Boltershell City


Boltershell CityEdit

Boltershell City is a small settlement on the fringes of the Imperium of Man. It was founded by Lorenzo, a Rogue Trader who found that the planet was resource rich. Lorenzo proceeded to purge the planet of its Xeno natives, and Boltershell was founded on the very spot where Lorenzo's first Bolter shell hit the ground and began the cleansing of this new Imperial outpost.

This is a project to bring a small frontier town in the 40k universe to life. The aim is to have 100 places and people of interest.


1-Tack's Guns: A guns and ammo shop run by Tack. Outwardly at least. The shop is in fact owned and run by Chharlk, a Kroot merc that stands by the front door. Chharlk knows that a Xeno wouldn't stand a chance as a business owner, so he uses Tack as a front.

2-Dilien's Forge: A blacksmith's shop. Plain, but very good quality work.

3-Farms/Factories: Small food store run by the farmer's children.

Official imperial sitesEdit

4-AdMech workshop run by a single Tech-priest stationed in Boltershell for a mysterious reason.

5-Imperial Shrine with a Priest's dwelling.

6-Shrine of Heroes (big statute of a Space Marine, a Sister of Battle and an Imperial Guardsman).

7-Manufactorum installation Tango 17.

8-Imperial weather monitoring station 2236.

9-Beau Monde Square Station (a train/metro station filled with statues and skulls, things like that with a Soviet-esque air).

10-Water purification center located at the termination of one of the river branches.

11-The Jail House; manned by an Arbites and his deputies.

12-The governor's palace is in the center of town, on a hill overlooking the area. The governor's tower is the planet's tallest building and has a Valkyrie landing pad on the summit. Surrounding the palace are villas belonging to the wealthiest noble families. They are supposedly "summer residences" but actually serving as hostage housing since the governor relies on the threat of executing nobles' wives or children to maintain his tenuous grip on the planet.

13-The PDF HQ is located in a large barracks close to the city walls. Most troopers are teenagers, journeymen trackers and hunters tithed from smaller frontier settlements, and are far more comfortable in the wild than in a city, even a small one like Boltershell. Servicing the military is a small pleasure quarter known as Casing Hill. The most famous establishments are Two Thrones Comforts, a casino and brothel, and the Imperial Creed Saloon, a bar owned and operated by a former Cleric. Close to Casing Hill is the Stacks, a market area where trading caravans unload their goods and mercenaries come to pick up contracts.

14-The Imperial Scriptorium, operated by a single archivist, known as Quills, and his small retinue of servitors.

15-Small hospital set up in one of the original Guard Barracks. Run by a pair of Sisters Hospitaller and their two Sisters of Battle guards. They are attempting to bring modern medicine to the frontier, one inoculation and splinted leg at a time.

16-Power Plant- small nuclear/solar combined reactor, run by the AdMech - many people go in, not many come out.

Places of InterestEdit

17-A treehouse made by local kids high in a tree. An inspection of the place would reveal a small stash of Xenos tech that the kids found and have dreams of selling for millions of thrones.

18-Conglomerated Condos (average apartments)

19- The river pours into a vast abandoned city... now sunken under a sea of toxic sludge produced by the mining operation up river. A small genestealer cult hides out down here, and have adapted to the toxic environs.

20-Mines beneath the town (mined out) act as sewers and subterranean waterways. these eventually empty into the vast underground city that the local genestealer cult inhabits.

21-A wrecked Warlord Titan that kids like to play around.(at least until the AdMech take the shell back to make another titan)

22-One of the towers houses a large lasturret scavenged from an Imperial spaceship. Named Lorenzo's Tower after the Rogue Trader that led the first expeditionary campaign that purged the xenos off Boltershell, this tower is the primary defense hub of the city. A small museum-shrine devoted to Lorenzo's life, containing a few artifacts and pictures and curated by a former crew member of Lorenzo's cruiser. is located at the ground level of the tower, the basement stairs lead to an old dungeon, now unused.

23-Rust Alley: The criminal slums of the city. Rumored to house the headquarters of the Strangers, a secret society of assassins and vigilantes who undertake vows of silence when entering the order

24-A rusting ship near the outskirts with a half-crazy Rogue Trader who has a taste for psykers. Deep within the bowels of his ship may be something of value to the AdMech.

25-Lady Helatrice's Garden. The only garden worth mentioning. On holy days, she has high tea with notables around town.

26-Burned out house is all that remains of the old 'hospital' where Mrs. Magdal would fix you up if you got hurt. She died when a lesser daemon burst out of her head. Turns out she had some psychic powers that finally backfired. The house and the daemon were both purged.

27-'Searchlight' towers, notifying Imperial ships of their presence, and allowing them to land, even when the planet is under nightfall.

28-Urist and Co Mining Consortium.

29-A public dunking chair on that little bit of land where the rivers meet on the est end of the central island.

30-Tau establishment nearby - they're cut off from Tau Empire, and are needing to trade.

31-Chemical/Rubbish dump - occasional mutants arising from it.

32-Lorenzo Lane; the main street into Boltershell, named after its founder.


33-A hobo named Gatret who actually used to be a High Noble of another planet. Every thinks he is just fucking crazy.

34-The Friends of Good; tau sympathizers, hippie-like

35-Nearby Orks, raiding occasionally.

36-A small hotel that is currently host to an group of inquisitorial acolytes. They are SURE there is a great scheme taking place somewhere but the inquisitor really sent them there to stop them getting in trouble. Garthos, Thud and Grimble, Adept, Guardsman and Scum. They are posing as the brothers Herpus, Derpusand Skub.


37-An after hours club with dirty house and trance music and people dressed in western steampunk style outfits with Local chaos cult headquarters (Hidden, of course) in a secret basement area. Secret cult of Tzeentch... a la Salem witch trials.

38-The Slaughtered Ork is a bar with a pit. Fights every night, kids half price.

39-The Rusty Fox; a tavern run by a bear of a man called Hairy Dave.

40-Brothel. People say that they are worshipers of Slaanesh, but they're just dirty crack whores.

41-Bert's Hole - A gambling den. Bert is short of Bertha, though it is hard to tell that she's a woman.

things to doEdit

  • Key the map.
  • Flesh out some entries, including adding NPC stats to people already mentioned.
  • More than likely a bunch of stuff I forgot.