Bone Gnawers

The Garou are seen mostly as noble and strong warriors, in tune with nature and the wild places. The Bone Gnawers are here to break that stereotype. These guys are the literal homeless people; teeming hordes that live in the dirty slums of the city gnawing on the trash that people don't want, just like their Totem, Rat. However, don't think this makes them lesser than the other tribes; for one, they aren't colossal racist dicks to humans, and aren't needlessly elitist or backstabbing either. If you don't fit in any of the other tribes, the Bone Gnawers are always there to accept you for who you are. Hell, they even regret the Impergium! (even if it's mostly because they were pushed around during it too. It's something at least!)

But this more urban aspect doesn't just make them more amicable; it meants that they're the first to sniff out Wyrm-taint, and unlike their fellow urban Garou, they can relatively easily overcome said source of taint with sheer volume of bodies. They're basically the Garou equivalent of the Imperial Guard.

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