Bowser's Minions

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The shelled, crawling army of the Koopa Kingdom, Bowser's Minions are known for swarming their opponents en masse. While a single trooper is typically little more than an annoyance, Bowser has few qualms about choking the battlefield with swarms of reptiles and evil fungi (thus proving he has been taking tips from the Swarmlord and the Tyranids).

The following is an army list for Tales of Arcadia.


Bowser's MinionsEdit

Behold the fell forces of the mighty turtle...


(8 pts.)

Goomba are nasty little toxic brown mushroomfolk with sharp little tusks and soft little heads. Despite their frightening appearance they have little brains and tend to move forward as quickly as they can as a tactic. They are tenacious though and don't underestimate them.

Type: Fungus, Soldier

W: 1 D: 3 S: 5 A: 4 P: +0 R: 1


  • Spiked (9 pts; D: 4 P: +1)
  • Para (9 pts; Flying)
  • Diver (10 pts; D: 5. Swimming) .
  • Micro (10 pts; D: 2 S: 7 A: 5 P: -1)
  • Grand (10 pts; W: 2)
  • Gritty (10 pts; Shroud)
  • Hyper (11 pts; P: +2)
  • Boo (11pts; Flying, Shroud)



The Sons of Koopa are a hard-shelled, tough-skinned, and stubborn folk. They are without fear, and unfortunately, usually without tactics. Like the Goomba they will charge relentlessly at the foe. If struck though they will retreat into their shells and then will be a weapon, not a nuisance, to the enemy.

Type: Koopa, Reptile, Soldier

W: 2 D: 4 S: 5 A: 4 P: +0 R: 1


  • Red Shell (pts; P: +2)
  • Para (12pts; Flying)
  • Magi (12pts; R: 6)



Cousins to the Koopa, the Spiny have shorter necks, leading to heads sunken in their shells, and nasty, sharp spikes that protrude from their shells.

Type: Koopa, Reptile

W: 1 D: 5 S: 3 A: 4 P: +0 R: 1, Counter-Attack

Bullet BillEdit


Mighty grinning bullets, the Bullet Bill fill the skies of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Type: Artifact

W: 1 D: 4 S: 5 A: 4 P: +0 R: 5, Flying, Swimming. Bullet Bill MUST move their full movement every turn if able. If a Bullet Bill cannot move at all in a turn, it is destroyed.


  • Banzai (13pts; W: 2)
  • Bombshell (12pts; A: 3)

Dry BonesEdit


Fueled by necromancy and spite, Dry Bones are especially resilient, returning time and time again to harass their opponents.

Type: Koopa, Undead, Soldier

W: 1 D: 4 S: 5 A: 4 P: +0 R: 5, Rise Again 3:6



Flying fish with wide eyes and a constant state of panic, it's actually fairly easy to herd Cheep-Cheep. Just use explosions.

Type: Aquatic

W: 2 D: 3 S: 4 A: 4 P: +0 R: 5, Swimming, Hopping

Chain ChompEdit


Take a normal ball and chain. Add a piranha's appetite and jaws. You won't have a Chain Chomp, but you'll be close.

Type: Artifact

W: 2 D: 4 S: 3 A: 4 P: +3 R: 3;

Piranha PlantEdit


Red, polka dotted, and VERY angry, Piranha Plants grow from the pipes that festoon the Mushroom Kingdom. Bowser has recently figured out how to mobilize these pipes, leading to a much more voracious threat on the battlefield.

Type: Plant

W: 2 D: 2 S: 3 A: 4 P: +1 R: 3


  • Putrid (13pts; Once per round, when this unit causes a wound, it has a 3:6 chance of causing another wound.)

Buzzy BeetleEdit


Buzzy Beetles aren't actually insectoid, despite the name. They're reptiles, although not Koopa-kin, that are protected by immensely hard shells.

Type: Reptile

W: 1 D: 5 S: 3 A: 4 P: +0 R: 1, Pathfinding


  • Para (14 pts; Flying)


(10 pts.)

Bowser's favored air troops, Lakitu fly around in their cloud mounts, tossing their payloads down on the ground about them.

Type: Reptile, Soldier

W: 2 D: 3 S: 7 A: 4 P: +0 R: 3, Flying


  • Lakitu Captain (20 pts. Lakitu Captains cannot cause damage; on a successful attack roll, put a Spiny into play in base contact with targeted unit. The unit put into play may make one attack this turn. Up to three units made by this unit in this way may be in play at one time.)


(15 pts.)

Types: Bird

W: 2 D: 3 S: 7 A: 3 P: +2 R: 3, Flying

Hammer Bro.Edit


The elite of Bowser's Minions, mighty Koopa with high-arched throwing hammers.

Types: Koopa, Reptile, Soldier

W: 2 D: 4 S: 5 A: 3 P: +1 R: 2, Double Attack


  • Amazing Flyin' Hammer Bro. (14pts; Flying)
  • Boomerang Bro. (15 pts; D: 3 R: 8)



Conscripts from Sub-Con, these masked warriors never speak. It's rather unnerving...

Type: Soldier

W: 2 D: 3 S: 5 A: 4 P: +0 R: 1


  • Flyguy (11pts; Flying)
  • Pyro (11pts; (P: +2. Whenever this unit attacks, there is a 1:6 chance of it automatically dying after the attack)
  • Fat (12pts; (W: 3)
  • Spear (11pts; R: 3)