Bradley Fighting Vehicle

"A troop transport that can't carry troops, a reconnaissance vehicle that's too conspicuous to do reconnaissance..."
"And a quasi-tank that has less armor than a snowblower, but has enough ammo to take out half of DC."

– The Pentagon Wars

The quintessential Infantry Fighting Vehicle. If you watched the movie Pentagon Wars starring Cary Elwes or played any sort of FPS or a wargame set during the modern era. You would already know what it is. The Bradley Fighting Vehicle was created in response to the Soviet Union's BMPs. It is obviously named after US General Omar Bradley.

In Team YankeeEdit

We can only hope this thing shows up and supersedes the M113 although the biggest question is what will this vehicle lean toward in game role.

Probable Changes:

  • Better armor. Has 14.5mm standoff protection all around in life.
    • Probably translates to ~AV5 front and sides, which would make it the toughest APC in game
      • Downside they could offer it in two flavors M2 and M2A1 with point increases like the M1IP. The Bradley didn't get its issues ironed out really until 1988.
  • Better Shooty. Has an autocannon, a coax MG, and missiles. Pop literally everything.
    • Mix stats from the various vehicles with autocannons, MGs, and ATGMs, you should get the picture.
  • Less infantry. Unfortunately, gotta leave a few people behind.
    • Decreased load size
  • Firing ports. Infantry can add their admittedly shit firepower to the mix.
    • Throw small arms at the enemy. Yay?
US Forces in Team Yankee
Tanks: M1 Abrams - M60 Patton - M551 Sheridan
Transports: M113 Armored Personnel Carrier - UH-1 Huey - AAVP7 - Bradley Fighting Vehicle
Troops: US Mech Platoon - Marine Rifle Platoon - Huey Rifle Platoon - HMMWV Machine Gun Platoon
Artillery: M106 Heavy Mortar Carrier - M109 Howitzer - LAV-M - M270 MLRS
Anti-Aircraft: M163 VADS - M48 Chaparral - M247 Sergeant York - HMMWV SAM
Tank Hunters: M901 ITV - HMMWV-TOW - LAV-AT
Recon: M113 FIST- M113 Scout Section - HMMWV Scout Section - LAV-25
Aircraft: A-10 Warthog - AH-1 Cobra Attack Helicopter - AV-8 Harrier


As mentioned before the Bradley was a subject of the documentary Pentagon Wars. While the film took some creative liberties with Colonel Burton's rank and role, it showed that unlike today the early iterations of the Bradley were pieces of junk that had no place on the battlefield. Fortunately, the Bradley would eventually become a reasonably successful vehicle (depending on who you ask). In real life the Bradley was finally adopted in 1981, four years before Team Yankee takes place.

Redesigned just in time for the Gulf War after Iraq invaded Kuwait, the Bradley is currently armed with a M242 Chaingun, TOW missiles, and a M240 Machine Gun. The TOW missiles, of course, are the vehicle's biggest threat. During Operation Desert Storm Bradleys killed more Iraqi Soviet Tanks and armored vehicles than the M1 Abrams. Most losses came from friendly fire incidents, as IFF systems weren't a thing until the early 2000's. The Bradley remains a flexible vehicle that can back up or substitute for the Abrams in both anti tank and urban warfare. However, due to the changing face of warfare with the proliferation of Anti-Tank missiles and Improvised Explosive Devices, it didn't do so well during the Iraq War of 2003-2011: during that period the US Army lost around 150 vehicles with around 700 damaged. Partially due to this the Army began to use the MRAPS after 2007, while Bradleys expecting to fight in urban conditions are often upgraded with the Urban Survival Kit.

The Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicle is a updated version of the Bradley that will replace the M113, causing mindless fanboys like Mike Sparks to have autistic rage. The AMPV is a bit larger than a Bradley, though, with at least seventy percent of the vehicle being new, making the vehicle more of a cousin than a sibling. AMPV's can be fitted with a variety of weapons including a 30mm remote turret and Javelin Missiles, so now pretty much anything that can be put on top of a Stryker can also also be used by the AMPV.

The Bradley itself (Not the AMPV) will be replaced with another IFV in the future; potential candidates include the ASCOD GDLS, the Gryphon, or any other Next Generation Combat Vehicle winner, but any new vehicle probably won't be adopted until at least 2035. At a pace this slow, America may as well start buying weapon systems directly from their European allies (BAE owns all assets of United defense meaning the EU is the largest arms supplier to the US).