and mom jeans raiding roadblocking, and capturing and torturing people for "directions."

Maybe since it's a bit of Hell literally on Earth, it's only possible to accidentally wind up in the 51st state if you have some kind of sin in your heart. Kind of like Silent Hill. The pure hearted can only find Route 666 if they really want to. Like maybe some people are drawn to the 51st state from the outside by some inner calling. It could be the wickedness in their heart or it could be some sort of massive guilt that they subconsciously feel they should be punished for.

On another note, what about people physically born in the 51st state? Should they just be somewhat normal for the most part but in a very abnormal place or are 51st natives inherently affected by the landscape upon birth? Or is it just impossible to give birth to anything but stillborn children in the 51st state?

Only sommun with a dark spot in'er heart find their way to tha 51st. An I ain't talkin about 'lied ta daddy bout the boyfriend' or 'cheated on yer taxes'. I'm talkin dark. Tha unrepentant pee-do-file, tha wife beater, the adulterer, a man with blood on 'is hands who craves more. Dun'nut matta how small, ya got ah dark spot an ya ride the 666, ya might jus fin yaself in tha 51st.

An I bet thas how ya got here. I ain't gonna ask what's ya spot, but we all know ya got one.

They say tha only way out is to clean up. Fix yaself, repent, walk straight, wipe away tha spot. But I don know anyone who's made it out. People disappear though, thas fa sure...

Speakin of which, tha first piece of advice I'll give ya is this: if'n you eva hear a hog rumblin, a head rattlin growl tha howls across the desert, squeezes ya soul, makes ya grind ya teeth, makes ya wanna jump outta ya skin... ya hide, an ya hide well. No one who meets Big P is seen again. They say he ain't even human, an angel, maybe, a demon, who knows. But when he rides on sommun, all we hear is screams.

So keep ya head low and out of the way an ya might last.

Perhaps that's the thing: all roads lead somewhere in the 51st state. They all contect, cross or merge with other roads. The exception, is Deadend. And from what I'm told, once you start heading down it there isn't much room to turn around.

The Dead-end I could see making Deadend a semi mythical place. Somewhere the Revs are trying to get to, where the pot of gold is, etc. >We run all night an' run like hell, we jus' may meet up again at Deadend. >Keep chasing that dream, old son, you'll find the cash out at Deadend.

OP POST Devilier. Pronounced Deh-VIL-yay, en Francais-style.

This is the Unrecognized State, legally the 51st. But the land that made it was incorporated into the Union directly after the Louisiana Purchase. It exists both in and out of reality. Any nook and cranny backroad in the United States could land you here in your great-grandfather's time, but thanks to Eisenhower there is now absolutely only one road in: Route 666. There are laws here, but no governors, no taxmen, and only limited law enforcement. You see, this place was…gifted, let's say, to the United States as a way to cross the massive continent it had purchased. Old, old, OLD laws had stated that whoever could cross the land could take possession of it. During Meriwether Lewis and William Clark's great journey west, a second group of explorers was directed to build plans for a Great Western Road. Very few people even knew about the existence of the Road, and it was considered a military and political secret until well into the Seventies and Eighties. However, there have been people who used the land, most notably the old rail barons, who saw an opportunity to slam rails down on territory they wouldn't have to negotiate treaty for. But they made a bad deal with a REALLY bad contractor. The Devilier Railroad was, in a word, Scratched. It still operates, but in a very different capacity. After World War Two, the existence of the Road, and Devilier itself, became a state secret. Luckily, it couldn't really be surveillance, its peculiar geography preventing such, but it was considered paramount to build a /functional/ road across the state, that could theoretically connect to the official road network. Eisenhower approved the notion and thus Route 666 (official itemization: The Devilier Corridor) was created. The process was very complicated and involved a HELL of a lot of legal wrangling with certain very unsavory elements.

When finally the Free Information Act passed through Congress, the existence of the Road was open to anyone willing to look. Shipping companies and businesses used the road to move "black" cargo, i.e. proprietary goods and such, across the country.

>From a Dept. of Interior report, dated 1988. Twenty years pre-Event.


Modern technology such as GPS, mobile phones and the Internet have not been invented (yet?). Communication is done primarily through CB Radio and word-of-mouth.

The PeopleEdit

"Racin' cycles are for nannies to most folk's mind, but they're not unheard of. But if you're a real Rider of the Road, you've got something with weight to go with the muscle. Big ol' choppers, roving bands of muscle car maniacs, anything built to ride hard and ride LOUD."

– Anonymous

"It's at times like this that I turn to The Good Book. Genesis Five Oh."
>opens a bible shaped case and draws out a Taurus .50 cal

The most common type of person you’ll find out there are the Truckers. The fellas who drive the big rigs cross-country.

Most biker-gangs use Choppers and Touring Bikes because they spend all day on them. Dirt and Racing bikes aren’t designed for short distance. Would be fine for bikers who are in a regular gang.


>Weigh stations measure both net weight and net souls.
>souls are a recognized and legal cargo for sale and transport. But only if they've been inspected, stamped, measured and all the proper paperwork has been filled and filed.
>as such black market trade of. Unmarked souls is a good choice for "not quite on the level" cargo for a quick and dangerous profit.

The LawEdit

In the old world, they were governed by the law of man. It led to destruction, decadence, and degeneracy. And so God punished the wicked, and set fire to the world we know today.

Man's law is no more. We serve the highest law: God's Law. And we are his judge, his jury, and his executioner. May we lead the wayward back to righteousness, defend the suffering, and punish the sinner.

For the great day of his wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand?


The TrainsEdit

Nobody's seen trains run since it happened. Nobody's seen anyone come back from walking on the tracks either. But the whistles always blow, and the trucks still stop at the tracks. It's a Rule of the Road.

Those arms go down, the bells toll, and the trucks stop. A couple minutes pass… The bells stop, the arms raise. The trucks rumble back to life, and keep on haulin'

I saw someone try to jump the tracks while the arms were down. Nobody found the poor bastard's body afterwards.

"It was horrible. We, maybe five of us on one side, a whole mess o' bikers on the other when The Arms came down. I was checkin' my map when it happened, I was lucky. I never actually saw it. All I heard was a chorus of shouting, and some horns. I looked up, and some damn fool in riding leathers ducked under The Arms.I looked away all quick-like, and the whole place went real quiet. I didn't peek over my dash until the damned bells stop driving their spikes int' my skull, and when I did, all them bikers, the ones in front, at least, had their arms across their faces. As we rolled on, I checked my mirrors. One bike left behind. I still cross those tracks every now and then, and that bike is still there. Sat in the middle of the road. I go around it. Everyone does. We all slow right on down, and remember the poor bastard who sought to remind us: Obey The Arms."

“If you break down on the rail and hear those bells, just leave your rig. No cargo's worth whatever kind of hell awaits if you stick around. If you hear the whistles, its too late.”

Heard tell there's a man who walks them tracks. Real skinny feller, wears a red suit and carries no luggage.Met a guy who saw him at the rail corss, just standin there. Walked up to the guys window and introduced himself as,"Scratch."

The Cities.Edit

Folk don't talk much about 'em, but it's well known you stay away from the cities. Stick to towns and truckstops if you gotta rest, but stay clear away from any exit with a population counter higher than 10,000 if you know what's good for you.

I've heard tell by some braver than me who ventured into Atlanta thinkin' they could siphon some fuel from the no-go areas in the metro area. They didn't even make it to the city limits before their hair started standin' on end. Said the sky turnt dark at noon and even with their brights on couldn't see more'n a few feet infront of them. Strange things in the shadows, looked a bit like men but wrong. They figured it was them things makin' all the howlin' they heard. Turned tail and booked it before they even made it off the turnpike.

Now, I ain't no historian or nothin', but most folks are of the mind that whatever happened before The Road happened there, in them big cities. Don't know what it was, but I damn sure know I ain't gonna be the one to find out.

Ten-four, good buddy, but I heard tell it ain't jess them cities that have gone all twisted, neither. I was three days to the left coast on a double-trailer rig, riding pace with the convoy, when up pulls my pal Big Red, rolling bat-from-hell the other way. Now, Big Red ain't been afeared of nothin' since the day he could put foot to the pedal, but he told me that what had happened to him night 'fore turned his hair plum white. He got up on the CB with me, frighted clear to death and said, "Little Dog, if you love Jesus and that that scrawny hide of yours, never, EVER get caught off the Road. There'll be signs and suchlike offering a quicker route, but DON'T. Things…"

I never saw Big Red again. His rig was found in downtown Denver a couple weeks ago, burnt out of gas and the horn still blowing. No sign of Red.

Angels, Demons and the SupernaturalEdit


"I must declare today that I am a FRIEND of Jesus, YES beloved I am! Come on all you tired,weakened road warriors, lay down your loads and ROLL into His loving arms, Amen!"
>now, driver, the good Lord has a task for you. You ready to be a Holy Roller, good buddy?
>That's a ten-four Mr. Sunshine
>One big negatory, Halo, I ride by my damn self!

Them halos mean well, but they's got no idea when to keep those big flappin' wings outta other people's business. Sometimes we gotta be subtle-like when we're takin' care o' things, but a halo don't know nothin' 'bout subtle. Most think they can solve everythin' with a sermon and a smile but once they move on to preach the good word somewhete else things fall right back to where they were--'cept we all got more guilt in our hearts for fallin' and that can make some desperate folks a lot worse. That roamin' angel on the radio though is somethin' else. He always gets his goods delivered on time cause wherever he goes it's a bright'n'sunny day. Truckers try to tail Mr. Sunshine if their route'll let 'em, 'cause they know conditions on the road'll be perfect and drivers'll be a little more friendly in the lanes.


Can crossroads devils be a thing? Ranging from lesser demons up to Old Scratch himself?

“Foolish is the traveler who meets a well dressed gentleman walking down the road at night, selling the answer for all life's ills at a low, low price, and stops to listen.”

Things that walk the Roads

Skinwalker Hitchhikers
>your truck is flagged down by a drifter. he seems normal, but he looks hungry...

In a Western setting, men who come back from the dead to ride on arent uncommon. But what about those folks who never seem to break down? Whose smokestacks flash eldritch colours, their engines roaring like beasts. They never carry cargo, seem to live in their vehicles. Wids on the Road.

Monstrous AmericansEdit

>Big differences being that monster kind, being the ultimate minority, still gets dicked being second hand citizens and the butt of a lot of discrimination in America.

Potential Classes:Edit

Big Driver: You run a rig, either for yourself or a larger Rigger Company. You haul cargo, are friendly to passengers, and know enough of the Rules of the Road to keep rolling free and easy, coast to coast. Basic class, not too shiny in any respect.

Small Driver: You've got a hot set of wheels, a full tank, and all the open Road in front of ya. This is your car, ain't nobody else gonna touch it, and Jesus help them if somebody scratches your paint. You roll with whoever suits you, whether it be rigs, rollers, or revs.

Biker Brother: You're from a brotherhood of bearded, beer-swilling fast riders. You announce your presence with the mighty growl of a chopper's engine, and you usually roll in with fifty of your friends. You're tough, like to brawl, and are as loud as your bike. It could be, though, that you've lost your Patch, in which case you ride alone. A Brother without a Patch ain't to be trusted…

Holy Roller: You Ride for the Lord! Given a holy mission by a higher power, your rig, bike, or car never breaks down, and you've always got enough gas to help someone out. You keep those ears on, looking to do the god works on the Road and help your fellow travelers. Whether it's helping that church bus roll on to Nashville, or burning rubber to Houston to help some kids, you're rolling righteous. Watch out though, cause the Devil runs the Rails, and you'll have to cross him at least once.

Tech Torquer: You've got the most advanced set of wheels ever set to pavement, and it shows. Your vehicle can do practically anything, outrun any blockade with the push of a button, jump obstacles with a boost, even talk! Your vehicle is your partner, helping you along the Road. But you never know when you might need an upgrade.

Rev: You're dead, son. Simple as that, or maybe not so simple. Due to some Unfinished Business in the here-and-now, you can't roll on to the hereafter till you get your own. Some say you sold your soul to the Devil, others that an angel is possessing your body, but either way you terrify your enemies with fire, fury, and a whole helluva lot of road rage. You are here on the Road for one thing: to see things set aright, so you can pass on. But some choose not to... Examples of Revs in media: The Crow, The Saint of Killers, The Wraith (Charlie Sheen)

Mountain Man: Trappers, hunters, woodsmen and survivalists; many of the disenfranchised and discarded have made their way to the lawless expanse of Devilier. Surviving on what the land provides, these solitary individuals are expert trackers who have gained first-hand knowledge on the wild life of the 51st state. Rarely seen except at trading posts where they barter Wendigo skins for ammo and supplies, or when hired by bounty hunters or lawmen to track escaped convicts and criminals, they are occaisionally drawn into the adventures of others, usually against their will. Solemn and reserved, Mountain Men usually lack people skills, but there's no one better suited to hunting and killing in the wild.

Grease Monkey: As handy with a ratchet as they are with a shotgun, Greasemonkies are invaluable for their ability to keep a rig running, especially while moving! Hands black from grease and jangling from dozens of well maintained, custom tools, Greasemonkies are always able to find work in Devilier, but their affinity for engines goes beyond a natural aptitude or a desire to get paid. Some say they've heard Greasemonkies communing with engines, coaxing them into functioning, negotiating the metal and pistons to perform in situations where they shouldn't. Greasemonkies are affable and often manic, easy going and a welcome member of the party, even if they prefer pistons to people. (Blackthumb or Blackfinger from Mad Max)

Bounty Hunter: The 51st state of America has no central governing body, no governor, no law aside from the Law of the Road. Many criminals, deadbeats, bailjumpers and fugitives mistakenly think Devilier would be a good place to lay low until the heat dies down. Bounty hunters are the hard men and women who are paid to find and retrieve the fugitives before Devilier does it's thing. Brawlers, detectives, trackers and thugs in equal parts, Bounty Hunters have a determination to capture and return their quarry, a determination that grows as the payday does. Bristling with weapons and attitude, Bounty Hunters who operate in the 51st state are among the most dangerous predators Devilier has to offer, however by the time they catch up to their quarry, the criminal is usually happy to come along quietly; anything to get off the Endless Road and back to civilisation. Literally Dog, the Bounty Hunter

Wizard: With the addition of the 51st state all the devil worshippers, Wicca, wannabe Houdinis and charlatan psychics found they could actually tap into a real, tangible power. whether the power was always there and Devilier revealed it, or if the 51st state brought the magic with it is unknown. What is fact is that certain individuals can tap the power to alter and manipulate the world around them. For some it's as simple as never running dry of fuel on a midnight run to Memphis, for others it's a silver bullet in your chamber on demand. It ain't flashy and it ain't fancy, but it saves and takes lives as well as any firearm. Wizards are met with equal parts distruct, jealousy and apathy, but it's a foolish convoy that doesn't have at least a layman Hexer on board to deal with the unknown.

Native American Shaman Voodoo Houngan Hobo Wizard Admech-like machine spirit whisperer

Postman: Neither Sleet nor Snow nor Dead of know how it goes. Postmen are the brave and foolish souls who risk their lives to deliver whatever they've been paid to. They never ask what's inside the parcel, no matte how large it seems to be. They guarantee speed, secrecy and anonymity, and they have the firepower and horsepower to back it up. Truckers and Big Riggers are ideal for moving large amounts of cargo, but for a smaller, more personal (and dangerous and illegal) cargo, you want a Postman. Few travellers are as familiar with the backroads and shortcuts of the 51st state as Postmen, who have a supernatural ability to get where they are going right on time.

Fallen: They once were angels, but they fell, either through hubris or by choice, whatever the reason, the once holy has been made as flawed and fallible as the next man, but they keep with them a small measure of their heavenly power. Now they walk among us, they are free to choose to use the power for good or evil. Some of the Fallen fight evil wherever they find it, desperate to find a way back into the good Lord's graces. Others chose to fall, believing they could do more good as a soldier on the ground, or to find the love of a good woman ( or the love of many bad ones). Fallen number among the most powerful travelers on the Road. They might have wings or halos or flaming swords or voices like a majestic choir...but don't for a minute think they are angels. not any more.

Lawman There's no written law in Devilier, no law recognised by any sort of government or authority, but that don't mean there's no law at all. Some brave, foolish, driven men and women have made it their life's work to bring the law to the Endless Road. Each man's reason is his own, some probably don't even know why they do what they do, but they are the people who cannot stand to see lawlessness or injustice, who loathe to see evil triumphing and the innocent suffering. And there is a lot of suffering in Devilier. Often armed with little more than a tinstar and a sidearm, they travel the Endless Road dispensing their own brand of justice, be it from the Good Book, from the laws of the United States or their own personal code. The Lawman refuses to allow thieves, killers and rapists escape, pursuing their quarry to the darkest, most distant ends of the 51st state, leaving them on the end of a rope or in a shallow grave with six slugs in the back.

Wranglers Wranglers are those travelers who trap, train, handle and truck with beasts of all sorts. They have a preternatural link with their animal pals, the union of the minds of man and the instincts of beasts creating dire creatures larger, smarter and more deadly than their regular counterparts. Wranglers are accompanied by their dire familiars, or swarms of smaller creatures. Rats, serpents, coyotes, eagles, insects are all examples of creatures seen to be controlled and utilised by Wranglers at one time or another. Wranglers refuse to be called wizards, despite their clearly being something supernatural about what they do. True Wranglers have been knwon to tame and ally with powerful supernatural creatures, such as the elusive Chupacabra and the fearsome Wendigo.

Prospectors The history of the Endless Road is hazy at best, outright lie and myth at it's worst. How long it's existed and where it ultimately leads are topics hotly debated in truck stops and dive bars the state over. One thing that is known; Devilier has been around a powerful long time. For those brave or foolish enough to wander off the known roads, taking backstreets, unmapped shortcuts and dusty trails that soon vanish into night all manner of long lost valuables are waiting. Be it perfectly preserved, two hundred year old Confederate sabres, nazi gold, the scrap of rigs lost decades past, Prospectors have found it at some time or another. Opportunists, thieves, scavengers all, Prospectors operate on the periphery of Devilier society. They are a necessary element, everyone needs replacement parts, not to mention lost treasure, but they are often looked down upon by the very people who buy from them.

Grave Diggers Be they silver bullet shooting werewolf hunters, cross laden vampire slayers or fur covered big game Wendigo hunters, Grave Diggers are those who stand between mankind and the darker side of the 51st state. As often revered as they are reviled, being a Grave Digger is a strange career, killing the inhuman and the supernatural in the one place in the US where that sort of thing is most accepted. Grave Diggers are a loose group without any standard modus operandi or apparel; their methods and mannerisms are as varied as people themselves. Only their adherence to The Code links them, and the pledge that they will tirelessly fight evil, true, inhuman, supernatural evil, wherever they find it.

Mongrels Like something out of a dime novel, it turned out that mankind itself was a kind of missing link to the supernatural; an angel and a demon can't bump uglies and squeeze out a little halfbreed, but humans can with just about anything. Half werewolves, half angels, half vampires, half Sasquatches have all been seen, shot at, and documented. Never as powerful as their supernatural parent, but possessing the dynamism and uniqueness of their human sire, mongrels can't ever really fit in with either side of society, and often become bitter, angry loners. Other, luckier half breeds manage to catch on with an open-minded group of travelers on the Endless Road, and work to putting their unique abilities towards whatever they set their minds on, be it turning a profit, staying off the laws radar or protecting other outcasts like themselves.

Librarian Everything's got a place in Devilier. Vampires, wendigos, werewolves, even, believe it or not, booklearnin'. Librarians are the egg heads, the scientists, researchers and translators. They spend as much time with their nose in book as they do slinging lead or flooring the pedal, and that knowledge comes in handy as often as not. When it comes to demonic pacts, languages of the long dead or deciphering a chemical formula, Librarians are the go to for all things technical and historical.

Sawbones Real, medically trained doctors are rarer than hen's teeth in Devilier, and those there are, well, lets just assume they abandoned their legitimate practices for...reasons. There are plenty of people with a slightly more than rudimentary understanding of trauma and illness, be they nurses, dentists, veterinarians, combat medics or disgraced surgeons. Even relatively unskilled Sawbones who can't spell Hippocratic Oath let alone have never heard of it can charge a premium for their services in the 51st state, and no state medical agency will bother them for pesky licenses or demand hygienic conditions.

Mainliner Drugs. The biggest business in all fifty of the United States. Makes sense it'd find it's way into the 51st as well. Like everything else though, drugs didn't go unchanged by their journey on the Endless Road. Stories tell of tweakers smoking rock laced with vampire blood, slamming heroin dissolved in Holy Water into their veins or doing lines of coke cut with the Devils seed. Some OD, some gain almost mystical abilities, but all of them are addicted, and most end up dead. That doesn't stop all manner of travellers from using them. From truckers trying to stay awake to complete that last minute midnight run to Memphis, Lawmen looking for a faster draw or wizards looking to commune with ancient forces, those who use are as varied as the drugs available on the Endless Road.

Encounter IdeasEdit

I assume radio is a thing because trucks, which leads to a bunch of really obvious plot hooks/random encounters/minor characters.

>radio picks up ghost
>radio picks up broadcast from past/future
>radio station with no physical location that can only be picked up during the full moon/in winter/by the pure of heart
>actual physical radio station in an actual physical location but it's run by a mummy or something

The FleshEdit

"'Craziest thing I've ever seen'? Man, I don't know... Oh yeah! 'The Flesh'! Or at least, that's what I call it. Typically, talking from experience here, you're just driving along like everything is normal. Then you see a crack in the road ahead. Sometimes its just a small fissure; other times its a portal to the other side. Not with The Flesh. Its like the ground is opened up? But there's skin under it. Living, breathing, pulsing skin. Most of the time though, its some growth on the side of the road or a tree covered in skin. You can poke it with a stick, and it'll twitch, shoot it and it bleeds. You can't get too carried away though; it can grow randomly. Yeah, yeah, I know what you're thinking. But literally it can grow when you don't expect it to. A buddy of mine, Pete, god rest his soul, tried to cut his way through a Flesh Wall once. It didn't like the whole being sawed open-thing and enveloped Pete before he could scream. I got out from the way we came in. Mind you, this is just when its skin. Times I've seen The Flesh show off organs. Eyes, Tongues, Mouths, etc. Probably the mouths being the worst. They're never the same. 'Inconsistent'? Damn straight they're inconsistent! They twitch, breathe, spit, eat, puke, whisper and scream. I've been to concerts, man, I was at Woodstock! Ain't nothing compared to The Flesh! Next time you go through, if you see blood seeping up from the ground or a tree that looks a little too lively? Just grab some TNT, light it and toss that shit at whatever and get your umbrella ready." --Testimonial of a Trucker. Kansas Tribune, 1974.